Not Just Another Saturday

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I’m the male half of a suburban couple in their early thirties with no kids. Nan is my wife. Our life is average in every way except I think our sex life is far greater than the norm. That’s interesting in part since Nan was a Catholic school girl and is still quite conservative. While I’m allowed to do just about anything to her sexually her breasts are breasts- not tits or boobs or anything else. I’ve accepted her limits since whatever they’re called her tits are just as great. Other biological acts and body parts are usually also mentioned only in terms your mother would use.

Similarly, her clothing choices are very modest- some might call them prudish. Fortunately, I’ve been able to interest her in wearing feminine and sexy lingerie under her baggy clothes. As with her speech limits I can live with her exterior modesty as I get to enjoy what’s underneath.

Nan, is about 5’7″ tall and weighs about 115 with a 34C chest and great legs. With minimal exercise she’s in great shape and never fails to get my motor running. She has a feminine body structure which I think makes her tits look a cup size bigger than her bra label but that’s just my view.

Over the years our sex life has included some variety. We’ve experimented with light bondage, nipple clamps, corsets, pussy shaving and anal sex. I’ve always been a breast man and in particular obsess about my wife’s erect nipples. She indulges me and usually enjoys my attention to her sensitive nubs.

Her nipples are spectacular. They’re fat and tall- very similar to the Christmas candy known as gum drops. I’ve never measured them but I’d estimate a diameter of more than a half inch and height of ¾ of an inch They don’t grow much with arousal but firm up beautifully- being stiff while still soft which is impossible to adequately describe but fantastic to feel in my mouth. Her nipples also seem to be wired directly to her sexual core; they’re so sensitive that when I play with them she’s an eager and excited lover soon reaching for an orgasm.

While I don’t have a huge sexual history Nan’s nipples are definitely the biggest I’ve seen in person. This includes all of my prior girlfriends and the various exotic dancers I’ve seen in strip clubs. As I said before, they’re the size of gumdrops or raspberries. Every time I play with them and get Nan hot from doing it is one of my life’s greatest moments. Even when I’m not with her I get hard just thinking about my tongue dueling with her big nubs.

Last Saturday afternoon we had to interview a prospective employee in our home. Just before he was scheduled to arrive, Nan caught my attention and said, “Listen carefully for a minute. I can’t explain it but this morning as I took my shower I found that I was in a sexy mood. I fondled my breasts and squeezed my nipples and got even hotter. I started thinking of how I might tease you and how we’d both enjoy the afternoon.”

Her fingers trailed teasingly over her shirt- a fitted knit that displayed her 34C curves beautifully. I could feel my cock rising. “I’m offering myself to you as soon as we’re done here”, she said. “Oh, by the way, I’m wearing the sexy black bra and panties you bought for me last summer- the sheer bra that lets my nipples show and the panties with the elastic seam that hugs the shape of my ass. I thought knowing that might make our interview a little more enjoyable for you. When Mr. Williamson leaves, I’m yours. I’ll wear whatever you want and do whatever will bring you pleasure.” My cock reacted just as Nan intended it would.

We conducted the interview professionally but with minimal chit chat or other delay. I was totally distracted with thoughts of sex with Nan. When the guy left, I asked Nan to give me five minutes while I selected something for her to wear.

After a few minutes Nan entered the bedroom. She’d already removed her outer clothes and replaced her sneakers with high heels. She stood in her sheer bra and panties with her hands at her sides. In a soft voice, she said, “I’m yours for the rest of the day. How would you like to enjoy my body?” She looked great.

I came up to Nan and hugged her- pressing her sexy body against me. I then stepped back and pushed my face into her soft breasts- murmuring my approval of her lingerie selection. With no padding in the bra I could feel her flesh almost as well as if naked. I kissed each nipple through the sheer bra and felt the distinct nub of each nipple on my lips through the thin fabric. My hands skimmed over Nan’s ass and I was reminded how good her ass felt in tight, sexy panties. These had a ruched seam up the back which caused the pants to follow the curves of her ass perfectly. Again, it was close to feeling her nude.

I told Nan she’d taken me completely by surprise and that I had been thinking quickly of lots of kinky things as we met with our prospect. “First, I’m going to put these leather cuffs on your wrists,” I said, as I closed the Velcro fastener on the first one. After encircling her second wrist with a cuff, I said, “For istanbul escort now they’re just to remind us both of your submission and that this isn’t just another Saturday.”

I said, “You look great in that bra but it’s not the blatantly sexy look I’d like. It’s too classy; I love it but you’ve put me in the mood for cleavage. Well, actually, we’ll go with naked first and cleavage later.” I directed Nan into our bathroom where I removed the bra. I told her I had a push up bra selected but that for now I wanted her breasts exposed so that I could enjoy them.

I asked Nan to put her hair up and to liberally apply some perfume and some dark red lipstick. I changed into my silk boxers and robe. When she was done I pointed out the clothes I’d selected for her to wear and said, “I’ll help you with the waist cincher and stockings. The panties you have on are fine but I’ll want them over your garters so I can get them off.”

The waist cincher took a few minutes since it had laces that needed adjustment. It was black satin and had boning in several places. The front was smooth with no opening so the laces at the back had to be threated each time it was worn. I was happy to be my wife’s dresser- stringing the laces through the grommets and then tightening her into the cincher. I didn’t make it too tight; for me the act of corseting her was very arousing. I also loved how big her chest looked as it loomed over the top of the garment. Finally, if she was wearing a bra the cincher could be left in place when the bra came off. This allowed me free access to her tits while still enjoying the image of her body corseted.

With the cincher laced up I threaded the garters under the panties. With my help Nan put on the black stockings I’d picked out and we attached them to the garters. Finally, we replaced her 3 inch heels. “That’s enough clothing for now; we’ll leave the bra and dress for a little later,” I said.

Leaving Nan’s breasts exposed above the waist cincher I escorted her into the bedroom and connected her wrist cuffs behind her back with a short cord which would allow her hands to not be painfully trapped under her. I eased Nan onto the bed on her back. Her hands were held at her sides leaving her defenseless. I lay down next to her and admired her breasts and proudly erect nipples. Each nipple looked eager for attention. I caressed her breasts- fondling and reshaping their soft mass with my hands. My hands felt her up from several angles as I relished her sensual breasts but consciously avoided her nipples.

We were both getting more aroused as we both knew that her nipples would soon be in my mouth. After a minute, I lowered my lips to gently caress her swollen left nipple. Her nipples are great. They’re so large and plump; sometimes I wonder if they’re like a lactating mother’s nipples and if Nan’s genes got confused. I keep this thought to myself as I don’t know how she’d react and simply enjoy what nature has offered me. I’m truly obsessed with seeing and playing with them.

My mouth bathed her nub with saliva as I felt every nuance of her stiff nipple with my lips and tongue. After a minute or two, while keeping my mouth on her left nipple my fingers teased her right one. I rolled it between my thumb and forefinger- gradually applying more pressure as I thought of How Nan had reacted to nipple clamps in the past. My squeezing prompted what I can only describe as an aroused gasp from my wife. She like my being rough; her whole body squirmed with arousal. My mouth then repeated its worship on her right side and then alternated between left and right. I was somewhat gentle initially but soon ravaged her nipples with my tongue and teeth; her excitement rose with mine.

My hand dropped to Nan’s pussy and she ground against it. Within a few minutes Nan screamed with her first orgasm of the afternoon. I held my mouth in place for a while but then removed it and held my sexy wife as she rode her climax through to resolution. As she recovered she told me how horny she’d been all day and as she calmed I told her how great her nipples looked and felt. I said, “I’ll leave them alone for now but you should expect me to want to suck on them again later. I’m also not going to fuck you now; I’m saving my first orgasm for later.”

I explained that I thought we’d enjoy some wine and intimacy in front of our fireplace and that she should add the bra and dress to what she had on. I removed the cord holding her wrist cuffs together but noted the cuffs should stay on. Nan was able to finish dressing without my help but I stayed to watch. She looked extremely sexy half naked but I wanted her to dress up for me. The push up bra I’d selected created blatant cleavage which was beautifully framed by the short, v-neck dress. Knowing there was a waist cincher and silky panties underneath added to the sexy image in my mind. Nan’s long legs looked fantastic in stockings and avcılar escort high heels. I again told her how great she looked.

We sat on our couch in front of a crackling fire and enjoyed some wine. I fondled the exposed areas of Nan’s breasts and rubbed my hand up and down her thigh. We kissed and enjoyed a romantic time which seemed to complement the sex we’d had and would be having.

After a few minutes, I said, “It’s time to give you your instructions for the rest of the afternoon. Your mission is to arouse and tease me. I want you to use your body, talk dirty to me and use your hands and mouth to arouse me but I don’t want to cum for at least a half hour or perhaps even an hour. I’m sure there will be a time that I say I can’t wait any longer but hopefully we can both try to make the experience last.”

I then said, “Between now and dinnertime I’m going to want to play with your breasts and suck on your nipples. You can incorporate that into your teasing time or we can do that after I have my first orgasm. My second orgasm will be after dinner; your mission then will be just to get hard so I can pound into you.”

Nan smiled. In a soft sexy voice, she said, “It will be my pleasure to serve you, sir.” She hesitated slightly and then said, “Did you enjoy my swollen nipples? I know you did.”

As she spoke Nan raised her hands to her bra and caressed her breasts as if she were holding them up for me. She continued, “I’ll do my best to follow your instructions but I suspect it’s going to be tough to keep you from cumming. Aren’t your balls aching already?”

Nan dropped one hand and used the fingers on the other to trace the exposed mounds of her breasts. “I look like a stripper or hooker in this bra; I trust you like the look.” She pushed her chest out and used her finger to push the dress open a bit more so I could see more flesh. I smiled and told her how great she looked.

“I can’t explain it but seeing my flesh mounded up for you in this bra makes me feel a bit like a stripper or call girl. The bra is feeding into the sexy mood I already had. You’re a lucky guy.” She paused and then added, “I guess you’d also like to know that when I showered this morning and my hands ran over my breasts I was reminded that I’m at the point in my menstrual cycle when my breasts are swollen. It’s not an extra cup size but I definitely could feel that I was bigger and heavier than usual. That should give your breast-obsessed male brain a little extra to think about.”

She then said, “Here’s an obscene thought. As I showered this morning, at one point I thought of the last time you used nipple clamps on me. Would you like to put clamps on me this afternoon? It’s been months since you last clamped them. Even though the clamps hurt, it makes me wet to think about them.

“Or would you just like to think about my nipples? I could probably make you cum in a few minutes just by telling you about how my nipples felt in my fingers in the shower. My thumb and forefinger pinched and twisted them. I would have had an orgasm if I’d continued but I decided to stay horny for you. In fact, I got even more aroused in the shower as I planned how I was going to surprise you this afternoon. By the time my shower was done I was really aroused.

“Instead of talking about my shower I guess I could describe how my nipples felt in your mouth a little while ago and how my vagina- or as you might call it, my pussy, clenched as you sucked on me. My orgasm was a nice big one. I haven’t checked but I’ll bet it made my vagina incredibly wet. Or, I could let you watch me touch myself- maybe my breasts or maybe between my legs too. I don’t need to touch you…,” she said, as one of her hands dropped between her thighs and she pressed on her dress over her Venus mound. As she pretended to tease herself her mouth formed a sexy pout and her tongue made a few sexy trips to wet her lips as I stared.

I replied, “You’re probably right, but I’d like you to try touching me too.”

Nan moved her hand over to my thigh and pushed my robe open. She slowly trailed her fingers over the tented front of my boxers causing me to take a quick breath. She withdrew her hand and stood up, saying, “I think we better put off touching for now.”

She stood and said, “Perhaps you’d like to look at my ass.” She lifted the hem of the dress and turned and bent slightly to show me her ass. “The rear seam on my panties really does accentuate the shape of my ass. You can touch it if you want to; nothing above the waist, please.” I couldn’t resist feeling Nan’s ass and hips. She rolled her hips into my hands- pressing back so I got a good feel.

After a few minutes Nan knelt over my thighs which placed her cleavage only inches from my face. “I thought you might like to enjoy my cleavage up close,” she said, “But no touching. I’m afraid your cock will explode too soon if I let you touch.” I was enthralled by her big soft tits so close. It was tough to resist touching but I followed şirinevler escort her direction.

“I trust you noticed I referred to your penis as your cock. It seemed right when we’re like this. You’d probably also like me to call my breasts ‘tits’. Displayed in this bra they do seem more like tits don’t they? When they’re sex objects the word breasts does seem a bit tame; they’re tits being displayed to make your cock hard and your mind focused on sex. You like my tits in your face, don’t you?

“You’d like me to wear a bra like this every day, right? Perhaps I’ll try to surprise you with it more often.” She leaned forward, pressing the exposed swell of her breasts lightly against my face and then more firmly- almost burying me between them- and asked if she’d applied enough perfume. I assured her that she had. She then leaned back and partially stood to remove her dress. She ran her hands up and down her sides and then slowly resettled over my thighs asking if I liked the visual effect of the waist cincher. Of course, I said I did.

“I guess I don’t have to tell you that while you may like my soft pillows of breast flesh presented this way my nipples are unreachable. The pads in this bra are like armor- shielding my nipples from you. I’m not thrilled with that as I love to see you lusting for my swollen nubs-it’s almost comical how you’re addicted to them. I love being on the receiving end of your lust.”

Nan then said, “Don’t disturb my bra; you can visualize my nipples but no rutting for them. You may touch my body through the waist cincher. I think you’ll find that sexy; wearing it is sexy for me. It feels like I’m sexier than if I was naked.” I was also given permission to touch Nan’s hips and ass which I did eagerly. The contrast between her soft skin and the firmness of the waist cincher was great!

After a few more minutes on my lap, Nan said, “Let’s go into the bedroom and lose your robe. I want to tease your penis more directly now.” My robe and Nan’s bra hit the floor on the way to the bedroom.

Nan told me to lie on my back in the middle of the bed. As she moved toward me she caressed her breasts saying, “It feels good to have the bra off. I feel that I now have my best sexual tools at hand instead of their being stuffed in the bra. My nipples seem to have sprung up as they got free.” Nan cradled her breasts with her nipples exposed as she invited my inspection. She then added, “They look nice and swollen don’t they?

Nan moved to kneel over my lower legs; after initially holding herself upright and pushing out her chest for my benefit she bent down and rubbed her face over the tent in my briefs. My hips lifted involuntarily off the bed to increase the contact and she immediately pulled back. “That won’t do,” she said. “If you want this to last you have to let me control things.”

Nan then reached up and lowered my briefs- carefully trying to minimize the contact with my cock. When I was naked Nan returned her face to my groin and commented on how painfully hard I looked. “I’ve never noticed that your cock actually turns a bit purplish red when you’re aroused. I assume that’s normal and not dangerous.”

I said, “I’m okay. You’re giving me just what I asked for- and you’re very good at it.”

“You haven’t yet seen how good I can be,” she said as she sat up and caressed her breasts sensuously.

Over the next ten minutes or so Nan fondled my balls and cock off and on- never staying too long. When she wasn’t touching me there she’d run a hand up my leg or over my chest. She moved up over my body and bent so that I could suck on her nipples but only for a moment or two on each one. At one point she knelt upright and pushed her chest out for my pleasure- rotating her shoulders a few times to make her breasts wobble and shake. “My tits are pretty nice, aren’t they?

She again leaned forward and let me taste first one and then the other nipple. Then she moved down my body and blatantly rubbed her breasts across my cock. She refined the movement until one of her nipples just barely rubbed the head of my cock. Hearing my groan Nan continued her nipple rub for 30 seconds or more. “You like that don’t you,” she taunted.

My cock was aching and I told Nan I didn’t think I could take much more.

“Nonsense,” she replied. “You think of me as naïve sometimes but I know how to get you hot and hold you there. I’ve barely started teasing you. I’m sure I can bring you closer to climax and then back you off several times before I decide you’ve had enough. I think that’s called ‘edging’ and we’re both going to enjoy it in our own way.”

She sat up on her knees while looking at the bedside clock. She opened the cuff on her left wrist and placed it on my wrist saying, “You wanted to be teased. I wouldn’t be honoring your wishes if I stopped now.” Her other cuff was then transferred to my free wrist. Nan told me to lie still on the bed with my hands at my sides. She got up and retrieved the cord I’d used between her cuffs. Nan passed the cord under me, connected the cuffs and said, “Your hands need to be restrained; I can’t have you getting impatient when I really tease you.” She then had me lift my ass off of the bed as she positioned a pillow under my lower back. She told me to spread my legs and said, “That’s it. Your cock and balls are presented just as I wanted them- totally exposed and available to me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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