Notty High – For Naughty Teens Ch. 01

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(Thanks to Drewau for editing. Comments and feedback are always welcome and appreciated. All characters in this story are 18 and up.)

Starting at a new school is hard. Even harder is starting at a Notty Senior High, a high school just for high risk and problematic students. Teenagers who got into trouble in one way or another. Most of my classmates got someone pregnant, or got pregnant themselves, were busted for drugs, or went on a drunken joy ride in a stolen cop car.

For whatever reason they decided to put all of the hard partying teenagers into one school together is beyond me. You know what else is beyond me? How I ended up here.

I’m a nerd. A lot of people throw that word around a lot these days. And some nerds are even popular. Just look at YouTube. DND podcasts abound with funny and beautiful people. I am not the cool type of nerd though. I’ve even been made fun of as being a hipster nerd. While other teenagers are just getting into DND. I played that in middle school. I’ve gone off the deep end with trying other rule sets. White Wolf, Apocalypse World, Fate, Star Wars system with it’s special proprietary dice. I’ve played systems that most nerds have never even heard of.

But it doesn’t stop there. I’ve also cosplayed at conventions and been involved in LARPing. I have a 4.0 GPA and am in mostly honors classes. I’ve never been in trouble a day in my life and haven’t even kissed a girl, let alone lost my virginity.

So, the question is, how did I end up in a school for troublemakers. Well, it all started with a science experiment that went all wrong. I was in a Biochemistry class that was so advanced, that college recruiters came to watch our experiments instead of the football team. I was working with my lab partner Britney, a beautiful yet homely looking flat chested girl who I secretly had a crush on.

We were working on a chemical that helped regenerate cells. We had the idea of growing back severed limbs, or healing blindness. Our concoction was supposed to act as artificial stem cells. Repairing damaged cells and eliciting growth. Everything was going great, until we were asked to give a demonstration to experts from Johns Hopkins University.

We were very careful mixing everything, so careful that it took us nearly the entire day to get ready. I had gotten so wrapped up in our preparations, that I hadn’t used the bathroom all day. So I ran to relieve myself before the experts arrived. What I had forgotten to do was remove my chemical soaked gloves before I tried to relieve myself.

That’s when the catastrophic chain of events happened. I rushed back into the lab and accidentally bumped into Brittany who was holding a vial of our chemical. The agent split onto her chest and started sliding down below her shirt. She quickly grabbed some paper towels and started trying to dab it up.

About that time is when I started to feel some growing in my pants, and it wasn’t because I was watching Brittany shove her hand down her shirt. Well, not just because of that. Some of the chemical from my gloves had soaked into my member and was causing it to grow in size. I felt it tingling as the cells replicated.

My pants were getting uncomfortably tight fast. I tried to tell Brittany what was going on, but she was starting to notice some problems of her own. Her breasts were starting to grow. She had been so flat chested that she had never worried about wearing a bra. That was coming back to bite her in the butt, or more accurately her boobs. I could see the expansion from outside of her clothes.

They grew to the size of oranges and then softballs. When they reached volley ball size, her shirt ripped open exposing them and her perky nipples to me. Now Short links my penis was growing for a different reason. It also felt like my balls were going to be crushed between my jeans and my leg. I had to free them.

I quickly stripped off my gloves, apron, pants and underwear. It wasn’t until I noticed Brittany’s eyes as big as her tits now were that I realized I had just exposed myself to her. She was the first woman to see my manhood since I had gotten out of diapers.

Seeing her now huge tits, combined with the thrill of being exposed to her made me cum instantly. But even my cum seemed more than normal. I covered her face and tits in my ejaculate. And that was the exact second that the lady from Johns Hopkins walked in with our science teacher and principal.

Even that might not have been as bad, if the university representative hadn’t been Brittany’s grandmother. We tried to explain the situation, but she didn’t believe us. Our science teacher and principal tried to come to our defense and ask us to replicate the results on the test frog we had prepared. But we had used up all the chemicals, and the new batch we mixed up didn’t work the same. We had apparently botched the ingredients the first time.

Brittany’s grandmother filed a police report saying that I sexually assaulted Brittany. She also threatened to black ball the school if they didn’t send me to Bakersfield High School for at Risk Youth. She wanted me as far away from Brittany as she could get me. Brittany called and apologized, but there was nothing she could do.

And that’s where this story begins. I walked into my first day of class and my teacher, Ms. Maven, asked me to introduce myself to everyone. I step to the front of the class and start giving a brief introduction. In the middle of my introduction, a preppy looking blonde girl walks in and sees me. She eyes me up and down and smiles.

I’m distracted by her beauty and her appraisal of me. Then she says. “Great, some fresh meat in this school. Hopefully your prick isn’t a disappointment like most of these guys.”

Ms. Maven didn’t seem too shocked by the girl’s words. But she did reprimand her. “Hillary! How many times do I have to tell you about your potty mouth?”

“Sorry.” Hilary said apologetically. “It’s hard for me to control it when I don’t have something hard in it.” Then she made eye contact with me and sucked her finger into her mouth salaciously.

I was embarrassed, but I was also getting hard. This typically wouldn’t be a problem, but the only pants that I currently had that actually fit my super sized pecker, were those rip away pants basketball players use. It didn’t help that Hilary was wearing a flowy short skirt that showed plenty of her sexy toned tanned legs.

She easily noticed my member growing down my leg as if I had a snake slithering around in my pants. Ms. Maven got onto Hillary for her dirty mouth, but Hillary cut her off. “Oh come on. I know you’ve heard the stories too.” Hillary stepped close to me and pressed her grapefruit sized breast up to my chest.

I was frozen in fear. No woman, especially no woman this attractive had ever even looked twice at me. I was like a deer in her soft warm headlights, that I couldn’t take my eyes from. Then she somehow knew exactly where my nipple was, because she gently put her finger on it and slowly spiralled out around it. I had always heard that nipples were erogenous zones for women, but I had never known they could be the same for men.

Hillary continued talking to Ms. Maven in a sultry voice. Her face was angled down as she looked deviously up at our teacher. “Aren’t you just the least bit curious if the rumors are true?”

“Hillary. Just Short link because you are a diagnosed sex addict, does not give you free range to act like a slut.”

“No. I just do that because it’s fun.” And then Hillary yanked my pants away with a flourish.

Everyone in the class gasped at her action. But then everyone leaned in, eyes wide, amazed at the monster I had been hiding. Even Ms. Maven couldn’t keep her eyes off of it. I was still too petrified to move. I was sure this was a dream. I had always heard of nightmare’s where you were naked in front of the entire class. It would make sense that I would have this kind of a dream now.

The only problem was, that I was actually enjoying this dream. I could already feel my balls starting to churn up cum, and my erection was pointing straight at the transfixed class now.

Hillary was the first to speak. “Oh baby. That’s bigger than I could have possibly dreamed.” Then she dropped to her knees and took my shaft into her mouth. She couldn’t fit the entire thing in, but she used her hand to bridge the gap. She used her other hand to fondle my testicles. I knew I had to be dreaming now, I just hoped the dream didn’t end too quickly.

Ms. Maven finally snapped to. “Hillary, stop that now.” Hillary ignored her. Ms. Maven rushed across the room to grab my pants, but one of the female students didn’t want the show to end. She snatched them up before Maven could get to them and shoved them up her shirt, where her teacher wouldn’t reach.

Ms. Maven scrambled to the intercom button by the door and called the main office. “Yes, could you send security. Hillary’s at it again.”

As soon as Ms. Maven stepped back up to yell at Hillary again, I came. Being so inexperienced, it didn’t take much to make me cum. Hillary was only able to take two blasts into her mouth before she was knocked back onto her back. I sprayed her with several more blasts, getting cum on her hair, face, shirt, and several stripes across her beautiful legs.

I was barely able to stand as the class burst into cheers and applause. I looked down at the cum covered girl at my feet. She swallowed what was in her mouth and smiled. She lifted her skirt to show me her cotton white panties. Then she pulled the crotch aside to show me her smooth tight pussy. “Want to try for seconds before security gets here?”

That was the point when I realized I wasn’t dreaming. I was horrified. What just happened. I ran out of the room, bumping past two big female security guards. They tried to stop me, but Ms. Maven said, “Not him, he’s the victim.” So they let me by and I ran to the bathroom and hid in a stall.

A few minutes later I heard a knock at the bathroom door. “Drew? Are you in there?”

“No.” I said weakly.

“I’ve got your pants. I’m coming in.”

I made no objections. Then I saw her hand reach over my stall holding my pants. I took them and put them on.

“Will you come out so we can talk?”

“Please don’t expel me. I didn’t mean to do that.”

“What? No. You’re not the one who’s in trouble. Can you come out so we can talk about this?”

There was a pause before I slid the latch open and stepped out. “I’m not in trouble?”

“No. Hillary pulls these stunts all the time. She has been suspended so many times that this is her third senior year. She’s actually 20.”

“Why hasn’t she been kicked out yet?”

“Because her mom is the principal and owner of this school. Hillary only does this to get attention from her mom. Well, that and the aforementioned sex addiction.”

“Can I be transferred to a different class?”

Ms. Maven couldn’t help but feel a little offended. “Are you upset with me because I wasn’t able to stop her?”

I looked up at my teacher’s cute oval face. Her bob style haircut curling in at the bottom and perfectly framing her face. I saw her hurt in her hazel eyes. “No, I’m sorry, it’s not that. I’m just too humiliated to face everyone now. I’m going to be the laughing stock of the class now.”

Her eyes turned confused, then to laughter. A grin spread across her face. “Are you kidding? You probably just became the most popular guy in the school.”

“How so?”

“I can guarantee you that every woman in that class wants to be with you now. And every guy wants to BE you now.”


“Well, because…” Ms. Maven suddenly realized that she needed to choose her words carefully. “…You know. Your thing.”


She gave up trying to be tactful. “You have a huge cock.”

I was shocked by both her choice of words and her statement. I had never heard a teacher use that kind of language before. “What?” I repeated.

Maven sighed. “Wow. I know you are a genius, but I guess that knowledge came at a cost. Let me put it this way. Every woman in that class probably wet themselves a little when they saw your shaft, and then again when you came so much.”

“Eww. Gross. They peed themselves?”

Ms. Maven rolled her eyes. She mumbled under her breath. “We really need better sex ed.” Then to me she said, “When a woman gets aroused, her vagina starts to self lubricate.” I stared at her for a second trying to put the two statements together. Maven got tired of waiting for me to figure it out. “There wasn’t a dry pussy in the room.”

Ms. Maven’s brutal sexual words were starting to turn me on again. But then I got distracted by another thought. “You said there wasn’t a dry… you know… in the room. Does that mean yours was wet too?”

My teacher was suddenly wishing she had let me remain in my ignorance. She hemmed and hawed for a second, unsure of what to say. She could get into trouble if she told the truth, but she also didn’t want to hurt my feelings. In the end she figured she had already said more than she probably should. “Yes. But only a little.”

My face suddenly brightened out of curiosity. “Really? Can I see?”

Ms. Maven was horrified at my question. “NO!”

I suddenly realized what I asked and blushed hard. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to ask to see your wet pussy. I mean, I don’t want to see your wet pussy. I mean, I do want to see your pussy, but for purely scientific reasons. No, that’s not completely true. I mean, I would like to see your wet pussy because I think it would be sexually pleasing. But when I made the statement I purely meant that I wanted to see your we…”

“Please stop talking about my wet pussy… I mean my pus… my vagina.”

“I just meant as a scientist I was curious.”

Ms. Maven closed her eyes and held up a hand to stop me. “Let’s change topic.” Then she opened her eyes and dropped her hand. “I know what happened at your previous school. That wasn’t your fault. But, instead of hanging onto the embarrassment of your past, this is your chance to make a fresh start.”

I thought about her words and hung my head. Then I looked back up at her trying to hold back tears. “Thanks. I really needed that.”

She reached out and hugged me. “Oh, honey. It’s ok.”

As we embraced I couldn’t help but notice something. Ms. Maven was the first woman outside of my family that I had ever hugged. The soft and squishy bits of her body made me feel a little weird. Especially her soft bulges pressing into my chest. Then I was suddenly aware of my own bulges and realized I needed to let go before she noticed mine as well.

What I didn’t realize at the time, was that she had noticed my growing member and was purposefully holding on longer than was strictly appropriate. Finally she let go and said. “I’ll see you back in class.”

To be continued.

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