Now I Can

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I can’t believe it; after all these years of trying I have finally won the lottery. OK so it was only one and a half million but it’s still enough to change my life forever. I won’t bore you with what I did in the normal course of my life but maybe you might be interested to hear what I did with regard to my sexual fantasies. Interested?

I was a single guy with no one to worry about and now I had the chance to indulge my most outrageous dreams. So I sat myself down and thought, “What is my fantasy?” There were several chasing around in my head and the more obvious ones I had enacted within one week of the lottery win. They were god fun and I certainly met some beautiful transvestites during that mad week in London. It had cost quite a lot because they all insisted that they weren’t about to jeopardise the rest of their working day by climaxing for me. It always took some extra persuasion (cash) to get them to shoot their load into my mouth and quite often it was a piteous load. So although I had ingested many spunky flavours I still felt unfulfilled.

So I got to thinking, “When I’m at my computer what turns me on and what do I look at most?” The answer wasn’t hard to find. There is one site I use a lot and one section I keep returning to time and time again. Even after an hour at looking at normal porn, when my hard on is getting a bit soft, if I return to this subject it gets me rock hard again.

So what is my favourite deviant fantasy? I can’t soften the blow; I can’t make it sound good; it’s deviant and it’s dirty but that’s just the way I am. I adore pictures of dirty panties covered in fresh spunk. I take delight in rating each picture and I love the close up shots of fresh cum; especially the ones where you can see the texture and the separation between the different elements of the spunk.

So now I had to think what I could do to turn this into reality. No good using clean panties and knickers; they had to be dirty. I also needed a supply of spunk which meant in reality a supply of men. Quite a difficult problem. I spent many days trying to find the answers and finally levent escort came up with this plan.

1] Find a college.

2] Get in contact with someone working in the college laundry.

3] Bribe the men’s handball team to make spunk donations to an unknown cause.

4] Pay two good looking prostitutes to facilitate timely delivery of the spunk onto the panties.

5] Locate a useable pair of rooms in the college that were joined by a serving hatch.

6] Name the day.

All this should have been quite difficult but it’s surprising what you can achieve by splashing large amounts of money about. Within three weeks all the arrangements were made.

The day was here! I made my way to the college and met with the laundry lady as arranged. I judged her to be in her 50’s. She was slim and had shoulder length black hair. “Here you are sir; I managed to borrow twenty nine pairs of knickers and panties for you.”

I congratulated the laundry lady, “You’re a star Celia, a gold plated star! Just one thing; I rather wanted thirty pairs. Where do you think we might get an extra pair at this late stage?”

“Well sir I’m not totally sure but there is one place I might be able to lay my hands on a pair. They might be warm and they might be a little dirty. Thinking about it sir, I imagine you could lay your hands on them.” The invite was too good to miss so as Celia raised her skirt I eased he panties down. I hooked my thumbs in the waistband and pulled them down past her rather cute bum; as the gusset pulled away from her pussy there was a small moment when they seemed to stick a little and then they gently parted from their resting place and the reason for their reluctance to move was apparent. Celia must have been a little excited as the panties were damp and sticky. I’m not sure if I caused this or if it was the prospect of the money to come.

Never being one to miss a trick I raised the panties to my nose and inhaled the heady scent of her lush warm pussy. After a minute I forced my self back to the business mahmutbey escort in hand. “OK Celia,” I said, “I’ll leave the panties and knickers in a plastic bag in the corner ready for you to collect in the morning.” As I was saying this I realised that Celia still had her skirt raised. I popped a quick kiss on the front of her pussy and then straightened her skirt back down. I handed Celia the envelope stuffed with cash and as she left I got back to the business in hand.

Ten minutes later the two hired young ladies arrived; I issued them with the panties and showed them where they should position their selves next to the serving hatch. We had already discussed their duties and they were well aware of what they had to achieve. I then retired to the next room and waited for events to unfold. Before long I heard the excited chatter of the handball teams and their coach. Twenty five young cocks I had been promised and the coach makes twenty six. With any luck some of them could manage a second load of spunk to utilise all the panties and knickers.

There were many whistles and catcalls as they set eyes on the facilitators who by now had stripped to corsets, stockings and their own lacy panties. I wasn’t sure how long those panties would stay in place and I wondered if they might just pop through the serving hatch later. The coach had strict orders on the timing and I had no intention of rushing so had asked for a gap of three minutes between each delivery. For my own benefit I had decided at the last minute to engage the services of a film maker who was now in the process of setting up her camera to record my exploits.

I got into position on my knees by the serving hatch; the camera was rolling and I was ready. It was only two minutes before the hatch slid back and the first pair of panties was passed through. They were small, blue and lacy and as I picked them up I looked at the crotch where there was a large dollop of spunk. First I lifted them to my nose and inhaled the aroma of fresh spunk. Then I dipped my nose into maltepe escort it and sniffed just a little bit in. I didn’t dare touch my cock for fear of it exploding. I held the panties in front of the camera to get a good and accurate record and then I lifted them to my face and rubbed the spunk all over my eyes, nose and mouth.

The hatch slid open and the next pair appeared; so the first pair went into the plastic bag. The second pair was flannelette and may have been sports knickers. I wanted to see if the gusset was dirty but there was no chance of that as the gusset was totally covered in cum; sticky cum; warm cum. Every bit of it went into my mouth and I swallowed in delight. After swallowing I sucked the gusset till the movement of the hatch heralded the arrival of the next pair.

I collected three sets of spunk covered knickers and didn’t allow my self to dip into them till I had all three; then I raised them to my face, and embedded my face in the cum. Each gusset was sucked clean; each drop of spunk was swallowed. My excitement was immense and before long I came in my own little panties but it made no difference my appetite for spunk was undiminished.

The panties kept coming and time sped past till the supply stopped. To be honest I was exhausted by this time. I sat down and just thought about all the spunk that was inside me. Not all of it had been eaten; some had been wiped over my head and face and some seemed to have dripped onto my clothes. I was a dirty spunky mess.

By way of a finale I lay on my front and slipped my head into the plastic bag where all the thirty panties and knickers were. The smell was bliss; a combination of spunk, girly pee and all the other beautiful smells that emanate from panties. I rolled onto my back and bought myself to a final climax.

The camera lady packed her gear away and as I lay there and just before she left she leaned over to me and said, “Sir, you are one dirty sick bastard. You’re at the bottom of the heap of humanity.” Having said this she spat on me and departed. It’s just possible I might give her a bonus for that!

So money made my dreams come true. I kept the panties and paid Celia extra to invent a story about their loss. I watch the film sometimes; I even thought of posting it on line but I think it is just too dirty. The money will dry up soon but there are just a couple more fantasies that I need to consider while I still have it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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