Now That I Have Your Attention

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Big Tits

It’s Friday night. I work 2nd shift in a 24/7/365 manufacturing plant. I’m a repair and maintenance tech and I repair and maintain the multi-million dollar machines that make our product and have 10 years more experience over the next most experienced tech. As the “go to guy” I often work 12 to 14 hours a day because it seems like the other techs don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. Anyway, I tell the boss I’ve had it, I’m going home and don’t call me over the weekend. After 70 hours this week what are they going to do, fire the “go to” guy?

It’s a 30 minute drive home and all I’m thinking about is a cold beer, and watching the Rangers game that I recorded. Kathleen should be asleep. She works first shift. She works hard too. She is a cute blonde with nice tits who loves sucking cock and has a cum eating fetish.

Kathleen doesn’t make much money so we decided to rent out our 2nd bedroom. Our ad was answered by Alyssa, a 19 year old slim, fit but rather plain looking dirty blonde. She is 5’4″ rather shy with a nice smile but no features that got my dirty mind going. She works part time at the nearby Rite-Aid. She is working her way thru local trade school, studying electronics so we had at least that in common. I help her with her home work when I can. Conversations about electronics were very dry and if Kathleen was around, she’d find a reason to go away for a while.

I arrive. There is no light in any window. I assume Kathleen is asleep. Somewhat relieved but then again, Kathleen has a cock sucking/cum swallowing fetish so drinking a cold beer while watching her mouth make my dick disappear is about as good as it gets, oh well. I go straight to the kitchen, turn on the light and go to the fridge to get a cold beer. I crack it open, take a big swig, and turn towards the TV room. I take the two steps towards my recliner. I turn the TV on and start watching my recorded game. Beside me are two end tables, one on each side with a lamp on each. I turn both on dimmed low so they don’t reflect on the TV screen. I sit back and settle in.

About two minutes into the game out of the darkness comes Kathleen and she looks hot. She is wearing one of my thin, white tank top T-shirts, so thin that not only do her hard nipples poke through, the color of her nickel sized areolas shows through. The shirt is cut so the bottom of her ample tits is in plain sight. As my eyes travel downward, I see that she is wearing tight, unbuttoned, two sizes too small jean shorts, no sign of panties. My eyes travel back upward as she raises her hands to her hair, lifts her arms and combs her fingers through her hair. Doing that raised the bottom of her shirt and her tits are totally exposed. I see her smiling her very seductive smile. She turns around and I see her jean shorts are cut so more than half of both ass cheeks are in sight and the crotch of those shorts is just a string. She bends over a little and that thread of a crotch buries itself between her puffy pussy lips and asshole and cheeks. The brown of her “brown eye” is in plain sight.

Awe struck, all I can say is “WOW!”

She steps forward and as she drops to her knees between my legs, She pushes my legs apart. She looks up and says, “I want some”. That is code for feed me your cum.

On her knees with a determined look she reaches up and unbuckles my belt, unbuttons and then unzips my jeans. Her fingers between my skin and underwear I lift my ass off the chair and she forcefully yanks my pants and underwear down to my ankles. Immediately she engulfs my only half hard dick. I feel a serious suction and I look down and her lips are sealed around the base, up against my body. I feel her tongue swirling around the head. I feel suckling. My cock grows in her mouth. Her lips stay sealed around the base. Her eyes are smiling as I look down and see her eyes locked on mine. I watch her eyes as my dick grows longer and harder in her mouth. Soon I feel the back of her mouth, the entrance to her throat. She wraps her arms around me and grabs my ass cheeks and pulls me towards her making sure I can’t back away. Soon my hardening cock pushes through and I’m a few inches down her throat. I moan and look down and see her still smiling eyes looking up at me. She closes her eyes and starts a slow but deep up and down motion with her head. Sex Hikayeleri I feel the ridges in her throat massaging the head of my dick the entire time. I lose all concept of time but over time she finally lifts her head off my cock and inhales loudly. Strings of thick throat spit hang from her mouth and stretch down off her chin and coat my cock. As she catches her breath, with a big smile, she wraps both hands around my dick using that thick throat spit as lube, proudly she strokes the entire length of my raging hard on.

She clears her throat, “Now that I have your attention, I have a question.”

On the narrow edge of “giving her sum” I say “sure Angel, what’s on your mind?’

She smiles, leans down a little lower and take both of my balls in her mouth and suck on them just a little too hard, intentionally I’m sure, killing my urge to cum, for now. Then she pushes my legs up to my chest, her eyes locked on mine I feel her tongue on my ass. She licks, swirls and presses her tongue against my ass, obviously trying to tongue fuck my ass.

I moan while saying,”, That’s new, ahhhh, I love it, don’t stop.”

She giggles and then asks, “Do you remember the first time we took a shower together?” Then gets back to tonguing my ass while she waits for my answer.

“Yes” I reply, “You were facing the wall. You made my dick so hard by stroking it with your girly soap. I lathered up my hands and massaged you back. I stepped forward and pressed my rock hard cock between your legs. I felt the heat, I…….”

“Stop, too much info. It was a yes or no question.”

“Yes”, I reply. “I fucked your ass and I loved it.”

“Right, you fucked my ass and I loved it too. That’s what I want you to remember.”

Again she goes back to licking my ass waiting for my reply. Soon she had me relaxed and she giggled as I felt her tongue slip into my ass. She started tongue fucking my ass. I felt hypnotized. A few minutes go by and she stops licking my ass. My dick is oozing pre-cum. She licks it up and milks my dick for more. She milks out a big drop that sits at my pee hole and slurps it up.

She abruptly asks, “So you do remember fucking my ass?”

Then she takes my cock straight down her throat. Her bottom lip on my balls her top lip against my body and starts a fast but short bobbing of her head. Again, I feel the ridges in her throat as she throat fucks me. She stops and pulls up. A thick string of throat spit connects to the head of my throat spit glazed cock.

“Of course I do. Your ass was perfect. Up against that shower wall, my hard dick and your ass were perfectly lined up. It was like your ass sucked my dick in. I loved it. I pounded you pretty hard. I was out of control. I felt my balls banging against your pussy. Ten minutes later I shot what felt like a gallon of cum up your ass. Yours is the best ass I ever fucked and there is just something about cumming while standing up.”

She strokes my cock lubed by the throat spit and asks “If my ass is so great, why didn’t you fuck my ass again?”

“Because I love you and don’t ever want to hurt you. I used soap for lube. I thought I hurt you. I thought the soap made your ass sting for days. That’s the last thing I ever want to do” I replied.

“You’re a very sweet man and I love you too but I guess I should have said something sooner so I’ll say it now. I love everything anal. Fingers, a tongue, your cock in my ass, ass to mouth and of course every time you cum, you cum in my mouth, please, anytime anywhere, use my ass as you like and I love to lick ass too. It seems to me that I get a bigger load to eat and he cums stronger when I spend some time licking his ass. You know I love to eat cum. I also like to be taken as my man wants me. I like to feel naughty. So I’ll leave it to your imagination, ass play, my love for cock sucking and cum eating just take me and feed me cum as you wish anytime, anywhere just don’t get us arrested”, she says with a laugh.

After hearing that and a long pause I say,

“Is that right? Experienced?”

She looks to me with a shy, but knowing smile and says, “maybe a little.”

” So am I. Take my shoes and pants off”. She complies. I stand up and reach a hand to her. “Stand up.” I help her up. I forcefully grab her shorts and push them down to her Erotik Hikayeler ankles. She puts a hand on my shoulder to keep her balance as she steps out of them.

“Sit on the chair like I did with your ass right at the edge. Good. Now pull your legs up to your chest. Now spread your legs.”

The lips of her bald pussy are glistening in the light as is her ass, drenched with her pussy juice. I drop to my knees and lean down and give her a long, slow lick starting just a hair above her ass, up her “taint, between her pussy lips, sinking inside a little finally stopping at her hard visible clit. I suck it in between my lips and rapid fire lick it while I suck it. First she gasps then moans. I continue for only a minute or so and then with no warning I put 2 fingers in her ass and move them in and out for a minute or so then take them out and reach up intending to put them in her mouth. But, on the way to her month she takes my hand and pulls it to her mouth and sucks those two fingers also licking between the fingers making sure she eats all the ass juice and lube.

“Yum, strawberry”. She says with a big smile.

That’s all I needed. My cum eating Angel has cleaned and pre-lubed her ass knowing I’d be fucking it tonight. I’m sure she wants a mouthful of cum too. On my knees I straightened up and pushed my cock balls deep into her ass while she is still sucking my fingers.

“OH FUCK YES, FUCK MY ASS”, she yells at the top of her lungs. Good thing we don’t have neighbors.

I look down and see one of my favorite sights. A pussy dripping juice on my dick that is buried, all but disappeared in my woman’s ass. At first her ass is tight, almost too tight so I slowly pull back, almost out but then, with force, back in balls deep again, she groans. I pick up my pace and gradually increase my rhythm but always going balls deep. With my balls bouncing off her ass cheeks, my cock is as deep as possible. After several strokes her strawberry lube coats every inch of her rectum that is in use. In time I’m pounding her ass. At this point her body goes almost limp. Her pulled up legs are now spread wide open, she’s panting but no more yelling.

“Yes, yes, yes. Don’t stop. Please, please, please.” she says under her breath. It’s like my cock in her ass has hypnotized her. Sweat is dripping off my body onto hers. I start to slow my pace to a steady but deep rhythm. Twenty minutes or so her ass is still tight and I’m starting to get close to cumming. Kathleen still seems hypnotized.

“Angel, “I whisper. No reaction. “Angel.” I say with my normal voice. No reaction. Now I’m getting worried.

“Kathleen.” Louder than normal.

“uuuuummmmmm, I want some…….please…….feed me.” she moans. “fuck my mouth like you just fucked my ass, fill it with your cum. I love your cum.” She raises up on to her elbows and rests the back of her head on the back of the chair.. Her eyes, her expression, she seems desperate, her smile, so shy and submissive. Yet her smile, I have never seen her looking so content.

I look down and see my dick sliding in and out of her still perfectly tight ass. So perfect that I can cum at will or hold off to prolong our pleasure.

As if reading my mind,, while still butt fucking her she says, “you have the perfect dick. It’s perfect down my throat and up my ass. Not too long, not too fat but juuuuust right to reach that spot in my throat and now that spot in my ass. I’m at your mercy. Fuck my ass. When you’re ready to feed me, pull out and step back and I’ll go to my knees and suck your cock. Use my mouth then gimme not some, but gimme all”

“That’s good, ” I reply. I pull out of her ass and put my legs on the arms of the chair. With my dick inches from her mouth she smiles and opens wide. I grab the sides of her head and slowly push my cock down her throat. I leave it there while I adjust my position so I can comfortably fuck her throat. In place, I grab the sides of her head and push my dick down her throat. While doing so I hear her take a breath through her nose while my cock is deep in her throat. Nice! I don’t have to worry about her breathing. I pull out.

“Suck it like you’re starving. When ready I’ll feed you. Now suck that dirty dick.”

“Yes sir. Thank you sir.

She has always given what I call Tecavüz Hikayeleri an artistic blow job. She knows what I like to see and what I like to feel. She takes pride in giving great head. She always loved to watch me watch her take my load in her open mouth and on her tongue. She always asked/begged to swallow. I sometimes I made her wait so the show she was putting on could continue. She has deep throated me before but I have never throat fucked her before so I don’t need the artistic stuff at least for now. Just like she asked me too I’ll fuck her mouth like I fucked her ass. The thought of my dick fucking her ass for however long ago it was is all I needed to unleash the throat pounding she asked for.

She grabs my ass cheeks and pulls me deep into her mouth, into her throat. I grab a handful of hair on top of her head and hold it still. I think about fucking her ass but my dick is going down her throat. Like fucking her ass I increase my rhythm. Soon my balls are bouncing off her chin as my cock disappears down her throat.

I stop. I’m down her throat. I tell her to open her mouth wide, all I want is throat. She complies. I fuck her throat and only her throat, her mouth is wide open. The sounds coming out of her mouth are indescribable. I continue bouncing my balls off her chin then tell her,

“Your throat will make me cum in your mouth.” Her eyes shift back to mine, they are smiling. She literally gives me a thumbs up while my balls bounce off her chin.

“Do you want my cum?’

She replies by putting her hands together like she’s praying.

“Good, I’m tired. Suck me like the cock sucking artiste you are. Eat my cum Angel” She doesn’t know how close I am.

She smiles big and gets on her knees on the floor.

” This is where I do my best work. Bring me your cock”.

I’m rock hard. I’m ready to explode. Her thick throat spit hangs in strings from my cock. Her wide open mouth is my target. I get up and my dick is inches from her mouth.

She looks up with a big smile and says, “Feeding time”.

One hand massaging my balls, the other tickling my ass she takes me deep. I pull back keeping the head in her mouth stroking the rest of my shaft. I feel her tongue swirling around my head. She pulls my dick out of her mouth but keeps on swirling her tongue on the head. I grab her head and push my cock down her throat. All that time her eyes locked on mine. That’s all I can take. I pull out. Wrap my hand around my dick.


She gladly complies. I rest the head of my dick on her tongue. My first stream totally coats her tongue. The next adds to the tongue load so now my load is overflowing her tongue and starts to fill her mouth. A third and fourth string adds to the load. I grab the sides of her head and face fuck her with fast and deep thrusts. I stop and she opens her mouth showing my now frothy cum in her mouth. Smiling, she giggles and then grabs my dick and milks out every drop and dribble. As I look down into her mouth, all I see is my frothy white covering her bottom teeth. Every drop is in her mouth. She looks up at me with a smile.

I don’t have to tell her to play with it, taste it, savor it. I don’t have to tell her when to swallow. She watches me as I watch her swirl my cum around her mouth, savoring the taste of what felt like my biggest load ever. There is so much, she can’t ask me if she can swallow.

“Ready?” She makes a moping face and shakes her head, no. “Ok then, keep playing, swallow when you want too.”

Slowly, little by little, savoring the taste, the feel of a full mouth of cum, showing off her pride, she swallows just a little at a time. Repeating the cum play in between each little swallow. Finally, proudly she swallows the last little bit. In the mean time as my cock went down as the last of my load starts to ooze out and a string starts stretching. Kathleen, still smiling proudly reaches her tongue out and catches the string on her tongue, collects it and slurps her way up the string and glosses her lips with my cum the swallows the rest of it.

I plop down in the chair, all but exhausted. I look down at her “Wow. You are incredible.” I say still panting, out of breath.

She says, “This was the best sex I have ever had.” Then stands up and sits on my lap, puts her arms around me and lays her head on my chest.

After a few minutes Kathleen stands up and says, “Come on, let’s go upstairs. Get some rest. You’re going to need it.”

We go upstairs. I lay down and as I quickly fade away to sleep, my last thought was, why did she say I’ll need rest?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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