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“Mom, is that you in that magazine?” I asked showing the magazine.

“Err… no, it’s not me,” she denied. I looked at the magazine again and trying to figure if she was telling the truth.

“You are not suppose to see dirty magazine at this age! give it to me…” she screamed.

“No… I don’t think so mom,” holding back the magazine. I saw tears forming in her eyes. “That’s the same mole on your upper lip. It’s definitely you, mom.” I pointed. She came to grab but I pushed her away. “Dad will not be pleased if he sees this,” I said.

“No… don’t please. Just please keep it to your self. Please don’t look at them,” she pleaded.

“How come dad didn’t see you in this magazine?” I asked.

“For crying out loud, that’s an old magazine, it’s early 60’s.” she cried and left . It was definitely 1960’s and she looked really young at that time. She looked different compare to now, at the age 48. I congratulated myself for spotting her in that magazine. To be honest, every night I masturbate picturing her. Her face cut was registered in my mind.

At the age of 48, her voluptuous body was still preserved. Her widen hips formed a new beauty compare to the magazine photos. Her large firm D-cups breast made her body proud and expensive. Mom’s round perky buttocks was so magnificent. The mole on her lips was her trademark of beauty and now was my advance to her. I had gone through the magazine and admired her ultimate young beauty. The fact that really full filled me was her private part close up. I was very grateful for the photographer since every part of her body was zoomed!. My dad is a businessman and he’s rarely at home.

Later that night, mom and I had dinner but not a word we talked. A cloud vision of mom’s naked pictured was in my mind. I was about to enter my room as she called me. “Kent, I need to talk with you”.

We both were sitting at the hall as I knew something was bugging in her mind. Her silky gown made her glow under the dim lights where I sat beside her. “It’s not what you think, I’m very loyal to Ron…” she said.

“Mom, I don’t mind… you look very beautiful…” I said.

“Please understand… Stop looking at my pictures, forget everything you saw. I’m not a bitch or anything that you think, I was a virgin until I met Ron.” She explained.

“It’s ok mom…” I comforted her. She reached to hug me and I placed my palm over her ass. Feeling her firm ass made her notice. I squeeze her ass cheek and notices she had no panty beneath as she pulled back. She was staring at me and I took her hands.

“What are you trying to do?” she asked.

“Mom, I think I’m in love with you…” I confessed.

“Yeah honey, I love you too” she replied.

“It’s not what you think, I started masturbating thinking of you a year back,” I uttered my true confession. She froze for a moment.

“I’m your mother for crying out loud,” she cried.

“Well I’m honest to you, mom”

“What are you trying to say?” she asked.

“I…want to sleep with you, one night” I answered.

“Oh my god… what has gone into you”

“You! Mom, it’s you that I want, I promise to take care of you” I cried.

“You want dad to know this,” she warned.

“Yeah, I’ll show him the magazine,” I blackmailed. Again she frozed.

“Please Kent, it’s not right. ” she begged.

“Mom, all I want is just to strengthen the relationship besides you don’t have a choice” I said. She had no choice as she requested time.

“I’ll give you time if you promise me something” I said.

“Anything, but not sex.” she confirmed.

“Well in that case, here’s my conditions” I said…

“You should not wear any under garments when you’re in the house! Just like today…” I said.

“But…” she interrupted.

“No under garments!, you should not wear pants but skirt and I would prefer if you wear a gown. If you try to bend any of them, then I’ll also take my chance.” I warned.

“It’s too much… this is an act of incest, please… no,” she protested.

Sliding my hands to her thighs made her force to agree my conditions. I knew mom was a strong woman who can take this blackmail of mine. I know that her purpose in life was only to get fucked by one person. Well she has to set her mind for another. I knew about her background later, why she had pose for magazine. She desperately needed money. All this information I got was from her diary. I was in the bathroom jerking off bursa escort bayan as I read her diary. She wrote all her sexual activities in the diary. When I came out of the bathroom, I saw my room light on. I went in and saw mom found the magazine. I caught her before she tried to tear off. Her grips tighten to the magazine and I knew it was not a good idea snatching away from her.

“Mom….Don’t do that ” I held her close preventing her hand movement to tear the magazine.

“Kent, how long can you keep on holding me like this!” she struggled. She got a point there and I know eventually she’s going to tear it. Still grabbing her hard, I started to kiss her on the lips. Her mouth was shut. She tired to talk as I pushed my tongue inside her mouth. Gradually she weaken, her tensed body relaxed without knowing. I did not let go of her mouth but kept on kissing her. I could hear her moaned and felt her tears on my cheek. Her breathing was hard. While kissing her madly, I lifted her gown and start caressing her plump ass. She struggled. I pushed her to the bed as she got the chance to talk.

“Please… no..” she cried. I went on her … “I’ll give you a blow job” she offered.

“I don’t believe you” I said. She threw the magazine angrily aside and reached out for my cock.

“You are such a bastard, all you want is sex. Oh lord… please forgive me.” She cried. She held my big cock with surprise, she stared for a moment. My pre cum was leaking and she was amazed of my size. However, the son relationship was troubling her mind. Avoiding her sense of mind, she slipped her mouth firmly and tightly around and down over my cock to about two to three inches. I felt secured and wonderful. The thought that she could taste my sperm after the recent jerk off made me grow. I can tell that she was very good in this. Holding the base of my cock with a firm palm gripped, made me stay with her guidance comfortably. She brought up her lips to my cock head and started stroking my cock hard. She was pouring her saliva on my cock for lubrication and stroked fast and rough. With the other hand massaging my balls, pleasure built in me. An instant strike of orgasm as I shot my cum all over her gown. She did not stop but continued.

“Mom… stop…” I said. Something was not right here, she was doing this to the extreme. She was getting rougher, she started to squeeze my cock hard and stroke. “Mom, that’s enough…” I yelled. She did not respond but continued. I was too weak to stop but laid on the bed. “Please… mom… stop!” I began to beg. My cock strained under her control, swell of abuse and was burning. I started to cry for help like she was raping. A black cloudy vision surrounded me, a light tone of bell ringing in my ears…

“Kent… Kent…” she sprinkled water on me.

“You ok honey,” she whispered. Black cloudy vision was fading as I saw mom. She looked worried, tears was dripping on my face.

“What happened, mom?” I murmured.

“You just passed out,” she cried. “Thank god, nothing happened to you.” She continued. I smiled at her. “Guess I should have…” she stopped.

“Mom, please don’t leave me alone here… I’m too weak” I said. She laid beside me as she smiled.

“Sorry for my behavior” she apologized as she brought me closer to her. I felt my sperm on her gown but she didn’t seem to clean. I knew she was very sorry, she was so violent until I passed out. Carefully she held my penis as I groaned in pain. She realized that she had hurt me a bit. She looked at my eyes, then lower to my lips as she planted a long kiss onto my lips. “Sleep well honey,” she whispered.

Next morning I woke up naked, seeing myself abandon . The magazine was missing. My cock was slightly swollen due to last night’s incident. I found her at the bathroom, still with her gown with dried patches of sperm. “Morning Kent, get some clothes on.”. She looked at my morning hard-on but pretended that nothing happened. I saw her towel hanging on the wall as I knew she was about to take her shower.

“Mom, where the magazine?”.

She was looking for excuses. “I’ll give that to you later, but now I need a shower.”

I closed the door behind me. “What are you doing Kent?” she worried.

“Well mom, yesterday you hurt my cock…”I said. She looked at my cock, seeing what she had done, made her felt bad.

“I want you to bathe me and make sure no water hits my cock,” I ordered.

“Well, görükle escort I… I… OK, I’ll bathe you” she sounded frustrated.

“Undress…” I said. She looked at me with shocked. “Kent, I don’t think it’s a good idea,” she sounded scared.

“Mom, I’m not going to rape you. Please, I want to look at you. Just do this favor for your son.” She stood for a moment; she dropped her gown. Her breast proudly presented its beauty to me. Her nipple was much more darker compare to the magazine. Her hips were wide. Her triangular shaped pubic hair was faint, yes she was maintaining there. “Wow, you’re beautiful mom, I wish I had a girlfriend like you.” I praised her. Her face blushed and her worries had reduced.

“Mom, could you masturbate me first,” I asked.

“Kent, let’s forget what happened last night.” She looked worried.

“Now I can’t even masturbate myself since you have abused my cock” I blamed. I know her sense of guilty was easy to triggered. “You don’t need to give me a blow job” I continued.

She agreed and she came closer to hold my cock. “Ouch!…”

“Are you ok Kent” she asked.

“Yeah I guess so, just do it gently” I smiled. My cock was hard as a rock. I decided to lie all the way saying that my cock hurts and all that stuff. My pre cum was flowing down and I complained that it burns. She brought the towel and got down my cock to dry my cum. However, I had cum pre cum still flowing.

“It’s burning mom!” I cried and lied. To make matter worst, we heard the sound of the car outside. It’s my dad! He is home.

“Oh my god…Ron is back,” she panicked. I still pretended to cry.

“Shhh!… dad is hear” she whispered. That did not make any different. She got up and covered my mouth. Still my uttered sound was enough for danger. Dad was calling mom as he reached for the key to open the front door. Mom got bold as she planted s hard kiss on my lips. I took advantage and hugged her. Her warm breast crushed against me. Our hips met. The length of her body registered in my mind. My cock was hot underneath her pussy, moving a little rubbing her pussy. Her body tensed as she gripped hard. My tongue found hers and made contact with it. All she did was not moving an inch. She didn’t care what I was doing in her mouth at that time. Her breathing started to increase as she broke free when she heard Ron called her. “Ron I’m in shower” she answered. “

Where’s Kent?” Ron asked.

“I don’t know, maybe his in the room” she lied.

“Kent what are you doing? dad is here” she whispered.

“I know mom…” I kissed her deeply.

She broke off my kiss. “Ron will kill us if he knows.” I did not entertain her words but kept kissing her. “Alright Kent, I’ll let you make love to me, after dad goes” she offered with no shame. “That’s a lie” I said.

“Honey, are you talking to your self?” Ron questioned from far. She froze as she said she was singing. She was in desperate situation, she took my cock and guided in her hole and inserted half way. Feeling her soft walls against my hard cock made me wanting her more.

“Do you believe me now” she whispered and then kissed my lips. I took more advantage as I pushed more. She jerked as she took off my cock. “We will do this later Kent, I promise,” she said as she took her gown from the floor. “I’ll keep dad company in the kitchen, you get to your room fast, here use my towel” she handed me.

I managed to escape from my dad’s view. I guess dad was in the mood for sex. I saw him and mom headed to the bedroom with a bottle of liquor he brought. I did hear some noise. Knowing what was going on, I started to get hard. It was about half and hour later dad left. I guess he was in a hurry. I went to have a peek in mom’s room. To my surprise, mom was naked, blindfolded laying on her stomach. I saw the liquor bottle was almost empty. Mom and dad were having liquor. I noticed something else… Never that I expected, dad had done anal sex with her. I saw her anus hole wide open after dad’s fuck. He was fucking her at her anus! My… dad was one step ahead. Looking around, I saw his used condom with sperm beside her.

“Ron…” she groaned. She still thinks dad was around. “Play my pussy Ron, eat me..” she urged. Gently she brought her finger to her anus and inserted. My goodness, she has a big anal hole, dad must have been drilling in her since marriage. She was teasing me with her finger movement in her anus. She started bursa escort bayan to moan with words, all I could make out is ‘fuck me’. I wanted to take this advantage besides mom doesn’t know if I had done it with her. She was blindfolded and pissed drunk. I started to undress while asking forgiveness from god. What I was about to do is rape, having sex with mom without her knowing. Sex with my creator.

I was now naked, heading towards her teasing body. Her face was against the pillow, one hand was playing with her anus and the other was at her cunt. My pre cum was overflowing from my cock. I laid my palm on her soft buttock as I felt waves rushing through my brain. My heart started to beat fast with guilt. Caressing her ass cheek with both palm made her shiver. She took off her finger from the anus encouraging me to insert mine. With my index finger, I traced it down her buttock crack to her anus. Pinching her anus playfully made her laugh.

“Make love to me, Ron” she begged. I started to penetrate my finger as it buried in her anus. It was awfully tight and hot. Her circular movements of the buttock responded to me in pleasure. My finger moved back and forth in her narrow hole.

I brought my cock to her anus and rubbed her anus. “Please Ron, It’s too painful,” she protest. She turned around (blindfolded) and spread her legs for my easy access. I was trilled to see her encouraging me for sex. However, I knew that I was not the person she thought. I didn’t want this to end fast, I wanted her to show me the sexual love and the deepest female secret that no male knew. I brought my lips to hers. Her liquor flavored taste made me excited. She kissed me passionately as I began to erupt. I shot my load all over her belly. She started to giggle and kiss me more. The smell of her skin was so natural. Her tongue obviously knew to welcome another. She was different when it comes to sex. A whole new woman. I lingered on her mouth, tasting every liquid she released. Our kiss went too intense as we were on heat. I brought my length of body over hers. Resting my cock on her bush almost sliding down. Chest against her breasts, hips met together and we bushed our bodies. She started to moan louder, her body was accepting mine for pleasure. Her nipples grew and harden, poking against my chest.

My cock felt her wetness as our juice mixed. We were getting aroused by just kissing and rubbing. I drew my kissed down her throat. She felt wonderful as she cried. Tasting her dried sweat there made me horny. Trailing kisses down to her crowned nipple and licking them exotically made her tremble. “Yes… Arrgh… I never had this in a long time,” she cooed. I did not stay long on her nipple but made a leap to her secret gate. Her vagina was swollen, magnificent natural colored red lips waiting to be kissed. Her musk smell of the pussy was not an obstacle but an encouragement. I planted my mouth to her big vaginal lips and inserted my tongue.

“Birdie…” she shouted. Still licking her pussy, I positioned my nose tip to her clit. Rotating the tip of my nose against her hard clit made her to pant. She clamped her legs against my ear preventing sound. I sucked and tasted her until my tongue was tasteless and numb. She pulled my head to her and kissed me violently. She was now controlling me. It was she who offered her womanhood to me. She started to guide my penis into her secret gate. Her soft lips brushed gently over my hard cock head. She wrapped her legs over me locking. She grabbed my buttock forcefully with one hand while the other positioning my cock in her.

“Fuck me now,” she coaxed. I started to move up slowly sliding through her muscle rings. Half way in her I started to come. Shooting in her cunt with no discipline and warning. I could not retreat as I was locked in her. “Ron, just continue fucking me…” she panted. She grabbed my buttock tighter and pulled me with both her hands. She was now rocking me wildly. Kissing me violently, tasting her own cum made her rock even more.

“Arr.. yes, yes… harder,” she begged with tears. My penis grew with her encouragement. I started to rock with her. I was fucking my mom like a beast. She started to scream out as her orgasm reached. “I came,” she whispered and then started to cry… I laid on her for a moment thinking back what I’ve done.

I took off whatever traces I left in her room. I don’t know if she could get pregnant at this age. I had her smell all over me. I felt in love with her. She had no idea that I made love with her. I didn’t care about the magazine. I got what I needed, perhaps even more. I saw her the next day, she was like normal. I know that I could have sex with her again ( the promise that she made yesterday in the bathroom). I’ll write part two if I have sex with her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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