Office Friends

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Lynn loved working for Joe. She’d been his secretary/assistant now for nearly ten years. Very good friends they had become in that time but never took it outside the office. The occasional going out to lunch or the drink after work but it was always platonic.

Lynn had developed a crush on Joe a couple years ago though. It was torture to her body sometimes to have his body merely inches from hers. Shivers would race down her spine if his hand accidentally brushed hers. She loved watching his lean, muscular 6’3” body move lithely around the office like a tiger. Her mind would race and the heat between her thighs would ache if her glance accidentally caught at the bulge below his belt.

Forbidden she had decided she’d never put their friendship or working relationship in jeopardy.

“The company picnic is coming up,” Joe said absentmindedly as he sipped his coffee one morning. They were both bent over some papers regarding one of the firm’s biggest accounts.

Lynn stood up and stretched. “yeah I’ll be there as usual helping out,” she groaned as she worked the kinks out of her back.

“As will I,” Joe said as he eyed her. “You look tired Lynn, why don’t you take your lunch, I’ve been working you hard these last three hours.”

“Thank-you Joe I’ll be back in a half hour,” she smiled as she got up to leave.

She was beautiful Joe thought to himself as he watched her gather her purse and head out the door. Her honey colored blonde hair cascading down her back. His groin tightened as he sat back and took in her small, curvy 5′ frame. Her hips swaying seductively under her loose black skirt as her toned silk covered legs carried her out of his office.

He had been fighting his attraction to her for the last year and a half. He’d find himself calling her into his office to do something he could have done himself just to see her. Then He’d sit there and gaze at her voluptuous breasts under her white button down shirt as she took his memo and wonder what they’d feel like in his hands. Sparks would race through his body at the feel of her body so near when they were bent over his desk together studying plans for a new project.

Then he’d think to himself off limits in no way would he threaten their wonderful working relationship and friendship.

The day of the company picnic had dawned. They had decided to hold the picnic in the air conditioned hall at the hotel down the block from their building. They figured it would be more comfortable for the older employees and those with small children. There was a good sized swimming pool adjacent to the hall. So besides the regular indoor picnic games they had planned people could go swimming too.

As Joe entered the hall dressed casually in istanbul escort jeans and a T-shirt immediately his eye caught Lynn. She was also dressed in jeans and a T-shirt. He walked over to where she was, supervising the set up of the DJ for the dancing later that evening. “looks like quite a spread,” he said as he came up beside her.

“Yes, it is; roast chicken, barbecued ribs, corn, potatoes, rolls, dozens of salads and desserts, soda, beer, and juice,” she ticked off absently as she looked into his warm turquoise gaze.

“Save a dance for your boss,” he winked at her as he turned to walk away and talk with some other employees.

Later that evening after the food had been eaten and the games played. They turned the lights down in the hall as people started to relax talking, sipping drinks, the music playing softly in the background.

After a few beers Lynn was feeling pretty brave so when Joe came over to ask for his dance she agreed. Sparks ran up her arm as he clasped her tiny hand in his big strong one and led her out to the dance floor. He placed her arms around his neck before He wrapped his arms around her waist. Joe felt her shiver as he pulled her body close to his. For endless minutes their bodies swayed in unison. The apex between her thighs beginning to ache as his breath kisses her neck. His cock hardening as her breasts caress his chest.

For an eternity it seemed he searched his mind for an excuse to get her back to his suite. “Would you mind stopping by my room for a second, I have some papers I want you to look at before tomorrow’s meeting?”

“Sure,” Lynn agreed as they walked back towards the tables.

“Sorry folks, some business to attend to before we leave you to enjoy the rest of the picnic,” Joe said to the others as Lynn scooped up her purse.

“In answer to the question I know your thinking, I got a room in case I had too many beers,” Joe said to Lynn as they walked up to his room.

“I wasn’t thinking anything, none of my business, but very smart,” Lynn said as they entered his suite.

They looked over the documents for tomorrow’s meeting making sure everything was in order. “I guess everything is ready,” Joe said as he rubbed his aching neck an hour later.

“Would you like a neck rub before I head out?” Lynn asked.

“I’d love one,” Joe said as he removed his T-shirt and turned sideways on the couch. Kneeling behind him on the couch Lynn sighed low in her throat as her hands came in contact with his warm bare flesh. She kneaded and worked the sore muscles of his shoulders reveling in just being able to touch him.

“Your touch is like heaven,” Joe moaned. Then reached up and pulled avcılar escort her around in front of him. Joe pulled Lynn down between his legs as he leaned back on the couch. She sighed out loud as he pulled her body against his and his mouth found hers. He began to kiss her with abandon. Their lips pressed tight as their tongues dance and explore each other’s moist cavities. They moan as they taste each other’s mouth, hands rubbing and caressing one another’s bodies hungrily.

“I want to taste you,” Lynn whispers as she slides her mouth from Joe’s and kisses down to his neck. Her hands undoing his belt and sliding his zipper down as her kisses trail to his chest. Licking, kissing sucking on his nipples as she pulls his hard throbbing cock out. Lynn kneels between his legs and kisses her way down his stomach as her fingers circle and swirl on the tip of his cock spreading his precum.

“Oh yes!” Joe moans as he feels Lynn start licking and kissing the head of his swollen shaft. “Ah God Yes that’s it!” Joe gasps as she slides her lips around the head and begins to suck gently. His hips thrusting his cock slowly into her mouth as she licks and sucks. His body starts to tighten as he feels her taking him deeper and sucking harder. Joe thrusts his hands in her hair as she bobs her head, deep throating him, her tongue licking wildly at the swollen head. He pulls her hair forcing his cock down her throat as his balls tighten. “Oh God cummingggg!” he moans out as his cum begins to shoot down her throat. “Mmmm,” Lynn moans as she finishes licking his cock clean. Joe pulls her up then and kisses her passionately.

As they break the kiss Lynn Moans, “Oh God what have I done” She snatches up her purse and runs out the door.

All night she laid awake hoping he’d had to many beers to remember her loss of control.

Oh no she thought as he called her into his office the next morning. “Lock the door would you, If you think I’ve forgotten about last night, your mistaken ,” Joe said as he gazed hard into her beautiful blue eyes.

“I’m sorry, it was a mistake,” Lynn replied back unhappily as she returned from locking the door.

“Your right it was a mistake, no let me finish, a mistake it didn’t happen sooner, and if you think I’m going to let our new and improved working relationship and friendship end, forget it,” Joe said as he rounded his desk and pulled her into his arms.

“I don’t want it to end either,” Lynn whispered back as she lifted her mouth for his kiss.

Kiss her he did until she was breathless and moaning. All the while his hands undoing the buttons on her blouse sliding it off then reaching behind her to unclasp her white lace bra. Joe groans into her mouth şirinevler escort as he holds the weight of her breasts in his hands, his fingers rubbing her tight little buds into hard rigid peaks. Then he moved his mouth down to suck and lick her swollen nipples. His hands slide her skirt off as he moves his mouth to each breast. “Oh God yes,” Lynn moans as he trails his mouth from her breasts and down her stomach.

“Oh God so sexy,” Joe gasps as he finds her wearing a white lace thong, silk nylons, and garters. He takes off her garters, slides her heels and nylons off as he takes in the aroused aroma of her body. His mouth nuzzles her moist mound through her panties. Hearing her moan louder he kisses above her mound as he hooks his fingers in her thong and slowly slides them down. kissing following the panties down he kisses her smooth pussy lips as his hands slide her thong down her legs for her to step out of.

“Oh God Joe!” she gasps out as his tongue pokes between her lips to lick up and down in her slit. Her hips start thrusting, her moans rising higher, her hands tightly clenched in his dark blonde hair, as he circles and swirls his tongue over her hard clit. His fingers dig into her ass as he hears her gasp, “cummingggg.” He shoves his tongue down into her little wet spasming hole and tastes her sweet cum as she orgasms.

Lifting her up roughly and laying her across his desk. His watches her body shiver as his own body shakes with desire. Quickly he strips off his suit coat and shirt, next his shoes and socks, and lastly his trousers and boxers. He Groans as he stands between her beautiful parted thighs his hard cock throbbing. He grabs her and pulls her ass to the edge of the desk wrapping her legs over his arms as he braces himself. In one hard thrust his cock is buried to the hilt within her wet tight folds. Slowly he pulls back and thrusts forward even slower testing her reaction. When he sees her gazing into his eyes and her breath catching. He does it again except a little harder this time pull out thrust in. Lynn Lets out a moan and rubs her nipples. “Oh God I’m aching fuck me hard Joe!”

Finally his control slips a bit and he starts pumping his hard cock in and out in and out, steady thrusts. Pumping, thrusting his cock into her wet tight pussy. Her moans getting louder as her body begins to tense. “Ahhh yes that’s it cum on my cock,” Joe gasps as he speeds up fucking her. His balls slapping against her ass as he fucks his throbbing cock into her. Lynn lets out a low scream as her pussy explodes around his thrusting cock. Pumping his cock in even faster and harder as she cums on him. His balls begin to tighten as he slams his cock in deeper “Ah Shitttt Cummingggg,” He moans out as his cum shoots inside her. His cock jerking and spasming his cum inside her tight tunnel pulsing around him milking his cock. Squirt after squirt rushes out of his cock to fill her as her cum covers his cock.

“Deal signed and sealed,” Joe pants as he leans forward his cock still inside her to kiss the smile on her lips….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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