Office Massage

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Big Dicks

I walk into your office and see you glaring intently at your computer, shoulders tense and and crease in your forehead. I walk up behind you and place my hands on your shoulders, sliding them down your back seductively. Leaning down to you and whispering in your ear in my sensual voice, “sit back in your chair baby, and let me massage that stress out of your shoulders”. You lean your head back against my breasts, kick your feet up on the desk, rest your arms, and close your eyes.

Feeling my warm, soft hands gently massaging your shoulders and neck, slowly moving up your head. You feel the pressure of my fingertips massaging your scalp, around the base of your neck and following the curving line around your ears, around up to your forehead and then sliding my thumbs down the top of your head back down to your neck. I massage your head and face with my warm hands, staying quiet and letting you relax against me. Then I lean down placing a lingering kiss on your forehead. You open your eyes and lift your head, spinning around in your chair and putting your arms around me to hold me tight before looking up at me. I put my hands on your face and lean down to kiss you, holding our kiss for a long while and then take it deeper, without parting.

Teasing each others lips with our tongues before our lips part and our tongues begin to swirl in intense passion and need. You slide your hands down my body, over my hips, and you grab my ass, pulling güvenilir bahis me against you tighter. Then I feel you slide one hand further down, between my legs from behind. You realize I am wearing a short skirt and you slide your fingers under it from behind and slide my black lace thong to the side. I feel you teasing my pussy and I moan against your lips, still kissing passionately.

You slide your fingers into my pussy and my back arches against you, my lips pulling away from yours for a brief moment as I moan almost too loudly. You slide your other hand up and grab the back of my head pulling me against your lips again, attempting to cover my sound. Our kissing becomes more wild and heated as you slide your fingers in and out of my now extremely wet pussy.

You pull your lips away for a quick minute and say in a low, deep voice, “Oh, I need you so bad right now”. Before your lips land on mine again I am able to breathlessly get out the words, “Oh, baby, please take me”.

You tell me that you need my beautiful tits in your mouth, so as you continue to finger fuck me, I stand up and unbutton my top, looking you in the eyes, closing them only when my pussy tingles at the touch of your fingertips. I take off my bra letting my tits fall out. I grab them in my hands and let you watch while I caress them for you. Then I lean forward and put one of them against your lips, gasping as my head falls back when I feel you suck my nipple into güvenilir bahis siteleri your mouth. This is one of my favorite sensations. I close my eyes as I relish the feelings going through my body. Your fingers inside me and my nipple in your mouth.

I look back at you again and say between heavy breaths, “baby, I need you inside me”.

You smile while still flickering my nipple with your tongue and then suddenly you grab my hips with both hands and turn me around, pushing me forcefully over your desk, spreading my legs open with your feet as you smack my ass and slide a finger inside me again, making sure I am wet and ready for your cock.

You pull my skirt up so you can see my ass while you play with my hot wet pussy and unzip your pants to pull out your hard cock. You stroke it a couple times before you grab it by the base and tease the insides of my thighs with the throbbing head. You take your hand, place it against the middle of my back and press me against the desk so you can see my tits squished against it. You tease my ass with the tip of your pre-cum soaked shaft, slide it lower until you feel my wetness, and then shove yourself so fucking deep into me that I gasp. My back arches and I cry out in intense pleasure just as you lean forward and place your hand around my mouth, whispering in my ear that there is someone in the next office and I can’t be so loud. You grab my hips with both hands as you begin to pound iddaa siteleri me, sliding in and out of my dripping pussy. Then you slide one hand around and begin to finger my clit as I cling to the edge of the desk. You want to feel my pussy quiver as I climax and you are deep inside of me. You keep thrusting and teasing my clit and you can feel that I am close. You slow down just a little bit so I can feel every inch of you fucking me with each push.

I am so close, but you want to see my face when I cum, so you pull out, turning me around and sitting me on your desk to put yourself right back into me. One hand squeezing my breast, the other one stroking my clit until I scream out, “oh, my god, I am going to cum baby!” Your fingers sending me over the edge in an intense climax.

I want to feel your cum on my tits. I wanna watch your face as you climax and find that release. After my climax, I can see that you are so close from how tight my pussy was and I smile. “Cum for me baby, I want to watch”, I say, as my body cools down. A few more long, hard thrusts before you pull out quickly reaching your climax and immediately shooting cum all over my tits. I watch as it spurts from your cock and covers my soft skin like a silk blanket.

You quickly grab a tissue from the desk and clean off my skin before helping me to my feet. We quickly arrange our clothes and straighten up the papers that were in disarray from our passion. I turn to leave the office as you grab my arm, pulling me back against you. Looking down into my eyes, you say sweetly, “thank you baby, you made my day, and I am very relaxed now”. You lean down and kiss me firmly for a long second before letting me go.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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