Office Outer Limits

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From all appearances, it looked like it was going to be another boring day at the office.

Tina had rolled out of bed early, leaving her husband deeply asleep, hoping to get a start on the mountain of paperwork she knew awaited her at her office. Being a one-woman operation was nice; she enjoyed being in charge and setting her own hours, but sometimes the work really piled up – to the point she thought she might have to take on an assistant to help out during the very busy times.

She picked up a coffee and Danish on the way in, then settled in at her desk for what promised to be a long, long day. She turned on her computer, set the Danish on a paper napkin, added cream to her coffee, took a long, luxurious stretch, and waited for the unit to come to life.

As she stared at the screen, her mind wandered a little. She and her husband had been wanting to enjoy a threesome and her husband believed he had found a woman at his office who might be interested. In her past, Tina had taken part in some outrageous threesomes; but her husband never had. Because they didn’t keep secrets from each other, she had told him of her past and he had been, to say the least, very interested in sharing some of the same experiences. To that end, he had been looking for a woman for a threesome; he didn’t want to share Tina with another man, and besides, like most men, he harboured a fantasy of enjoying two women.

As Tina sat at her desk and pondered sharing him with another woman, her mind began to wander back into her past. Snapping out of her enjoyable reverie, she thought to herself, ‘come on girl, get to work, you’ll be here ’til midnight otherwise.’

A little aroused by her reminiscences, Tina knew she wasn’t ready to buckle down to work. Instead, almost without thinking, she went to Yahoo and found her way to the cribbage games she sometimes used to lose herself in. She entered a social lounge and got in on a four-hand game which was already started.

Her partner, as it turned out, was a guy named Ghostwriter. He seemed to be a decent player and they began winning as soon as she joined the game. The opponents couldn’t seem to get a break and lost the first game quickly.

In the second game, Tina was deciding what cards to throw when Ghostwriter IM’d her. He had found the table pretty quiet and wanted to chat. As they played and chatted, it became apparent that the writer in Ghostwriter was not only related to mundane writing, it also related to erotica, which Tina enjoyed immensely.

Letting her flirty nature take over, the chat turned to erotica and sexual innuendo flowed. Throwing down a bit of a challenge, Tina suggested he write something hot right then. Somewhat to her surprise, words started flowing and he included some information she had told him during the chat. As the erotica flowed and heated up, Tina found herself doing the same.

She had been a little aroused by thinking of a threesome with her husband and another woman and now this? Thoughts of the work which awaited her began to fade as she let her mind wander while she read Ghostwriter’s work. Almost against her will, Tina began chatting more explicitly and Ghostwriter responded. Almost before she knew what happened, they were enjoying a moment of cyber sex, on-line – enjoying to the point where she had slipped her panties from under her skirt to touch her neatly trimmed pussy.

Feeling aroused and comfortable with the cyber fun, she told Ghostwriter what she was doing and he responded by typing OH MY GOD on the screen. Laughing, Tina typed back to ask whether he could do anything to help her. Ghostwriter typed back that he believed he could just barely squeeze through the computer screen to help her.

Tina laughed to herself, and, at Ghostwriter’s suggestion, they quit the crib game they were involved in and moved to a private table for two. Ghostwriter typed that he wished he was sitting in front of her at her desk and Tina typed back that she wished he were too. Alternating between touching herself and carrying on the cyber sex, Tina was now thoroughly enjoying her day. As her pussy dampened under the light touch of her fingers, she began to become very aroused and, as she eased a finger inside, she closed her eyes and tilted her head back on her chair.

Suddenly, she heard an odd tapping on her computer screen. Opening her eyes, she looked at it to find a face had replaced the crib game she had been playing. As she watched, the screen seemed to turn to a jelly-like, translucent substance. As she pushed her chair away from the desk, the face pushed through kadıköy escort the substance, and arms stretched through.

Now with her chair against the wall behind her desk, Tina was speechless and horrified to see that a figure was, indeed, squeezing through the screen. As she watched, the figure continued to squeeze through. After some seconds, the figure, dressed in black shirt and jeans as Ghostwriter had said he was dressed, was standing before her.

Tina looked past him at the windows of her office, but as she did so, the figure waved his hand toward them and the shutters quickly slammed closed. She heard the bolt of the door slam locked, then the room lights dimmed to their night-time brightness.

Now truly horrified, Tina gripped the arms of her chair until her knuckles turned white. Her feet were on the floor, but she was absolutely unable to move them, they could have been stone. She couldn’t, in fact, seem to move one muscle of her body, nor utter a single sound.

As she watched, the figure continued to look at her in her helplessness. Tina had never been more afraid, and yet she could nothing to break from her inertia. Her mouth was dry, she was shaking and her eyes were so wide open, they began to hurt and tear up.

“Try and relax,” a voice said, from somewhere in her mind. “I’m just making your wish come true.”

As she watched, the figure brought it’s/his hands together and cupped them. As it/he did so, a strange green glow began to emanate through the fingers. Still unable to move, Tina stared intently at the light, unable to take her eyes away from it. As she continued to stare, he slowly spread his fingers and opened his hands. There, on his palms, a green orb glowed like sunlight. As she watched, the orb lifted into the air and moved toward her. It floated in front of her face, then seemed to expand, enveloping her in a warm, green light.

As the light moved over her body, Tina found herself relaxing, tension flowing from her. Her hands were now loosely holding her chair and her muscles relaxed, to the point where she felt curiously, absolutely relaxed. Her fears were gone and she slumped a little in her chair. In her mind, she could feel her fingers typing, ‘I wish you were here, too.’ As they did so, the figure before her sat on the floor before her chair.

Time seemed to stand still for a moment and, as the figure watched, Tina again felt a need to touch herself. “Hello,” said the voice in her mind. “I’m here for you.”

Tina found herself saying, “Hello. I’m glad you’re here.” As Ghostwriter watched, Tina lifted a leg over the arm of her chair to stretch herself, then began to explore her pussy with her finger, lightly running it over her damp lips, caressing her clit, then easing it between the folds of shaved skin.

Ghostwriter sat cross-legged on the floor before her, watching her explore herself. Tina watched him watching her and felt arousal flood through her body. Just as she inserted two fingers, he pulled her chair toward him. She pushed her bum to the edge of the chair and he leaned toward her mound. Removing her fingers, Tina again held the arms of her chair as Ghostwriter lightly ran his tongue over her lips.

Shuddering with pleasure, Tina felt an almost electric current pass through her body. As she watched, he licked her, lightly probing between her lips. One long, slow lick placed his tongue at her clit, which now felt incredibly sensitive and stiff with anticipation. As he began to tongue it, she was compelled to close her eyes and let her head loll back in pleasure.

Ghostwriter licked, suckled and probed her. His tongue was incredibly warm and wet and as he bathed her with spit, she felt her clit throbbing in pleasure. Her pussy gushed juices and she lifted her bum to push against his face. As she did so, he stopped momentarily to slide the skirt down her legs and remove it. He then buried his face between her legs and probed her deeply with his tongue.

“Oh my god,” she gasped, as he slipped deeply into her. As he began an in and out motion, she raised her legs over his shoulders, the better to allow his tongue to penetrate her.

As her juices flowed over his lips, he stopped and looked up. Pushing her away on her chair, he got to his knees. Looking into her eyes, he unbuttoned the blouse she wore, finally slipping it off over her shoulders. He lightly brushed the strawberry blonde hair from her damp forehead, then reached behind to undo the clasp of her bra. As he freed her full, üsküdar escort firm breasts, she gasped a little as the cool air caressed them. Her nipples were hard as little pebbles and, as he took one into his mouth, she moaned and pressed her crotch against him as she encircled him with her arms.

Head up and looking at the ceiling, Tina pressed herself against his mouth, pushing her nipples between his lips, crushing her breasts against his face. As she did so, he inserted a finger deeply inside her, probing, touching, pumping lightly. As she began clenching his finger to match his probing, he sucked hard on her nipples and ran his hands over her back.

Eyes closed and enjoying herself immensely now, Tina felt a growing hunger for cock. “Stand up,” she gasped. Releasing a nipple, and withdrawing a finger, Ghost stood up and looked down at her. Moving to her knees in front of him, she felt him through his jeans, impressed by the cock beneath the cloth. She undid the button at his waist, then grabbed his zipper in her teeth and eased it down.

Reaching behind him, she slipped her hands in his waistband, tucked them inside the boxers there, then pulled it all down his legs. His large, thick cock sprang to attention and, for a moment, Tina just rocked back on her heels to appreciate the manhood before her. Long and thick, with a massively engorged head, she ran her fingers along his length, tracing the veins which stood out with her fingertip. She could feel the blood throbbing through his member and she felt compelled to taste the meat before her.

Moving closer, she ran the tip of her tongue over the head, tasting the pre-cum that oozed there and pushed into the peehole. With one hand on the shaft and another cupping his balls, she slipped her lips over him and worked him deeply into her mouth. Lips stretched pleasantly around his girth, Tina began a slow, sucking rhythm; taking him to her throat, then swallowing to squeeze his head.

Mouth stuffed with warm cock, she could hardly believe she was capable of taking him to her throat. As she sucked hard and moved up and down the shaft, she looked up to gaze into his eyes. Looking down at her, Ghostwriter smiled. Leaning over slightly, he removed her hands from his cock and balls, then placed his hands behind her head.

Hands now on her thighs, Tina prepared herself, knowing what was coming. Pulling her mouth off him, she worked up a mouthful of spit and gushed it over his length. With his cock now coated in saliva, Tina opened wide as Ghost pushed into her mouth. Holding the back of her head with his hands, he began to fuck her mouth, pushing to her throat, then pulling out so his head was between her lips. Slowly and steadily, he shoved himself deep into her mouth and throat and she swallowed each time he touched the back of her throat.

As he fucked her face, they looked into each other’s eyes. Ghost smiled as he fucked her, and somewhere in the back of her mind, Tina knew it shouldn’t be so easy to swallow a man this big. Still, the pleasure of his big, warm cock…

Rather abruptly, Ghostwriter pulled out of her mouth and, gasping a little for breath, she eyed the eye of the head which was looking at her. Placing a last kiss on it, Tina stood. Almost in a daze, she looked around her office, wishing there was a bed available, rather than her ornate oak desk. As she thought this, a thought from Ghost seemingly entered her mind. He raised his arms to the side, there was a flash of green light again, and suddenly, Tina’s desk had been transformed into a light, fluffy cloud on the floor.

Looking into Ghostwriter’s eyes once again, Tina smiled, placed her hands on his chest – and pushed. He fell back onto the cloud and tiny tendrils of white spun into the air around them. In her mind, she knew all this was impossible; and yet, she couldn’t help herself. Looking at his smile, she crawled onto the cloud, straddled Ghostwriter and worked her way up his body, kissing and sucking as she went.

Finally, as she kissed him and pressed her wet pussy lips against his upright cock, she knew she had to have him inside her. Tina forced her tongue deeply into his mouth then pulled out to smile at him. Again looking into his eyes, she moved to kiss him once again, but instead, rammed her pussy onto his cock, taking him deeply inside her.

Pushing herself upright, she settled onto him until she could feel his balls pressing warmly against her ass. Sitting there, a massive cock inside her, stretching her lips, floating on a cloud, Tina knew what tuzla escort was happening was impossible. And yet, in her mind and body, she felt as if she was being consumed by lust. Placing her hands on Ghostwriter’s chest, she began to slowly fuck him, alternately taking him deep, then stopping with his head between her wet lips.

As she fucked, she closed her eyes and let a shiver run through her body. Ghostwriter’s body felt hot, his cock felt like it was on fire and sweat broke out on her body. She continued to ride him as drips of sweat ran between her breasts, down her stomach, and mixed with the juices of cock and pussy.

As the wet, squishy sound of her fucking increased, with his balls slapping against her ass, Tina moved into a froggie position, poised over the big cock below her. Again looking into eyes which looked deeply back into hers, she plunged down on him. In the froggie position, though, she could really ride him, using her strong thighs to lift and drop her cunt on his pole; over and over and over again.

Below her, Ghostwriter began pounding his cock into her, meeting her squats with powerful thrusts of his own. His balls kept slapping her and her wet lips continued to ooze and lubricate them. Now Ghostwriter put his hands behind his head and watched as they fucked each other. Smiling, the cloud now seemed to hover in the air and Tina felt a momentary feeling of dizziness as they lifted above the floor. Looking down, she could see that her feet weren’t planted on anything solid, could actually see the carpet below through the cloud, and yet, she was fucking this man like she’d never fucked another.

As they continued to fuck and float around her office, Tina could feel an orgasm approaching. The pounding, slapping motion, combined with a strong aroma of sex, was bringing her close now, and she put her hands back on his chest to steady herself. Ghostwriter kept his hands behind his head, watching the fucking, while he kept smiling.

Thinking to herself that she wanted to be absolutely filled with cum, a Ghostwriter thought again entered her mind, finding a spot in her semi-consciousness. If that’s what you want, the thought offered, that’s what you shall have.

Eyes closed in concentration now, Tina’s legs were beginning to feel weak. She had no grasp of how long she’d been fucking the Ghostwriter – at one and the same time it felt like wonderfully forever, but also like no time at all. She continued to fuck him, feeling an orgasm approach, and hoped he was going to fill her cunt with cum.

As orgasm swept through, over and around her mind and body, she screamed with pleasure – yet bizarrely, she couldn’t hear herself. The big cock inside her continued to pound; she was stretched and cumming, moaning and fucking, sweating and smiling foolishly – in other words, as close to heaven as she’d ever been.

Looking down at Ghostwriter, he smiled once again, plunged deeply once more into her body, held himself deeply in her cunt, then came with a kind of explosion that forced cum deep into her. She could feel jets of cum erupting in her, filling her, warming her. At the same time, Tina continued to cum, joyfully gushing her juices over Ghostwriter’s crotch.

She continued to hop on his meat as he continued to pound into her. The smell of sex nearly overpowered Tina as they fucked and the sound of their wet sex seemingly drowned out everything else.

Finally, completely sated and weak in her legs, she again moved to her knees as she straddled him. Clenching him tightly with her pussy, he continued to throb deeply inside her and she smiled once again.

Feeling, rather than seeing, she knew the cloud had touched down on the floor once again and their fucking was over. She sloppily pulled herself off the cock she had been enjoying for who knew how long and stood over Ghostwriter. Their mixed cum and love juices ran down her thighs and she felt a slightly uncomfortable coolness caress her hot pussy.

Suddenly, Ghostwriter picked her up and she clamped her legs around him. Just as she was readying herself to be plunged down onto his cock once again, he took a few steps, then gently lowered her into her computer chair. Exhausted from the fucking, Tina sat with her legs spread, juices dripping, and leaned her head back against the high back.

Whether she fell asleep or not, she didn’t know, but after what felt like a short time later, she seemed to awaken from some kind of slumber – to find that there was no cloud in her office, no Ghostwriter appeared to be in the room and her desk was right there in front of her.

A little confused and unnerved, Tina felt in a daze for a spell of time. Her blinds were open and she could see people walking past. Anxiously looking down, she found she was clothed after all, except for her panties, which were draped over her computer screen.

Oh my God, she thought. What the hell happened here?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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