Office Overtime

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It felt like it had been a long, long day at the office. Three meetings, none of them pleasant, some subordinate issues later on, and an almost-cancelled sales order from an irate customer nearly spoilt the day for Choong.

The Senior Sales Manager looked at his watch. It was almost 6.00pm. Normally it was time for him to pack up and leave for home. Since it was school holidays, he would try to spend more time with his family, especially his two teenage sons since they did not have to turn in early. His eldest, a young lady now, had started working and preferred to spend more time with her colleagues, which was okay as far as he was concerned. However, today he felt like he needed some time to himself at the office. Maybe another hour or two, he thought, just to release the day’s tension slowly.

He looked out the window in his room and saw the usual bustling traffic in Kuala Lumpur. Yes, he might as well stay in the office for a while. Loosening his tie, he got up and noticed that only a handful of people were left. Nancy, the new accounts executive saw him and smilingly nodded her head. She did not work in his department, but she was quite warm and friendly, and Choong enjoyed the short periods at the coffee maker and photocopy machine where they met and chatted.

Looking at the new tender documents on his table, the Chinese man decided to sit down and glance through the financial requirements of the job. He knew he was going to have a busy time this week, he sighed, but it was all part of his work.

He was lost behind his multifocal glasses when he heard a knock on his door as it opened. His heart skipped a beat when Nancy stuck her head in.

“Hi,” she greeted him. “Busy?”

“Aah… the usual thing. Don’t worry. Come, have a seat,” he offered her. Almost immediately, they were off talking comfortably about things outside the office amid the warm atmosphere.

Choong got up and took out some apple juice from his mini fridge and poured into two glasses. “Got to wet the throat a bit,” he claimed. There was another knock on the door and Kevin, one of his sales people, notified that he was going back and that there was nobody else around.

The woman chuckled. “Looks like we’re the only two left. Busy doing work at the office, I suppose.” She got up and went to sit at the three-seat sofa. “Not taking your kids out tonight, Mr. Choong?”

The man shook his head. “Don’t think so. I called my wife earlier to say that I may be a bit late and not to wait for me for dinner.” His mind was suddenly working fast when he immediately saw an opportunity that was in his control. The question was: would the other party accede? She was already on the sofa, supposedly waiting for him to sit beside her, and the indication so far looked positive…

Deciding to also let nature do its part, he slowly went and took his place next to the attractive lady. He knew that she was in her early thirties and not married yet, and she had not told him whether she was attached to anyone special at the moment. He put his arm on the ledge of the back rest just behind her, but did not have the courage to wrap it around her shoulder yet.

Aware of what this could lead to, Nancy too was hoping to play her cards right. She had always had an attraction towards older married men, especially those who held strong positions. This Senior Sales Manager had a middle-aged body and belly befitting a man who was 52 years old, but at the same time, he possessed a charming personality and an affable smile that she had secretly fallen in love with.

She did not want to wait any longer for fear that the man might change his mind tonight and decide to go home. Gently, she put her hand on his lap as she continued to talk with him, rubbing the material of his pants softly. In her mind, she just wanted to have some fun but refused to think long term. She also knew flirting with senior management personnel in a company was dangerous, and should things turn for the worse, she would not be in a favourable position.

But to Hell with that! she boldly thought. She smiled at him as her fingers began venturing higher until they were at the fold between his thigh and groin. Nancy decided first to go higher and place her palm on the round belly and gently caressed it, kneading the deep depression of his navel. The man smiled back, encouraging her to continue.

Taking the cue, she undid a few buttons on his shirt and slipped her hand inside, touching his skin. Her fingers found his chest and located his nipple. The man let out a soft sigh when she kneaded the protrusion, and looking at his facial expression, the woman knew that there was no turning back now.

She took the next big step and Choong suddenly found her palm right smack on his bulge! Holding her hand in his, he pressed it gently onto his crotch and the woman could faintly make out the hardening shape of his organ. The mature man lowered his head and gently kissed her on the mouth. Not flinching, she responded by parting her lips and kurtköy escort soon, tongues were urgently criss-crossing between the two mouths amid the heavy breathing.

Her hands began working on the belt and zipper of the man’s pants, and Choong had to breathe in and hold his breath to allow the woman to finally undo and pull his garment down to his knees. She looked at him cheekily as her fingers reached for the sides of his briefs and firmly tugged it down, revealing a semi-erect cock among the long curly hairs coupled with the typical male odour.

“Oh my God…”, she genuinely gasped. She silently admitted to herself that she had finally succeeded in getting the man to expose his most intimate part of the physical body to her. Even as she looked at it, the organ was continually growing until the pink foreskin became tight as the cock head pushed under it.

“Jesus…”, she muttered again, while the man guided her hand and coaxed her to touch it. And when she did, it was his turn to gasp and take a deep breath. He let her fondle and play with it for a few minutes, but when he noticed that she was not progressing anymore from there, Choong strokes her hair and gently persuaded her to come nearer to his cock.

Realizing what was intended of her, Nancy obediently opened her mouth and directed the cock into it. Once again the man let out a sigh, and almost immediately she began to get on the job. Sucking and using her tongue, she proved that she was not a novice at giving head.

The man was not really comfortable and awkwardly began removing his briefs and pants totally from his legs, giving the woman more room for movement. He was also pleasantly surprised that she was rather good as he got harder and more excited. Nancy did not find it difficult to take him deeper because he was not that long, but his thickness was filling up her mouth.

Seeing that she had not shed any single piece of clothing yet, Choong started to pull down the zipper on the back of her dress, and went on to unhook the pink brassier strap. It came off easily, and he had to interrupt her for a moment to remove them off her body, finally leaving her only with her floral panty on.

The woman had a pair of medium sized boobs, but they were firm and delicious looking. She caressed them seductively in front of the salivating man before turning to him and proceeded to undo the rest of his shirt buttons and stripped him completely.

“Aahhh… this is how I’ve imagined you, Mr. Choong!” she exclaimed. “Standing strong and proud!” Immediately kneeling in front of the standing man, she flicked out her tongue and teased his pole which was projecting out obscenely under the generous belly. In no time, she was once again giving him a blowjob as the man spread his legs wider. Things were going quite as planned, and he was looking forward for the time of his life tonight!

He looked down and Nancy’s face was already lost among the graying jungle of pubic hairs as she had the full length of his cock inside her mouth. Choong could feel the tip rubbing against the back of her throat as she applied periodic suctions on him. If he ejaculated, the fluid would have gone directly into her esophagus but he knew he rarely came inside the mouth unless he wanted to.

Choong wanted to check was inside her panty so he again had to disrupt her activity and asked her to remove it in front of him. Slowly and cheekily, she started to peel it off but halfway turned around, presenting his with a view of her partially exposed butt.

“Don’t stop, Nancy…” he encouraged her as he saw an unblemished pair of fair cheeks that was hiding that one forbidden rear zone that he knew would bring him a lot of tight fun in many ways possible later.

When the panty fell on the floor, the woman turned around and unlike the man’s unkempt pubic bush that he always maintained, Nancy was totally shaven and clean. “Wow…” the man sighed in awe, a sight he had never seen on his own wife. He came closer and slid a finger in between the pussy lips and discovered that she was already wet inside.

“How do you want me?” she asked him teasingly, wanting to know what his desires were. She lay on the sofa and parted her legs, continuing to tease him as she spread her labia and gyrated her buttocks. Choong looked at her display as he hovered above her.

He moved closer and positioned his stubby tumescence at her mouth. “Why don’t you suck and make me wet a little, so that I can enter you smoothly…”

It was a lucky thing that the CCTV was not able to catch the antics of the two employees who were now stark naked and doing illicit things; otherwise, it would have been the talk of the town, so to speak. Choong knew the risks he was taking by pursuing his carnal needs, but he was quite sure that he was safe.

Finally, he came on top of the woman, getting ready for her. It was a spectacular view for Nancy as the man was physically big, especially his belly, while he slowly descended upon her.

The initial contact malatya escort and penetration was simply exquisite. Her pussy was indeed tight and immediately enveloped the thick cock as it slid easily inside the passage. Both of them moaned in pleasure before Choong began a slow and relaxed tempo.

He lowered his head and kissed her on the lips gently. “I know that I’m a little heavy, or shall I correct that… I’m quite bulky. I hope I’m not burdening you.” His paunch was firmly pressed on her stomach as he held his upper frame by means of his extended arms.

She smiled. “No, of course not. I’m loving the feel of it, your full body contact on mine,” she reasoned, holding on to his thick waist firmly as he moved unhurriedly. Except for the hard breathing and wet slipping sounds, they were both quiet and spent the next ten minutes enjoying the missionary way.

Choong then removed himself from the woman. “I think it’s better for you if I take your position. I don’t want to squash you with my weight, or you else might get injured or flattened beyond recognition…”

Giggling, she stood up and let man get his turn on the sofa. The father of three decided to rest his head down comfortably on the arm rest, but before he could ask Nancy to straddle him, the woman had thought otherwise and gone down to suck the wet erect cock.

The sensation was wonderful and the man observed that she was not bothered with the taste of her pussy juice unlike his own wife. “Why don’t you lie on me on the opposite end?” he suggested. “At lease we can sixty-nine…”

Without leaving the cock from her mouth, Nancy nimbly climbed on top of the man and spread her legs a little. Immediately, he smelled the familiar feminine whiff and instinctively his tongue flicked out. He located her taut clitoris and began to orally tease it.

The man took his time as he pleasured her with his licks, running his tongue in between her split until he found her hairless pucker. He wet the sensitive bud before going after her pussy again, as his fingers joined in the action.

Clearly he was making the woman more excited as she began sucking his cock harder. At the same time, she was also running her fingers along his hairy split to his own arsehole, making him wriggle and moan loudly in pleasure. Nancy went one step further when she started licking and sucking his round taut balls, gently biting the ridged skin.

The two continued pleasing each other orally and with their fingers, and it was really making the session very fulfilling. Choong had turned her split very moist with his saliva, and he began to lightly nudge his forefinger onto her tight back door while his tongue continued to wet the entrance. After some effort, the hole opened up and the man inserted his digit slowly gauged her response but the woman did not seem to object or complain

They carried on with their tasks, with Choong now freely digging into the anus and gently stretching it with his fat finger while Nancy trying to suck the whole of the scrotum into her eager mouth.

Finally, they both had to stop as they knew that they still needed to fuck each other. Getting up, Nancy turned around and squatted on the man’s groin as she held his cock and guided it inside her.

“Aahhh…” she sighed and began to bob her body up and down. The man took the opportunity to hold on to each of her breasts and squeezed them gently.

“Harder!” she told him, and he squeezed them harder, making her moan with pleasure.

He pulled her body lower and awkwardly started to suck her nipples. Nancy had to stop moving to let him enjoy her breasts, and Choong responded positively by biting her protrusions gently. She let out a whispered scream and began moving her body again. The man continued to grasp her breasts, his fingers kneading her nipples teasingly.

Nancy eventually lay on the man and let him control and thrust into her. As she licked his ears seductively and it turned him on further, Choong spread her buttocks and gently probed into her arsehole which had become more receptive now. Gently his finger began thrusting in tempo with his cock, giving the woman a sensation of having both her holes filled simultaneously.

It did not take long before her body began to wriggle in pleasure. Choong increased the intensity of his movements to make sure that she was on her way. In a few minutes, Nancy’s body convulsed as she let out a controlled scream. She began kissing his lips uncontrollably as she came, the ecstatic wave sweeping all across her. The man did not stop and gave her an extended sensation that eventually left her a little exhausted.

Choong gave her a few minutes to catch her breath as she lay sprawled on his ample body. Then gently, he told her to get up as he guided her to bend on the sofa with her knees on the cushion. He looked at the moist pussy lips and firmly inserted his cock into her, starting with a medium tempo. “Is that okay with you?”

The sensation was indeed good as the organ moved in and out. kayseri escort “Yes… carry on,” she said, silently acknowledging that the man was indeed sexually experienced and that she was thoroughly enjoying a satisfying sex session so far. She felt the man hold her waist and breasts as he moved. His hand kneading her nipples felt good especially.

His hands continued caressing her body, and slowly went to her buttocks. She felt his finger on her arsehole, caressing the bud. He had wet his middle finger with saliva and gently penetrated the tight orifice, thanks to the loosening exercise earlier on.

“Like what I’m dong to you now, in you tight little back hole? Does it hurt?” he asked her as his cock moved in and out of her pussy in a relaxed pace.

“No,” she answered, a little uncertain now as the man began to pay more attention to her dirty shit hole.

“Well, Nancy,” the man continued. “You did ask me just now how I want you, right? I want you in lots of ways, and if I also want you this way… is it okay with you?” The man withdrew his cock from her pussy but continued to use his finger to relax her back door.

She more or less knew what he was getting at, as she instantly felt a warm nudge at her arsehole. Turning around, she saw the man confidently guiding his cock to push forward. The sphincter gave way and the head slipped in, and immediately she felt an excruciating pain in her buttocks.

“Owww… Mr. Choong! That hurts very much!” Tears were starting to stream down her face as the pain continued. “Owww… What are you doing?”

The Chinese man stopped to let her get used to his presence there before pushing in a little further on. “I’m inside your arsehole now, Nancy. Just bear with the slight discomfort first. I swear to you, if you can hold it that long, after this it will be pleasurable. To you. And to me.”

Going in further, the man caressed her buttock cheeks, trying to make the pain subside quickly as he knew his thick circumference was really stretching the tight anal entrance. Choong pushed another couple of inches until he was almost completely inside her.

“Oh, good God,” he groaned, when he could not even see the base of his cock anymore. He pushed in and held on, crushing his pubic hairs onto the tender buttock skin. The woman groaned as she felt her bowels fill up with the fat alien presence.

He pulled back a few inches and slowly moved in her back passage. She was tight and the man was almost certain that she had never done it this way before. He had to make sure as he asked her gently, “Have you ever had a man enter your arse, Nancy?”

In between her controlled sobs, the woman shook her head but she reached behind her and caressed his belly. “But it’s okay. I know that you’ll be gentle with me,” she assured him. She also knew that Asian people have become more liberal and have embraced anal sex as part on their bedroom activities.

Looking for a better footing, Choong climbed up the sofa and straddled the woman’s back, holding each of her shoulder firmly. Slowly, he began thrusting as he bent his legs, letting the woman get accustomed to the act.

Nancy had to reposition herself as she felt a little unstable, especially with the chunky person above her and thrusting, that she naturally slid down a little. The man too was quickly tiring on his legs, and had to support himself by using one hand to hold the top of the sofa back rest.

After a few minutes, Choong had to let one leg stand on the floor while the other was still bent on the sofa, and continued to anal-fuck the woman doggy style. Nancy meanwhile was slowly getting used to him now, and knew that she had to relax to enjoy the rear penetration.

The man lowered himself and kissed the back of her neck, silently grateful that she was condoning to his desires. He in fact had got his wife to also agree to his back door ways subtly, by getting her loose and thoroughly prepared before finally but gently nudging and inserting his urgent cock into her arsehole. By that time, she could not object anymore…

After a few more minutes, the Chinese man unplugged because he could not hold for long and always felt like coming early in that frog-mating position. Nancy let out a yelp as she too felt a sudden void in her rectal passage.

He kissed her lips and told her to sit on the sofa and put her spread legs up. “Was that okay for you?” he asked her gently. “Does you sweet tight anus still hurt?”

Nancy smiled weakly, slowly appreciating and enjoying a real cock the first time in her rectal passage. “I’m still alive,” she joked. “Wow, you really stretched me. I never imagined something that fat can go inside my butt.”

“And it’s very snug… Are you ready for some more rear pumping?” Choong aimed his stiff cock at the red anus and the head smoothly went in. “Aahhh… your arse is getting used to me now…” Holding her legs up, the man leaned forward and began thrusting into her rear orifice, letting his weight drop freely each time he went forward. Once again the woman felt the fullness as the cock filled her back passage, while the man had found a relaxed tempo and was actually completely burying his cock inside, leaving his taut round balls jiggling.

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