Office Surprise

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Jennifer is a 50-year-old executive type. She has her own office, which consist of your basic office environment, wooden desk table chair and table, a floor to ceiling window with a great view and a nice comfy chair for her to sit in.

Jen has a great body and is fairly well endowed mmmmm! She doesn’t dress in standard business apparel but more the funky outfits that a fashion design executive would wear. This day was wearing a silk top and a jacket and short skirt and yes we can’t forget underneath, she was wearing black stockings and carters and a matching silky white bra and panties set. And o yes she was wearing some “fuck me” high heels.

This started out as just another workday, so Jen thought. She was feeling a little more erotic than norm for being at work. It was getting close to lunchtime so she thought she would crab a bite to eat. She went out and grabbed a quick bite to eat, then the feeling of the tingling in her crotch and the feeling of being really horny was taking over. Jen likes to read erotic stories and surf the net, so she decided to go back to her office early and have some fun time on the computer. When she got back to her office she had noticed the door to her office was open, which was odd because she was sure she had closed it. Jen didn’t think much of it and proceeded to her desk and sat down in her comfy chair and started to log on to her computer.

Just has she been starting to read a hot story on , she thought something was strange. She then heard muffled noises and realized there was some on under her big desk. It was actually more than one, I guess Jen had come back earlier than they thought and she had caught them in the middle of something? Just then someone grabbed her ankle and said, “Don’t move and don’t say anything.” Jen was startled at first but it seemed the mystery and the state that she was in had taking over. She was concerned because although she had shut the door and her office was private, the door was not locked. She continued to read the story and let her self-slip into an erotic state. She could feel some one sliding her shoes off and realized it was a man and a woman under her desk, but who?

She could tell that she had got them in the act and was not going to spoil there fun. Jen was not bi, but woman did turn her on! She was falling into the realms of the story when she could feel someone take her foot and guide it to a destination. She realized it was the groin Bostancı Yabancı Escort area of the male, she could tell from the feel of her foot that he was fairly well endowed and was rock hard. She felt hands all over her legs and up her calves and then she felt her other foot being sucked slowly. It felt good even through her stockings. The other foot she was massaging his manhood and to the point she was fucking him with her foot. Jen was becoming very hot of the thoughts what was going on under desk, but a woman’s voice muffled from under the desk said “please don’t look” Jen decided to obey the command! Her foot was stroking his hard cock and she new it was having some effect by they way he was moaning. The other person was still sucking on Jen’s toes and this was making her wet. She could tell he was enjoying what she was doing he grabbed her foot and started to fuck it hard. She could tell the end was near and she heard him groan and Jen could feel the warmth of his cum on her foot. She had fucked him with her foot.

Jen could feel her big nipples getting hard under silky top and bra. And she slipped her hand under her top and started to rub them. Jen was now starting to get really horny and new she could not ask them to stop even if she wanted to. The next thing she new she could feel hands guiding her feet to a different area. One foot was guided to the woman’s breasts, which Jen could feel were large and firm. The other foot, soaked with his cum was guided to a warm moist are, which Jen knew was the woman’s hot pussy. She was massaging her tits with one foot, which she could tell her nipples were hard like pencil erasers, like the ones one her desk. With the other foot she was rubbing her hot pussy. Jen was getting very aroused with the whole situation, she was massaging her own breasts and her nipples were erect just like small gumdrops. The woman was quickening her pace with Jen’s foot on her moist cunt and new it would not be long for her either. All of a sudden she could hear muffled screams from under her desk and new she was Cumming. Jen continued to fuck her pussy with her foot and was a bit concerned that someone might her the commotion but a this point she did not care. She could feel the contractions of the woman’s pussy against her toes. She had fucked them both with her feet, what was next?

Jen was lying back in her chair rubbing her tits and there was wetness between her legs. Bostancı Yeni Escort The next thing she felt hands rubbing both her feet and legs. They were sliding higher and higher up her legs. They had reached the top of her leg to be her stockings and her carter met and slowly rubbed the inside of Jen’s thigh. Jen was starting to squirm in her chair. She could feel fingers starting to rub her pussy through her panties. There was fingers everywhere, were they hers or his, at this point Jen did not care, all she new it felt damn good! Jen’s nipples were rock hard and she had this tingling in her crotch and she new that there was only one way to get rid of the tingling feeling!

Jen could feel lips and tongues all over her legs and moving up to her crotch. She could feel her panties being pulled aside and fingers starting to explore her hot love tunnel. There were fingers in her pussy on her clit and some starting to explore her asshole area. Jen did not know how much more she could stand of this torture. She felt some ones head nestling in her crotch, she realized by the hair all over her legs, it was the woman. Jen was startled a t first, she had never had a woman eat her pussy before. But after a few seconds, Jen could tell she knew what she was doing, and just laid back and enjoyed one of the best tongue fuck of her life! Jen was at the point of no return she could feel the contractions in her pussy starting there was a couple of fingers inside her hot pussy, one on it way up her ass and this woman eating her pussy. Jen’s juices started to flow and she let out a little scream and said, ” Fuck I am Cumming”. This only seemed to encourage the couple as they fucked her ass and pussy with their fingers and the woman was sucking on Jen’s clit as the juices were flowing out of Jen’s hotbox. Jen could tell she had soaked the woman’s face and the cum was dripping down her crotch and her chair was soaked. Jen was shaking with the orgasm she was having and was hanging on to her chair. She realized her hair was a mess her top open and her tits were hanging out the top of her bra and she was praying no one would come in.

Jen was relaxing in her chair enjoying the after math of the orgasm and thought it was over. Then something came over her like nothing before. She reached into her purse and grabbed her hairbrush; she was whishing she had brought one of her big didos but no such luck. The hairbrush had a fairly Bostancı Masaj Salonu thick rubber handle on it and about eight or nine inches long. She had a devilish grin as she took it her hand and slid it under desk. As soon as it reached under her desk someone grabbed it and said, “We will take care of it”. Jen had just had one of the best orgasms in a long time, but she wanted more. Greedy little slut.

She leaned back in her chair and hiked her skirt up and put a leg over each chair leg and her legs were spread wide apart, she said, “Fuck me please”. With in seconds they were rubbing her wet whole with the hairbrush. With a couple of stokes the whole thing slid inside her moist pussy. Jen imagined it was a fat cock in side of her. She started to thrust her hips towards them and they were holding her legs so she would not tip over backwards in her chair. She was being fucked hard and she started to cum again and there was cum flowing everywhere, down her ass and she felt a finger working some of that cum in her rectum as they were fucking her pussy. Jen was breathing very hard and was trying not to scream like she normally does, she had been known to make dogs howl when she came. Jen felt so full her pussy was stretched with the thickness of the brush and his thick finger up her ass. It felt so good but like all good things everything has to cum to an end!

Jen started to collect her self and straighten her clothing as she looked at her watch and realized she had an executive meeting in 30 minutes. She went to the ladies room to try to look presentable for the meeting. She was fixing her hair and fixing her clothes and realized that her panties were soaked and would feel uncomfortable so she slid them off and stuck them in her purse. She gave her self a wink in the mirror and walked back to her office.

When she got back she had to look under the desk, but there was nobody there?? Had this been an illusion?? She sat in her chair and looked at the computer and the story she was reading was still up on the screen and a little happy face underneath it with the words thanks it was great! Jen knew by the smell of sweet sex in the room and the wetness in her chair and the fire that had been in her pussy, it had not been an illusion!!

Jest then the phone rang a voice said ” Jen it is time for the meeting”. Jen walked into the boardroom and everyone commented on how nice she looked, if they only knew. The whole time she was at the meeting she was wondering who had been under her desk and wondered if they were in the room now. She felt her face blush.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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