Office Visit

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I wore my black shoes to see you at work today.

Yes, you know the ones. The black patent leather Mary Janes with the come fuck me heels.

I wore them with my granny grey pencil skirt and sheer black frilly blouse that you think you can see my bra through. I know it’s not nearly sheer enough for that, although I quite suspect that you do from the way you keep staring at my breasts.

You seem surprised to see me.

I don’t know why.

I told you that I’d do this and here I am. I am going to ignore your discomfort and rest my ass against your desk. These shoes are killing me.

I give you a dirty smile.

You open your mouth to speak.

I silence you with a finger. I don’t want to hear your whys.

You’re staring at me. I like it. A lot. So much so, that I give in to the urge to loosen one pearl button on my delicate blouse. My caramel breasts swell at the brink of revelation, drawing you out.

You seem nervous.

You tell me I look like a slut in the bright red lipstick that I’m wearing today. I agree and punctuate my efforts by hiking up my skirt and opening my legs. I am not wearing panties. I show you my unshaven pussy at the tops of my black lacy stockings.

Reticent, your fingers find my slit, burying their cool tips in my downy folds. The icyness of your touch makes me quiver and seep wetness onto your hand. I ease myself up onto your desk and splay my lips wide open.

I tell you to eat me.

You bahis şirketleri betray the hardness in your pants and ask me if this can wait. I am about to insist that it cannot when the sound of oncoming footsteps forces me into unexpected compromise.

Moments later I am under your desk and out of sight.

I hear voices.

You are talking to your boss.

He doesn’t seem to be leaving anytime soon.

Neither am I.

I take your cock out and start sucking it.

I can hear the tremors in your voice.

Your answers to every question he asks are succinct and strained. Your struggle turns me on. I lick the head of your cock and suck all the juice I can get out of the eye until you are rigid in my hands.

I lick you like a lollipop and graze your balls with my fingertips.

You cough and stutter.

So much so that your boss asks if you’re alright. He notices that you’re flushed and sweating.

I take a ball into my mouth and suck it as you struggle with your answer. My fingers play up and down your shaft.

I hear you say that you are coming down with something.

He suggests a visit to the doctor. I put your cock back in my mouth, tonguing it softly as you voice your agreement.

I listen as he leaves the office, closing the door behind him.

You thrust your hand into my face. I reach for you and you pull me out sharply from under the desk.

Your demeanour has changed completely.

Your cock is bahis firmaları hanging out of your fly, hard, red and angry, glistening with my saliva. You are gripping my wrists so tightly that I wince a little. My wanton grin goes unnoticed.

You want to punish me.

You throw me face down on the desk, pinning my hands behind me in your large fist. You hike up my skirt, knee my legs apart and enter me in one sharp stroke.

I cry out in pleasure and pain as you sear into me, unable to accommodate you so quickly. You pound me with quick rhythmic grunts. You call me a dirty whore and slap my ass.

I moan and whimper unable to find my voice.

My thighs are wet with juice. I wrench a hand free and scramble for my clit in a frenzied attempt to bring myself off.

Moments later, I climax violently; my jerking throws your files to the floor.

You seem not to notice, only fuck me harder.

I am limp.

My open mouth is dry and parched, in stark contrast to my pussy that is still dripping for you. You pin my cramped arms again behind my back and fuck me relentlessly. Your cock feels like black thunder in my slippery spasming hole.

I hear you moan deeply.

You push so hard into me that I tense up and brace myself for the onslaught of your orgasm. I try to squeeze my knees together to shallow your strokes.

You plough right past me.

A flurry of manic thrusts follows as you empty your balls deep inside my pussy. I kaçak bahis siteleri try not to cry out. The intensity of your thrusts forces the breath from my body in noisy guttural grunts. My wrists are tender from your vice grip.

Still embedded within me, you tell me to go now, that you’ll see me at home. You say you need to finish a few things before you leave.

You disengage yourself and I watch you put your cock away. You have a little smirk on your face.

I attempt to wipe away the warm cum that’s oozing from my pussy.

You order me to stop. You tell me that I am going to leave just the way I came in- like the dirty whore that I am. You demand that I pick up your files and straighten the mess I made of your desk before I leave.

I silently oblige.

When I stoop to pick up the files, I notice a large ladder in one stocking. I finger it with a smile as I feel your cum sliding out of me onto the floor. I look down between my legs and see the pearlescent dollops of you pooling there.

I give in to the urge to leave my mark.

I scrawl “I wuz ‘ere” with your cum on the ground in big sprawling letters.

Then, still squatting, I open my knees wide apart, so you can clearly see my puffy clit. I bear down and squeeze what remains inside me onto my waiting fingers.

I look you in the eyes and lick them clean.

I rise, straighten my clothes and make my way to the door on shaky, sticky legs. My ass is still smarting from the vigorous spanking.

At the door, I pause to ask if steak will be fine for dinner.

You nod your agreement.

Then double over laughing.

Giggling, I walk out of your office, well pleased to be your wife.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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