Oh Celia!

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Tyler Smalls made his way to the Pussy Cat with a plan. He had changed so much in the past two years that even he didn’t recognize himself. He’d grown four inches in height (not to mention several in length and girth), put on a bit of weight, and his acne had cleared up. He’d become a fairly good looking, utterly confident young man. There was still evidence of the boy he had been in high school- popmarks, a bit of a hunched posture, and something in the eyes of anger or resentment, but he was confident that not one of the assholes he’d left behind at high school would recognize the man he had become.

High school had been hard on Tyler. His classmates had teased him, boys had bullied him, and girls had ignored him, but one girl, in particular, had outdone all the rest. Celia Grace, the hottest, most popular, meanest mean girl at Bellarmine Prep had made his life a living hell, giving him the nickname “nerdy needle dick,” orchestrating elaborate embarrassments for the boy, chastising him in only the most public settings, and otherwise simply relishing in tormenting the young boy.

So when Tyler walked into the Pussy Cat stripclub, knowing Celia had been dancing there for the past few months (thanks social media), he had a plan of his own- to defile the young hot Celia, make her beg for his big dick, and make her understand what he had become.

Celia was the first thing he saw center stage. Beautiful long dark hair, big shinning Disney princess eyes, fat pouty lips; her face was absolutely gorgeous and yet sinister, a slutty expression that spoke volumes about her adoration of dick. Her body was also incredible- 5’6″ tall, 115 lbs of fit lean tanned soft flesh, unbelievable 38D tits, a perky heart shaped well-rounded ass, and two thin lean legs. Her body said, yeah I work out, but most of this is god given. Despite what a complete cunt she had been to him, Tyler had jerked off about a gazillion times thinking about Celia Grace. The way she moved let everyone at the Pussy Cat know that she knew how to fuck and liked to get fucked- slow smooth gyrations, writhing twisting, thrusting motions. Tyler remembered that in high school she had been a dancer. It was clear that she was making great use of what she had learned.

The stage was littered with cash and men ogling her surrounded her adoringly. She was still clothed in a light translucent red negligee over a very itty bitty bikini. She probably could dance clothed and make more money than any girl in the place, Tyler thought to himself. As she began to strip slowly, Tyler saw her see him for the first time. He knew she would not recognize him, but he also knew that she would notice him. No one looked more like money in the place than Tyler. His suit cost 10,000 dollars, his shoes cost 5,000 dollars and his haircut cost more than any one else in the place’s entire ensemble. He looked like he was made of money because he kind of was. His nerdy techy skills had made him a very rich young man- think hundred millionaire territory.

Tyler could feel himself being targeted by the young slutty beauty on stage, and step one of his plan was complete. He seated himself and watched Celia teasingly flash her unbelievable natural tits, primarily to him before she exited abruptly backstage. Predictably, five minutes later, Celia emerged from behind a billowy partition and walked directly up to Tyler, ignoring about a dozen other patrons who were clearly vying for her attention.

Tyler looked unsurprised and smiled her way as she approached, stopping in front of him.

“Why hello there,” Celia said politely, hands on hips, oozing sexual confidence as she smiled at Tyler.

“Hello,” Tyler replied slyly, lifting an eyebrow and taking a quick drink of bourbon.

“Did you enjoy the show?” Celia asked, pouting her thick lips and lifting an eyebrow in return.

“Quite,” Tyler replied, “I was a little disappointed, however, at its abrupt conclusion.”

“Oh?” Celia remarked a little defensively, “Well, perhaps we can arrange a more intimate sequel. I can do a private dance for you in the back if you’d like.”

“And how much might that be?” Tyler replied nonchalantly.

“It doesn’t look like money should be a concern of yours,” Celia sparred, gesturing at the young man’s ensemble, “Why don’t you suggest a price?” Celia suggested.

“How does a thousand sound?” Tyler replied confidently.

“That sounds about right,” Celia smiled, a little taken aback, lapdancing being typically around 100 dollars. “Follow me,” Celia suggested, grasping Tyler’s hand and walking seductively towards the back room.

Tyler found himself on a small leather couch in a small private room in front of a strip pole and the hottest woman he would ever see, and the meanest girl he had ever hated.

The song started, and Celia began dancing, moving her hips and rubbing her hands across her young beautiful body. Tyler’s dick grew instantly hard in his pants. As the first song concluded, Celia dismounted the strip pole and approached Tyler.

“I guess it’s time for me istanbul escort to start earning that thousand dollars, isn’t it?” She questioned suggestively.

Her large 38D tits were pressed against his face, her tight round ass pressed firmly into his groin. She was beautiful, young- 20- and fit, with dark vague latin, Hawaiian, and Asian features, a beautiful bright smile, blue shining eyes. Her body was incredible big round tits, a tight fit body, and a firm round ass with perfect legs.

“I think it’s only proper to know the name belonging to that hot ass writhing on my dick,” Tyler said. She rolled her eyes. She was used to misogynistic assholes giving her lip, but she knew how to get tips, too.

“Celia,” she said, pressing hard into his iron hard dick that was tenting down his pant leg.

“I’m Tyler. How do you like what you’re feeling?” Tyler asked suggestively.

In truth, Celia couldn’t help but be impressed. His cock felt pretty big, fat and hard in his pants. Her pussy was getting wet as she ground hard into his groin. She never fooled around with patrons of the pussy cat. It was a rule. But…she loved big cocks. This one felt big.

She looked down at his groin. The large bulge tented down his pant leg and unconsciously she mentally measured the length and girth with her gaze.

“Fuck,” She exhaled, muttering the reaction almost imperceptibly to herself.

Tyler laughed. “How about a quick little handjob?” He asked, “C’mon, sweetie. I’ll pay you good money for it. How about 1000 more. You make my dick so hard in these pants, baby. Just take it out, Celia.”

“I don’t know,” She said, continuing her erotic lapdance and pressing her pussy ever firmer into Tyler’s massive erection.

“I have a rule about that,” Celia smiled and bit her lip, her beautiful face clearly expressing her internal conflict.

“Surely you can make an exception,” Tyler laughed pressing his hips upwards to meet hers.

Tyler reached into his pocket and pulled out ten one hundred dollar bills. Almost unconsciously, Celia reached for them, placed the money on the table beside them, and slid from Tyler’s lap slowly to the floor on her knees in front of Tyler. Tyler grinned widely. Celia’s pouty lips parted, her large breasts heaving slightly at the naughty thought of what was about to happen. Her curiosity at the bulge had bested her better judgement.

Tyler looked down at the beautiful young woman about to jerk him off (and probably more), her bright shining eyes, clear tanned skin, bright smile, luscious long dark hair, and eager eroticism fueled by youth. She reached up exhaling deeply, eyes wide, unbuttoned his jeans, and unzipped his pants. Her dainty hand reached inside Tyler’s jeans to find his bare flesh. He had gone commando. She raised an eyebrow at the thought of this patron’s intentions, and her eyes bulged as her dainty fingers encircled a thick hard pipe of flesh. Her hand struggled to grasp the thick piece of meat. She pulled it out of its denim prison, and Celia’s eyes could not betray her most perverted thoughts. A huge, hard, long and fat, veiny piece of meat stood proud and firm towering above Celia’s gaze.

“Oh my god,” Celia muttered her face was an honest expression of awe and lust. She licked her lips unconsciously as she began to stroke the engorged fuckstick up and down with her small manicured hands.

Her large breasts heaved as she positioned herself into a worshipful position, on her knees between Tyler’s now naked thighs, as she gave her full attention to Tyler’s dick. It was truly enormous. A huge bulbous head atop a thick elongated shaft. Impossibly big.

“So…I guess you wouldn’t call this a “nerdy needle dick, would you?”

Suddenly, Celia’s eager hand stopped its ascent up his shaft. Tyler could see the wheels in Celia’s head turning, as her gaze shifted from appraisal of his cock to evaluation of his appearance. She was working to recognize the boy she had once called “nerdy needle dick” in the well-hung stud before her.

“Tyler…Smalls?!” She gasped in an honest expression of shock, “Holy shit…um. I can’t believe your Tyler Smalls. Um…you’ve changed,” She said grasping the root of his mammoth cock firmly and almost imperceptibly flaunting its size.

“Yes…yes I have,” He replied confidently, “I can see you haven’t, Cynthia Grace” He joked, “Still a fucking slut, I see.”

“Fuck you, asshole!” She said, unable to hide her bitchiness.

“Oh, you will fuck me…but what’s more important is that I will fuck you. You’re going to take my big dick in every hole you’ve got. Tonight I’m going to revenge fuck your fucking brains out.”

Imperceptibly, Celia seemed to smile despite her best efforts. Her gaze returned to his massive cock, her lips once again parted as she seemed to wrap her head around what it might be like to fuck such a big dick.

“Tell me what you’re thinking, Celia,” Tyler asked, clearly amused by Celia’s worshipful gaze.

Celia smiled, clearly avcılar escort aghast at the size of Tyler’s dick.

“Um…honestly. All I can think is: ‘Damn, Tyler, that is a big fucking dick.'” Celia spit on her hand and began stroking his dick with two hands, marveling at how much dick still escaped her grasp. Celia began eagerly jerking Tyler’s big meat, her spit soaked hands working in tandem to satisfy the big pole before her. Her lips parted and eyes wide, she clearly was enthralled with Tyler’s prodigious member.

“Do you like that big dick, Celia? Did you ever think you’d be stroking Tyler Small’s dick” Tyler asked, enjoying the beautiful babe jerking his dick.

“Ha…I can honestly say that this is a surpise.” Celia muttered in reply, “I can also honestly say that I love stroking this big, fat fucking dick. Seriously, Tyler you have a fucking monster cock.” She said increasing her speed and pressure, rising up on her knees, and pressing the huge dick between her large bikini clad breasts.

“Take off that top, Celia. Wrap those fat tits around my big dick.”

“Mmmm, you want me to jerk that giant fucking dick off with my big titties?” Celia said as she reached behind her, reluctantly releasing her firm grip on Tyler’s giant fuckstick, to undo her bra and release her large round 38D tits.

Tyler grabbed his enormous pole obscenely at its base and slapped it against one of Celia’s large breasts. Celia smiled.

“Damn that dick is so fucking heavy baby. It’s like a fucking baseball bat. If I had known how fucking hung you were in high school, I would have sucked and fucked you every fucking day, baby.”

Placing both hands on the sides of her large breasts she pressed her titties together wrapping them around Tyler’s overwhelmingly wide cock.

“Fucking dick is almost too fat to titty fuck,” Celia said, almost laughing to herself, and smiling up at Tyler.

“Look at me you young hot slut, look in my eyes. Tell me what you want to do to my dick.”

“Mmm baby I want to fuck this big fat dick so fucking bad. You like feeling my young big tits wrapped around your gigantic fuckpole, daddy? My pussy is getting so fucking wet. I want this giant dick buried inside me, stretching out my young cunt.”

“Why don’t you finger that young cunt and put my dick in your mouth a little bit.”

“Mmm you want me to suck your big dick now?” She asked smiling as she continued to titty fuck Tyler’s big dong. “Mmm your fat cock is so fucking greedy, isn’t it? Defiling my young hot body with this huge cock.”

Celia spit on Tyler’s cock and worked the spit up and down with her hands. Her big hard pink nipples pressed together against Tyler’s naked legs her speed and pressure intensified on his big dick. Slowly she lowered her head not breaking eye contact with Tyler as she licked the bulbous head of his dick.

“Mmmm that’s a big yummy dick, isn’t it. You want me to suck this fucking horse cock for you, make it cum all over my face?”

“No, Celia, I have bigger plans for you. Finger that little cunt of yours and stuff my dick down your throat.”

Grabbing the base of Tyler’s big dick, Celia’s lips parted to make way for Tyler’s bulbous cockhead. She took just the head in and it parted her lips obscenely wide, she encircled the head with her tongue before, looking Tyler in the eye and lowering her mouth back onto his cockhead. Just the head filled her mouth, but undeterred, she continued her way down stuffing a good couple fat inches of Tyler’s dick into her mouth, the big head departing down her throat. So much of Tyler’s dick remained outside of her mouth and yet she was full up of cock. She worked her hand up and down the remaining length while bobbing her head up and down Tyler’s giant dickstick. Meanwhile, her right hand crept down to her now pussy juice-soaked thong. Still eyeing Tyler hungrily while sucking his cock, her finger began to stroke her clit. Two fingers spread her pussy lips. One finger entered her eager cunt. It was soaked…had never been wetter.

“Are you fingering your little pussy, baby? Are you getting it ready to take some dick?”

Celia gasped as she released his big dick from her mouth. She spit an enormous strand of saliva onto the shaft of his cock, and worked it up and down with her hand, getting it shiny and wet with her spit. Her other hand continued to work on her pussy. Her red thong was pulled to the side and she expertly rubbed and fingered her young little shaved pussy.

“My little pussy is so fucking hungry, baby.” She smiled and looked at the cock, mischeviously, “I just hope I can manage this huge fucking cock, baby. My pussy is greedy, but you have so much dick for me, don’t you? Such a fat, giant cock for such a tiny, little fuckhole.”

Tyler loved having his ego stroked. Suddenly he grabbed his cock in his hand at the base, showing her its size.

“Get up and get naked,” He commanded.

“Mmmm, yes sir,” She smiled in reply.

She peeled off her wet thong and removed her stringy little bra şirinevler escort as she writhed and gyrated to the music still playing at the back of the strip club. The room was private, and she knew what she was about to do.

“Look at this dick and tell me what you’re about to do,” Tyler goaded her on.

“Mmm you want to hear me beg for it, baby?”

“If you like…” Tyler joked smirking.

“Mmmm I’ll beg for it. I’ll beg to get fucked by your fat fucking dick. I’ll beg to straddle your enormous cock, lower my little slut pussy onto that big ass dick, bury it in my fucking pussy til I can feel it in my fucking stomach, ride my little tiny fuckhole up and down its freakish length until I scream and cum all over it. Can I please use your fat monster cock to defile my little pussy? Can I please worship your big dick, lick my pussy juice off of it, suck the cum out of it, beat by big tits with it, slap my face with it? I’ll let you do whatever you want to do with my young little body. I’ll let you fuck my face, fuck my virgin ass, bend me over and fuck me senseless. I’ll let you lay down while I do all the work. I’ll let you put that big dick all the way in my pussy ’til I can feel it in my fucking throat.”

“Get on this dick, slut.”

“Fucking dick is soooo fucking huge, daddy!” She said, straddling Tyler’s thighs as he sat in the leather couch.

“Turn around, you little fucking whore.”

“Mmm, you want to see my little young ass bounce up and down on your fat piece of meat?”

“Fuck yeah, get on that dick. I can’t wait to feel your little wet pussy on my dick.”

Celia held his huge dick at the base, staring down at the unbelievably big dick about to enter her, breathing heavily, pouty lips parted, her big tits heaving, legs and pussy spread widely. She rubbed the big head against her pussy lips, parting her petite labia with the girthy mushroom tip.

“Fuck I can’t believe how fucking huge this dick is. It’s so fucking fat! I hope my little pussy can swallow this fat fucking cockhead!” Celia sincerely wondered. As she began to lower her little pussy onto his cockhead, Celia realized that this was truly going to be a challenge, the big cockhead parted her pussy lips and began to enter her pussy.

“Fuck I’ve never had such a fat dick before!” Celia protested, bravely continuing her decent.

Tyler grabbed her thin waist and guided her down his pole.

“Oh my god! Fuuuuuccckkk!” Celia gasped loudly as more and more of Tyler’s dong entered her tight young body.

“Fucking dick is soooo biiiiiigggg!” She yelled out, staring down at the impossibly long remainder of Tyler’s dick she had yet to mount. Already more full than she had ever been in her life a length half again as big seemingly refused to enter her pussy. She was bottomed out.

“Fucking dick is too fucking big for me, daddy! I want to take it all but it’s too much dick…too much fucking dick!” She yelled as she began to rise her small pussy up the girthy length of Tyler’s shaft she had managed on first thrust until only the giant apple sized cockhead remained inside of her.

On her second attempt downwards Tyler grabbed Celia’s waist hard, forcing her downwards onto his enormous dick. She had taken almost all of him, soaking his length in an obscene amount of pussy juice.

“Fuck I’m already cumming on your big fat dick, baby! I fucking love your biiiiiggg diiiiicccckkk!!” She said as she came once again.

Tyler grabbed her big tits and began fucking her ruthlessly from below driving his prodigious log of cock into her belly as she bounced her tiny pussy back onto him.

“Your dick is splitting my little pussy in half!! It’s so fucking huuugggee! My poor little slutty pussy!! I can barely fucking take your big fucking dick!!”

Tyler put his arms behind his head, power posing, he stopped moving entirely.

“I want you to do all the fucking work baby. I want you to do whatever you want to that big dick.”

Celia looked between her legs, watching the huge dick slide in and out of her as she bounced her small round ass up and down, grinding, humping and thrusting her young sex onto the giant slab of meat. It’s size was truly unbelievable, and she hadn’t yet taken all of him inside of her. She gazed in lust and curiousity as about 9 inches of steel hard, wrist thick cock entered and exited her tight young vagina.

“Mmmm, you want me to work my little slutty pussy up and down your monster cock for you? I want to take all of that big dick. Your big dick is a fucking challenge, daddy,” Celia said smiling back over her shoulder at Tyler.

Looking back between her legs she bounced her pussy enthusiastically up and down his cock.

“Big…fat…fucking…dick” She cheered as she continued to bounce rapidly up and down Tyler’s dick.

“So…fucking…huge.” She continued to bounce.

Her hands on Tyler’s chest and feet on either side of his waist, she spread her legs even wider, pressing her young pussy downward, trying to take all of Tyler’s cock.

She threw her head back screaming, “FUUUUUCCCCKK, all that GIANT fucking dick is in my pussy!!” Impossibly she was correct. The big dick was lodged entirely in her pussy, wedged against every part of her insides as she exploded into an orgasm the magnitude of which almost made her pass out. Her firm young ass rested squarely on his balls.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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