Old Flame Ignites Her Lust

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“Darling, I love the stories you make up for me in bed, they really bring me off but I’d also love for you to go out one night and well, have another man. If you brought a guy home that would be even better.”

“It’s not going to happen honey, I promised myself and I promised you that yours was the last new cock I would ever have. After I had been taken by three men in quick succession in my late teens I was worried I was turning into the slut my mother was, so I set myself a limit of nine and no more. You’re number nine so you are the last.”

Disappointed but not surprised I let the matter drop and contented myself with the confessions from past relationships she had been in and with the fiction she had become a mistress of.

The years ticked by. I had reached an age where her tales became a necessary part of our lovemaking, I was reliant on the verbal stimulation of her stories and of course the images they conjured in my mind. She always seemed to orgasm more when her stories were based on the reality of her experiences before she got with me. This was especially the case when she was relating how she had cheated on her fifth boyfriend and how she did things with the guy she was cheating with that she refused her then boyfriend.

So that is where we are now, or rather it is where we were. Three days ago we boarded the Britannia in Southampton for a Med cruise. Yesterday, as we sat in Brodies Bar a dark-skinned guy, slightly older than ourselves, came across and said “Hello Elizabeth.”

Never have I seen my wife colour up so fast or blush so deep a shade of red.

“You remember me then Liz?” said this well built but fit looking stranger in his velvet baritone voice, “I hope so because I have never forgotten you. Is this your husband? I’m Mike” he said offering me his hand to shake. The tone of his voice and the firmness of the handshake were his, probably unconscious, way of showing that he was the alpha male here.

Before I knew what I was doing I said, “Mike? You must be the guy Liz cheated on her boyfriend with years ago.”

Liz shot me a look that I interpreted as “Shut up” and “Why did you say that?”

I shot her one back that I hoped she’d realise meant “You never told me he was black.”

Liz shrugged a “You never asked.”

Mike took hold of Liz’s hand and pulled her to him, closer than was necessary, and kissed her on the cheeks. It didn’t escape my notice that in keeping hold of her hand between their bodies he was effectively rubbing her nipples with the back of his hand. Liz wasn’t making a fuss about it, in fact she had developed a glow about her.

He sat down next to Liz. I may as well have been elsewhere. They virtually ignored me as they caught up, telling each other about their lives since the had last met. Whenever he deigned to include escort bursa me in the conversation he had Liz’s hand in his or he had his hand on her thigh. When he had started touching her leg in was fleeting and near her knee. A drink or two later and he could almost have stroked her crotch with his little finger. He was daring me to say something without actually saying so.

Mike was charming and amusing, though not as amusing as Liz was finding him. At one point she laughed so hard she spilled some of her tequila sunrise on her rather twee blouse and on her calf length skirt. She giggled and said, “I better put these to soak or they might stain.”

She came back from our cabin in a change of clothes or rather a change of style, a low cut top and an above the knee skirt. I reminded Liz that we were due at the theatre to watch the resident comedian.

“Think I’ll stay here darling but if you still want to go I’m sure Mike’ll keep me company.”

I decided to stay with them. My feelings were all over the place. I was, at the same time, hoping she was going to take Mike to our cabin and hoping she wanted me to take her to our cabin instead to get the obvious lust out of her system. I wanted to tell Mike to fuck off but also wanted him to fuck Liz. My cock was as rigid as it had been in years seeing her flirt like she was doing with Mike. Being torn and in turmoil inadequately described my situation.

“Be a love and go get my cardigan from the cabin darling” Liz said through a smile. I did as I was told. When I got back to the bar Liz and Mike were nowhere to be seen. For the next hour I searched the ship to no avail, checking our cabin regularly. I ate alone at our table in the restaurant hoping she would join me. She didn’t.

Midnight came and she finally walks into our cabin and her first words both cut me and excited me, “I’ve done what you wanted all those years ago”. She stepped out of her panties and threw them to me. Wet and sticky, reeking of sex, they evaporated the argument I was about to start with her. She walked over to where I was sitting and lifted her skirt. Mike’s cum was still meandering down her thigh. I traced it up to her gaping cunt, four of my fingers slipped easily into her. Liz sighed, closed her eyes and said “Reclaim me darling, while I tell you all about it. Afterwards I’ll tell you what the rest of the cruise will look like.”

We climbed into bed. I climbed between her legs. She had never felt so wet or so loose. I was barely touching the sides of her cunt but the almost constant erection I’d had since before they had disappeared had left my cock very sensitive. Liz squeezed her pussy muscles once and I added my cum to Mike’s. Liz slid down the bed and licked my flaccid manhood. She looked up at me, smiled and told me she was loving bursa merkez eskort the taste of Mike’s thick, creamy cum coating my cock and added “Am I forgiven?”

“It was Mike’s idea to get rid of you for a few minutes so that he could ask me to go to bed with him. He asked if you’d want to watch. I asked why he thought you might. He said your body language and your reactions to him were classic cuckold signs. I said you probably would but told him I wanted him alone so he took me to his cabin.

Mike asked me if I was sure about what we were going to do. I answered him by undoing the buttons on my blouse. He reached around and unhooked my bra. I shrugged the blouse off and Mike pulled my bra down my arms. Before I knew it my skirt was on the floor and I was stood before him wearing only my panties.

Mike took his shirt off. He took me in his muscular arms. The coarse hair of Mike’s chest did their magic on my nipples as we kissed. His right hand snaked its way into my panties, through my bush and one finger at a time Mike parted my pussy lips and slid them into me.

I didn’t need any foreplay, just being with Mike had made me wet but he took his time with me. I hadn’t realised how much I had missed Mike’s thick cock and the way it stretched me exposing my clit to the roughness of his tightly coiled pubes.

Mike picked me up as though carrying me across the threshold and lay me on the bed. He told me how much he needed me using the profanities he would use in the past to excite the younger me. My panties were soon on the floor. As he was thrusting deep into me he was telling me how much he liked using my cunt, his words darling, because I was so willing to please him and because of how I moved under him. In short, he was telling me that I was a great fuck with a tight cunt.

Now and then Mike would stop thrusting, his cock would twitch in me, it was one such pulse of him manhood that took me over the edge. As soon as he sensed my climax he fucked me hard with all the intensity and vigour I remembered so well. I was still in my plateau phase after coming when his orgasm started. His spurting cum hit the top of my pussy with what felt like and explosion, it triggered another for me. Fucking you darling has made me forget the ecstasies an experienced lover with a rigid cock can trigger.”

I was hard again so Liz stopped teasing me with her tongue. She lay next to me on the bed. She told me to feed her. I didn’t know what she meant. Liz fingered herself then licked the goo off her finger. Again Liz told me to feed her. My middle finger went in deep and was rewarded with a dopple of Mike’s cum. It had to be his, it had far too much substance for it to be mine. Low sperm counts don’t make for thick cream. I dangled my finger over bursa sınırsız escort her open mouth, Mike’s jism oozed slowly from it. Liz’s top lip stopped its fall. Our eyes locked. Liz licked it slowly as it trickled into her mouth. I kept feeding Liz Mike’s cum until it was only her juices coming out on my finger.

Liz was enjoying herself and was finding that she liked to humiliate me, “He’s so much more of a man than you are darling and the contrast in our skin tones really really turns me on. Mike’s cum was the first I had ever tasted way back when I was cheating with him. Compared with your weak stuff his is like nectar.”

That’s the first time Liz ever gave me a reason for not letting me cum in her mouth even though she let most of her previous lovers and in her pretend tales she invariably told me about men shooting down her throat.

“Mike sent you a gift darling. It’s in that bag over there. Be an angel and get it for me.”

I pulled a box of three condoms, medium, from the bag.

“Yes, that’s it. Mike says that’s your ration for the rest of the cruise. I’m moving to his cabin in the morning. He doesn’t want your muck in me when he fucks me but he’ll let you use them, and me, between now and when we disembark. Don’t start! You’ve wanted me to have another man for years, I’m doing this for you but it’s my rules we’re playing by.”

Obviously Mike was making the rules. I don’t like the rules but if I have any hopes of Liz doing anything like this again I have to agree like the cuckold submissive I want to be. Liz asked if I wanted to use one my rations. I suggested she blow me, she told me she would but it would be with me wearing a condom. More in hope than expectation I gestured a handjob. She let me know that if she did it for me I’d have to wear a condom but if I jerked myself it wouldn’t. I was desperate to hear more about the rest of the time she’d spent today with Mike so I said I’d fuck her instead and tore open the wrapper.

“Pardon me wimp, you don’t tell me you want to fuck me, you beg me to allow you to make love to me.”

Not knowing how serious Liz was I entered into the spirit of things, “Please darling, I really need release and I need you to tell me more about what your real man with his big black cock. I am your worthless cuckold husband and I humbly beg you to let me use the first of my ration from Mike”, and with that I rolled the rubber on and climbed between Liz’s thighs.

She put her lips to my ear and in her sluttiest voice whispered “I went down on Mike to lick the last of his cum and to worship his cock as we chatted about how we had pushed our bounderies when I was cheating with him. Mike soon recovered and had me get on my hands and knees on the edge of the bed. I was well lubricated from that first fuck so his dick went in up to the hilt without any resistance…. oh dear darling did that thought make you fill your condom?”

Liz didn’t even moan that I had once again lost my load before she was even getting warmed up, she rolled over and fell asleep. Her mutterings in the night told me she was dreaming of Mike….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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