Old Guy’s Heaven

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The following is a true story that happened not too long ago. Many men my age would love for something like this to happen to them. I will relate the story to the best of my memory.

* * * * *

I am an older guy in my early 60’s, still in good shape, salt and pepper gray hair, 6′ 0″, 200 lbs., and considered distinguished looking with rugged good looks. I have never had much of a problem attracting women, and have always dated younger women, usually 10 to 15 years younger. For some reason, I seem to relate to them a lot better than I do with women my age.

At any rate, I went to the local grocery store one afternoon about a month ago to pick up something to eat for that evening. I’m not much of a shopper but, being single, it’s a necessity for survival. I was standing in front of the meat counter looking to see what I would have for dinner when this female voice said, “Excuse me, but could you help me pick out a good steak.”

I turned around and standing to my right was a young woman who appeared to be in her late twenties or early thirties, about 5’5″, blonde hair, very pretty face, great smile, nice tits, slim waist, and great legs.

I said, “Hi, sure I’ll try to help!” She smiled very big and told me that she would really appreciate my help. Her Dad and Mom were coming for dinner and she wanted to fix them a steak dinner. She looked like the “Girl Next Door!” You know the type?

I asked her what kind of steak she was looking for, but it was obvious that she didn’t have a clue about steaks, so I recommended she get ribeyes. She said, “Ok, show me three good ones!”

Now, I’m thinking, three steaks, hmmm, Mom, Dad, and this sexy girl next door type standing beside me, makes three! Why doesn’t this good looking thing have a date? I really had no ulterior motive other than to wonder why she didn’t have a guy coming to the dinner. Could she be a lesbian?

So, me being the straight forward person that I am simply asked her why she didn’t have a date for the Mom/Dad Dinner? I mean, I just blurted out, “Why does a good looking woman like you not have a date for the special occasion?”

She replied that she wasn’t dating anyone at the present time. She had just broken up with her guy about four months before, and had not started dating yet. I said, “Ok, I understand that!”

I pointed three good steaks out to her and told her good luck with the dinner. As I turned to walk away, I noticed that she picked up a forth steak.

I didn’t think anymore about it until I got to the checkout counter and she was right in front of me in the line. This fantastic looking young woman turned and as she smiled, she said, “I really thank you for helping me. I just want this dinner to go well!” I said, ” I understand, and you are very welcome!”

The line was detained by someone who had an item that wouldn’t ring up, and as we waited for them to get a price check, we started chatting. She was telling me about her boyfriend that she had broken up with. She said that she was tired of staying home while he went out all the time and wouldn’t let her go with him. She didn’t think he was screwing around on her, she just didn’t like the fact that he spent more time with his golf buddy’s than with her.

I asked, “How often does he play golf?” She replied, “Every other day!” I laughed, and she laughed with me. I said, “He doesn’t have to work?” She said, “No, he’s retired!”

Well, here comes my straight forward approach again. I said, “Just how old was your boyfriend?” She said, “He’s 62, he retired early, living on his retirement pension.” I said, “you cant be over 30, and you are dating a guy 32 years older than you?” She laughed and said, “I am 29, and I just like my men to be older!” I laughed and said, “Good thing he won’t küçükçekmece escort be at the dinner, he’s probably older than your Mom and Dad!”

She again laughed and said, “As a matter of fact, he is 7 years older than my Dad, and 11 years older than my Mom!” I said, “How do they feel about you dating men older than them?” Her reply was, “They love it, they look at it like I am getting what I want and they have gained another friend!”

With that, she looked at me and said, “How about you, what are you doing Friday night?” I laughed and showed her my frozen dinner. She laughed and said, “Can you cook a steak?” I told her I was the best! We both laughed.

About that time the line started moving and she was next to be checked out. As she was unloading her basket on the conveyer belt, she turned to me and said, “I will wait outside for you, I want to talk to you!” My heart raced. Why would this beautiful young woman want to talk to me? She finished checking out and walked out without saying another word.

It seemed like it took the checker an hour to scan everything, but she finally finished, I paid and walked out with my groceries in hand.

The beautiful young lady was waiting just outside the door, and when I walked out, her face lit up. She walked toward me and said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t introduce myself, I’m Lynn, and your name is?” I said, “Hi Lynn, my name is Bob.”

She then said, “I was serious about Friday night, do you have plans?” I said, “No, why?” She said, “I like your looks, you seem like a nice guy, and wondered if you would like to have dinner with my folks and I!” I said, “I’m flattered, but I don’t know about that! Maybe we should go have a drink and talk about it!” She responded, “Ok, follow me home and let me put my groceries away, then we can go! You can also put your cold and frozen things in my refrigerator.” I said, “That sounds good to me.”

I followed her to her home, which was an older home in a nice section of town that she was remodeling. I asked her who was doing the work and she replied, “I do the things I can, the other things that I can’t, I hire the work out!” Lynn said, “I don’t do electrical or plumbing, do you?” I replied that I wasn’t an electrician or plumber, but I could do trim carpentry.

Lynn replied that she might call on me sometime when she ran into problems that she couldn’t handle.

We put the groceries away and I said, “Are you ready to go?” She replied, “Let me freshen up a minute and we will leave. Do you know a good place?” I replied that I did.

Lynn returned in a few minutes looking fresh as a daisy, wearing a very sexy, low cut, see through blouse and smelling very good. I asked what perfume that was and she replied that it was “White Diamonds.” I told her how good it smelled on her. She said, “Maybe you should get closer and see how it really smells!”

I’m old, but not stupid! I moved over to her and smelled her neck, then kissed her lightly on her soft neck. She shuddered, then put her arms around my neck, turned my head and kissed me on the lips, slipping her tongue between my lips and into my mouth, probing. I returned the kiss and felt her breathing hard. After a moment, we pulled apart and decided it was time to go have that drink.

As we walked into the bar, several guys were sitting at the bar and turned to watch Lynn walk in. She was hot looking, and I’m sure they thought I was her father or something to that effect!

We found a table in the corner and the waitress came over and took our drink orders. Lynn ordered a margarita and I had my usual Canadian Club and Seven-Up.

I asked her why she found older men more attractive than guys her own age. She told me that she had küçükyalı escort always dated older guys, starting when she was 19 and dating a guy that was 45. Then she told me that the next guy was 50. She had married him, but he had a heart attack and died when he was 54. She was 24 when he died. He had left her pretty well off, and that was how she was able to remodel the old house.

Lynn then said that since that time, she had only dated guys that were at least 25 years older. I said, “Well, you realize I’m 33 years older than you?” She said, “I don’t care if you are 50 years older than me as long as you don’t make a big deal of the age difference. I just happen to like the sophistication of older guys and age to me is just a number, it’s what is in your heart that matters!” She said, ” And besides, you are a very attractive guy and I was immediately drawn to you at the meat counter!” We both laughed about that.

As we talked, I found a woman who was very mature beyond her age and seemed to have both feet planted firmly on the ground, knowing what she wanted and willing to go for it!

I also noticed that as we talked, she would touch my arm or leg for expression, letting it linger a little longer each time. I also noticed that she was paying no attention to the other guys in the bar, giving me her undivided attention. I was in “old guys heaven!”

The more we talked, the more she would touch. She finally said, “I really like you and would like to see more of you!” I again told her how flattered I was and appreciated her interest.

After several drinks, Lynn suggested that we go get something to eat before she got drunk. I agreed and asked her what she would like. She replied, “Why don’t we go to my house and I will see how good you can cook a steak!” I said, “Ok, we can stop and pick up two more and get some condiments to go with the steaks.” She agreed, I paid the tab and we left.

After stopping at the grocery store, we proceeded to her house. Once there, she excused herself to change clothes while I built a fire for the steaks.

When she returned, she had on a pair of shorts with a halter top that showed her fantastic body. The front of the halter top had two pieces of material that barely covered her nipples, and the shorts were the hip hugging type, cut below her navel, and very tight on her firm cheeks.

She said, “How’s the fire coming?” I replied, “Not like I’m about to! That outfit is Hot!” She just laughed, put her arms around my neck, and kissed me. She pressed her body against mine, and I could feel her grind against my cock, which was beginning to be affected by this unbelievable woman.

She pulled away and said, “I will go get everything ready. When you are ready to put the steaks on, just call me and I will bring them out!” I said, “I can come in and get them if you would like!” She replied that she would bring them out with a surprise.

Well, that got my thinker going. Now what kind of surprise could she have for me?

I didn’t have to wait long to find out. The fire was ready to cook, so I stuck my head in the door and called her name. She answered and said that she would be there in a minute. The next thing I knew, she came walking out, carrying the steaks on a tray, topless! I said, “Oh my God, what a nice surprise!” She laughed and said, “Do you like those kind of surprises?” I said, “Hell yes!”

I took the tray, put the steaks on the grill, and set the tray down on the table.

She walked up to me, put her arms around me, and started kissing my neck, then up to my ear. I told her that she had better quit or the steaks would burn, to which she replied, “Let them burn, I want you now!” I couldn’t believe my newfound good maltepe escort fortune!

She dropped her arms and reached for my zipper, slowly unzipping it and releasing my hard cock. She stroked it a couple of times, then knelt down in front and started licking the hard shaft and around the head, finally sliding her lips over the bulb and sucking the whole thing down her throat. I could have cum right there, but I knew that wouldn’t be cool, so I pulled her up and said, “I need to take care of these steaks!” She said, “Ok, but that’s just a preview of later!”

The steaks finally got done, we ate a casual dinner, cleaned up the kitchen, then went to the living area to listen to some music.

Sitting on the couch facing each other, she said, “Do you have a problem with my age now?” I replied that I didn’t, but I had been worried about her when we first met. She said, “I love older men, and I think you are one sexy older man!” I said, “Thanks, and I think you are one beautiful and sexy young lady!”

She turned around and told me to undo the tie to her halter top, which I did immediately. Then she turned to me and slowly let the top slip off her tits and down into her lap. Lynn got up on her knees and slipped her fingers in the sides of her shorts and slid them down, revealing her white see through thong. I could tell she was shaved as soon as she pulled the shorts down. This was one delicious looking woman.

She stood in front of me, sliding the shorts to the floor, then slowly sliding her thong down, leaving her completely naked.

I reached out and touched her beautiful breasts as she started unbuttoning my shirt. Then she unbuckled my belt, unzipped my zipper and released my harder than hard cock. I raised my ass off the couch and she pulled my pants down past my knees, then reached down and took my shoes and socks off, sliding my pants off and letting them fall on the floor.

I sat up and took my shirt off as she lowered her hot mouth over my cock, licking and sucking, leaving an old man in living heaven! As I played with her tits, she was busy giving me the best blow job I had ever had.

I laid down on the couch and told her to turn around so I could taste her juices. Now in the sixty nine position, I was engrossed in eating the sweetest tasting pussy I had ever eaten, in addition to getting the best hummer I had ever had.

This went on until I was about to cum and she said, “I want to feel you in me!” She turned and straddled me on the couch, lowering her hot pussy onto my steel hard cock, slowly letting it slide in between her wet folds.

Now I am not well hung by any means, but you couldn’t have proved that by her actions. She was working out on me like I was that John Holmes dude that had the 18 inch cock.

She bent over and placed her left nipple in my mouth begging me to suck it. I sucked it in my mouth and immediately felt it harden and draw. I flicked the nipple with my tongue, back and forth, sucking a little harder each time. The harder I sucked, the harder she fucked me. God she felt good.

It didn’t take long and both of us were ready to cum. I could tell she was getting close by her breathing and moaning, and with the workout she was giving me, I could cum in a seconds notice.

Now here is one advantage of being old. You can hold it better! I waited until I knew she was cumming, then I let it go. It came in big spurts, draining me of every ounce of strength I had left. My God, what a feeling!

We lay there on the couch, holding each other and trying to catch our breath.

Lynn was the first to speak, saying, “You are wonderful!” I replied that she was better than wonderful.

I said, “I hope this isn’t a one time thing for us!” She replied, “It better not be! I want to see a lot more of you!”

Well, that was a little over a month ago. Lynn and I have seen each other every day since that first night, and we can’t seem to get enough of each other. I did meet her parents at the steak dinner. Her dad and I have started to become friends.

If this ends tomorrow, I am a very fulfilled old man!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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