On the Beach Ch. 12

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The morning sun streaming in through the bedroom balcony doors woke Bill. He had fallen asleep on the sofa while watching television and stirred sometime during the night to crawl into bed. Stretching, he absently rubbed his morning erection and thought of Murphy lying next to him the night before.

“I wonder what happened when she got up there,” he thought while standing over the toilet and waiting for his erection to soften so he could pee.

Starting a pot of drip coffee, Bill took a shower, shaved and brushed his teeth. Slipping on his bathing suit he poured a cup, picked up the box of donuts he had bought the day before and sat at the table on the balcony. It was a little after 8 a.m. but the beach was already active. He noticed that Missy had put out the chairs and the umbrellas and he looked for his but couldn’t exactly remember which one it was.

“I’m sure she’ll know,” he thought and settled back in the plastic chair with his breakfast.

First he heard the slamming of a sliding door bouncing against the frame. Next came the male voice.

“Get your ass back in here!” it demanded. “Everybody will hear us yelling.”

“I’m not yelling, you are!” Murphy’s voice responded. “I told you very calmly to get the fuck out of here before I cut off your prick and feed it to you, you son-of-a-bitch of a little dicked bastard of a whoremongering asshole!”

“Wow!” Bill gasped. “She’s really pissed off. I wonder how long this has been going on.”

“Are you coming?” the male voice demanded or do I have to carry you out over my shoulder?”

“You touch me and I’m calling the police. I’ll bet your so-called friends will enjoy hearing that their General was arrested for domestic abuse. Now get the fuck out of here.”

“How am I supposed to get home?” the male voice had softened to almost a pleading tone. “We brought your car.”

“I don’t give a shit! Call one of your golfing buddies to come and get you or take a bus for all I care but you had better be gone when I get back! I’m going to change my clothes and go for a walk!”

Bill listened but didn’t hear any response from The General so he settled back and bit into a donut. He considered going out on the beach and looking for Murphy but decided not to bother her and he could watch and see her leave the condos from his perch.

“If she wants to talk she’ll find me,” he thought and closed his eyes against the morning sun. “This is the life! Nothing like good donuts and lousy coffee to start the day. Maybe I’ll go down to the beach for a morning swim.”

Draining his coffee up, he stood up and said to himself, “I think I will. Nothing like watching the girls to help a guy enjoy a bachelor vacation.”

Finding the jock strap he had bought the day before, Bill put it on under his bathing suit.

“This’ll help,” he grinned at avrupa yakası escort bayan himself in the mirror. “At least I won’t be embarrassed if I see any good stuff.”

Standing on the balcony, Bill scanned the beach but couldn’t find Murphy. He really didn’t know what he was looking for since he had no idea what she was wearing. Stuffing two beers, his wallet and cell phone into his beach bag he threw a towel over his bare shoulder and took the elevator to the pool deck.

The pool was fairly crowded with mostly young kids having a good time. He zeroed in on one young mother with two little girls, who were probably twins, playing in the shallow end of the pool. Instead of walking out onto the beach, Bill chose a lounge chair next to the pool and near what he figured was their family’s stuff. Settling down behind his sunglasses, Bill watched as the young mother tended to her children.

She was wearing a slightly daring two-piece blue bathing suit that could almost be called a bikini. Her breasts were swelling out over and under her bra cups every time she changed positions while playing with the kids. He couldn’t get a good look below her waist due to the water’s depth but he waited patiently until she decided it was time to get out of the pool.

“H’mmm, no wedding rings,” he noticed when she grasped the railings to walk up the steps out of the pool. “No tan lines on her fingers either,” he thought to himself. “I wonder if they are her kids?”

His eyes locked in on the crotch of her bathing suit bottom as she stood with one foot on the step in the water and the other up on the pool deck. He tilted his head down for a better look and watched when she twisted to guide the two little girls up the steps. She was saying something but he wasn’t listening to her words, he was staring at her pubic hair visible on both sides of the narrow crotch. She obviously did not trim her bush and it was out there for all the world to see and to enjoy.

She ushered the kids to the lounge chair next to his and sat down on the side of the chair facing him. She talked to the girls while she dried them off and instructed them to lay down on the chair next to her and rest for a while. The whole time she was twisting and turning, Bill continued to watch and eventually he got a glimpse of one of her pussy lips when she twisted around to fold a towel to use for a headrest.

Bill felt his erection cramped inside of his jock strap and was thankful that he wore it even though it was mildly uncomfortable. Turning back around to face Bill she glanced at him but she could not see his eyes behind his glasses. Using the same towel that she used on the kids, she dried the droplets of water off of her shoulders and patted her chest and belly with it. Looking down at herself, she realized bahçeşehir escort bayan that she was exposed and once again looking at Bill to see if he was watching, she slid her fingers inside the leg band of her suit and pulled it out to adjust it to cover herself.

Bill’s erection went from mildly painful to “it’s going to break in half painful” in the space of a few seconds. He looked down and the bulge was apparent even with the jock holding him in but he couldn’t move because he was afraid that she would know that he was peeping at her so he lay quietly and waited for her to look away so he could adjust himself.

A shadow crossed his face and he looked up to see Murphy standing next to his chair.

She leaned down and said quietly, “Still a pervert, huh? Move over!”

Bill shifted to his side and moved to the edge of the lounge so Murphy could sit next to him. She was wearing a white, sleeveless blouse and white short, shorts. Her butt pressed against Bill’s bulge when she sat and she looked at him and frowned.

“You never miss a chance, do you?” she giggled.

Leaning over she pecked him on the lips and then sat up looking down at him. He couldn’t see her eyes behind the glasses but he could tell that she had been crying. Bill reached over and took her hand in his.

“Is he gone?” he asked quietly.

“I hope so,” she responded and gripped his hand. “I told him to leave immediately.”

“I know! I heard you,” Bill responded and smiled. “Don’t’ forget I live right below you.”

“Were we that loud,” Murphy gasped and held her hand to her face. “Did the whole world hear us?”

“I don’t’ think so. I could hear you but I was concentrating on listening after I recognized your voice. What are you worried about? No one knows you around here.”

“You’re right. I’m just a mess with everything that’s happening.”

“You don’t look like you were walking on beach. Where were you, on Main Street?”

“No, I just sat in my truck and cried,” she said and sniffled. “I think I’m all cried out now.”

“Let’s move somewhere else where we can talk,” he suggested.

Bill gathered his things and they walked out to the beach and found their chairs and umbrellas. Murphy unbuttoned her blouse and revealed that she was wearing a two-piece bathing suit under her clothes with a black and white patterned bra that accentuated her cleavage. She wiggled out of her shorts and showed a matching bottom that displayed her thighs up to her hips where a narrow belt held the front and back together almost like a diaper. The crotch of the suit was white and Bill fixated on trying to see through it.

“What are you staring at?” she scolded. “You’ve already seen everything on me there is to see!”

“It was dark up bakırköy escort bayan there and I want to check and make sure I didn’t leave any bruises on you,” he laughed.

Murphy sat in the empty chair under Bill’s umbrella, grasped his hand and held it to her cheek.

“No bruises on the outside but I’m concerned about the inside, I’m still a little sore down there.”

“I’m glad I made an impression on you, or should I say in you,” he laughed and squeezed her hand. “Seriously, what are you going to do?”

“I’m going to stay here the rest of the week and see what happens. I think he will leave if he hasn’t already.”

Twisting around in her chair, Murphy looked up at the condo building behind them. Her head bobbed as she mentally clocked off the floors to find the right one.

Turning back around she settled back and said, “I don’t see any movement up there. Maybe he is already gone.”

“Do you want to go back up and check? I’ll go with you.”

“OK, but let’s get wet first. Last one in is a virgin,” she yelled and raced off to the water.

Bill stood and shrugged his shoulders to the amusement of those around him who had heard her call. “I guess she means me,” he said and took off after her.

The water was warm and it didn’t take long for Bill to reach Murphy standing neck deep in the water and bouncing up and down with the swells.

“I’m a born again virgin,” Bill laughed when he caught up to her and stood facing her. “I need some sex lessons. Are you up to the task?”

“Maybe yes, maybe no, but you sure are,” Murphy replied and grabbed his crotch. “You must be wearing your supporter. Since when did you become modest?”

“Since that little kid saw me with a hard on,” he laughed. “She’ll be traumatized for life.”

“Don’t brag on yourself,” Murphy replied still holding on to him. “But, I must say God was good to you.”

“You keep squeezing like that and I’m going to need God to grow me a new one,” he laughed and grabbed both her breasts.

Murphy let go of Bill’s crotch and wrapped her arms around him. She pulled herself to him and kissed him hard on the lips.

“You make me feel young again,” she said over the sounds of the waves. “I haven’t felt this way since I was in college and in love for the first time.”

Bill let go of her breasts and cupped her ass cheeks in both hands.

“You feel young to me. Whoops! I think I feel some cellulite,” he laughed and squeezed her cheeks in both hands. “Oh, by the way you left your jewelry and wedding rings on my coffee table.

Murphy held up her hand and looked at the untanned strip of skin around her finger.

“So I did. I didn’t even notice that this morning.”

Bill pulled her hand to his lips and kissed her naked ring finger.

“You are much sexier without them,” he observed.

Murphy kissed him again and said, “I’m going to go and see if The General has left. I’ll call you and let you know. See you upstairs.”

Turning, she let the waves carry her into shore. Bill watched and then followed her up the beach and into the condo building. He held back in fear that her husband was still there and that he would see them together and give her even more grief.

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