On the TanZam Train to Dar

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“Be realistic, Sam! She will never come back. She is gone for good!” I had not expected such cutting words as those. I had been telling Miriam of the recent death of my sweetheart Becks, after she had found me brooding, and staring out of the window. I thought she was being heartless and unsympathetic.

It was approaching 1am. We were drinking in the restaurant car of the TanZam train from Kapiri Mposhi near Lusaka to Dar-es-Salaam. I had been in primary school when the Chinese built this railway, but the adults around me, from teachers to parents and their friends spoke of the project disparagingly. “Communists should have no place in African society. Why is Nyerere (Tanzania’s president) being cosy with them?” They seemed to fear that the communists would soon invade Kenya, if things went on the way they were. At the time I did not know what was so terrible about communists, but it was very clear that it was a very bad system. They even forbade churches from worshipping!

But now riding on the ‘communist railway’, I had only praise for how it ran, in contrast with that in my own country just over the border, which had formed the backbone of the Kenya-Uganda Railway, later East African Railways. For one thing, it had started on time in the afternoon and had been running on schedule since. For another, it lacked the side-to-side swaying of that other, even though it was a fact that this one was built 60 years after EAR. In fact Tanzania had two railway systems, one of which was part of the old East African Railways. That part was metre-gauge, and had fallen into disuse in Tanzania.


I was actually on my way back home, a home which had become unbearable for me when Becks died suddenly in a freak accident in the parking lot of the University where she was finishing her course for an MBA. As soon as school closed (where I worked as the IT manager) I felt the city in which we had enjoyed so much together would only serve to remind me that we would have had all the time together during the holidays, as she herself would have been done with her final exams. So I had gone on an ‘impossible’ trip, which had taken me through Mombasa, south to Dar-es-Salaam, and thence to Lusaka even farther to the south a journey of almost 2,500 km.

I had resolved, like the Masai to whom we had family connections, not to go back the way I had come. I sought out the offices of the TanZam Railways as soon as I had landed in Lusaka. I had found to my consternation that TanZam only got as far as Kapiri Mposhi, nearly two hours by road from Lusaka. After a short stay in Lusaka during which I made friends, on the Tuesday I had taken the minibus from that city to Kapiri. On the way a woman in the seat behind me seemed to be scolding the crew (I did not understand the language) that they were going too slow than usual and she risked missing the train.

By a coincidence I had to share the taxi from where the bus dropped us into the station with her. She became another new friend I had made on this ‘mad’ trip. On the train she was billeted with two British tourist girls who were uncommunicative, while I had two Congolese men who were going to Morogoro, nearly the end of the journey. We expected to arrive on the afternoon of the day after next, 40 hours later. I went to sit with Miriam, who told me she was in business, and was going to fetch items of clothing from Dar to sell in Lusaka. At other times she went to South Africa and others to Dubai. It is strange how travellers can find themselves baring their inner selves and this is what we did. I told her of my recent loss. In return she told me of her abusive partner who constantly beat her up. He would come istanbul escort to her house on his motorcycle drunk. They had been separated for some time yet she still loved him. Shortly before, he had been found stabbed in the stomach by some friends of his, probably in a drunken fit. The time he spent in hospital had served to bring he and Miriam closer together again. I could not help telling her how happy I was for them, although she harboured doubts as to whether he would resume his beating of her once he was discharged from hospital. Zambian society did not yet have mechanisms to deal with battered wives; the habit had been long ingrained in African men and was not really viewed as wrong.


At Morogoro, where we arrived at 1:30 pm on the Thursday, I was left alone in my compartment and Miriam could leave her companions to their peace and sit with me for the remainder of the journey. She leaned forward eagerly as we talked, and lay her hand on mine at times. We felt a strong pull towards each other in the four hours that we spent together in that compartment. On arrival at Dar, having determined to make my return trip as different as possible from my coming one, I wanted to find a boat from there to Lamu, some 80km north of Mombasa. We found the offices closed for the day, and Miriam, being more of a regular, told me she could show me to a ‘guesthouse’ as they were called in Tanzania. So we checked into Sea Breeze Hostel and then went in search of something to eat.

On our return, I invited her over to my room, number 202, after she had finished her ablutions. She looked at me doubtfully as she went down the corridor to number 206.

Forty-five minutes later, I called her room. “I am done, Miriam! Are you?”

“Almost. But why do you want me there? We’ll be all alone!”

I played dumb. “What is the problem with that?”

“You think I am a silly schoolgirl?” she countered. “You have been on the journey from Kenya, and before that you had been missing your Becks for a month or more. Is there any accounting for the hunger for a woman you have?”

“You are also as hot as coal. How long has your fiancee been in hospital with such a lifethreatening injury?” If she came, it was now out in the open.

“Are you accusing me of seducing you, Sam?” Gosh, women could be so contrary!

I decided to change tack. “I am going for a drink in the bar downstairs. Join me in ten minutes.” I held the earpiece away from my ear expecting a flood of words. Instead, all I got was a sigh, then a click as she replaced the receiver onto its cradle.

I took five minutes, then sauntered down the corridor to the stairs and downstairs at a very leisurely pace. Barely had I placed my order for a Smirnoff Ice Black, than who should walk in but Miriam! She was dressed in a loose flowing robe of many colours in wobbly upright stripes, but whose dominant colour was a deep yellow. She came towards me with a hesitation in her step as if there was another’s hand propelling her forward.

“Hi, Lord high and mighty!” she said, but with a smile.

I held her hands, looked right into her eyes and returned, “Hi Gorgeous!”

She stared hard at me then her shoulders slumped. “You must have drugged me in that train compartment. I really should not have obeyed your high-handed summons to come down. Good sense dictates that I should rest from that marathon train journey.”

“Please sit down.” We did. Summoning the waiter, I asked what she would have.

“A soda.”

“Which one madam?” asked the waiter solicitously.

“Only?” I asked her with a doubtful look.

“OK, avcılar escort maybe Smirnoff Ice, then.”

“Black.” I finished for her.

I could hardly keep my hands off her, and I picked up on her posture, too. Her shoulders were turned towards me, and her hands kept touching me. She also kept straightening her hair, patting it down as if she wished to be touched.

She was slightly agitated throughout our drink and when I offered her a second one she politely refused. I offered to escort her up instead. I knew I could hold her hand as we went towards the lift; in fact I held her waist and felt a small movement as if she wanted to pull away. She did not however. In the lift she stood close to me and I took liberties with her waist and sides. She lay her head against my shoulder.

When we exited at our floor, she said quite unexpectedly, “Please escort me to my room. I need to fetch my shawl.” She opened the door and I followed her in. She dug in the closet and came out with her bag, extracting the said garment. Having returned everything to its place she said, “Let’s go now. Lead on.”

I pulled her close and kissed her right in the mouth. Her palm lay on my chest, exerting a faint pressure but her mouth gave back as good as it got. We played ‘tongue-minton’ for a moment more then broke the embrace.

In my room, we resumed on the next set of our game. She was so eager this time that it was as if she wanted to win the whole match! In no time we fell upon the bed and I sought out her boobs. Gosh, she had omitted to wear her bra! Try as I might I could not hold myself back from wanting to feel them with my lips. When my mouth arrived there, her legs stiffened and she let out a plaintive wail.

“Oooh, Sam!” but her hand came to the side of my head, rubbing close to the ear. Then she stuck one finger into the ear. She ‘fingerfucked’ my ear while I hovered over her titflesh under her yellow top. The nipples stood up in the fashion of the Queen’s Guards at the Trooping of the Colour. I parted my teeth and brought them together lightly on one nipple. Another loud wail sliced through the air. I bit it with my lips covering the teeth, letting them slide off at the tip and back again. Her legs were thrashing all over uncontrollably.

Then I lifted her body slightly to unzip the back of her dress. I drew it over the shoulders to expose her chest, lifting my mouth briefly from its meal to let the material pass. Her skin was lightly freckled, and the tits were of a medium size, now squashed by gravity against her ribcage so that they looked like somewhat flattened melons. I went back to sucking the tits. As soon as she felt the warmth of my mouth on her skin, she grabbed my head in both hands and her head was thrashing from side to side.

My hand went exploring on her tummy, escorting the silky material along as I went. She had very little extra here, which stimulated me greatly. But I went further afield to encounter her pubis. Her panty was heavily ribbed, but I could still feel the fullness of her mound. I squeezed it in my palm causing her to emit another wail, making her sound like the sufferer of some disease. She was delirious with lust at this point. Even had the police barged in and ordered us to stop, I doubt she would have been able to obey. Neither would I, if truth be told.

The panty’s elastic extended from the body, joining the dress on its southward journey off her body. She was completely naked before me. I took a few ticks of the clock to divest myself of my own clothing of which I had but two pieces (underwear came off with my shorts so it does not count). I abandoned the tits to pay homage şirinevler escort to her cunt. She spread her legs most willingly as I approached and let lips meet lips. This time I heard a deep-throated groan.

I let the tongue out, rewarding her with a long lick all the way down to the crack of her ass and up again. Her scent was so delicious to my nostrils. Canting my head sideways, I let the tongue dig into her slit, finding her flowing with love juices. Her hips had joined the dance of the legs, and most probably the head was still lolling on the bed in her delirium. I parted her legs further and attacked her cunt with zeal. It did not cost me more than a few minutes’ labour to bring her off. She exploded into a wild dance, accompanied by a series of incoherent cries sounding like a cry for mercy, as if I had caused her irreparable damage. More juices filled her cunt, but I did not let them linger for long. I sucked them all into my mouth.

I let my mouth make sounds like an infant suckling at her mother’s breast without making any other movement. This kept her excitement up, so that she descended only a little before being taken sky-high again when I resumed my licking. This time I toured her clit, which sent her to pieces all over the bed in helpless abandon.

Language was restored to her briefly. “Please give me that cock, Sam! I am dying for it!” You can be sure I wasted not a moment in obeying such a sweet order. Lining up my cockhead to her delicious cunt, I nudged myself in gently but firmly. In two strokes flat I had parked the whole organ in its snug sheath. We stopped momentarily to enjoy that pleasant junction. We looked into each other’s eyes, and it seemed like sparks flew from one to the other. She was the first to make movement which I then reciprocated, and a right royal fuck was under way!

I was so near to the precipice that when she stiffened like a corpse under me with one of her wails, I tumbled into the chasm myself. Slower movements of my cock in her channel allowed us to take full enjoyment of that joint orgasm but my cock was flagging, in the fine tradition of cocks all over the world!

“Let us share the joint juices, love!” I said when we had cooled sufficiently.

“How?” she sounded genuinely puzzled.

“Like birds. You will be the chick.”

“You are crazz…” Before she had completed her phrase my mouth was already at her cunt. Two licks and I slid my body along hers to bring my loaded mouth to hers. Kissing her deeply, I let those juices stream into her mouth. Then another lightning visit to the south to collect some more nectar and deliver it to my ‘chick’. I left her tittering to go for another load. I lingered there on this trip, but that had the effect of exciting her more so that more juices flowed out of her pussy. My trip north carried more to the waiting ‘chick’ in the nest.

“Yes, for sure you are crazy! And I am crazy for you, too!”

“I think you are ready for another climax,” I said before plunging myself back between her legs. Quick laps of my tongue brought her right to the edge. When I sucked her clit into my mouth she was helpless to stop herself coming in a wild dance and incoherent song.

I came to in the darkness with the sweet sensation of a mouth on my cock. I turned to lie face up to give her freer rein. She sucked it all while massaging the stem. I bunched the sheets in my palms in the intensity of emotions roaring through my whole body. It took mere minutes to bring me to the boil.

“Stop, stop!” I suddenly cried. I wanted the cock to cough its authority inside her pussy. I turned us over so that I was on top with the cockhead nudging her entrance. She shifted skillfully to let me slip into harbour smoothly. She bucked her hips in urgent need. Both of us were on the brink. Then I exploded in her depths, bringing her with me.

“Miriii-iiam!” I yelled, my head thrown back as I pumped her womb with live seed.

“Saa-am!” came her fervent reply.

We collapsed into a satisfied slumber.

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