One Night Stand?

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Helen Parr

I had wanted to wear my boots for so long, just waiting for an excuse to pull them out. Tonight’s charity event was exactly what I needed.

I decided the event was too formal for my short skirt/ thigh-high boot combo, and instead went for a more sedate knee-length black skirt, mid-shin boots, and a dark green vee-neck top. I left my hair down and topped the look off with silver jewelry and minimal make-up.

The drive was long, slow and hot, leaving me time to ponder the evening, think about how I wanted it to go. While stuck in traffic I decided to make a change to my outfit, removing my black panties and leaving them in the car. My skirt was long enough that there was no risk of exposure, but the hidden knowledge was enough to start my juices flowing.

The parking lot was full, but a flirty smile with security was enough to get me through the gates into a reserved space. (After all, being a woman does have its’ advantages.)

I spent the evening mingling with the well-to-do’s, tired of repeating the same inane small talk. I could feel your eyes on me as I moved between the bodies, stopping to chat with those I knew. I sensed you near the edge of the group and flashed you a look.

You were surprised to have been caught staring and quickly cast your eyes down, a response I very much approved of. I am a dominant woman by nature, and felt ever more powerful in my present state of dress. I flashed you another look, throwing in a small smile for good measure, before moving on to another section.

The rest of the evening was more of the same, flirting from a distance, going about our business. Meanwhile my panty-less pussy was getting hotter and wetter by the minute. After about an hour of dancing around each other I felt as though I had put in enough of an appearance at the event to move on and start making plans for the rest of the evening.

Let the teasing begin! When I knew you were watching I would lick or bite my lips, stroke my hair, touch my chest, batting my eye lashes even. Whatever I could do bahis siteleri to keep your attention and make you squirm.

I was sitting on a bar stool, waiting on my drink when you decided to make your move. “Hi, I’m Jeff,” you said, sticking out your hand to shake.

I looked at you for a moment, sizing you up, before deciding to take your hand, not in a handshake, but sideways, pulling it toward myself. I smiled at your confusion, “Hi Jeff.”

I stroked your hand, looking you deep in the eyes, biting my lip, deciding. “Have you eaten?” I asked, still holding your hand.

“Uh, yeah, I ate here.”

Still looking you in the eyes I brought your hand down, touching my bare knee. You gasped in surprise, but continued looking into my eyes as I slid your hand upward under my skirt. I smiled as your hand began to travel on its’ own accord, stopping at my upper thighs.

“Care for some dessert?” I queried and spread my legs slightly until your fingers found my bare pussy lips. Now it was my turn to gasp as you gently stroked my outer pussy lips, freshly shaven and damp with my excitement.

It was payback time now as you teased me, causing my breath to tremble and my legs to turn to jelly. I closed my eyes for a moment, enjoying the wonderful feeling your fingers were creating. But I wanted more.

I pulled your hand out from beneath my skirt, bringing it up to my face. I breathed deeply, inhaling the lovely sex smell, before putting two of your fingers into my mouth. I sucked my juices off your fingers, enjoying the taste of sex, watching your face as you stared at my mouth. I slowly slid them out from between my lips, but didn’t release your hand.

Standing up, I lead you around the side of the outdoor venue. I leaned against a wall and pulled you fully against me. We kissed deeply, wetly, our tongues fighting for dominance. Your hands were on my body, traveling between my chest, hips and ass before grabbing hold of my hair and tilting my head back.

Your mouth kissed along my jaw to my ear and down canlı bahis siteleri my neck. I twisted my fingers in your hair, nearly panting with excitement. “I want you to go down on me,” I moaned. “Eat me, right here.”

You hesitated only long enough to look into my eyes before dropping to your knees down by my lovely boots and lifting my skirt. I gasped as your warm tongue licked along my pussy lips, now dripping with wetness. I lifted one leg and put it over your shoulder, leaning further into the wall behind me. Your tongue probed deeply, no longer just teasing.

Each time you brushed against my clit I would moan aloud, unable to contain it. My legs were shaking; I was so excited by your skillful mouth. I curled my fingers in your hair again, moaning, “Oh, don’t stop, I’m gonna cum!”

You pushed first one finger, then a second into my pussy, your tongue centered on my clit. You finger fucked me a few times before pulling them out of my pussy and quickly shoving them in my ass. That did it, even with a hand in my mouth I couldn’t muffle my delight as I came, and came and came. You never stopped lapping it up, which just prolonged my intense orgasm. I shuddered several times, unable to release my hand in your hair or relax my legs around your head for a few moments. You continued licking and slurping at my pussy without complaint.

Once my breathing slowed and I felt I could support my own weight I leaned back, removing my leg from your shoulder. You sat back on your feet, licking your lips and looking at me, pleased with yourself. I grabbed your shirt in my fist, and you quickly stood up. I licked your chin, tasting myself on your face, and again we kissed, exchanging my juices between our mouths.

It took another few moments before I felt like I could think straight, but once I could I knew exactly what I wanted from you next. Smiling, now incredibly relaxed, I led you toward the parking lot. I found a dark, secluded corner and dropped to my knees.

You watched as I undid your fly and pulled out canlı bahis your fat, hard cock. I leaned in and licked your cock head, inhaling your musky scent. I licked your from base to tip, before sucking you into my mouth, sliding down from tip to base. I pumped up and down a few times before releasing your cock to nibble and suck your balls. They were heavy with cum and just begging for a tonguing.

I licked my way back up the length of your hard cock, sliding my tongue rings fully along the sensitive underside, looking up at you from under my eyelashes. I wrapped my lips around the head, pumping up and down a few times, watching your eyes grow heavy with lust.

As much as I love the taste of cock, I was still in need of more. I slurped on your cock a little more before taking it in my hand to stroke as I stood up. “I want you to fuck me,” I moaned, turning my back to you, feeling your hard cock against my ass. Your hands went down to my hips instantly, grinding yourself against me.

I leaned over the hood of a car and raised the back of my skirt, inviting you. You moaned into my hair, sliding your cock up and down my pussy lips. With one hard thrust your cock was buried in me and I moaned loudly, no longer trying to stifle myself.

You fucked me hard and deep, one hand on my hips, the other under my shirt, squeezing my tits through my bra. I was moaning loudly now, pushing my hips back to meet each of your thrusts. You were pinching my nipples, driving me wild. I love the feel of your hard dick thrusting in and out of my body, in and out, in and out.

You reached up and twisted your fist in my hair, tugging back firmly. A few more hard thrusts from your hips I and was in orbit, gushing all over your hard cock. I could feel my pussy spasm around your cock, feel you thrust against me and then I felt your own juices erupt as you pulled back harder on my hair.

We both collapsed onto the car, panting, when voices began to draw close. We quickly straightened ourselves, adjusting our clothing and stood back innocently as several people passed by.

I gave you a quick kiss on the lips before turning to leave, giving you a wink over my shoulder. “It was a pleasure meeting you, Jeff.”

You smiled back knowingly. “See you at home?”

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