Online Emails Lead to Hot Sex

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Big Tits

Recently I met a thoroughly intoxicating woman on an online dating site, and had shared some wonderfully erotic emails with her. The subject matter of these being tentative at first, but rapidly transforming into hot and steamy descriptions of what we were going to do to each other should we meet, with me trying with every ounce of some long forgotten skills to draw her deeper and deeper into a shared fantasy.

After about a week the online heat had become so intense that we arranged a day to meet. Once this date was set, I was forced to pass five agonising nights waiting for the day to come. Each night, the fantasies of what was about to occur becoming more and more vivid, making the concept of sleep harder and harder to grasp.

Wednesday, the appointed day drew bright and clear and I fairly leaped into my car for a three hour journey to have dinner, and possibly more with this mystery woman I felt I already intimately knew.

Arriving at the restaurant early, I mentally prepared myself for both the best and worst scenarios. Then, at exactly the appointed time, I caught a glimpse of her out of the corner of my eye reaching the door and she entered, making straight for where I was standing.

My brain hastily took in every curve of her petite body, man what a body, and searched for any indication on her face that she didn’t like what she saw, and was about to make a hasty retreat. All the while my heartbeat kicked into overdrive as the lust of the previous two weeks came back in a rush. She smiled and kissed me.

My God, I wanted to tell her to forget dinner and take her back to the hotel and lose myself in her there and then, but this was her party and I guess you have to give someone the opportunity to back out gracefully.

Dinner was full of conversation about family, kids and remembered snippets of the hot and steamy emails, seemingly elevating the temperature in the restaurant to uncomfortable halkalı escort levels.

Nearing the end of dinner I said, “Well, you haven’t run screaming yet, so I guess I should take this as a good sign that the night is only just beginning?”

With a wicked smile and a voice like honey she said, “Oh yes, you are definitely going to get fucked tonight. In fact you should already be exhausted, because I have fucked you so many times already today in my mind.”

We exited my car at the hotel and waited while a couple of older ladies entered the elevator ahead of us. I didn’t want to be in there with them so held off. Christ, I was almost throwing myself at her before we got to the elevator doors.

Once inside the room we took off out coats and went to the sofa.

She immediately straddled me, leant over and said, “Isn’t this where we started?” She was referring to the beginning of my email fantasy days earlier of her straddling me and removing her clothes.

We kissed hard and she stood and removed all her clothes except for her sexy black lingerie and then resumed her position. I kissed her lips and neck while my hands slid all over this new and beautiful body, helping her to remove my clothes.

Her breasts where small an erect, I took her nipple into my mouth and gently sucked on it while the end of my tongue circled its extremities. She gave a soft moan of pleasure. My hands and mouth were getting feverish as my senses were overloaded with her smell, her warmth and her eyes on me.

“My God you are so sexy,” I managed to murmur as she gave me another wicked smile.

I stood and picked her completely up, turning around and gently lowering her on her back to the sofa. I kissed my way down her stomach, around her lower legs and inner thighs before pulling aside her panties to reveal the most beautiful pussy I had taksim escort ever seen.

“I told you it was a porn-star pussy,” she smiled.

I pulled her panties off and teased the end of my tongue over her pussy lips. She tasted so good. I couldn’t get enough and clamped my mouth over it with the full length of my tongue pushing her pussy lips apart, while her hand pushed the top of my head harder into her.

After a few minutes we stood and moved to the bed. She peeled my boxer shorts over my erection and laid me down on my back. She took my cock in her hand and traced her tongue up the shaft. I took a sharp intake of breath as her mouth closed around the head of my cock and she started sucking up and down its length.

Looking up at me she stopped and said, “Now that was the look on your face I was looking for”.

I had her straddle my face with her leaning over the headboard of the bed and started eating her pussy with all the skill I possessed. I inserted first one finger inside her, while I was concentrating the tip of my tongue all over her clit.

She start to moan and sway, I inserted two fingers inside her overheating pussy and finger fucked her faster and faster, her hips and pussy starting to quiver more and more as she reached her orgasm. Her orgasm peaked and she slumped over onto her back on the bed with me trying desperately to maintain the suction on her now over sensitive clit.

Once she had recovered I moved over her and she guided my rigid cock into her. Oh, she was so hot and wet and such a perfect fit. I pushed in slow strokes getting used to the feel of this sexy, amazing woman. She rolled me over onto my back and rode me while asking what my favourite position was.

“You’re in it,” I said. “I just love the woman on top!”

She replied, “Yeah I like it too, but I am really lazy, and don’t like to do all the work.”

That şişli escort was all the prompting I needed and I picked her clean up again and stood her up, my cock sliding out of her. Looking around I saw a large cushioned chair and carried her over and lent her forward over it.

I opened her legs and entered her from behind. This position allowing me to really start pumping in and out of that beautiful pussy, I became mesmerised by the cross tattoo at the small of her back, that and the rhythmic motion of my fucking creating a non-reality moment.

I thought, “Oh my God. Is this really happening?”

Our dual moans were becoming more urgent. I flipped us back on the bed with me on top of her. I started pushing in and out of her faster and faster, the friction of her pussy against my cock bringing me closer and closer. My balls were roiling with the need for release.

At the last moment I pulled out of her, my cum sprayed over her stomach and into her sweetly pierced belly button. I collapsed on top of her, my warm seed smearing together between us, both of us breathing hard. Once I came to my senses we kissed passionately and moved apart.

We spent the next short while in bed kissing, caressing and further exploring each other’s forms as semi strangers will, with me amazed at the events that had led to me being there at that moment, in the arms of an incredibly sexy, passionate woman.

The second fuck was slow and sensual, with me alternately trapping her hands and arms above her head or madly kissing her, my fingers tangled in her long hair. We stayed like that until my body couldn’t possibly respond in the required fashion and I was totally, physically spent.

After a couple of hours she decided that she needed to get home for her ‘beauty sleep’ so we got dressed and started the drawn out dance of parting. We often stopped talking to kiss and ramp up that heat which had so marked us throughout the night.

When we reached where she had left her car we looked at each other.

“I want to fuck you again,” she said, all the while smiling that wicked smile.

“That is more than fine with me,” I said.

She hopped out of the car and left.

Damned if I won’t move heaven and earth to make sure that promise is fulfilled!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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