Only a Dream

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*DISCLAIMER: All characters in this story are above 18 years of age.*


She woke up covered in sweat and utterly unsatisfied, as was becoming the norm in recent weeks. Her recurring dream was making her increasingly frustrated, this was the seventh day in a row that she had it.

All she dreamt about was a dark mysterious figure having it’s way with her. She attempted to remedy the situation by masturbating several times per day, she thought it would drain her of her sex drive completely. She thought wrong. It was as if the dreams were haunting her, trying to tell her something, not allowing her to rest until she acted on it.

It was always this dark, unclear figure. Yet, she always felt close to it, as if she knew it all her life.

She couldn’t decipher the meaning of it.

“Why can’t I see him?” she pondered, perplexed.

Her last sexual encounter was a good three months ago, before she broke up with her boyfriend.

“Could it be him that she was dreaming about?” she wondered.

“No, he never fucked me like that.” she quickly denied the option.

She spent a number of minutes pondering of this mysterious figure’s identity. She was positive that she knew him somehow, he evoked familiar feelings in her dreams.

She soon gave up pursuing these thoughts and stepped out of her soaked panties and under the shower.

The tepid water ran down her body while she sighed in relaxation.

Her palms slid from her chest to her thighs, caressing her body, and returned with soft drags of her fingers to her chest again. There she would pause and circle around her, now, firm nipples, granting herself an occasional rub over them. She loved to tease herself in the shower.

His figure was quickly in her mind again and her hands were being guided as if under his control. She turned around and let the water hit the back of her neck and run down her back and legs. Her hands were now cupping her firm breasts, her fingers playfully flicking and rubbing her nipples.

She arched her back, stepping apart slightly, raising her butt and getting a thrill from entertaining the thought that he’s sliding his meat into her from behind. She moaned and dropped a palm to her mohawk strip of brown curls and stroked it slowly, not yet daring to venture lower. She was soon drenched in more than just water as ropy streaks slowly descended and fell from her opening into the swirling water below.

Her fingers eagerly massaged her full outer vaginal lips which encased her inner labia and clit like protective armor. She hardly turned around, and clumsily leaned her back onto the shower cabin’s wall so the water fell on her aroused breasts.

With her eyes closed, she employed her fingers to prod at her slippery opening and slowly slipped one inside. She moaned in ecstasy. It wasn’t her finger sliding into her, it was his stiff meat – she was sure of it. She added another to the action.

She could now see him in her mind, vigorously pumping into her, taking her for himself once more, but this time she wouldn’t let him stop, not before she was satisfied.

He lowered his lips to meet hers and she felt a warm, wet touch on them.

She opened her mouth hungering for his taste, imagining and feeling the deep kiss and tongue-fucking he was giving her. His dick seemed to have swelled and grow in size during. He withdrew his tongue from her mouth and began to lengthen his strokes and their intensity. She moaned wildly and flailed her head left and right in pleasure. Her orgasm was near, a dozen more of his powerful strokes and she would be completely overwhelmed. She turned her focus to his face and stared at the dark shape while being pounded senselessly towards an explosive climax. While she stared lovingly up, his face began to reveal itself to her, at each beat of their bodies coming together she could see more of his facial features.

She was suddenly bewildered as she probably never was before or again after that. She knew his face all too well, she now realized. He stopped thrusting into her, her hands fell to her sides and she leaned on her back, staring into a point on the wall, dazed, thoughts rushing through her mind, as if a dam holding them back just fell.

She realized who she craved all this time and was well-satisfied with exchanging her orgasm for his face. A smile crept on her face while she stared before herself, as if spellbound.

She gaziantep rus escort soon stepped under the running water again, rinsed herself off, stepped out the shower cabin and in front of the mirror, looked at her naked, hot body, pouted her lips at the mirror and grinned. She fashioned her wet hair into a bun, hastily used a towel to wipe most of her body dry, and slipped into her short nightgown. It was black, lined with a scarlet red on the bottom, which barely covered her ass. She put on a pair of fuzzy slippers and tiptoed down the stairs with a grin and a hypnotic expression.

She stepped out her front door, in only her nightgown, and headed round the house. The summer breeze played with her skin and the nightgown got a will of it’s own, rising and dancing with the wind. It didn’t bother her, she was too excited. Soon she came to the entrance at the back of the house. She found its key in it’s usual spot (she always knew where it was, but never put that knowledge to use) and crouched before the key-lock to assure as silent an insert as possible. Her upper inner thighs were still drenched in her own liquid and the thought made her even more aroused. She ever so slowly turned the key and made extra effort to prevent the unlocking mechanism to make a clicking noise.

She was now inside, passing the living room, from where the TV sounds and audible snores of an middle-aged man gave her a cover for any noises she made creeping up the creaky stairs. She stopped in front of a door, took a deep slow breath and banished all thoughts that resembled “This is wrong.”. Hoping that he’s sound asleep, briefly running her fingers across her still-soaking and meat-craving vagina, she dropped to her knees, slowly cracking open the door, and peeked in. All was calm inside.

She cat-walked to the bed across the room, the moonlight pouring through the window, defining her ass as she swayed it earnestly toward the bed. She paused at it, listened to the calm breathing of the sleeping figure and took a moment to observe it, from top to bottom. Then she inhaled slowly, and exhaled, releasing the nervous tension along with it, trying not to burst from expectation.

She maneuvered herself to where the footboard of the bed usually is, but on this bed, there was none. She slipped her head under the sheets and wiggled in between his legs, gently pushing one further to the side to make room. She advanced slowly, her half-covered ass sticking out of the sheets. Soon, a pleasant surprise was before her eyes. A half-hard bulge was resting on his left thigh, stretching out a pair of shorts.

“Is he awake?” she thought, holding her breath to listen to his breathing. As though to reply, he released a sigh, mumbled something briefly and continued a deep, calm breathing pattern. That assured her that he was indeed sleeping soundly, and apparently, having quite a pleasant dream.

She lightly pressed her nose against his bulge, closed her eyes, and took a slow, thorough sampling of his scent. She trembled lightly and smiled, as though intoxicated by it. She then cautiously brought her hand close and ran her fingers from the tip of the bulge to it’s base, circling the fly on the shorts.

Slowly, her fingers reached into the opening, grasped at the hardening mass inside, and gently guided it out of the opening. All the while, she was in awe and her expression resembled one a small child has when opening a gift to find what they wished for inside.

She certainly didn’t expect such cooperation, but happily accepted it.

She took her time, ogling it, sending gentle, warm waves of her breath towards it arouse it further. The slumbering giant responded to her teasing and rose pulsating heavily, as if to seek the warm embrace of her mouth. He was uncut. “Mmm…” she silently moaned.

Seeing it in such high spirits spurred her enthusiasm additionally and she shifted up higher, placing her arms on either side of his hips, resting her breasts against his legs, putting her in prime position to get a plentiful taste of his heat-radiating rod.

She played with the underside of its head, softly rubbing it with her pouting, full and damp lips, giving it an aimed flicking lick every now and then. His growing excitement was made known to her by his moans of pleasure. She was loving every moment of it and her mound was again moistening steadily. gaziantep swinger escort She teased herself as well, not giving into the immensely alluring desire to start full-on riding him like a crazed succubus, nor touching herself. All she allowed herself to do is use her mouth and slowly grind her crotch against the mattress, keeping her hands at his sides. Her nipples yearned for contact with his skin, erecting through her nightgown. Her mouth opened gleefully and slowly welcomed the tip of his aching dick, then embracing the rest of it, her lips meeting its base and firmly shaping themselves around his shaft on the way up. She was making long, slow movements, his size not bothering her at all.

She dutifully practiced and visualized pleasing a man, especially this one, but never dared thinking of it as anything above a fantasy. And when she saw his face in the shower moments ago, she knew what she had to do. Take her chance.

And she was taking it right now, acting against all her social programming. She was blowing her cousin in his sleep.

Her soaking mound tingled while she slowly, lovingly sucked, now, at the tip, curling her tongue, entwining it between the foreskin and the head. The mere thought of what she was just doing to him often raised her heartbeat. His moans of pleasure were getting louder, but somehow he was still dreaming. She continued to flavor his meat and now caressed it with her tongue, licking it all along its shaft, played with his foreskin, sucked on it and jabbed at it with her eager tongue, adding an occasional deep lunge and fully embracing him in her mouth. She was giving him a full-on blowjob, the thought of waking him not even crossing her mind, she was enjoying herself too much.

He seemed be getting into it and slowly began raising his hips in pleasure, encouraging her to wrap around him completely. She didn’t resist it and enthusiastically matched his humping and increasing intensity. Soon after he moaned and spurted several times in her mouth. She was surprised by the sudden eruption but acted instinctively and swallowed it all then sucked him dry. His moan turned to a blissful sigh.

“You’re still asleep? I can’t believe you.” she thought to herself, confused.

She was a bit disappointed that he came, he most probably wouldn’t be able to go again any time soon. She deeply wanted him inside her. Prepared to wait for him to replenish his energies and then try and arouse him again, she started to slip back and out from under the sheets, but noticed, to her delight, that his cock was still standing hard at attention, ready as ever. Her eyes glistened with joy. She quickly pulled the sheets off of him and stood above him, then slowly lowered herself onto her knees, encasing his hips with her legs.

She lowered her body further and let her lubricated vaginal lips make gentle contact with his cock, kissing it affectionately. In this position, she moved her hips forward, back, side to side, to give him a taste of what’s to come, allowing it to prod into her with the very tip. She took off her nightgown and threw it on the floor beside the bed. Slowly, savoring every millimeter, she eased onto him, smoothly enveloping his cock in one joyful stroke. She paused for a few seconds and trembled as her vaginal lips wrapped around and pressed onto his cock’s base, where they left their moist mark when she raised her ass up, and moaned helplessly in pleasure. She was feeling him inside her, finally. Her hands carelessly wandered to his moonlit chest, giving her proper support to freely ride his excited cock.

She closed her eyes and rode him with zeal, completely immersed in feeling him stir inside her. The thought of waking him seemed unimportant and far away, her pleasure building was now all she cared about. She thrust her hips rhythmically at him, swaying them with increasing strength in an elliptical way, bringing her hips forward on down strokes and backward on up strokes. In a trance, completely unaware of the creak the bed was making, her climax neared readily. She deepened her breath and moaned out each time her body clapped with his.

Her final moan awoke his dad downstairs. He looked around in confusion, finally blaming the TV and muting it, falling asleep again in an instant. Meanwhile, she was cumming on her cousin’s dick, quivering uncontrollably.

She kept put, gaziantep travesti escort keeping her eyes closed and his cock inside her, slowly and deeply breathing, regaining her breath. She could scarcely believe the release of tension she just felt. Then suddenly, she stopped mid-breath and her palm shot to her mouth in reflex, when she realized how loudly she had moaned. Listening intensively, not daring to open her eyes, she thought:

“He absolutely couldn’t have slept through all that!”

There was no noise coming from him at all.

She questioned herself “If he’s awake, why doesn’t he…” and was interrupted mid-thought by a sensation on her left breast.

It was a hand, cupping it, and rubbing her nipple, then another soon after it, layed to rest on her right hip.

She opened her eyes in expectation, and saw his wide-awake face, staring into her eyes with a soft smile.

When he uttered her name in a soft voice, she found herself unable keep the words

“I love you!” from bursting out of her. She shocked herself and couldn’t believe she just shot it out like that. He was stayed silent and tortured her in uncertainty.

She quickly realized she should try to explain, even if she had no explanation other than the fact that she wanted to fuck him more than anything.

“Umm..” she started, but he interrupted her, using the hand that was on her breast to push her on her back and with his left, he pulled her hips onto him, to keep their bodies in contact as he rolled onto her. A sighed moan escaped her mouth when he reinserted the whole of his length as he positioned himself on top of her. He grabbed her legs at he underside of her knees, raised them up and apart, and locked them in place with his hands. Her flexibility amazed him. He pulled out of her, but quickly dived into her again, balancing himself on his hands. His cock drove into her in long, slow strokes, melting into her welcoming embrace. Her hands were extended above her head, she breathed and gasped in sync with his movements and stared into his eyes as well as she could, battling her eyes trying to roll up. He released her legs and leaned on his forearms, turned his palms up and grabbed onto her shoulders, she raised her knees, put her feet on the bed and spread her legs as wide as she could. Her hands caressed his abdomen and stroked his hair.

He ran his tongue around and over her nipples, massaged her neck with it, until he finally reached her lips and settled there. That’s when she used the hand in his hair to pull in and invite him in for a deeply passionate kiss, as he continued thrusting in rhythm throughout.

He withdrew and separated his tongue from hers, to allow them both to breathe, and focused his attention on her right ear lobe, sucked on it and massaged it with his tongue. That drove her crazy and she dug her left hand into his lower back, pulling him deeper on each stroke. She quickly lubricated the middle finger on her right hand and then grabbed his ass cheek, pulling herself higher to reach his neck with her tongue and his asshole with her finger. She applied light pressure to his anus with her wet finger, massaging it gently.

It was as if she was guiding him into her, with a kind of “come here” upside-down motion of her finger. It sent him over the edge, his tongue found hers, entwining with it, while his humping intensified. He came inside her, shooting several consequent streaks of his liquid deep into her, and she helped drain him of it by massaging his anus and perineum vigorously as he moaned and breathed, mindblown. He was in ecstasy for quite a while and she just couldn’t believe what a fucking he just gave her, her own cousin! She passionately kissed his neck while he recovered his breath and slowly locked his eyes on her. They both smiled at each other and kissed deeply once again.

She pushed him to the side and rolled on top of him, smiling at him still.

“Well, it seems you CAN’T sleep through anything.” she teased him.

“You little ravisher.” he called her laughingly.

She showed her teeth, growled and scratched his chest.

“I have to go, Eric.” she said as she slid off of him.

“See you soon?” he asked her.

“If you’ll be a good boy.” she said walking to the door and winked at him, over her shoulder.

“How did you get in, by the way?” he wondered.

She closed the door behind her before she could answer his question, sneaked back downstairs, out the door, half-way around the house, then back inside and straight into bed.

Thinking of this night and, as its result, of things to come, a blissful smile crept on her face and accompanied her into a deep sleep.


*Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed it.

Comments, criticism are greatly appreciated*

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