Our Happy Family Ch. 1

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I was sitting at my computer doing some work when my sister Beth stuck her head into the room and asked me what I was doing. I said just doing some work. Sitting down with a cup of coffee, she watched me for about ten minutes. Let me tell you about Beth.

My sister is a year younger than I am at nineteen. Beth is a dream woman in my eyes. She stands 5’7″, 120 lbs, blonde hair, light blue eyes, a smile that would melt an iceberg, a set of tits that are the best at 36DD, they don’t droop at all, a flat stomach, a set of hips with all the right curves, her legs are long and slim, but the best is her cunt it is shaved clean and an ass that looks like heaven.

Our family has an open sense to it. By that, I mean we are not hung up on clothing, if we feel like walking around half or all naked we do. Like I said a very open life style. When we were younger, we did not have an air conditioner and it did get very hot in the house so we started to go around the house with little or nothing on. All of us

We live in a house that is at the end of a country road. Our nearest neighbor is my grandmother and grandfather. They live about a mile up the road. My aunt and uncles family live across the road from them. All of the families live in a 4 miles radius from us. Aunts’ uncles, cousins the hole bit.

My Mom and Dad are 40 years old and look great. My Mom Barb stands 5’8″, 130 lbs, blonde hair, green eyes, a fantastic body that just will not quit; she has a 40D chest, Mom’s pussy is a sight that I will never forget and nice ass that I love.

My Dad Steve is a handsome man. He used to be a baseball player. He stands 6’2″, 200 lbs, dark brown hair, a great looking face, so Mom says. He has the best sense of humor of anyone I know of. He is a senior engineer at a steel plant. He brings home a huge paycheck and has a good life.

I have an 18-year-old sister as well. She is like Dad with her sense of humor. At 5’7″, Jane would look like a twin of Beth but her chest is a 34C size and she has a cute V shaved in to her pubes.

My name is Greg. I stand 5’8″ 180 with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a good body, which I work on to keep in shape.

Beth looked at me and said that I looked tired and all tensed up. Therefore, she told me to take off my shirt and I did. Beth started to rub my shoulders. She leaned forward to rub the top part of my chest and I could feel her tits press into my back. I do not know what felt better her hands on my chest or her tits on my back.

Beth said that she was enjoying the pressure on her chest. She said she liked the way her nipples felt being pressed into bostancı escort bayan my back. The next thing I know Beth had taken her blouse off and leaned into my back. She went from side to side pushing her chest into me.

Mom came in to the room at that time and said not to start playing around now because supper was ready; also, she wanted to play too. Therefore, with a groan we stopped and went for supper.

Our Dad had just come home from work, had a shower, and came down in just a pair of boxer shorts. While Beth came down with her blouse undone but you could not see her nipples. Mom was dressed in a way that would keep her cool, a lace bra, and G-string panties. We had a good dinner, cleaned up the kitchen then went into the living room to watch some TV.

We watched the TV for an hour or so. I was thinking how Beth and I got started in having fun with each other. It went like this……………

It was a real hot day and we were sitting in the living room playing a computer game. Beth was just in a pair of lace panties while I was in a pair of short shorts, both of us trying to stay cool. The a/c was out; it was just real hot outside so you did not dare go out in it.

The game was going good for me. Beth was not taking it too good so she started to jab me in the ribs and jab she did. I was not going to sit still for that so I did the same thing, and I was tickling her. She jumped on top of me trying to get me to stop and all that did was to put her right nipple in my mouth.

What was a person to do? Therefore, I kept it in my mouth and sucked on it. The moan that Beth let out was a great sound. I would say she liked the feeling. With my right hand, I placed it on her left tit and gave it a good squeeze. God did it feel so good. Beth’s nipples were standing about half inch straight out. I played like that for a couple of minutes then I flipped us over and moved on down her body. I kissed the top of her panties, they smelled great, I kissed her pussy through the panties, and she cooed for me to continue. My was Beth ever wet, soaked right through the panties. You could see a big wet spot at the V of her legs.

With that, we moved to my bedroom. I pulled down her underwear with my teeth. As I passed her pussy, I stopped, gave it a big kiss, and kept on taking her panties off. When they were off, I kissed from her toes back up to her cunt. She smelt so good that my tongue went in and explored her. I lapped at the most beautiful pussy that I have ever seen. I lick her from the top of her cunt all the way to her butt and back, for a good five minutes. Then I ümraniye escort concentrated on her clit. Licked and licked than I sucked it so hard, that she let out another moan. Beth was so wet that I could have eaten her all night. Beth cried out that she was going to cum and not to stop. Like I was going to stop and see the pleasure on her face.

“Ohh My GOD I’mmmmm CUUUMMMMIINGGG” Beth was breathing very heavy. When She got her breath back she looked at me and said that she wanted to see my cock up close. With that, she rolled me on my back, moved down and took off my shorts slowly. When they were off Beth held my cock in her hands. Beth asked me how big it was I told her that it was 9″ long and almost as big around as her wrists. She kissed it then opened those lips and sucked it into her mouth. She gave me the blowjob of my life. My lord she licked the underside, kissed the crown went back for more. Beth kept this up. The feeling I felt was out of this world. It felt like my balls were coming up through my cock. My voice was in a low groan when I said that I was close. When I came, Beth took it all down and did not miss a drop. My sister cleaned my cock almost as clean as the day I was born.

She lied back to rest for a bit and get some of her strength back. We lay together for a while. We talked about what happened and then we went on for round two.

We crawled into a classic 69 with Beth on top. I licked her pussy for five minutes, got her juices flowing while she played with my cock, and got it hard. I told my sis that I wanted to do her doggie style. I got her on her hands and knees opened her legs and gently put my shaft in her cunt. I thought that I was in heaven to be there. She told me to go nice and slow, so I did. Damn was she tight. Her tunnel felt like velvet, smooth and soft. Beth said it felt like I was 10 inches long, she was close 9 inches long and thick. I bottomed out, felt like I hit the back of her cunt. It did not take her long to cum; when she did, she soaked me with her juices, all along my cock and balls. I kept up a steady pace and was getting close to cumming myself. I was going to pull out but Beth told me to cum inside her. I was stroking fast, getting closer. She came again She shook so hard that I had to hang on to her hips if not I might have gone fling a cross the room. At that moment, I came to. My cum must have shot all the way in to her womb. It felt that fantastic ….God Did I feel great.

Beth was lying on her stomach holding my hand she said I have to tell you some thing. However, she asked my not to laugh.

I told her that what ever kartal escort she told me it would be all right.

Beth held her breath for a bit then let it out. Ok she said, “Greg tonight was the first time that I have gotten fucked. It was a feeling that I will never forget. I felt so happy that it was you the made me feel like a real woman.” I was so happy that it was me that had the pleasure to make her a woman tonight. I held on to her and told my baby sis that it was my pleasure to make her a true woman. Beth looked at me smiled a huge grin then she kissed me. Turned around in a spoon fashion and went to sleep. I was just seeing her in the moon light how the rays were bouncing off her sweaty skin. They gave her body a glow that I will never forget. I fell in love with this woman then and there. I promised to my self that I would make her happy in her life even if it took me the rest of my life.

We slept like babies that night. I woke up in her arms with my face in between her breast. I kissed them and sucked on her nipples. I wanted nothing more but to stay with her for the rest of my life.

The next two weeks we could not have been ripped a part if somebody had tried.

The loving did not stop for too long. We did keep it to our selves, we were going to tell Mom, but we wanted to be sure how we felt about it and how to tell Mom.

Mom had noticed this change in us and said what is going on here. We told her that we needed to talk with her but not right now, later in the day would be fine because Beth and I needed to talk too.

We went to Beth’s room so we could talk. I asked her what she felt like. Beth told me that she was the happiest woman on earth and that what ever I wanted to do was fine with her. I told her that we should tell Mom what happened and that mom will understand. The whole family likes to keep things in the open and to be honest with the family and ourselves. Beth agreed that would be the best course of action.

Beth and I went down stairs and found Mom sitting watching a movie on TV. We sat beside her; I said to Mom “is it ok if we talk to you.” Mom looked at us, said that it was always ok to talk to her, and with that said she turned of the tube, looked at us, and waited. I was sitting at the end of the couch with Beth in between Mom and me. I told Mom what had happened. She looked at us for a minute, put a big smile on her face, and said, “I am glad you two found each other, you two make a good couple.” We had a stunned look on our face. We thought that we were in for it.

“I have been waiting to see if you two would do this,” Mom had said. We were so happy that Mom took the news so well. Mom was looking at Beth and me when she laid her own news on us.

This is my first attempt at writing a story please let me know what you think of it. Good or bad and I will try better with the next chapter


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