Our Parents Can’t Find Out

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Big Tits

I was back from college, at my brother’s friend’s graduation party. I wouldn’t have gone, but it was free food, and I had nothing else to do.

My brother and his friends sat together by their pool, playing frisbee, daring each other to throw it in the water. My mom was talking to another mom, and my dad hung out by the grill. I awkwardly stood at my mom’s elbow, holding a soda can, nodding and answering questions about college. Boring. I looked around again. My brother’s friend had an older brother around my age. Joshua. I didn’t see him. I was the only college student at the party, it looked like. I’d hoped that he would be here. Even thinking of him made me smile. We’d made out at my house last semester and hooked up when we came home on breaks.

Mom was talking about dishwasher detergent now. Time for me to make my escape. I excused myself to go to the bathroom.

After the bathroom, I stood in the kitchen. the window over their sink had a red-checked curtain, but I could still see the lawn. I stood at the counter, looking at the kids playing tag and the adults chatting.

I didn’t feel adult enough to jump in, and no one paid any attention to me anyway. I doubt they missed me. I looked again at my parents and rested my elbows on the counter, with my face in my hands. My ass stuck in the air. I shook it around a few times. The fabric of my skirt brushed my legs. I felt sexy with my ass all the way out.

Then I felt a hand on it.

I panicked for a second before a voice whispered in my ear.

“Miranda, want to fuck?” Joshua. His hands were muscular as they rubbed my ass. “I saw you standing here, your ass sticking out.”

I swallowed, smiling. “Mmm. When have I not wanted to fuck?” I remembered all the dirty things his hands could do to me.

He moved his hand from my ass, sliding it down, then up, under the sheer fabric of my skirt. I was so glad I hadn’t worn jeans. He ran his hand around my thigh and slipped it under my thong, entwining his fingers in my pubic hair. His skin was smooth, and he tapped his fingers on my skin. I felt his nails prick me slightly, and a wave of pleasure ran through me.

His hand wove through my pubic hair, grabbing it gently, swirling the curly strands. He stopped, then moved his hand out from under my thong to between my legs. He massaged me between my thighs. It felt so good. There was so little friction between my shaved skin and his smooth hands.

He slid his other hand under my shirt, inching his way to my bra. I felt goosebumps on my body, and I shivered. He massaged my breast through my bra. I felt him squish it and squeeze it. He stuck his hand under my bra, his thumb under the shoulder strap. His thin fingers found my nipple, and he started to run his finger around it. It tightened, but the bra got in the way of complete pleasure. I breathed slower, trying to contain myself.

He pressed his body to me, his chest on my back and his cock on my ass. I smelled his cologne. Not too much, not too little, like nutmeg and spice. His beating heart gently throbbed against me, and his dick did the same thing. He moved his face closer to mine, until his smooth lips brushed my ear. I bit my own lip as he playfully bit my ear, brushing the hoop aside. His breath was warm and wet. My thong was too. His body was so close to mine. He played with my ear and breast, arousing me. I felt his strong hand massaging my thighs, just brushing my loose vagina through the thong.

I was suddenly aware of the wide window overlooking the lawn. There was a curtain, but it was thin, and what if someone walked in looking for something? I panicked.

“You want to find somewhere more private?” I whispered. I couldn’t see his face, but his hands moved away from their tantalizing positions. He took my hand and pulled me toward a door. A closet? A bedroom? I didn’t really care. We’d never fucked in his house, so I didn’t know what to expect.

He pushed the door open, and I saw stairs going down. They must lead to the basement where he slept, the one he’d told me about. It was his private space.

He went first and pulled me after him. When we had gone through the doorway, he went back up and closed the door gently. Not a sound. I didn’t hear the click of a lock, and I hadn’t seen one on the knob, but the basement looked big enough to hide us.

Enough light came through a window near the ceiling that I could see. It was a big room, a game room with a bedroom and bathroom attached. The bed was under the stairs. He led me there and I sat down. The mattress was nice and springy. I bounced a few times, feeling a bit silly. I hoped he would touch me again, feel my beating heart and the blood rushing through me. I wanted to feel his heart on my bare skin and his cock in my pussy.

He must have read my mind because he sat down behind me and put his hand under my shirt again. His legs gripped mine. I could feel a bulge in his pants. I nestled into his chest and pulled my shirt off. sarıyer escort He put his chin on my bare shoulder. I could feel his lips grinning in my ear. He rubbed the outside of my bra, feeling for the nipple inside. He put his other hand on my stomach, sticking his pinkie finger in my bellybutton. It brushed my ring, and I smiled.

He massaged my bra for a bit, then took his hands away. I felt his fingers on my bra straps, feeling their way to the hooks, the only thing between him and my free breasts. Finally. I couldn’t feel anything through the bra. He undid the hook, then slid the strap around to the front, his hands grazing my skin. He brushed my nipples, and I shivered with cool pleasure. I felt the shoulder straps slide down, so I wiggled out of them. His hands met in front, his palms barely touching my nipples. He dropped my bra on the floor, and then bit my ear. Goosebumps poked up on my bare chest and stomach. My nipples erected slightly. I felt my breath quicken. I was exposed, and I loved it.

“God, I forgot how much I like your breasts. And your stomach. All of you.” He slid his hands down my body as he spoke, and I felt his thin fingers on my skin. He stopped for a bit to caress my thighs, kneading them with his strong palms.

“Oh, I couldn’t forget you.”

I felt looser as he moved his hands back up my stomach, fingering my bellybutton ring again. One hand stayed on my stomach while the other moved to my breasts. He gently twirled his finger around my nipple. I grinned as it tightened. He kept massaging my nipple between his fingertips, making it more erect. His other hand moved to my crotch. He slid his hand under my thong and caressed my pubic hair again.

“And you don’t shave for anyone.” He moaned. “So hot.” He tugged gently on the dark, curly hair, running his fingers through it. I trembled as he got close to my clit, but he never touched it. I knew he felt the wetness of my thong. I wasn’t sure how long he was going to sit there, but I wanted more.

“Let’s go faster.” I moved my head to the side, so my lips hit his. A little rough, but firm and delicious. I pressed my mouth to his, feeling the contours of his lips, licking their surface. I felt his fingers tighten on my breast. My nipple poked between his fingers as he squeezed it. He moved his hand to the other nipple, tugging on it. My breasts felt tender as he pulled and prodded me. His hand tightened on my crotch too, and a straying finger pressed hard near my clit. My breath caught in my throat and I smiled.

“You like that, Miranda?” He smiled through our kiss.

“Do it some more.” I stuck my tongue between his teeth, feeling for his. It was thick and strong, just like his cock would be. I opened my mouth slightly to allow his tongue to pass in. He ran it along my mouth, taking in the shape, prodding my mouth. I smiled as I thought about what it could do to my vagina. We kept pulling and feeling each other, but he seemed unsatisfied. His fingers raced around my thong, feeling the outside now, around my vagina. Was he too nervous to go further?

Suddenly, he pushed me down and climbed on top of me. “Let’s go.”

My skirt flew up my stomach, leaving my thong exposed. I was astonished and turned on. “You don’t know how long I’ve waited for you to say that.” I breathed faster, expectant.

He took his shirt off and started to unbutton his pants. His abs were slightly visible on his stomach, and I could see his muscles as he fumbled with the zipper. I sat up and slowly, gently undid it for him. I pressed my hands into his crotch, feeling his cock through his boxers. He slid his jeans down and got up to take them off. He threw them on the floor, on top of my bra. I saw the bulge in his pants and smiled.

He reached back down into a pocket of his jeans and pulled out a plastic package. God, I’d forgotten about the condom. He tore open the package.

“I can do it, Josh.” I smiled coyly at him.

He wiggled his eyebrows and grinned. “Show me.”

The strange reaction made me laugh. I must have convinced him.

He took off his boxers. His cock slid out, nearly erect. I could fix that.

The veins on his cock pulsed slightly. The light shined on his body, and the shadows accentuated his muscles and cock. I gently placed the condom on his tip and rolled it up slowly. I could see him get harder and harder, bigger and bigger. He quivered, and his breath was ragged.

When he was protected, he pushed me back down. “Where were we, now?” His hard cock stuck out, and I got wetter. He loomed over me, almost protectively. So hot.

I trembled as I waited for his cock. I stayed flat on my back and looked into his eyes. He was getting ready to move. His cock quivered. He looked at my thong. I wondered if he would take it off or just slide it to the side. He instead moved over me. I felt his cock just brush my crotch. I bit my lip and closed my eyes. He kissed esenyurt escort my eyelids and ran his hand through my hair, massaging my scalp. I felt calm, aroused, ready for him to enter me.

“Do you want it?” he whispered.

“Fuck, yes. Fuck me.” My breathing quickened as he kept kissing my eyes and touching my hair. I put my hands on his neck, feeling the muscles and stray hairs. I ran my fingers down his back; his shoulder blades stood out slightly. As I brushed his spine, goosebumps popped up under my fingers. The tiny hairs on his back stood up.

He suddenly stopped kissing me. His lips moved down my nose to my lips. I prepared to kiss him, but he moved his lips down further, brushing my neck. He put one hand under my head, and the other on my thong. His lips moved to my nipple, and I soon felt his teeth bite it. His lips barely touched me as he tugged my nipple with his teeth. I took in a sharp breath. His warm mouth kissed my nipple, and his teeth bit it. He roughly licked my nipple, and I arched my back. A shiver of pleasure ran through me.

His hand forced my thong aside, exposing my pubic hair and vagina. I felt cold air on me. I gasped and whimpered quietly. He slid my thong up to me knees, and I wiggled out of it. He dangled it over the bed, and I saw a dark spot where my wetness had soaked through the fabric. He dropped my thong to the floor and went for my breast again. I closed my eyes.

He bit my nipple, and I felt it grow harder. It was wet as he ran his tongue over my nipple again. His hand was still on my pubis, not moving, just putting pressure on the sensitive area. He moved his lips to my other nipple, and bit that one too. I gently touched the breast he had vacated. The nipple was hard and wet with his saliva. I massaged my own breast, squeezing it gently, and ran my other hand up his back, then through his hair. I could almost see his cock, but I didn’t want to move my head or open my eyes again. The pulsing in my body grew faster. He bit my nipple harder, pulling me. I felt something hard on my vagina. I trembled with expectation.

He had put his cock right on it, but not in. What was he waiting for? I took my hand from my breast and felt for his cock. It was hard and strong. I felt his blood pumping through him. He quivered as I pulled it to my vagina. He waited a few seconds. Then he plunged it in, pushing himself into me. I gasped. He filled me up, completely. The walls of my vagina contracted in on its guest. At least they hadn’t forgotten what it felt like to hold a pulsing cock.

I quivered as he tugged at my nipple with his teeth.

“I know you want it.” He took his cock almost all the way out and then plunged in again, filling me fuller.

I arched my back and moaned. “God, yes, I want it.” I pulled his hair. My vagina contracted again. I let my hand fall from his head to his shapely back. I ran my thumb down his spine and he moaned this time.

He plunged again, hard and fast. Then again, and again, until I lost count and the bed shook. I clutched his back, scratching his skin.

His hand was still in my pubic hair, but he moved his thumb, searching for my clit. He kept plunging himself into me and out of me, methodically, filling and emptying, as he pulled my nipple with his teeth. My body was on fire. I shook every time he thrusted and pulled me. I was ecstatic with the feeling of him in me and on me.

I moved my hand from his back to his head. His hair was so thick and curly. I moaned softly, still arching my back. He kept thrusting into and out of me, pushing deeper and deeper, grunting with the effort and pleasure. The pulsing inside me got faster and faster as he moved his thumb to find my clit. Suddenly, I let out a small shriek. He found it, and pressed hard, moving his thumb up and down on my clit.

He kept pulling me and thrusting and rubbing. I tugged on his hair and grabbed at his back, feeling on the brink of orgasm as he thrust. The feeling escalated, higher and better. We moved together, me clutching him, scratching his back, him thrusting his hips into mine and circling my clit with his thumb.

Suddenly, I exploded with pleasure, convulsing and moaning, but he kept plunging into me. I was climaxing, and he still wouldn’t stop. Part of me didn’t want him to. He plunged into me, and his thumb pressed harder on my clit. I was in ecstasy.

He thrust his cock into me again and again. I felt hot all over. He kept plunging; I kept pulsing. I wanted to scream, but someone would hear me. I moaned and arched my back higher and higher. He kept biting my nipple, getting more ferocious. He was close himself. Suddenly, he exploded into the condom. I contracted. His semen was trying to pull deep into me. He fell on top of me, still in me, and moaned. His hands tangled in my hair.

I fell on the bed and looked at my nipples. They were tight and held themselves high. I touched my breast. It was tender and large. I massaged avrupa yakası escort my nipple, feeling its hardness. God, I loved playing with my nipples after sex. I closed my eyes and let my head fall back on the bed. We breathed together. I saw his back rise and fall. His cock trembled with me, still inside me.

I thought he was done. But he stayed in my vagina and tried weakly to pound. When he failed, he fell back on me.

“Hey, it’s fine.” I was coming off the high, and I gasped for air.

Suddenly, he kissed me, putting his rough tongue in my mouth. His lips squeezed mine, and he stuck his tongue out until it scraped the top of my throat. I did the same, feeling his teeth bite my tongue. He started pounding me again. His balls smacked me, but it was half-hearted. I didn’t really care.

“I’ll do you again.” He breathlessly pleaded.

“I need some time.” I was also breathless. I laid back and thought about his hands and tongue.

“Let me do you again.”

I nodded my head. “Fuck me with your tongue. Fuck me with your hands.” My heaving breaths slowed. I was ready for another go.

He nodded and stiffly crawled back, slowly pulling his tongue out of my mouth and his cock out of my vagina. I stayed where I was, hoping for another experience.

He rolled the condom off into a garbage can by the bed. Then shaking with pleasure, he laid back on the bed.

I sat up and tenderly fingered my vagina. My own wetness soaked his sheets. My labia were so big and loose. I tenderly inserted one of my fingers between them, then fell back as I wiggled it inside me. I was still tender from his fucking. He saw me pleasuring myself and must have decided to join me. He flipped onto his stomach and pulled himself over to me. As I wiggled my finger, he grabbed my hand, and the jolt pulled his thumb into me. I moaned.

He pulled my hand from between my legs and sucked my fingers, staring into my eyes at the same time. I sighed as I hoped he would lick more of me.

He lowered his head between my legs, sticking his tongue out slightly. I quivered as he came closer and closer to me. Then I felt his lips on my labia. He kissed my lips, inserting his tongue into me, sucking every drop of my juices. I gasped and grabbed his sheets. He smiled on me and pushed his tongue deeper. Then he moved to my clit, running his tongue around it, flicking it with the tip of his tongue. It was still sore from my orgasm, and my legs quivered with every movement between them.

I put my hands on his head and ran my fingers through his hair. He stopped circling my clit with his tongue and pulled away. His lips glistened with my cum. I closed my eyes, ready for him to return to my pussy. Suddenly, I felt his wet lips on mine. I opened my eyes and pulled away for a second.

“Thought you’d want to taste yourself. Couldn’t keep it all to myself.” He looked me in the eye and grinned, his lips dripping. He knew I couldn’t say no to that. I reached up and kissed him, licking my cum off him. Oh, god, he was right. This was so hot. My own cum was pungent, but warm, almost musky. I ran my tongue all over his lips.

When they were dry, he went back down. He licked my inner thighs, which shone with dripping wetness, slowing inching to my pussy. I glanced down at my breasts. The nipples were hard and stretched high. I took one nipple between my finger and thumb and gently rubbed it. More electric feeling. More fire. I moaned.

He stuck his tongue in my vagina again, twisting inside, licking every inch. I put my hand back in his hair and pushed him into me. I felt his nose rubbing my bush. I kept rubbing my nipple, feeling its hardness.

Then he moved back to my clit, flicking it and running his tongue around it. I arched my back and moaned. A few more seconds and I’d cum. I just knew it. I pushed his head closer again and gave my nipple a hard pinch. Just as I was at the edge of orgasm, he gently bit my clit. I exploded, squirting on his face.

“Oh, god, fuck my clit!” I arched my back and let out a loud groan. My clit was sore from the bite, and my nipple from the pinch. But, god, that was good. I’d never squirted before, but the release, god, the release.

He rolled over to his back, laughing. I glanced over, my face pulled into a squished O. His face was covered in my squirt.

“You want to lick it this time?”

“Hell, no.” I laughed too. “I’ll join in the shower.”

Still giggling, he slid off the bed and over to the basement bathroom. He didn’t close the door, so I got a good view. Well, I’ve never been fond of watching men pee, so I turned my face to the ceiling. I put my hands on my breasts, gently poking my nipples. Every touch hurt. I must have pinched hard at that second orgasm.

I heard him finish in the bathroom and start the shower. I walked over, my legs a little wider than necessary; my vagina was a little sore.

After I finished, I glanced into the shower. He stood under the running water, rubbing his own chest. His cock was getting hard again.

He noticed me watching him and grinned. “Put on that playlist,” he said, thrusting his hips. He knew I always wanted more sex during the post-sex shower.

I ran out to get my phone, still miraculously in my pocket.

“The speaker’s on the dresser.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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