Our Private Little Cove Ch. 06

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Into Labyrinth of the UNKNOWING

Warning * Yes there is sex, not as much as some of my stories, but its still a fun read. Forgive mistakes in advance, a lot of work went on for this and I wanted to get it out to you. I don’t have an editor and even though try to proof my work it sometimes read the way I intended it to come out. If this bothers you just skip my stories.

After showing and dressing, in our rooms, we all converged in the kitchen where we made breakfast. No one was in a hurry to get home so we just chilled out. I think everyone was worn out from the activities of the prior evening. Around lunchtime, we all moved out to the pool and went for a quick skinny-dipping adventure. Jeannie was actually the first one naked, exposing her very waxed pussy that liked like it took a real pounding the night before, and a big handprint on her ass. I thought to myself how grateful I was that I wasn’t tuned in for that smack. I did however admire her waxed pussy lips as I got the mental message, “Will you quit staring at her pussy, if you want mine shaved I’ll let you do mine later.”

I was embarrassed to have got caught, so I stripped down quickly and tackled Jeannie and dunked her in the pool. Steven was almost naked already, did the same to a fully clothed Chole. Everyone came up laughing, Jeannie’s hand was on my cock, and she looked at me and apologized, quickly returning to her now partner Steve.

Chole knew what happened and was laughing so hard she snorted, which got everyone laughing. We had a good time in the pool that afternoon. Hands got friendly on everyone’s part, but no real boundaries were crossed. Mid-afternoon, Chole and I climbed out and took over the hanging day bed, resting on our back in the warming sun.

We dosed off for a bit when we woke up, Jeannie was on all fours over one of the chaise lounges and Steve was pounding her from behind. We’d had enough of tuning in for the time being and we just enjoyed the show. Chole was turned with her back to me so she could see, with her pussy available I to advantage and slipped inside the warmth of her body again. I tried something I hadn’t tried before, I tuned into Chole as we made love, the connection was intense to say the least. I exploded inside my sister’s pussy after maybe ten strokes. I know that sound counter to all the porn you probably have read. but it happened that way.

Steve and Jeannie were still at it, going like Energizer bunnies. I felt something from Chole, I felt her reaching out with her mind, using the power of the DOING. In her mind or with her mind, I’m not sure ho to classify it, Chole enveloped the head of Steve’s cock and the tip of Jeannie’s G-spot in an energy field. She pulsed the field a couple of times, as I tuned into what Steve was feeling, causing both of them to Cum. The juices of their efforts were now pooling on the deck. Jeannie and squirted, and my own juices were over-flowing out of my sister, as somehow I was back inside her cumming again.

When she could speak again Jeannie proclaimed, “Steve, I’m not sure what you did but that was GREAT!”

Steve said, “You are not kidding about that, I think I cam more than I ever have in my life. You are so tight it felt like a little hand was grabbing the tip of my ..” Looking around and seeing us he continued in a lower voice, “cock.”

A little embarrassed I said, “I enjoyed your guys show so much I came twice inside Chole.”

Chole asked, “Anyone want to go get cleaned up and maybe take a walk on the beach?

Everyone was good with it, so off to the showers we went. Chole told me in the shower, “If you want to have her for a bit you can, I see the way she looks at you.”

I stumbled in saying, “I-ah-I no it’s ah.. Yeah I find her attractive in a sort of way, but I love you and you are the only one I want to be with. I might take you up on shaving your pubic hair sometimes, but really I like it how it is too.”

Chole kissed me hard on the lips, one of those kisses that even though I just got off twice, started my cock to grow again. Pulling me tight she said, “And you are the only one I want too. Even if that big cock of his looks fun I don’t think I could handle it and I really don’t want to.”

When everyone was finally dressed we gathered at the pool. I say dressed but we were not wearing that much really, I had shorts, some beach shoes and a light cotton t-shirt on, Chole karataş escort was dressed about the same, she didn’t have a bra on and that had both my attention and Steve’s. Jeannie was wearing the least of any of us, she had a Thong and a bikini top that left very little to the imagination, again I got caught looking but Chole just rolled her eyes at me. Steve borrowed a pair of shorts from me that was just a tad tight on him, his cock was well outlined. We had a couple blankest with us and planned on doing some star gazing once it got dark.

A little background on Our little cove, The cove is on 5 converging lines that like up with some temple and a couple of monoliths around the world. Each of these places draw power from nature sending it into the nexus of our cove. Our Nexus is one of 7 located on the planet. If we had read everything on the tablet we might have found that out on our own. One might also have thought that, maybe, this could have been explained a little more than “Just stay connected”. One of the main lines that fed our’s was from Bangor Main. Anyway, enough of this, on to the story, I’m sure you readers want to hear about Sex, Did they ever swap? Did they ever do their parents? All I can say is hold on tight to what you got, and prepare for and adventure. Forgive me for a few grammar errors, maybe even a few wrong names here and there and enjoy the tale of what follows.

It was a nice evening for a walk along the beach, there was a light breeze coming from the ocean, the sun we sitting to the west with the puffy white clouds turning into fire colored marshmallows. In the distance we could see dolphins playing in the surf. It was a beautiful evening to be with the one you love. Chole and I could feel Steve and Jeannie falling in love. Where bodies met the nerves came alive, reaching out for the other, wanting, no needing to get closer, to become one. It was how Chole and I have felt since the first time we made love. It might have been before that too, but we were too young to know what the feelings mean.

The energy building up inside us was amazing, The closer we got the hotter our connection was. Steve and Jeannie just added fuel to our connection. Steve couldn’t keep his hands off Jeannie’s almost naked ass. We finally got to our private little cove and proceeded to spread out the blankets. There was no real privacy to be had in the cove, so we were set up to lay fairly close. By fairly close I mean within arm’s reach. It was not our intension really to do anything more than some star gazing and cuddling, we all had a good night followed by a great day together. Okay reading this I don’t even believe that was our intent, however, it sounded good to us at the time, and it was easier than admitting we wanted to watch our friend fuck under the last light of the days and by starlight.

I read a little something about our power on the tablet, I the eye of my mind I pictured untying the top that Jeannie was wearing. It took me three attempts to pull it off. On the third attempt. Her top dropped to the ground as she was getting ready to lay down. Steve said, “Hell yeah, I’ve been waiting for you to pull your top off.”

I thought to myself that I really need to practice this talent along with a couple of others. It seems that we might develop some active powers like being able to move things (like untying her top). There was a tale of one brother and sister couple that could go invisible as long as they were physically touching (holding hands), another couple that teleport but only when together and naked. Of course, there were some one-off variations of stranger powers, one couple was said to have learned to teleport objects. Most of the powers require the couple to be connected to perform.

With that, they flopped down with wumpf as they learned sand might be soft but it is a lot harder than a mattress. They fell, laughing, into each other’s arms as we were laying down beside them. Soon they were laying naked on their blanket, Steve on his back, Jeannie draped across his chest. His Erection pointed straight up his stomach at her face.

Chole said, “Might as well join them.” And then mentally to just me, “Look at that cock, I love your cock but I see why you are attracted some to Jeannie. It’s fun just watching and feeling from their point of view too.”

I slipped Chole’s top off and she wiggled karkamış escort out of her shorts, and she all but tore my clothes off. Soon we were laying like they were, My cock point straight up like a flagpole on the beach. I FELT Jeannie’s mind wander over our way admiring my cock, and a stray thought of, “I’d love to play with those tits.

Chole got that one too and looked over checking Jeannie’s tits out and she sorta made a puckering motion with her lips and gave her a wink. Jeannie just smiled back, and reached out and grabbed Steve’s cock, taking the tip into her mouth. Not to be outdone, Chole swung one leg over me and buried my cock into her pussy and started riding me. Now you have heard of all the sex we have done and that’s all I had ever done up until this point in time, and none of that included girl on top. I was lost in watching her breasts as she bounced on my cock. Looking down I could see my cock entering and exiting her vagina like a magic portal into heaven.

I wasn’t even watching, but I felt Steve flip Jeannie over on her back as he started fucking her for real. Jeannie reached out and grabbed my hand as she came. I’m not sure what really happened, but her quick connection had me filling my sister with my cum and she spasmed above me. The heat of her pussy on my cock was intense and I couldn’t help but let go. She reached out and her hand found Steve’s as she came. With Jeannie holding my hand and Chole holding Steve’s we created a power loop that kept building as we all four had an intense full-body orgasmic experience that was like something we have never experienced before. The power became so intense it seemed to cause the whole cove to light up around us.

We were starting to get alarmed a little as the cove kept becoming brighter as we started to return to normal. The light was coming from the entrance to the cove that we came through, which is also the only exit The tide was in so there was no walking around to get out(even being out there was no way out without going in the water), and there appeared to be something in the water. The light was attracting what looked like sharks to the area. They were lit up in the harsh lighting of the portal. We knew swinging out was not going to work, those teeth looked to big to be messing with. The four of us were slightly on the worried side and we quickly proceeded to get dressed with what we had with us. Our joining had set up a power loop and it grew, and our power spread to Steve and Jeannie. They now KNEW some things but was not sure about how or what was happening. We all four knew we had to go into the portal, the nexus if you prefer. It looked like something out of Star Trek but we knew it was much more dangerous, and something else was nibbling at me, but it was like a lost memory. I felt I had to stay connected to my sister, it just felt important, So I tuned into her feelings and her into mine. Not enough to overpower but to the point our minds shared thoughts.

In the KNOWING came something else, more felt than KNOWN really. We had been attracted to Steve and Jeannie for another reason. Steve and Jeannie are half-siblings, both with the same father, our father, We never knew before ant might not have found out except for the connection we made while we were making love with our partners. More importantly, they might never have found out themselves, they might never have fallen in love if it was not for us. We should have KNOWN about them but since they didn’t KNOW we did not KNOW. Seems there is a slight flaw in the knowing, we can only know what others know. So where did the knowledge of them being related come from? I’m not sure how, but it was there as plain as day, down to the same birthmark we never noticed because we never looked that close. Just a little blob of three spots across the right collar bone of the four of us.

From the portal two dog looking beast came out. They only looked like dogs in a vague sort of way, with very large teeth and very well-defined muscles. It was clear to all of us where they wanted us to go. So into the portal, we went.

We stood Before us, down in a valley, was a large maze, sort like the corn mazes farmers have at harvest, but this one was made of stone and had a lot more open areas mixed in. I’d like to say what lay in front of us was a nice maze master. The portal behind us closed, leaving kilis escort us standing on a cliff with only one way to go, into the maze.

Steve was the first to speak, “That is some Labyrinth.” Looking at it from this height it looked very intimidating and very much looked like something out of a nightmare.

Chole spoke up, “Listen, we KNOW we have to beat this labyrinth, we have to make it to the other side. We have to remain together if we can, and stay connected.” Turning to Steve and Jeannie, “You two do understand being connected?”

They both nodded in agreement, I added, “I KNOW this labyrinth is going to tempt us, to make us want to forget or UNKNOW who we are, what we are doing. As family we can all beat this and survive to live another day.” The four of us connected through the KNOWING. The energy we controlled was amazing, we felt invincible. We proceeded down the path to the Labyrinth’s entrance. For lack of better words up close the entrance looked like a woman’s vagina, the entrance was surrounded by a fiery red growth of what appeared to be thorn Bushes. Above the opening they keystone was rounded like a woman’s clitoris, a signposted about 3 feet Infront of us read “Only Two May enter the maze.”

After some debate we decided that we were not splitting up and the four of us tried. The entrance was sealed and unbudgingly steady. Being a fan of puzzles Jeanine said, “I know what we can do, All four of us can cross, but we have to do it as couples. A couple becomes one when they are, well you know.”

Chole reached out and kissed Jeannie, “You are a genius.” In minutes both girls were on their knees working their mouths on our cocks, bringing us to full erection in no time. We were first, I lifted Chole up and brought her body down, my cock finding home in her warm and delightful pussy. Steven and Jeannie followed suite. The feeling of our connection was not lost on anyone as we walked though the entrance side by side with our cocks buried in our sisters.

On the other side of the entrance, there were two paths, one was covered in gold, the other was paved in cobblestones. The Gold path looked inviting, but we both knew better as not all shiny golden things are gold! We put the girls down and started walking down the path we chose. Jeannie said, “That was starting to feel really good.”

We followed our path, each fork in the labyrinth held a different challenge. We remember that fact, but not much else that we had to do, or what their choices were. I remember one point vaguely that put us into groups of two, I was with Jeannie, and Chole was with Steve and we were being tempted by each other and something else, I remember kissing Jeannie but nothing else. Chole said that’s all she recalls. We never lost our connections and I think that is what saved us from getting lost in the UNKNOWING Labyrinth. When we made it through to the end a portal was open. We KNEW how we had to exit, so we mounted up. We were transported to a green lush meadow beside a flowing creek, with a cabin on the hill beside a lake. We were naked, and horny as we could be. We lay on the ground right there and made love, again touching as we all four came. Our hot cum going into our sisters, we could feel the cycle of life beginning inside our sister’s wombs. Around us nature exploded with cheers of congratulations and “You made it; I know you could.” And at least a few questionings looks from our parents as they begin to KNOW who Steve and Jeannie was to us. That evening in the countryside of Bangor, Maine over a thousand miles away we started the evening, we made love with our KNOWING family around use making love amongst themselves. A thought occurred to me, I wonder what would happen if we all held hands as we … No.. The power would be too great.

We made it back home the old-fashioned way, we flew in a plane and called a Taxi the next day. After this we became a fairly normal couple, Chole and I built a house close to the cove and started raising our own family. Jeannie and Steve after being united with our father and their own powers coming to light move into a house about a mile from ours on the same strip of beach. We were all pretty normal mostly after that. We found ways to entertain ourselves, our voyeuristic hobbies and the beach were always fun, esp with a little dose of our active powers.

Author’s note:

Leave some good comments, I have a few ideas where this might go. I don’t see our couple getting involved in swapping. DO I see some tapping into couples feelings, other families, etc.. Maybe. I know I make mistakes in typing, but I hope you overlook that in the storylines. I might even do some back story with the parents. Maybe Steve and Jeannie’s point of view.

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