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I was nervous as I drove to the meeting place, just outside the gates of the local Navy base. We had set this meeting up a week or so before after spending about two weeks chatting on the social site. I remember when we first started chatting. He had responded to a lame little picture I had posted with the caption, “Happy, happy, joy, joy, who wants to be my boy toy?” His response was wholly unique and witty, appealing to my love of intelligence and a good sense of humor. The two weeks we texted only confirmed my initial impression. This man was both fun and intelligent. We seemed to have so much in common. I was intrigued to know him further. But not for sex! I gave myself this stern warning several times before our designated meeting time.

I knew his complications. He hadn’t tried to hide them from me, even in our first conversations. He was married and had been for quite some time. He shared with me his recent affairs, his unhappiness in a marriage where it seemed more like a convenient friendship of roommates. I knew his religious convictions and his two boys kept him tied to where he was. Wife and children were 2000 miles away at the moment since he was here for military training. He was preparing for deployment and I probably would never see him again. So why was I meeting with him today? What was the motivating factor? It wasn’t for sex, I assured myself one more time.

I’d seen his pictures. All of them clothed. He never once sent me the customary “dick pic” I’d cringe at receiving from just about every guy I’d talk to on the social site. He struck me as handsome and I loved the green eyes he had that held the little sparkle of naughty. I knew I’d teased him a bit. I had allowed him to read my most recent erotic stories. I was proud of them, sure, but I guess I’d let him read them with the hopes of, I don’t know, tantalizing and teasing him. I’d never dreamed we’d actually meet. But here we were. About to meet up…but not for sex, of course.

As I pulled up, I spotted him right away. He was wearing khaki shorts and a t-shirt with a Hawaiian print button up over it. He gave me this shy, but somewhat confident smile as I stopped the car in front of him. It was as if it said, “Here I am! Totally vulnerable, and totally at ease with it.” I smiled back with what I hoped wasn’t a smile of pure nervousness. I am questioning my sanity about now. This man was adorable. Totally what I was attracted to in body and spirit. Oy, this was some kind of huge mistake, I realized as he got in the car and I pulled into to traffic.

During dinner we had a few bursa escort drinks and talked of our lives. Our conversation was just as natural as it had been over the last few weeks of texting, if not more so. We seemed to laugh easily and there weren’t any of those long awkward lulls in conversation that we all dread when meeting a new person. By the end of dinner I knew I didn’t want the evening to end at that moment, and I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to end with the platonic handshake that it should end in.

I suggested we take the short drive to the beach to watch the sun set. “What harm could there be in that?” I asked myself. What harm indeed.

As we stood there taking in the beauty of one of God’s prettiest pictures, a Southern California sunset, the awkwardness we had managed to avoid during dinner set in. It lasted just a moment. I kept thinking, “Is he going to try to kiss me? Does he even want to? How would I respond? Why doesn’t he kiss me?” Finally, unable to take the awkwardness a moment longer, I gave in. I reached my arms up around his neck, pulled him down to me and kissed him. Awkwardness was gone in a flash. Immediately his tongue sought out mine and I knew he wanted me the way I was beginning to want him. I placed my palms on his chest, feeling the pound of his heart and the strength of his muscles under my touch. For a woman not planning on having sex tonight, I was pretty damn well turned on and fast.

As the sun was setting we kissed and giggled and kissed some more. We knew what we were doing was illicit, but it felt so damn right. It felt so natural. Here was a man I finally connected with in more than just a sexual way. It had been so long since anyone had made me laugh the way he had. It had been ages since anyone had held an intellectual conversation with me the way he had. And the chemistry? Yeah, as much as I had been trying to deny it all evening, it was there, too. I knew not only was I going to have sex with this man tonight, but I instinctively knew it was going to be amazing. The morality of it didn’t enter my mind. I knew I’d have to deal with that sooner or later, but for tonight, I’d just feel.

I whispered the suggestion of finding a hotel room, which he immediately agreed to. Who knew the fiasco that would become? It seemed my little beach town and the surrounding areas were experiencing an influx of tourists there for summer’s fun in the sun. There wasn’t a room to be had for twenty miles. Not to be deterred, we drove the 20 miles out of town to find a room at Motel 6.

I shook as I walk bursa merkez escort up the stairs to the second story room. I didn’t quite know if it was moral conviction of knowing I was about to sleep with a married man, if it was excitement of anticipation, or if it was dread that I’d be disappointed yet again in a physical act that seem so meaningless to men in general. I’m not delusional in thinking a hookup was going to be anything more than just that, but it has hardly been worth the effort lately. I wanted him to want me enough to take his time with me- to realized my pleasure mattered, too. I wanted a memory worthy of a new erotic story.

The moment he opened the door, my hands were on him. I was a mass of nerves, yes, but I was also turned on beyond belief. Our making out on the beach left me craving to feel his touch and our drive here had delayed my pleasure and set me on edge. I was single mindedly going after what I wanted. He had other ideas, however. Here I thought I was the one taking all the initiative, but at some point between entering the room and my first hurried kisses, he took control over the situation. He slowly helped me out of my pretty summer dress I had hoped flattered my overly curvy body. He was torturously slow as he also removed my black lace panties and bra. My wedge sandals, however, he left buckled on my feet as he pushed me back to lay on the bed. I was about to sit up to help him undress when he fell between my legs and planted his face into my pussy. I wasn’t quite prepared for that. Didn’t quite know how to respond.

As much as I love receiving oral sex, I always have a moment of doubt lingering in my mind that the guy actually wants to do it. I always have a feeling of panic as I wonder if I somehow smell unpleasant as my ex husband used to make me feel. This man didn’t let me push him away, however. He reached his strong arms under my legs and around my hips, pulling me into place for his seeking tongue. He lashed and teased my clit with an expertise that left me panting for more. He teased me further by taking first one finger, then a second and third and stimulating my pussy from the inside out. His fingers knew just where I needed to be touched. He didn’t just pump his fingers in and out, to simulate fucking me. No, this man knew my secret need to be petted and stroked so that my nerve endings were sparking, and my g-spot was weeping.

I have no idea how long he was between my legs or how many times he made me scream out. Hours? Mere seconds? I was in a timeless place. I felt the bursa sınırsız escort tight build up of tension and the crashing release of orgasm several times from his seeking touch and skilled fingers. My legs were, at this point, draped over his shoulders, holding him tightly up against my pussy, as I begged for more. My sandals were probably digging into his back. I had most likely alerted everyone in that wing of the motel as to what my new lover was doing to me with my cries and my pleas for more. I didn’t care. I was selfishly taking what this man was so willingly giving me. But ultimately, this isn’t what I wanted from him.

Finally, when I was panting in pure exhaustion, and I could take no more of the direct contact to my over-sensitized clit, he climbed up over me. Kneeling between my legs, he quickly undid his belt to his shorts, unzipped them and pushed them down. He ripped his shirts off with haste and he fell on top of my waiting body. I could smell my unique scent on his breath as he leaned towards me, his elbows bracketed on either side of my head, Staring into my eyes, not even needing his hands to guide his rockhard cock to me, he entered my pussy with agonizing slowness. He kissed me gently as we both groan out our pleasure with that first entry. He left me feeling so full and stretched. As good as he felt, I knew he needed to find his release. He had given me so much pleasure, it was now his turn to find a measure of his own. Raising my legs up so they are partially around his back, I felt him begin to move slowly inside of me. Back and forth, over and over again, slowly building up momentum. My arms by now reached up, holding him as he worked his hips steadily, gaining even deeper access into my very core.

Unexpectedly I felt the pleasure catch hold again and start to built quickly in me. My muscles tightened around his cock inside of me and I felt him respond by fucking me harder, with more aggression. I knew we were both about to cum. Holding his gaze, I let the feeling wash over me and got a thrill when his eyes closed and his shoulders began bunching up as he ground deeply into me, giving me his cum. He made only harsh breathing sounds as the orgasm hit him. I lazily stroked his back, easing him back to the present. His weight fell to me for a few moments, but it’s not unpleasant. It made me feel solidly comforted, content.

I have no idea what the future held for me and my new lover, but I know one thing for sure. I knew he and I’d have the rest of the evening to explore until our bodies were content. I knew I held no regrets that I had these stolen moments with him. He had generously given me not only physical release, but an emotional one as well. I soaked it up greedily and drifted with a little smile on my lips.

Dedicated to my life, my present, and my future. Happy Birthday, lover. Who knew?!?!

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