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They first meet on-line. He lives in Pennsylvania, her Ohio. Their relationship has grown over the months. It starts with just silly talks, soon they add some flirting. Their relationship progresses to phone sex. They decide it is time to meet in person. They pick a hotel that is in the middle of their two homes for a long weekend. They meet up at lunch time on a Friday. They talk and eat their lunches while having a comfortable conversation. They decide to head to the room. They walk together holding hands. Once in the room they unpack some of their stuff in silence. Then they look at each other. She laughs, he smiles. He walks towards her. He takes her hand and kisses it. He leans towards her and brushes his lips softly against hers. She relaxes. She deepens the kiss. Both of them are excited and nervous about their first time together.

His hand moves to her waist, and he holds their bodies together. She stands back a little and removes her shirt. He follows suit and removes his shirt. He removes his pants, she takes her pants off. She smiles standing in front of him in her matching silk green bra and panty set. He stands in front of her in only his blue briefs. She can see he is aroused. She moves towards him. When she reaches him she gives him a passionate kiss. Their bodies dance against each other. They kiss deeply, tongues dancing, tasting each other. Their hands roam up and down each other’s bodies.

“I want you naked.” he says.

She unhooks her bra and lets it fall to the floor. She steps out of her panties.

“Your turn.” she says.

He removes his briefs. He leads her over bursa escort to the bed and she sits on the edge. He bends down and kisses her. He says “Tell me what you want.”

She looks at him searching his eyes. He knows her desires already. She boldly tells him, “Suck my pussy.” He places his hand on her thigh and slides his hand higher up. She spreads her legs slightly apart. His hand slides towards her pussy. She licks his lips, and opens up completely to him. He loves the feel of her shaved pussy. His finger separates her wet pussy lips. He slides his finger up and down her pussy slit. Then he inserts a finger into her. He slowly starts to finger fuck her, and he adds a second finger. He moves his fingers faster in and out. He licks her pussy as his fingers plunge in and out of her.

He tells her “Your pussy taste so good.” and continues to lick her. She arches into his mouth. He adds a third finger and hears her moan with pleasure. Her pussy is tight around his fingers. He moves his fingers to find her g-spot. He sucks her clit. Her fingers tangle in his hair keeping his head to her pussy. He sucks harder on her clit, and moving his fingers fast and hard into her pussy. He brings her to climax.

He sits beside her on the bed. He places his wet fingers to her mouth. She sucks her juices off of them. They kiss again. His hands brush against her hard nipples. He pinches her nipples. “Suck my tits.” she says. He happily complies. He licks one hard nipple, and begins to suck it greedily. He pinches the other nipple repeatedly, pulling and tugging on it. She moans again. She moves away escort bursa from him. It’s her turn to pleasure him.

She stands between his legs. She kneels down. She smiles up and him as she gently grasps his hard cock in her hand. She moves her hand up and down his length. “Tell me what you want.” she says.

“Suck my cock.” he huskily replies.

She licks the head of his cock, repeatedly licking the tip. She licks down his shaft. She gently squeezes and licks his balls. She licks her way back up his cock. She licks the head again and slowly sucks his cock into her mouth. She moves her mouth up and down his shaft to his balls as she takes him deep into her throat.

He tells her, “Your mouth feels so good on my cock, suck me harder.”

She slides his cock out of her mouth and licks around its head. Then she sucks him into her mouth again. She can feel he’s close to cumming. She keeps sucking and licking and is soon rewarded when she tastes his cum sliding down her throat. She sucks gently him more and when he stops cumming she licks his cock clean.

She sits beside him on the bed and they kiss. She stops the kissing. She goes and gets them each a bottle of water they had put in the mini fridge earlier. She sits beside him again.

“I’m glad we met.” she says.

“Me too.” he replies and kisses her again.

He kisses and licks down her neck. He says, “I want to fuck your sweet pussy now.” She replies by moving up to the top of the bed and in the middle.

She spreads her legs for him, and fingers her pussy. “I’m wet for you, come pound my pussy with escort bursa your hard cock.” He crawls up towards her on all fours. He moves between her legs and takes a quick couple licks of her pussy. Then he slides up her body again. He kisses her, tongues in twining. He takes his cock in his hand, and rubs it up and down her pussy slit getting his tip wet with her juices. He positions himself and the opening of her pussy.

“Fuck me now.” she begs.

He slides his cock slowly into her pussy. She’s nice and tight around him. He pulls out and then slams back into her. His balls slapping against her as he pounds her pussy, in and out. She arches into his thrust, moving with him. They find a good rhythm together. His hands move to her breasts, cupping and squeezing them. She pulls his head to her mouth and kisses him deeply.

She turns them over so that she is on top of him. She straddles him. She slides her pussy up so that his hard cock falls out of her pussy. He moans. She smiles. She takes a hold of his cock and strokes him a couple of times. Then she positions it over the opening of her pussy. She slides his top of his cock inside of her. She slams down hard on him. Moving up and down. Her tits bouncing with every thrust. He thrusts his cock in and out of her pussy. He places his hands on her tits and pulls the nipples hard. She leans down to give him better access to her tits. He sucks and licks her nipples and she rides him. She starts to cum, and slows down her pace a bit as she catches her breath. He moves them again so that he is on top. He pounds into her pussy several more times, she starts to cum. Her pussy clenches his cock. Soon his cum is shooting inside her. Her pussy milks his cock for every last drop of wonderful cum. He stays inside of her until his cock finally limply falls out of her. They lay together catching their breaths.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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