Paradise Isle – The Pony Pt. 02

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(fetish, ponyplay, ponygirl, consensual, piercing) Pony training.

By ChangeYourPassword

Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. It is a story of sexual fantasies and fetishes. These sexual practices are not for everyone, but those of us who delve into them understand the allure. The characters in the story certainly do. If you enjoy this story and the fetishes involved, great. If not, please forget the whole thing.

This tale is a stand-alone story of an adventure at Paradise Isle. Please read at least the first section of the ‘Island Paradise, The Beginning’ for background on the wonderful island and its sexual vacation orientation. It sets the stage for this and other stories of sexual pleasures encountered on the island.

Read part one of The Pony, first.

Scott followed along as Antonio led Summer, in all her ponygirl glory, down the path from their room and into the resort’s big courtyard, with its huge pool and artificial islands filled with bars, restaurants, and pavilions. And people, of course.

He’d been confused from the moment he arrived, First by Summer’s disappearance, then by their suite with its mini-stable, and then by the appearance of the pony-girl and her trainer.

What the hell was Summer playing at? Clearly this was some freaky fantasy that she had been dreaming of for quite some time. Yet she’d never mentioned it.

And that hurt. He loved her. And he knew that she loved him too, perhaps not as much, but still, you’d think that your lover would share her fondest sexual fantasy with you.

Although, it was a pretty outlandish fantasy; fetish, really. He wasn’t at all surprised that she’d be embarrassed to tell him about it.

But why would she spring it on him, here and now?

Thinking back, he realized that her original plans had been to go it alone. It was only after they’d talked about it that she’d agreed to have him come along.

Hmm, he thought. What should he do about the situation? Certainly, he’d go along and help her with her game. But should he participate? It just might be interesting, and fun. And he did love her. He wanted her for a wife, but maybe ‘owner’ could work out to be that too.

He decided to think about it more, later. At the moment he was becoming mesmerized by the sight in front of him. His girl with a tail wagging behind her as she clip-clopped along in front of him. Pretty much helpless, and being led by a stranger.

Damn! His cock was hard!

Summer felt herself blushing, the moment the three of them stepped out of the suite. She was a pony-girl, and now on full display, with absolutely no choice in the matter.

She tried to focus on the wonders of the resort. The grounds were huge and beautifully landscaped. In the background she could just make out the glimmering blue ocean, through the stands of palm trees. And the massive pool that was the center of the complex was studded with cool little islands, with bars, restaurants, and areas to sit and relax.

And everywhere she looked there were people – guests enjoying themselves. And a lot of them seemed to be people-watching, while they sat and ate, or drank, or just lolled around.

As she looked, she could see that there were also a lot of exciting sights to look at. And most of them were sexy and a lot of them were fetishy, as well.

She was relieved to see that many of the vacationers were nearly naked, or fully naked. The norm for the women was a tiny bikini.

The other thing she noticed was that a lot of them stared and smiled at her. She was the only pony-girl in sight, and it was clear that she was a big attraction.

The clip-clop of her hooves, that she loved so much, also drew people’s attention and now she realized that the sound was a liability, and it embarrassed her.

She tried to play her role as the proud pony. And she was mostly able to succeed in that. But she also felt humiliated by some of the lascivious stares, or the lurid comments, or the rude laughs.

She came to appreciate her blinders. They helped her ignore at least some of the oglers.

Summer realized that even here, at a resort focused on fetishistic sexual pleasures, she was an unusual sight. Ponyplay was not really all that popular, even among the BDSM crowd. But here she was, a prime example of that kink. And she had arranged it all, so she had no choice but to play her part.

But as they walked along, she forgot her own plight and became fascinated, and turned on, by the very erotic and exotic people she was encountering. This place was one big porn site — in the flesh.

She wound up staring at the others, as much as they were staring at her.

A couple of times Antonio interrupted her gaping, by admonished her to stand taller, to thrust her chest out. “A pony’s posture must be strong, tall and proud. Thrust your chest out and lift your knees.” And he gave her a swat with the riding crop that hung on his belt.

It stung, and pissed her off, but she tried to comply.

And as she walked along, elvankent escort she felt the plug moving inside her ass. It was uncomfortable, and annoying, and the finger that pushed up her ass crack and held her tail up to her tailbone, was also uncomfortable.

She was though, enchanted by the feel of her pony tail as it brushed back and forth against the backs of her legs. That was a real pony aspect that she’d dreamed of and that gave her a thrill.

Her drooling, around her bit wasn’t enjoyable at all. It embarrassed her and felt slimy as it dripped off her chin and onto her chest.

On those occasions when Antonio wiped her off, she appreciated it. But it also added to her humiliation.

“If you keep your head up, you won’t drool so much.” He admonished her.

She took that instruction to heart, and despite her self-consciousness, she kept her chin up, as best she could.

As they approached a bar, Antonio looked over his shoulder at Scott. “Thirsty?” he asked.

Scott had been walking along behind, splitting his time between watching Summer’s ass and pretty tail, and gawking at the kinky people they passed.

When Antonio proposed a break for alcohol, he readily agreed. He was thirsty, and he’d be happy to sit and people-watch for a while. “Sure,” he replied.

Smiling Antonio turned back and led Summer over to a small high-top table with a couple of stools off to one side of the place.

There, he maneuvered the ponygirl, by her reins to a position facing the main floor, in between the two stools.

She allowed herself to be nudged into the position, until she realized that there was no seat for her. Antonio gave her a swat, that stung and she squealed, bringing even more attention her way.

“Be good, and stand like a proper horsey. Ponygirls don’t sit.” he told her. “And everyone wants to gaze upon your beauty,” he added with a chuckle.

Scott sat on one of the stools and checked her out, himself. Out here in the open, among the lights and the beauty, she was a very erotic and exotic sight, he had to admit. He could understand why everyone was staring at her, most with unabashed lust painted on their faces.

It made him proud. I’m her owner. He told himself. Even though he knew that wasn’t really the case. So far it only seemed like he was her care-taker.

He and Antonio ordered a couple of beers, and sat quietly chatting, while Summer just stood and fidgeted, between them.

At one point Antonio reached over and slapped her on the ass, with his hand. “Stop the fidgeting, stand still like a proper pony.”

Then he turned to Scott. “I’m afraid she has a lot to learn. Ponygirls fidget because it’s difficult to stand still in their hooves. Hard on their feet. It is kind of cute, watching them shuffle in place, like that. But they must learn to be still.”

“I see.” Scott, answered. He actually had no clue. He’d never dreamed of dealing with a ponygirl. One that he loved.

They spent a while watching a football game on the big TV over the bar. Like most Americans, Scott didn’t really understand the alure of the sport.

Understanding, Antonio tried to educate him while they finished their drinks.

A half-hour later, Antonio took their little parade back to their rooms. There, he led Summer straight into her stall and removed her reins.

Scott stepped through the doorway into his part of the suite.

Antonio wished Summer a good night, then left, closing the bottom of the door behind him, but then turned and peered back into the little room, over the open portion of the half-door.

“You can leave this open; you know. For fresh air. It could become a bit stuffy, and odorous in there. Your call, Scott.”

He then turned and walked away, calling “see you in the morning, Summer,” over his shoulder.

As soon as Antonio was out of sight, and only a few pedestrians were passing by the open door, Scott walked back into the stable and over to Summer, who was standing in the middle of the space, looking around blankly.

“What in God’s name have you gotten yourself, and me too for that matter, into?” He wasn’t exactly yelling, but he was close. He was doing his best to keep his volume down. He didn’t want to attract any more attention.

Summer the pony, just stood there quietly, tears welling up in her eyes. There was nothing she could say, literally, to explain herself.

She sniffed and shrugged.

Scott felt bad, but not bad enough to forgive her or console her.

“I thought I’d be relaxing, chasing pretty girls around the pool, or even chasing you. Not this! Nothing like this.”

Realizing that asking her questions she couldn’t answer wasn’t doing any good. He took a deep breath, “I never knew this was your favorite fantasy. Your fetish. You could have told me. I would have worked with you, and been better prepared to be your owner.”

But that thought got him upset again. “For god’s sake, Summer. You didn’t want to be my wife, but you accept me being emek escort your owner? That’s nuts!”

By now she was really crying, feeling miserable. Her adventure wasn’t going like she’d imagined it would.

As she stood there, unable to respond to her best friend, she spaced out and began evaluating her experience so far. It was unquestioningly making her horny as hell. And parading around showing herself off was exciting. She had begun to realize that she was a bit of an exhibitionist, and the humiliation was somehow appealing, as well.

And the feeling of the harness on her body and the tail brushing against the backs of her legs was exactly as she had dreamed it would be. But she understood that the impact on dear Scott was dreadful. That she had suckered him into participating in her fantasy fulfillment game. And that was neither fair nor considerate. Hell! It was downright mean.

So, still crying, she did the only thing she could do, she stepped over to him and wrapped her arms around him, until her hooves clonked behind his back, and she hugged him and snuggled her harnessed head into his neck and shoulder.

Automatically he hugged her tightly, feeling her harness against his chest and beneath his arms.

And they stood like that until she stopped sniffling and crying.

Finally, he grabbed her shoulders and gently pushed her back, “let’s at least do this.” And he reached up and unbuckled the strap that held her bit in place and removed it. Hanging the slimy thing on a nearby hook.

She spent the next several minutes moving her sore jaw, moaning softly as she stretched it and worked some feeling back into it.

Then she kissed him, lovingly and passionately. And he loved it.

After enjoying themselves for a few minutes she leaned back and looked him in the eye. “I was afraid to tell you. It’s not exactly a cute fetish. I know it’s weird, but it’s been floating around in my head for years and years.”

“Really? I never knew, or guessed.”

“I know. I was too embarrassed, and I could never find a way to explain it. Hell, I’m not sure if I can explain it even to myself.”

She leaned in and gave him another kiss before continuing with her confession.

“When I signed up for this, I did it without thinking it all the way through. I did intend to go it alone. But I was also afraid, so when you volunteered to come along. I really liked the idea.”

“But you still didn’t warn me.

“Summer, I’ve always been there for you. I would have come, no matter how bizarre an adventure you had in mind.”

She again started to tear up. “I know. I’m sorry. Like I said, I didn’t know how to explain. How do you tell your best friend that you’re a pervert?”

He liked the best friend part, although he would have been happier if she’d described him as her lover.

“Oh, come on, you’re no pervert,” he replied, to comfort her. But then chuckling, he added, “but you are one crazy, kinky pony.”

She was relieved that he was actually laughing, so, she leaned in to kiss him again, muttering, “I know.”

Scott wrapped his arms around her and led her, shuffling together, through the interior door and into the bedroom, the one intended for humans. There he gently laid her down on the bed.

But as she laid back, she suddenly shrieked, and rolled onto her side, reaching back with a hoof, to push at her behind. “My tail, poked me. I can’t lay flat on my back,” she said moaning.

“Oh, shit! I’m sorry.”

“That’s okay. We both have a lot to learn.”

“Mainly you.” He said, as he climbed into the bed next to her, facing her lying on his side.

They spent a while just holding each other, cuddling and kissing. Her large nose ring did get in the way as it blocked her top lip when they kissed. Scott got a kick out of playing with it though. He bit it and pulled gently, and wrapped his tongue around it and sucked on it, giggling.

His attention made it easier for her to accept the thing. It was another aspect of her pony experience that she hadn’t been prepared for. Perhaps it wasn’t such a terrible fashion accessory, after all.

Finally, they took a break. He rolled onto his back, but she couldn’t, so she shifted to lay on her front.

Scott really enjoyed the sight of her pretty pony tail sticking up out of her ass crack, but he didn’t mention it.

“I like this. But your harness and your hooves sure get in the way of passionate fondling.” He said, chuckling. “But your breasts look and feel wonderful, held up by your harness, and I do have access to your pussy.”

She laughed.

“Would you like me to open up that strap?” he asked.

“Yes, please,” she sighed.

He smiled happily, and got up on his knees. Hovering over her hips, as she rolled back onto her side to give him access. He had to lean down to unbuckle the straps that framed her pussy and connected to the lower edge of her leather corset, at the hollows of her hips.

Pushing them back between her legs he ran a couple of fingers eryaman escort along her pussy lips. They were smooth and wet and ready.

He had often, in the past, licked her to orgasms. He knew she loved it, but still feeling mistreated, he decided she didn’t deserve that pleasure, after what she’d pulled, so he stayed on his knees.

“If your tail is going to be in the way, we’ll have to do it doggy style.” He paused, chuckling, “or is it ponygirl style. You’ll need to get up on your knees, my little pony.” And for good measure, he gave her a slap on the ass.

Summer chirped, but shifted and got up onto her knees and elbows, as he’d ordered.

She was ready for sex – of any kind. She’d been horny all day as she lived out her fantasy. Even though some of it was unpleasant, and not at all what she was prepared for, she was happy with her situation, and excited about getting screwed.

Scott, took up position behind her and pulled her back, plugging his hard cock into her already wet pussy. In the process he had to use one hand to pull her tail up and out of the way. And when he did, the plug in her ass shifted and she again chirped, in surprise and a little pain.

“Umm. We’ll have to get that worked out. Your tail, I mean. It doesn’t feel good?”

“Um, no.” she moaned.

Not feeling a lot of sympathy, she’d brought it on herself, he patted her ass.

“Well, some women like plugs or even cocks in their ass. Perhaps you’ll get used to it, and learn to like it.”

She was skeptical, but too anxious to get on with the sex, to argue.

With her tail sticking up and the long hair cleared out of the way, off to the side, Scott resumed pushing into her. It felt good. After the crazy day, and the unbelievably erotic sights, he was more than ready.

As he built up his thrusting, he reached down and grabbed hold of a couple of the straps that encircled her breasts. They made great handles.

“You know, this works,” he said panting a bit, but next time I think I’ll leave your bit in place, so I can hold onto your reins while I breed with you.”

Summer heard him, and didn’t care for the idea, but she was too focused on the pleasure, and her rapidly building orgasm, to do anything but moan.

Scott was very much enjoying himself too. He was screwing a ponygirl, and astoundingly it was his ponygirl, his Summer.

It was so good, and so kinky, that they both came quickly, energetically and passionately.

Scott was so excited that his cock stayed hard for a surprisingly long time, and his sperm continued to flow. Damn! It was good!

Summer, in her harness and hooves, was living her dream, and her orgasm was truly a big-O. The biggest!

And at that moment she knew that her pony adventure was the best decision of her life. At least so far. She could only hope that it would remain so.

Eventually, Scott’s cock was empty and soft enough to sadly slide out of his lover. She felt it, and slumped forward onto the bed. He would have liked to follow, and sprawl on top of her, but her tail was in the way, and he wasn’t sure how comfortable it would be laying on her harness with all of its straps and buckles. So, he slid off to the side and laid there next to her.

Idly, he lifted an arm and stroked her mane on the top of her head, between the straps and her pony ears. It waw weird, but certainly fascinating.

“I’ll miss your hair.” He mumbled.

Summer groaned. “I had no idea they’d do that.”

“When we get back, you’ll need to get a wig. Unless you like that look.” And he giggled, knowing the answer.

“God no! I’ll have to find one that matches my normal hair.”

“Or you could buy a blonde one. I think you’d look great as a blonde. And as your owner, I have a lot of say in the matter.”

“Hah, only while we’re here.”

“We’ll see…” he said. He was starting to dream of things to come. He’d love to remain her owner, just like he wanted to be her husband.

After they’d rested, he again got up on his knees. “Onto your side and lift your leg, little pony.”

“Huh?” she muttered.

“Come on, move. I need to fasten up your straps.”

“Now? Already? But I’m full of your spunk, and I need to pee.”

“Well, we’ll need to go outside so you can pee, and we sure don’t want your tail to fall out, when we do.”

She understood what he was saying, and it made sense, sort of. But she still didn’t want to do it.

When she didn’t move, he gave her a swat on the ass, making her jump. “Don’t make me go and get the riding crop.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“I’d have to. You made me your owner, and I have responsibilities. You heard Antonio.”

Groaning, she gave up arguing, and rolled over so he could fasten the straps that pinched her pussy closed.

That little chore completed, Scott got up and walked into the bathroom, and relieved and washed himself. When he came back out, he stood by the bed looking down at the tired but seemingly happy ponygirl.

“You need to pee.” It wasn’t so much a question as a statement.

Summer groaned resignedly, as she carefully slid out of bed, avoiding crushing her tail and poking herself in the ass, and then stood up in front of him.

“Would you like to do it inside or out? Remember you’ll be spending the night in there with your droppings.”

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