Parent Teacher Interviews

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All persons in this story are fictional and 18+

The premise was a good one, take repeat youth offenders and place them in a special high school when they turn eighteen. For many, this was the only way they would get an education that would allow them to move on in trades or higher education. It was a noble cause, and it got results. Every educator was the best of the best and the students wanted to be there. It was treated like a fresh start and a new go at life. Parents were expected to be involved and were asked to step up and were given assistance to do so.

This is how Carl found himself at his very first parent-teacher interview. His step-daughter Tess had fallen in with the wrong crowd when her mother went through a nasty divorce with Tess’s first step-father. Add into the mix the biological father getting out of jail and utilizing Tess in a few of his get-rich schemes and you have a teenager with a broken moral compass. Break-ins, drug dealing and minor assault all came crashing down when she turned eighteen. Staring at an extensive stretch in jail she decided that now was the best time to turn her life around.

Carl sat in the student chairs while the teacher at the front, Miss Jessica Hickels explained the function of her particular class. Jessica was young perhaps her early twenties and half Frank’s age. Turning fifty had made him realise that he was old enough to be the father of many of the girls he perved on. Still, it was a guilty pleasure and it hurt no one, as long as he kept it to himself.

Jessica or Miss Hickles parade around in a short sundress. When she stood at the front of the room it was pristine and white, however as she stood near the window that seemed to line up with his line of sight he could see her frame perfectly. Due to the configuration of the classroom only he got this eyeful of the young educator’s body. Something he delighted in, her frame was petite, a decent thigh gap showed, however as she stood side on he realised that the sundress concealed two large perky breasts.

“We find that with interaction from parents about perhaps how they went wrong in life but are now upstanding citizens is a breakthrough moment with the kids.” Jessica’s voice was laden with passion. “I have seen some of our hardest cases turned around by the simple knowledge that they can make the change, that their life is not locked into some terrible path. She paused now, the rest of the parents enthralled. Carl was enthralled by the size of her bust. “Despair is the gateway to crime, hope is the gateway to change.”

After the clapping ended she interviewed each parent or parent couple. Starting from the furthest from Carl, who quickly cursing to himself realised he was last. However, he did not despair; he was getting brownie points for attending this with his wife who was away on business and his beautiful step-daughter who now sat at home studying. It seemed to Carl that inadvertently the teacher was happy to reward him, her cleavage and naked outline advertised to him and him alone as she moved from each parent.

Soon the room was almost empty. The last set of parents had barrages of tearful questions and hopes and desires to help. Jessica snuck a smile at Carl, confusing him was there a joke going on that he missed? He was content to interest himself with the curriculum book he had been handed. Looking down he could see that Jessica sat awkwardly on the chair, the sundress was stretched tight across her back. Like the trained pervert he was, Carl looked for the panty line. He could see none, nothing but the perfect curve of her petite behind.

Soon Jessica finished, she had walked the last group to the door, she then shut it as they left.

“Ah, I am still to go,” Carl said standing, thinking that she had missed him.

“I am fully aware that you are here. Mr Ruthers am I correct?”

“Ah no, that’s Tess’s surname, not mine. I am her stepfather. Carl Joyden,” Carl said with a look of concern on his face as he watched the petite teacher walk to the front of the class. There she leaned forward to retrieve a laptop. Carl had intended to look away, but at the last minute he looked and was rewarded, the young teacher wore no bra. Large pale orbs wobbled with her movements as she removed the laptop from her bag. Jake snapped his head up as she removed the laptop from her bag. It was a rather obvious move.

Jessica came and sat at the table. Carl did his best customer service smile but was rewarded with a slight scowl from Jessica.

“Carl is it?” Jessica snapped the words out, her green eyes hard. She whipped her short brown fringe out of her face.

“Yes,” Carl said nervously.

“Had a good time checking me out?” Her voice had an ice edge.

“Sorry?” Carl felt his heart skip a beat and then go faster than he thought possible.

“What part did you like the most. The part where you stared at my ass or looked down my dress?”

Carl felt his mouth go dry. Sweat beaded on his forehead. “I… ah,” Carl was lost for words.

“You’re sorry, I kurtköy escort get it. Never happened before,” Jessica stabbed her statements at Carl with loaded sarcasm. “Frankly I shouldn’t be surprised.” Jessica opened the laptop, it booted and opened an internet browser. “I can only assume her perversions come from you,” Jessica sneered.

“Wait, what do you mean perversions,” Carl questioned anxiously.

“Well, your daughter,” Jessica began.

“Step-daughter,” Carl quickly corrected.

“Oh, I should have known,” Jessica said rolling her eyes.

“What has she done?” Carl felt his anxiety peaking.

“Tess has a sophisticated cam site where I am sure you know she makes a significant amount of money.” Jessica clicked on a few links.

It was an elaborate website. It displayed a sophistication in design and expert grasp in technology. Slowly it revealed Tess in skimpy outfits, slowly they became more and more exposing. Jessica slammed the laptop down. Causing Carl to flinch.

“I am sorry,” Carl said. His head bowed, in defeat.

“This is the tip of the iceberg,” Jessica said as she opened the laptop again. “Tess has also ensured that she will get good grades.”

Grainy security vision, Tess walked into a classroom. There she walked over to the teacher sitting at a desk. Standing in front of the desk Tess drops her skirt exposing knee-high socks and white underwear. The male teacher stands and smacks Tess’s ass. The teacher pulls on Tess’s panties forcing them into her thick thighs. His hand going to the exposed hairless crotch. Tess moans, Carl squirms and Jess puts her hand on Carl’s leg.

Carl looks from the screen to Jess and then to his leg. His mind reels which to watch. Does he watch as his daughter drops her panties and then drops to her knees, does he look at the young educator Jessica or to her hand as it slides up his leg to his thickening cock.

Tess unzips the unnamed teachers fly and fishes his cock out of his pants, she then proceeds to insert as much of the cock as she can into her little mouth. Her head bobs up and down the teacher rests his hands on the back of her head.

Jessica looks from the screen to Carl, a strange smile forming on her lips. Briefly looking down he watches with excitement and confusion as her hand reaches his bulge. A brief moan escaped his lips, as Jessica touches his cock, sensitive even through his jeans.

“It seems your stepdaughter is a bit of a slut,” Jessicas’s diminutive fingers tap up and down Carl’s cock bulge.

Carl grimaced slightly as his cock was painfully squashed by his jeans, and the half crossed leg position he sat in. Terrified at what was happening he didn’t move.

Jessica pushed her finger in with growing pressure into the bulge. “Ah, well then she has a promising future. Even you must agree.” Jessica flicked her fringe back and grinned. “I have to admire her though, I wanted to do all of this at her age. Fuck my way to better grades. Sell my big tits online.”

Carl nodded his eyes going wider.

“So, do you? Do you fuck her? Does she suck your cock, behind her mother’s back,” Jessica slid closer to Carl, flicking her short hair over her ear. She smiled and drummed her fingers on Carl’s painfully trapped cock.

“I have, haven’t,” he stammered.

“Haven’t fucked her ass,” Jessica interrupted. “Haven’t drilled her brown flower?” She continued with her line of assumptions. “Haven’t opened her bowels up and filled it with your taboo seed,” She smiled and with her index finger drew all over Carl’s imprisoned cock.

“I wouldn’t touch,” Carl attempted to protest.

“Oh you wouldn’t, not without using her as your own personal toilet,” Jess bit her bottom lip and her hand massaged the entire length of Carl’s painfully trapped prick. “Not until you coat that face and those big teen tits with your piss.”

On the screen, the teacher moaned, his dick was removed from Tess’s mouth. Cooing was heard from the teen as she milked a grunted ejaculation out of the male teacher.

“She will be expelled, you know this,” Jessica said her index finger and thumb tugging gently on the zip, moving it a few notches. “This is expulsion and I do believe a breach of her parole,” a few more zips clicked by. “Sad, really.”

“Is there something?” Carl felt helpless.

“To do?” A few more clicks and the zip was fully open, her petite hand fished into his jeans. “Is there anything more to do?”

“Yes,” Carl said helplessly as his erect cock was scraped by his metal fly and exposed between the two zips. Darker than the rest of his skin it was tipped with a purple circumcised helmet. A trickle of pre-cum sat in the recessed eye of Carl’s cock.

“Hmm,’ she pondered as if like predators claw she grasped Carl’s sensitive cock head. Carl gasped. “Oh, I have an idea.”

Jessica released Carl’s cock, the pleasure-pain was almost too much.

“Homework Carl, homework,” Jessica said with a sinister grin. “I want a film made by this little slut of you doing everything I want.” malatya escort She grasped Carl’s cock in her hand, her index finger with its long nail lanced the eye of his weeping cock head.

Hissing Carl spoke. “What! What do you want us to do?”

Lovingly stroking Carl’s sensitive and on edge penis, Jessica smiled to herself. “Your first homework is for her to initiate a sexual act. It doesn’t matter what, however, you are not allowed to cum,” she said emphasising each word with a poke to his weeping head. “Do we understand, this little buddy here cannot cum, oh no not yet.”

“When! When do you want this,” Carl said his cock and nerves on edge.

“Like all homework, by five tomorrow afternoon.”

Carl actually heard himself whimper.


Striding swiftly out to the car, Carl furiously dialled his step-daughter, Tess. The call took twice as long as normal to go through because Carl shook so much he failed to hit the dial button the first time. Shaking his head he finally heard the phone pick up.

“Hi daddy,” Tess said in a sweet sing-song voice.

“Darling,” Carl started through clenched teeth. “You and I need to talk quickly, are you alone?”

“No, is there something wrong?”

Carl listened to her walk away and to a quieter spot. “Tess, I need you home now, we need to talk.”

“Is it something Miss said?”

“Well it’s to do with you remaining enrolled,” he paused. “Don’t speak a word of this to your mother.”

“Daddy, what, why?” Tess whispered down the phone. “You are freaking me out.”

“Good that’s two of us, meet me at home. Your mother is at pilates and won’t be home for another hour. Don’t screw around, go home now!” Carl shook with so many emotions. Fear of the teacher, of Tess losing her enrollment and fear his wife would find out. He was also angry, angry he had let himself fall into such a trap, angry at Tess for being a two-bit whore. Most of all he wanted to cum.


The house felt empty as Carl walked in, he noted that Tess’s bag sat on the table. He stormed up to her room. The door was open, looking in the room was empty. On the bed was a dirty uniform. Picking it up he looked around the room and saw steam emanating from the ensuite.

“Tess,” Carl bellowed as he walked into the steamy bathroom uniform in hand.

“Holy fuck Dad!” A wet head emerged from the shower stall, blinking as she snapped her head back in surprise. “What the fuck.” She stopped the shower. Reaching to get a towel, but finding the one she put there earlier gone. Looking out the frosted glass she could see her stepfather holding the white blob of her towel.

“I am in a world of hurt because of you missy.” Carl felt rage coming and his cock getting hard.

“Wait what the fuck happened?” Tess felt vulnerable standing in the shower her large masculine and muscular step-father standing outside glowering.

“Get dressed in your uniform, I’ll wait for you in the other room and tell you what happened.”

With a shaky voice, Carl explained that he need to get footage of her performing a hardcore sex act on him and have it sent to her teacher Miss Hickles.

Tess began to understand the fear, and why Carl was shaking. The huge bear of a man looked like he was flipping from terrified to angry. Looking in the mirror, Tess checked her uniform white blouse, red and black plaid skirt, blue blazer and knee-high socks.

Opening the door she spoke. “Oh, daddy I am so sorry.” A sniffle came into her voice. “I had thought that if I blew Mt Thompson it would all be ok.”

“But the website, the nudes, the porn,” Carl pleaded with his step-daughter.

“It was to make extra money, it’s all legal,” Tess said kneeling in front of her father who had seated himself on the bed. Placing her hands on his knees she squeezed them and looked up to meet his eyes. “I’m sorry.”

“I know, I know,” he paused to look at his blond-haired step-daughter. Large breasted with a full figure, her green eyes searching for meaning in his face. “What do we do?”

“We will have to do it or I will be expelled and she will go with the story to ruin us.” Tess looked down at the floor between them, noting that her step-fathers fly was undone.

“We have thirty minutes till your mom comes home, what do we do?” Carl looked at Tess hoping for an answer, something to make this go away.

“Daddy we do our homework.” Tess stood and took off the blazer. “She wants me in my uniform, and she wants a sexual act, but you can’t cum.”

“Jesus, we are going to do this?”

“What other option is there, we are fucked,” Tess smiled realising what she said.

“It’s not a fucking joke, what would your mother say?”

“Sorry, it’s just how I cope, call it gallows humour,” biting her lip she thought. “I’ll blow you, I can film it on my desk cam.” Pausing she looked at Carl, his face going pale. “Daddy, you can’t lose control and cum then.”

Carl nodded and watched with morbid interest as she set the camera up and laid a towel at his feet, kayseri escort then placing a pillow beneath it. Taking off the blouse she knelt on the towel-covered pillow. Freckles covered her shoulders and dusted the tops of her breasts.

“Ok dad, pants down.”

Carl cringed and stood undoing his pants and finding with some surprise a truncheon like cock in his pants.

“Jesus dad!”

Carl shook his head in disbelief his hard cut cock stood out thick, veiny and glistening at the tip. “Sorry, she made me so horny.”

Tess looked at her stepfather’s cock, it was far bigger than she imagined. “It’s ok dad, I leave my bra on, we won’t add more to the problem for you.”

“Thanks,” Carl meekly said.

“Ok, we don’t have much time, let’s do about as much as you can take the stop ok?” Tess said, uncomfortable wetness creeping into her knickers.

Shakily she reached out and grabbed her stepfather’s throbbing cock. Giving him a reassuring grin she leant in and kissed the head of the cock.

“Shit,” Tess let go of the phallus letting it bounce off her stepfather’s taut abdomen. Carl grunted in response. Fumbling she clicked on the camera. A baleful red light regarded the taboo two. Tess licked her lips and tasted her stepfather’s pre-cum, her pussy oozed a thick slime of lady juices.

“Look maybe suck on it a bit take some footage and we will go see her tomorrow, ok sweetie.”

Tess looked up at her father with a smile. “Ok, dad.” And after saying that she inserted the oozing head of her father’s cock in her mouth. Gently she sucked, trying hard not to put too much pressure on the aching cock of her stepfather. Taking a little more cock in she decided to deep throat it all the way. Then stop. With a wet swallow and a spit covered return, she removed the cock. Then stopped the recording.

Carl shuddered with pain, pleasure and relief. It was temporary as soon as Tess moved her mouth and hand away, all he wanted to do was push his cock down his throat and flood her with a mouth pie.

Grunting Carl attempted to stand but flopped back onto the bed. His erect spit covered cock aching for relief.

“Dad, you ok?” Tess said with concern.

“Just blue balls,” Carl grumbled.

“Really blue, I hope there is no health thing that could hurt you.” Concern was written all over her face. “I’m sorry dad, and I appreciate what you are doing here for me.” Tess’s voice was starting to choke up now. “I never thought that there could be an innocent party to all of this.” Shaking, she began to cry.

Carl leant over and embraced his weeping step-daughter. Thankfully his cock started to deflate. “It’s ok Tess, we will get through this.”

A door slammed downstairs and both wide-eyed looked at each other. Gwen Carl’s wife and Tess’s mother had returned from pilates. Tess jumped and threw on a t-shirt, running out to meet her mum. Carl stood and with a grimace pulled up his pants.

“Blue balling bitch,” he muttered angrily to himself.


The night was long and hard, and so was Carl. He got tipsy and fell asleep, resolving to call into work the next day sick. Waking the next morning Gwen got ready and headed off as Carl slept. Tess came in before she left.

“Dad. Dad,” She hissed in the darkened room.

“Huh, what?” Carl rolled over, he had been awoken from a dreamless deep sleep.

“Dad, it’s Tess,” Not turning the light on she walked over and sat on the bed.

The smell of soap and a young girl washed over Carl. The idea that the little pornstar of a stepdaughter sat near his cock awoke the angry beast. Carl groaned.

“Dad, you awake?” Tess shook her father’s shoulder.

“I am awake, both awake,” he said pointing at his crotch.

Tess leapt up and away from the bed like there was a ticking bomb there. “Shit, sorry.” Tess paused and walked standing at the foot of the bed she spoke. “What time are we going to see Miss Hickels?”

“Ahh, what time does school finish?” Carl said sitting up.

“Half-past three,” Tess said walking out. “I hope she lets you relieve yourself then.” Tess paused looking back into the room. “Dad, I’ll help if needs be.” She continued to walk away.

“Thanks, squirt,” Carl said using the nickname he had for her.


Carl had played video games all day, anything to keep him from getting an erection. He watched horrific horror and war movies with the aim to pass the time without any titillation. Slowly the time rolled around, it was two thirsty and after an icy cold shower, Carl filled a hip flask and got ready.

It was three o’clock that he left the house. A dry mouth and a sense of panic in his stomach. Arriving at the school in the midst of the end of the day was surprisingly distracting. The young women in school uniforms running everywhere was a concern. Feeling the stirring in his crotch, he worried he had arrived early. Then the road rage. Not against him, but as a spectacle. Mothers screaming at each other over car parks and traffic jams. Smiling at the chaos of it all, he exited his car and spotted Tess.

“You made it,” Tess said breathlessly as she ran over to her step-father. Stopping short of cuddling him, knowing the effect that it could have on her blue balled step-father.

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