Partying with My Sister

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This all started a few years ago. I can remember that first morning like it was yesterday. It was my sister’s alarm clock that started it all. Yea, you can blame it on the alarm. I screwed my sister because of an alarm clock. It’s a bit of a stretch, but you could say that alarm clock just provided the right moment; and that moment was when it went off one Saturday and she never turned the damn thing off.

God, how could she sleep through that racket? My sister, Sabrina, was staying with me after her husband had kicked her out of their apartment. I never liked him in the first place and as much money as he didn’t make, they never could afford a condo much less a real house. Now it was Saturday and her alarm was going off as she had somehow managed to turn it on last night. She didn’t have the radio come on, she used that awful buzzer! The alarm was blaring away and she was sleeping like the dead. I couldn’t stand it any longer and realized that she wasn’t the least bit bothered by it. I got out of bed, went into her room, and turned it off – and noticed her naked little ass. What few covers she had over her wasn’t covering that. She had gotten completely trashed last night and now lie sprawled out face down on her bed stark naked, save a little of the sheet over part of her back. It looked like she had removed her clothes, dropping them into a pile on the floor, and simply fallen, face down onto the bed; the lower part of her legs were still hanging off of the bed. Man, she was built. Her sexy legs were apart enough to let me see that her pussy lips were shaved clean. Her husband got tired of this? She was really a nice girl too, always trying to take care of her man – who apparently didn’t want that. But, I was smart enough to realize that the image she presented to the rest of the world wasn’t necessarily the one she presented to her now ex-husband – in other words, there was the possibility that he saw her as a screaming bitch. However, I still didn’t like him. Now I really didn’t know what she was like in bed, but from bits and pieces of conversations here and there, I gathered that she wasn’t exactly a lights-out prude. I was getting a hardon just standing there looking at her naked ass. I sure wouldn’t mind trying that on for a ride.

I worked at a computer company and spent so much time at work that my social life was just about a complete zero. I used to have a girlfriend, but she got so tired of my not being home that she left for greener pastures – and it was a little hard to blame her. This company was getting into a habit of having one project after another go way over its projected budget and even further past its due date; as a function of which, we, the engineering staff, often got to work six days a week and sometimes nine or ten hours days. It was getting real old, and if the job market was just a little better, I probably wouldn’t be there. This weekend was one of those rare occasions when I actually got two days in a row off. I just never had the time to pursue a new girlfriend. No girlfriend; no sex life – okay, other than Rosie Palmer and her five sisters, which made my sister, sexy as she is, just look all that much better.

Sabrina was the office manager in some small real estate office here in the city. After being kicked out of her apartment – or his apartment – depending on how you look at it, a couple of weeks ago, she had moved in with me. It was just a temporary arrangement as she was determined to stand on her own two feet and get her own place. She was two years younger than I was, so I always thought of her as my little sister – in spite of her now being twenty-five years old. Unlike a lot of brothers and sisters, we actually got along pretty well when we were kids.

She hadn’t really dated much since moving in with me, but she had been out last night with a few friends. Something after two in the morning she had stumbled in and, after a bit of a ruckus in her room, the lights had gone out and the noise stopped. From the look of her now, she had managed to get her clothes off and somewhat into bed – sort of. Apparently she hadn’t felt the need for a nightgown or had forgotten it in her condition. She didn’t even bother to close the bedroom door, not that she often did anyway.

With the racket of her alarm silenced, I went back to bed. But, after getting up to shut off her alarm and seeing her naked ass, there wasn’t much chance that I was going to get back to sleep. I was horny as hell. Slapping the salami is one thing, but the real thing, a real live hot woman is… well, there’s just nothing like it. I just lay there staring at the ceiling thinking of Sabrina’s ass and pussy – and yes, getting hard. Yup, I lay there lusting after my sister – what a pervert. If she knew, she’d probably pitch a fit. I considered getting myself off thinking of her, but decided not to.

Now you might wonder how I could look on my own sister in a lustful way, but the fact of the matter was, she was a different person that the high school sophomore that I had last sat down to dinner with every night. I had been away from home kartal escort for four years in the Navy and then four more years in college where I shared a cheap apartment with two other guys. During all of that, I never managed to make it home all that often. Right after she graduated from high school, she had gotten married, so I saw her even less. Now, something like nine years after living with her in my parent’s house, she was a different person in both body and personality; that scrawny kid had filled out and grown up. She wasn’t a kid any longer – she was a woman, and I hadn’t seen the transition. And that woman I had seen this morning had a pretty hot body and was getting me pretty aroused.

I finally gave up trying to get back to sleep, got up, slipped on my robe (I sleep in the nude), and shuffled out to the kitchen. I made a pot of coffee, poured a cup, and went out on the back deck to the peace and quiet of the back yard. It was nice out here today; calm and quiet, warm, but not hot. I wasn’t a great gardener – the back yard was just lawn and bushes all around the edge that completely hid my back yard from the neighbors; they were okay, I just liked the privacy.

I had brought the phone out with me, and had it sitting on the table. I was thinking of calling Keri and seeing if I could arrange a date for this evening. Who’s Keri? Just a friend I managed to get in the sack now and then. She didn’t want any sort of relationship with anyone right now, but like me, got horny now and then, and needed a little relief other than what a hand or fingers could provide. I was trying to decide where to go with her for dinner and seeing if there was even a hint that she might be up for anything else – at her place. Normally I would try to get her over here, but with my sister here, I would feel a little weird getting laid by Keri and having Sabrina in the house – it just seemed a little tacky. Keri was a bit of a moaner too, which was nice when we were alone, but it wouldn’t be too cool now. Yea, I wouldn’t mind laying Sabrina, but I had no idea how to bring that subject up – without being called a pervert and getting slapped into next week anyway.

Suddenly the phone rang. “Hello?” I said picking it up. The called ID had said it was the Jackson’s, but I didn’t know if it was Bob or Carol.

“Hey John old buddy, how’s it hanging?” It was Bob, and that certainly was a sexual innuendo.

“Like it’s in need of a little action.”

“Then you’re in luck! We are having an impromptu get-together this evening. Wanna stop by?”

“Sure.” So much for trying to get laid – sorta. This invitation just took care of that. The Jackson’s had these parties with a few close friends and more than likely there would be a little swinging action going on. You couldn’t count on it, but it was more the rule than the exception. Unlike a lot of, shall we say, “swinging clubs” this one didn’t mind having the odd extra male there as more than a few of the women who showed up loved to “entertain” more than one man at the same time or a few in a row. “This being an impromptu one, I take it that Clarissa has a little left-over food?”

Clarissa was a mutual friend of ours and had a catering company that was doing quite well. Now and then she had some left-over food by the end of the week that provided some rather incredible munchies at these parties. The impromptu part comes in as she probably called the Jackson’s and told them that she had an itch and enough stuff for a party (and then some) – and that’s about all it usually took. Bob would promptly get on the phone and round up enough people to help Clarissa out of her predicaments – so to speak. We couldn’t have all that food going to waste after all. And her itch? Well, someone had to scratch it. You might say you could go to this sort of party and get stuffed at both ends. And to top it off, Clarissa was damn good looking and really hot in bed – with one or more guys and just loved playing with women too.

“Of course! She has lots of food and she said she was horny. We just gotta help her out man; it’s our civic duty.” I don’t know what “civic” had to do with it, but, yes, we needed to help her out. We chatted a bit and I mentioned that my sister was staying with me as her husband had kicked her out. “Hey, bring her too!” he said, trying to act nonchalant. More than likely he was getting hard at the very thought of being able to nail her or at least having a chance at it. He had drooled over her hot little ass for years. We chatted a bit longer, and then he had to go and see who else he could get on this little notice.

As I hung up, Sabrina came out to the deck in a short little robe, with, so it appeared, nothing on under it. She plopped down in a chair on the opposite side of the table.

“Morning John,” she mumbled after taking a sip of her coffee.

“Rough night?”

“I’ve had better.”

Actually, she didn’t look too bad off. I would have thought she would have had a massive hangover, but that didn’t appear to be the case. “No action huh?”

“No, but maltepe escort bayan I was hit on by every dork in the place.”

“Must have gone to the wrong place.” Now if I hadn’t seen her nearly naked this morning and if she wasn’t sitting there with that short robe on with apparently nothing on under it, I might not have said anything about this party and just slipped off to it without her. But, thinking with the wrong head, I opened my big mouth. “Bob Jackson just called and said he was throwing together a party tonight. You can come if you want. His parties are…well…”

“Yea, I know what the Jackson’s parties are like – sorta. I’ve never been to one, but I get around enough to know about them.”

Right then I didn’t know what she thought of the Jackson’s parties, but decided to pursue it anyway. “Want to go?” I had just invited my sister to what was more than likely going to be a swinger’s party. Most of the time that’s what they were anyway, and this was certainly shaping up to be one. I was going to call him back later and get a better assessment of just how major an event this was going to be. But, if this was a major swinging event, there was the off chance that I just might get to try my own sister out there. Since she knew what these parties were, and this whole swinging scene was breaking a bunch of social taboos, what the hell was one more? And, after seeing her nice little ass this morning, I was willing to go the distance on that one!

She thought about it a minute, then said, “Yea why not? Is there as much sex, drinking, and food at one of their parties and the rumors would have you believe?”

“Well, you never know. Sometimes I think that’s all that’s going on, and sometimes we spend a lot more time eating Clarissa’s food and just getting trashed. It depends on just what you’ve heard about these parties.”

“I’ve heard that Roman orgies had nothing on these parties.”

“Pretty close.”

“Clarissa’s supplying the food?”

“Yea. I think it’s one of those deals where she has all this leftover stuff from a catering deal of some sort or some one cancels an event after she has it all cooked up. So, she calls Bob, and he arranges a party.”

“Wow! I’ve had her food. That girl can cook! I’m definitely going now. Uh…there aren’t any dorks that show up at these parties, are there?” she added as an afterthought.

“Not that I’m aware of. I’m not an authority on “dork” from the woman’s point of view, but I don’t think so. Are dorks and geeks pretty much the same thing?”

“Pretty much.”

The rest of the day was spent getting a few errands done. Around five that afternoon I called Bob to make sure that we were still on for the party. There was the outside possibility that no one else could make it – okay, way outside. More than anything, I was really curious as to just how many had said they would be coming and if it would be the usual sex festival.

“Major party,” he assured me. “A toga party!”

That meant it was going to be a big deal: lots of people, lots of sex, and lots of food. No one was going to be starved of anything. Carol had a stack of these togas, which were little more than a long strip of cloth that was rounded toward the ends and had a maroon stripe on them. She had always assured everyone that it meant that you were a member of the Roman senate or otherwise some sort of big-wig person. I don’t remember where she got them, but they had cost her next to nothing. Since then, there had been a lot of toga parties at the Jackson’s place. Since these particular togas left one shoulder bare, women could either wear a t-shirt under it or, as most did, just leave one boob hanging out. On rare occasion there had been more people than togas so some had the choice of walking around naked or wearing something else – most had just used a towel wrapped around themselves; your basic “toga-light.” Fortunately, they lived in an outrageously large house a little out of town on a large lot – they never got complaints from the neighbors. But then, as some of the neighbors attended, they weren’t likely to complain. Being as he had decided it was a toga party, sex was one thing that that you could count on tonight.

“And,” he went on, “Carol got a bunch of masks with the feathers around the edge so no one will know who’s who! Pretty cool huh?”

“Yea, that could be fun.” And about then it occurred to me that if they hid your face well enough, there were enough people there, and all the togas looked the same, it would be entirely possible to get into a situation where I was screwing my sister and wouldn’t know it – which would be a shame. I had seen her backside this morning with nothing on, but there was nothing distinguishing about it, and I didn’t know what her boobs looked like with her standing and nothing on. We chatted a little longer and hung up.

Not long after that, Sabrina walked in. “We still on for tonight?” she asked.

“Yea and it’s a toga party with masks apparently.”

“Okay, so do we go and rent togas and buy masks somewhere escort pendik quickly?”

“Nope, Carol has masks and a bundle of togas she got cheap somewhere years ago. You might want to bring a t-shirt if you don’t want one boob hanging out.”

“Do most women do that?”

“Most just let a boob hang out.”

“I guess I’ll go with the flow and hang one out. And masks huh?”

“Yea, apparently. I think it’s that French party sort with feathers around the edge so you don’t know who you are talking to.”

“I don’t think those feathered masks are going to fool very many for very long.”

She was probably correct in that assumption; if I was screwing her, I would know it. “Probably not; you’ll know most people by their voice if nothing else.”

“By the end of tonight I intend to know a few of them by something else!” she said with a bit of a laugh.

Well, the party started at six, and, typically, Sabrina was late getting ready. We finally got out of the door at six-thirty.

We arrived at the Jackson’s place and were each handed a toga – unisex and one size fits all. We went to the garage and stripped down, piled our clothes in a pile, and got on our togas. Yes, I got a nice frontal view of my sister naked, and it was just delightful – delightful enough that I was starting to get hard looking at her. Masks in place, her was gold with blue feathers, and mine was red with red feathers, we went back into the main part of the house to mingle and get something to eat.

It looked like Clarissa, who I really wanted to get in the sack with later, had outdone herself tonight. Someone must have canceled a whole catering event, and while they had to pay for it, apparently didn’t want the food – this had happened a few other times; the jilted bride thing and all that. I got a few things on a small plate, went over to the bar and poured an ice water – there was no way I wanted to be anything but completely sober here tonight – I didn’t want any of this to be a foggy memory.

I was cornered by Carol for a short time, talked to an interesting little red head and was about to ask her if she would like to “party” as they call it when you ask someone to hit the sack with you, when Sabrina tapped me on the shoulder.

“This is one hell of a nice party!” she said, looking, shall we say, “used” – and not wearing the same mask she had on before.

“You changed masks.”

“Yup. There’s a guy walking around here with the one I had on before; he was lots of fun and just the right size too. As we were putting our togas back on, we decided to change masks.”

“You caught onto this place pretty quickly!”

“Yes. I really needed it and he was good too. It was kind of a quickie. He beat the hell out of my ex, or about to be ex when it comes to that. How about you? Tried anyone yet?”

A quickie? Rabbits don’t fuck that fast. “Nope, I was about to ask someone, but then you came along.”

“Oh. Didn’t mean to ruin your fun. But, as long as we are doing all sorts of nasty taboo little things here tonight, how about you just party with me a little? You know what they say, ‘incest is best!'” she said with an even bigger grin.

“I was working on getting around to asking you, but thought you might go non-linear over the suggestion.”

“Why? We’re here having sex with just about anyone we want, so why not each other?”

She had a point. What we might do in another setting sure wasn’t what was going on here. People were eating, drinking, and now and then, sliding off to a bedroom in pairs and more to get it on and then returning and making no attempt to hide what they had just done. The Jackson’s parties were very interesting parties. So why not? It seems that she had the hots for me, and I certainly wanted to get in the sack with her. “Yea, why not. I’d love to get you in the sack.”

“You would?”

“Yea. You have a pretty nice body and great boobs,” I said as I caressed the one out in the open. “And,” I said as I put an arm around her and pulled her close, “you have a nice ass too.” My hand slid down her back and gently grabbed her sexy ass covered only by the thin white material of the toga.

“The things you just don’t know about your own brother,” she said as she snuggled up close to me, put her arm around my neck, and gave me a kiss right on the lips; a quick kiss, then a longer one, and then a real deep soul kiss that lasted and lasted. My hands began to roam over her body and she didn’t mind at all. In fact, it appeared that my hands just got her hotter – she pressed her body firmly up against mine.

I finally broke the kiss. “Let’s find a room,” I suggested quietly. “I want you so bad.”

“No more than I want you right now,” she said quietly.

We wandered around the house and grabbed a small bedroom that was just being vacated by another couple. You took your chances with bedrooms at these parties. Sometimes you had it all to yourself, and sometimes if things were in full swing, another couple, or maybe a threesome would simply join you in the room and do what they wanted to do on the floor. Having another couple (or more) in the room with you could run the whole gambit: sometimes it was entertaining, arousing, distracting, or you ended up joining them for a whatever-some. Tonight we had the room alone – at least for now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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