Payback Time

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Today marks the 10th year anniversary of the day my mom found out my dad was cheating, and I can’t think of a better time to share my tale.

Mom and dad were really close, and nothing indicated that something like that was happening. I was actually with her when she found out. I was showing some funny image to her online while dad was out washing the car, and as I turned the screen on, it was on dad’s email account and we found some pretty graphic e-mails he exchanged with Susan, mom’s best friend at the time, and someone I personally considered family, that gave no doubt of what was going on. She wasn’t surprised. She said she knew she wasn’t fulfilling daddy and he had to look for what he wanted elsewhere. Like it was her fault when it wasn’t.

Mom, Cassandra, asked him for a divorce and not half a year later they were in fact separated. I stayed with mom. She knew that I, unlike her, held a grudge on dad and Susan for doing what they did, so on the times that followed the divorce she almost had to force me to visit him and Susan, who were now living together. In the 4 years that followed, mom maintained not only her friendship with Susan, but also her friendship with my dad, which meant Summer Holidays together, Christmas together… a lot of stuff together actually. Including a Saturday night dinner and night out for the two ladies and a game of poker with me, my dad and his mates.

Mom and Susan didn’t like the fact that the young adult I was at the time had to withstand the cigar smoke that dad and his mates made on poker night, so they were always trying to get me to go with them. One night I gave in and swear to never do it again. Susan and mom were in their early 40’s at the time and if I was on the shoes of an innocent by-stander and not someone related to them, I’d have to say they both were a fine piece of ass. I guess they were the prototype of what people call a MILF, not the ones we have in “real life” that despite being pretty and still hot, are never able to get their body back to where it was before birth, but those we see in porn with hot, voluptuous bodies, toned and shaped, with the attitude to follow. Guys were constantly hitting on both of them, and they allowed men to drool up to where they let them, teasing and then not giving the poor bastards what they wanted. That made me a bit jealous, mom and Susan were mine, not the way those guys wanted them, but in a mom way, they were with me and they meant everything to me, and to see them being willingfully harassed made me angry. Don’t get me wrong, I never felt anything other than motherly love for either of them. Not until that night.

At the time I was still an intern at my job, lacking of a salary that allowed me to live alone and with lots of work, so I usually stayed there late into the night, coming home when mom was fast asleep. I called home when I got out earlier, to warn mom to make me some dinner or to stay up waiting for me. But for some reason, that day I didn’t. It was a Friday, we decided to end things earlier, so I headed back home. I stopped at Mickey D’s to get a burger for my dinner, not wanting to give mom any trouble having to cook me dinner from scratch.

I open the door and I heard some moaning. Now, mom moaned a lot. And I don’t mean sexual moaning. She moaned about pretty much everything she liked, food, a movie, a massage, a warm bath and, of course, sexual pleasure. I “caught” her on several occasions masturbating, but I just let her be, as I’m sure she did when she caught me in flagrant, and never talked about it, no need to.

So, I made myself, literally, at home, and went to the kitchen to eat. But on the way there I heard someone else moaning along with hers. What was going on? gaziantep minyon escort In the 4 years mom and dad were separated, mom has never had any partner, or at least, never allowed me to know about them. This time I had to see what was going on.

What I saw changed my life forever. Mom and Susan were scissoring each other. What on earth was happening there?! I had to take a minute to think about what I just saw, I leaned against the closest wall, mind-blown. I always thought that, despite of the way she acted when they were around, she was still angry with both dad and Susan about the way the whole divorce situation happened. But… there they were… and, deducing from all that moaning, having the time of their lives. I couldn’t let that one pass, I had to confront them.

I stormed in the room, making them stop with the surprise “Mom, what the hell is this?!” I asked stunned. Mom and Susan looked pretty stunned themselves, but mom, as usual, had a comeback on the tip of her tongue “What do you think this is? This is me and Susan fucking the living lights out of each other”. That answer was so straight forward that I just stood still for some seconds, my mouth open in awe before I could think something to say “But…but…” I stutter “… I thought you hated Susan for what she did with dad”. Mom also had an answer prepared “What your dad did, not what she did… me and Susan were always very sexual, ever since we both lost our virginity to the same guy that evening, that every opportunity we have to fuck, we fuck. The only villain in that picture is your dad for hitting on her, from the moment he did it, the outcome would always be the same… “Although I didn’t agree with mom, I understood her stand point, I always felt they had a tight connection, and she knew Susan better than me, so I didn’t contest the argument “…besides me and Susan were always best friends and did this you’re seeing all our lives, why would a bastard like your dad break us up?”

My mouth opened up even more, “they have been fucking each other for all their lives?!” I asked myself in awe. That entire situation was starting to affect me. In a way I wasn’t expecting. I started feeling some tingling down below and I knew what followed. I mean, there I was, a guy with little sexual experience, with two stunning girls naked in front of me talking about fucking each other all their lives. Sure they were both “mothers” to me, but I’d be lying if I said that my mom or Susan were never the “mind targets” of my jerking off sessions as a teen, but always a platonic thing, I never thought about that happening in real life… and as this monologue happened, my cock had decided that it was showtime, something I quickly tried to hide. Something I was not successful at, as I was about to know.

“It seems like you enjoyed what you saw” I heard Susan saying, with a teasing tone in her voice while pointing at my crotch. “Uh, this is my…uh… phone, my phone, yeah” I tried to talk my way out of that awkward situation but they wouldn’t let it go. “I’ve seen my fair share of boner bulges and that’s definitely one” I didn’t even want to know what mom meant with that.

“Yeah, he was definitely liking it” Susan, always the cock teaser, even mine, started caressing my mom while she said that. “Maybe we should carry on with what we’re doing…” She started kissing mom’s boobs, leaving wet strands of saliva when her mouth left mom’s skin. I felt, and probably looked sex crazed while I saw it. Mom tried to fight her off, telling her I was her son. Susan whispered something in mom’s ear that I couldn’t decipher but that was very effective, because mom immediately gave in to nizip escort Susan’s advances.

Susan sat back against the bed backboard “Come Cass, it’s been a while since that yummy tongue of yours drove me nuts” Mom gave me a look I never saw in her, a look that oozed sex. That would have made me horny as hell, if I already wasn’t. Mom was on her knees in the middle of Susan’s legs and dove in, her ass pointing up, allowing me to see her pussy in full detail. I was actually sweating. I was nuts with that all situation. The whole taboo of the situation just added an extra layer of horniness to the scene I was being presented. Two hot women, two of the hottest women I ever met, maybe THE hottest, having hot, steamy sex and allowing me to watch it.

“You can take it out if you want to” Sub-consciously, one of my hands had dropped to the bulge of my pants and was squeezing it when my mind snapped of the horniness flood it was being presented with. “Who am I to deny her of her wishes?” I thought, so I dropped my shorts and my boxers and allowed my throbbing cock to breathe free.

Now, I’m not someone that likes to brag, but most of my past sexual partners have complimented my cock. And I could see why. It wasn’t that big, just normal sized, but it was an “obese” cock. Especially when erect, like it was. Thicker than the average porn star, and thicker than the ones I saw in the locker room when me and my buds went for our monthly ice hockey game, it was one of the few personal features that I was very proud of. When Susan saw it, she was blown away “Oh my Ross, that’s a lovely cock, you grow a lot since the last time I saw it”. Mom who had turned her head back to see it, already used to it (nudity was never a taboo when we were alone), wasn’t as surprised, but I could see she never thought that when I got hard I would get this hard. Seeing they both enjoyed what they saw, I placed my hand on it, originating a reaction of approval and desire in both the ladies, even forcing Susan to lick her lips with desire. My mom went back down on her, and since Susan seemed to like my cock that much, I decided to tease her a bit too. I started jerking off, rubbing it slowly, cupping my nuts every once in a while, licking my hand, lubricating it, and rubbing against the tip of it.. Meanwhile mom was licking Susan’s pussy like a pro, and from all the moaning and from all the twitching her body did, I deduced she was about to cum.

And so it was, within seconds, she came, and she came bucket loads. She moaned like I’ve never heard a girl moan. She lost complete control of her body, and for a minute I thought she might be having a seizure. When that craziness of an orgasm came to an end, mom got back up, kissed her deeply on the lips and sat next to her, looking at me and my naked self with a… hungry look, let’s put it that way. Susan spoke, still gasping for air “Hmm, your mom has a special mouth…” She licked her lips and took a big gulf of air in “You should have a go at it while I recover” Susan kissed mom on the lips and took one hand to mom’s pussy, caressing her clit while they kissed.

Mom pointed at me and called me with her finger. My first reaction was to obey, but then I thought otherwise, keeping with my teasing mind-set. “Why don’t you come here, take your boy’s fat prick in your mouth and suck it dry” I said, surprising even myself, since I’d never been this harsh with any of the other girls I fucked. Mom threw me a dirty, dirty smile and approached me. She pushed me against the wall behind her and took my cock in her hand, re-taking control of the situation while she rubbed the tip. She kissed my lips, allowing her tongue to explore my mouth, something nurdağı escort I quickly did to her too. When our lips broke apart, she looked me in the eyes, with a sex crazed stare, before giving me another kiss, a sloppy one. When she broke it, her tongue didn’t go back inside, licking and kissing my neck, and my shoulder region, with her naughty hand never stopping to caress my throbbing cock.

“Did you ever think of mommy while you jerked off?” At this point I was already with my head leaned back against the wall and with my eyes closed with ecstasy, and that rubbed even more salt in the wound, and I answered positively and remembered all those fantasies I had with her, back when I was a hormone crazed teen that would crave everything in a skirt, realizing that I was about to fulfil them. “And when you interrupted mom in the shower always with some lame excuse to come in, was it to see mommy’s big boobs all wet and soppy to jerk off later about them?” Now this was something I didn’t even recall until she said, and when she did, I felt shivers going down my spine. Mom’s boobs were just spectacular, despite her fit figure, she had these 36 DD’s, all natural. And I couldn’t waste a chance to see them, so of course I told her I did, which was true, very true actually, I remembered that the sessions that followed it were some of the best I had growing up. Something I told her after a minute in silence while I recalled all those experiences.

The time I spent in silence was enough for mom to get down to my pubic area. “Trimmed, just the way I like them” She said still kissing and licking my bare skin. I opened my eyes and looked at Susan, that was already with one hand on her snatch, circling her clit with her finger, and with her pussy so wet it glistened. “It’s good to know you did that” Mom said getting back my attention. “Because I did the same to you” She didn’t allow any reaction from me after that. She took most of my cock in her mouth, sucking it and licking it dry, with a perfect suck to lick ratio. She started licking on the base of it, working all her way up to the tip and then placing it inside her mouth, working her way in. Slowly but surely, she took it all in. Couple seconds after she did, Susan was behind her, with her arms around her, caressing mom’s clit while she gave me the bj of the century. When she got it all in was when all hell broke loose. Her sucking movement, along with some twirling of the tongue along the head of my shaft was driving me nuts.

Mom was being drove nuts too by the experienced fingers of Susan, that seeing me close to cumming, whispered something to her ear. They both stood up and went back to bed, both lying near the edge of it. They moved a bit, back to that scissoring position that I first saw them, and they started their pendulous motion again. Mom did the same finger motion to make me approach her that she did earlier, and this time I obeyed. Mom and Susan were now at a steady pace smashing her pussies together, and when I got near them, mom got my cock and shoved it back to her mouth, resuming the perfect blowjob she was doing before. It didn’t took me long to be on the edge of cum. Neither them, the body twitching and the moaning came back, warning me of the situation, we were all in the very edge of a explosive orgasmic encounter. I was the first to break, trying to shoot my warm, gooey load onto the point where their pussies joined, covering the most part of mom’s belly with it in the process. And that was the trigger for their orgasm, mom went first, I could see her body shivering, wetting the sheets in the process. Susan quickly followed, moaning and twitching even harder than before.

Mom laid back in the bed and Susan allowed herself a little taste of the cum leftovers on my mom’s belly. I threw myself to the bed, next to mom, exhausted, but with a smile, like the rest of the crew. “Susan has to go back home, your dad is coming from work, so we have to end this… but the next time we meet… We… I, at least, would love to have you with us… That is… if you want to…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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