Paying for Pleasure Ch. 06

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This is a fantasy world of my creation, there are no STD’s or unwanted pregnancies in my world. All of my characters enjoy good hygiene so showers, etc., are not mentioned unless part of the sexual activities.

All participants in sex are over the age of 18
This is a fantasy, don’t try it at home.

Please don’t give me any grief about the ages.


Laying there in the now deafening silence, I had to wonder if this was a one time event or would it be recurring. Although I had had my fucking way with Brooke, it was my lesbian aunt that I had enjoyed the most. I guess it was the taboo nature of our joining. Or, perhaps, it was the fantasy that it was my mother’s cunt I was fucking.

It was a day. Just a normal day. Nothing untoward happened on this fine autumn Saturday. No one had been home at all leaving me free to relax and catch up on household chores. Now, I planned on doing nothing more energetic than reading and watching some TV while enjoying a fine Irish Coffee. Kim and Tracey had come home but I didn’t allow them to intrude on my Zen time either.

Even the phone ringing wasn’t enough to distract me. The Caller ID showed it was my mom calling. I chose to ignore her.

It seemed though that Mom had other ideas though as soon enough the doorbell was ringing. I decided it would be the proper thing to allow her favourite granddaughter to answer the door and entertain her for a while. I just wasn’t in any kind of a hurry to get up from the most comfortable lazy boy chair in the world. Definitely not with a hot and tasty half cup of Irish Coffee still at one hand and a recently purchased book at the other.

Once again, it seemed Mom had other ideas regarding waiting as she began to ring the doorbell non stop. I didn’t understand how my daughter Kim and her best friend, Tracey, could ignore the door at this point. As much as I tried, I wasn’t successful in ignoring it.

“Mom, what the hell!” I commented as I opened the door. But, to my surprise, it was not my Mom. It was a woman I had never seen before in my life. The look on her faced seemed to fall somewhere in the anger zone. I guess she did not appreciate my rude opening comment.

“I’m sorry, I thought you were someone else.”

“Obviously,” she said. “And, I’m glad I’m not your mother.” This was said with a sneer in her voice.

Struggling not to give this woman an earful I asked how I could help her.

“Does Kim live here?” she asked.

“Yes, she’s my daughter. And you are?” I asked.

“I’m Tracey’s mother.”

Never in a million years would I have thought this woman and Tracey were related. Tracey was tall and thin. This woman stood maybe five foot and probably about a hundred ten pounds. She was attractive enough but most of her weight was carried in her tits. She tried to keep her assets hidden in her somewhat baggy outfit but failed. Perhaps it was her pocket sized frame but the woman had the biggest breasts I had ever seen in real life. More than D’s, definitely. Her tits made her gorgeous in my eyes.

But, that snarky attitude of hers had to go. At this particular moment, I was definitely pleased that Tracey did not take after her mother in that regard.

“Both girls are here, I’ll get them.” With that, I rudely closed the door in her face.

I looked downstairs to the rec room and discovered that both girls were there. I told them there was someone at the door for them.

The pair came clomping up the stairs one after the other. “Who is it?” they asked more or less simultaneously. I just returned to my chair and Irish Coffee.

Obviously, the girls went to the door to discover Tracey’s irate mom waiting for them.

“Mom! What are you doing here?” asked Tracey in a tone of voice I would have to classify as both suspicious as well as annoyed.

“Aren’t you going to invite me in?” demanded the mother.

“Well, I think we should go back to my place,” said Tracey.

As my girl made as if to go out the door, she was interrupted by her mother.

“I want to meet these people that you seem to spend all your time with.”

Even with the dangling participle, I knew she meant Kim and me. The thought didn’t thrill me since she and I had already been off to a poor start. And, I wasn’t too interested in making any changes in that status.

Before the girls could answer her, she barged in. Seeing me in my chair, the woman walked across the room to take a seat on the couch. The girls joined her in the livingroom, Tracey sitting at the other end of the couch from her mother while Kim sat on the loveseat.

Kim called out, “Daddy, come meet Tracey’s mother.”

Without looking up from my book, I answered, “We’ve met.”

Tracey then asked me to join them in that whiney, pleading voice that I hated but couldn’t ignore. I reluctantly pulled myself to my feet and moved across the room intending to sit on the loveseat with Kim. Tracey had other ideas though as she reached up for my hand and yanked me down on the couch between her mother kartal escort bayan and her.

“Rick, this is my mother, Kathy. Mom, Rick,” she said.

“We’ve met,” said Kathy, still haughty.

I only nodded.

Tracey asked, “Why are you here, Mom? You didn’t tell me you were coming or I would have been home when you arrived.”

“It wasn’t planned. I had to be in the area for a work crisis. Then I decided to visit.”

“Well,” said Tracey,” you should have phoned or something.”

“I didn’t so we can move on now, Tracey. I wanted to meet your newest best friend and her father that you are always talking about anyway.”

Kim smiled and Tracey said, ” Mom, that was so thoughtful of you.”

I didn’t smile nor did I say anything.

Ever the outspoken model of femininity, the still irritated mother said, “Your friend seems nice. As for him…” Her words just trailed off.

“Mooooomm, you’re not being nice. Rick has been so great to me.”

With Tracey’s mother still scorning me, I deliberately put my arm around Tracey on the back of the couch. Tracey leaned back against me. I allowed my arm to fall naturally to the teenager’s shoulder.

“Tracey! You shouldn’t be that close to a man old enough to be your father!”

“I’m not going to argue with you, Mom. Rick is a good man and I think the world of him.”

With that, I decided to further fuel the fire. I moved my arm so my hand was sitting just above Tracey’s tit. Her mother’s eyes widened in surprise at the boldness of my move. I pulled Tracey tighter against me. Her hand dropped to my thigh.

“Sir,” snarled the mother, “unhand my daughter. This isn’t right.”

Before I could say a word, Tracey jumped in with, “Mom, you need to get used to seeing Rick around. We are very close.”

And, with that, Tracey moved her hand until it was firmly on top of my dick.

“Tracey! What are you doing? Move your hand this instant!”

“No, Mom, I don’t think so,” replied her daughter.

“I will not have this, Tracey,” exclaimed her mother.

“No one has offered it to you yet, Mom.”

With this comment, Tracey forced her way into my shorts and dragged my semi hard dick out into the open. I thought Tracey’s mother’s eyes would pop out of her head. Not at my size, haha, but at the brazenness of Tracey’s move.

“But, if you want some, Mom? I know Daddy hasn’t been taking care of you,” said Tracey.

I don’t know how her eyes stayed in her head, they had popped out so much. They did not fare any better as her daughter slowly jacked my cock. Despite the circumstances, I was not about to raise any objections to the possibilities. My eyes and imagination were locked on those immense tits.

I guess my daughter was feeling left out of things. She moved over until she was kneeling on the floor facing both Kathy and me. She put one hand on each of our legs while watching Tracey’s hand on my cock.

Tracey gave Kim a look. A look that seemed to convey her plans for the four of us moving forward.

The teenager fondling my cock leaned up and licked my ear before whispering, “I think my mom needs a loan too.”

I wasn’t about to argue. I think Kathy would have if she had been able to make her mouth move enough to form words. But the woman was stupefied. Kim wasn’t helping things now that she was rubbing her hands up and down Kathy’s and my legs.

Tracey moved off the couch and took her place between my legs. Looking at her mother and daring Kathy to object, she leaned forward, held my dick up, and began to lick it slowly, from top to bottom.

Rather than objecting, Kathy let out a loud, lustful moan. I looked at her only to see that my daughter Kim was now between Kathy’s wide spread legs. Her hands travelled the older woman’s legs as she nuzzled her thighs. It awed me that the woman could lose that horrible attitude of hers with just a little pussy licking.

Seeing that her mother was getting into the groove of things, Tracey began to suck my cock in earnest. As much as I enjoyed Tracey’s blowjobs, I gave into the feelings but still kept my gaze locked on her mother and my daughter.

Kim was intent on moving things along. She had lifted herself to sit on Kathy’s lap. The pair were making out; I could see tongues moving from one mouth to the other. It was fascinating.

Tracey’s tongue was swizzling around my cockhead drawing moans of appreciation from me. I used one hand on the back of my young girlfriend’s head in order to encourage her to keep up what she was doing. Tracey obliged me.

I looked back to the two beside me. My daughter was one lucky bitch! She had beaten me to my goal. Her hands were running all over the older woman’s boobs, squeezing them and caressing them. Since she had already moved that far along, I wanted Kim to uncover those huge titties so I could see them.

Kathy wasn’t just sitting still while Kim was mauling her breasts. She had her arms around my daughter and on Kim’s ass. The older woman was pulling Kim, using escort maltepe that ass grasp, to bring her as close and tight as possible. Kim was struggling against her only so she could keep her hands on Kathy’s tits. The battle was kind of humorous in a way. It made me chuckle.

Tracey must have felt that my chuckle meant we were all getting along and that we should move things along. Kneeling at my feet, she started tugging my pants off. I helped her in her quest by lifting my ass up. Looking to the side, I realized Kim was mimicking her friend and tugging on the older woman’s jeans as well.

Although I was pleased at the thought of seeing Kathy pantless in short order, I would have preferred that my daughter start at the top. I really wanted to see those tits on display. My daughter had been fortunate enough to feel them already. I wanted my turn at them.

Still, my two teenagers seemed to be working in tandem. From the look on Kathy’s face, she seemed to be mystified by the goings on. Yet, she did nothing, said nothing to put an end to the two girls’ activities. Her head was on a swivel as she watched Tracey first depants me and then take my already hard cock into her mouth.

When she was stripped of her jeans and frilly panties, she looked back between her own legs to watch Kim spread her legs even wider before she put her mouth on Kathy’s cunt. Tracey’s mother let out a loud groan of passion as Kim became truly involved in her cunt licking.

I had one hand on the back of her daughter’s head and was telling her how much I appreciated her mouth, how great a cocksucker she was. Tracey didn’t stop what she was doing but she did look up at me with a smile around the cock, my cock, in her mouth.

I leaned back against the back of the couch, putting my arms on top in order to have support while I leveraged my cock further and deeper into Tracey’s mouth. Gawd, but that girl could suck my cock like no other, not even my daughter. Don’t tell Kim that though.

Kathy was moving her body, especially her ass, back and forth as well as from side to side as she reacted to my daughter finger fucking her and licking her clit. Obviously there was no inclination in our visitor to put an end to what was going on. I don’t know if this was the first time Kathy had experienced a woman giving her cunnilingus or not. But she was certainly all in.

Kathy seemed to lose her balance as she fell sideways and ended up with my arm around her shoulders. I watched Kathy look down at Kim, sideways to her daughter Tracey, and then up to me. When her eyes found mine, I smiled at her.

And, Kathy smiled back. I tightened my grip on her pulling her even closer to me. My intention was to lower my hand to her humungous tits but was thrown off by Kathy moving her head closer to mine. She turned her face up and pulled me towards her. I guess she had moved past my rude greeting earlier. Amazing what an active tongue in one’s pussy can make happen.

So we kissed. This woman conveyed her passion by expertly kissing me. I started slow but Kathy wasn’t having it. She bit my lower lip before using it to pull my mouth open enough for her tongue to slip in. Whipping hers back and forth, my tongue soon joined the battle. Our tongues moved from one mouth to the other. Our lips were locked together.

Although I tried to stretch enough to grab some boob tissue, it seemed Kathy wasn’t having any of it. My arm wasn’t long enough to reach around her the way she was stretched across my body. We kept on kissing each other- deep, passionate soul kisses.

I don’t know if Tracey was signalling her disapproval of me making out with her mom or if she just wanted me to pay more attention to her and the damned fine sucking she was doing on my cock. My attention she got though when she clamped a little too tightly down on my prick with her teeth.

Eyes smiling at me, she swallowed my cock to the root again and pulled back up dragging her teeth along my hard flesh. Hard enough this time to titillate but not enough to cause me any discomfort. My girl knew exactly how much I could take.

I was disappointed when Tracey unmouthed me and pulled herself to her feet. Although the makeout session had ended, Kathy’s head was still tight up against me. Not wasting any time, Tracey pushed her mother aside so she could remove my shirt. Once I was fully naked, she pulled her own clothing off.

In the meantime, Kim had not given up on her teasing and licking of Tracey’s mother. The woman had one arm around me while the other was at the back of Kim’s head pulling her tight against the womanly snatch.

Tracey made her way into the next sequence for she and I. Since we were both naked, it was ever so easy for her to sit on my cock, drawing it deep inside her. Slowly she began to raise and lower her ass.

Kathy seemed to have let go her grip on Kim’s head. Now she had an arm around me and an arm around her daughter. We continued our make out session, our tongues duelling with one another in first one mouth and then the pendik escort other.

Tracey began to make sounds of her own. Groans and moans of passion that soon became yips and yikes of pure excitement. I almost followed her noises with some of my own. My daughter must have been on her hands and knees and was licking my dick and Tracey’s cunt as she rose up and down. Kim’s mouth was on whatever length of my cock that wasn’t buried inside her girlfriend.

Kathy’s introduction to multi body sex certainly had her full attention. Even a little bit of incestual play was not bothering her. Seeing as how my head had separated from hers, now laying back against the high couch back, Kathy had decided to leave my eyes to pop out of my head and my gasps rule my throat.

She had moved her face and mouth close to her daughter. When I was able to see a little better, I could tell that Tracey and her mother were now making out. Since I could still feel my daughter’s lips on my cock, I wondered if she had turned her attention fully to me. My unasked question was answered as I realized Kim’s tongue was travelling between the shaft of my rod and my balls. I have to say there is no better feeling than having your balls in your daughter’s mouth and her sucking on them gently.

It was soon apparent that Tracey had no need for her girlfriend’s mouth on her snatch any longer as I was feeling her cunt walls tightening around my invading dick. And, looking towards her instead of the ceiling, I saw that Kathy alternating between kissing her daughter and fondling Tracey’s beautiful C boobs which were covered in a combined sheen of sweat and saliva. Momma was fully immersed in her daughter’s body.

In moments, Tracey began to howl her approval of our games. I could feel her cuntal walls tightening around my invading cock. I didn’t want to come yet but I didn’t want to pull out either, depriving Tracey of her own orgasm. Fortunately, her mother helped Tracey over the edge by leaning down to nibble at her tits. Especially her nipples. Tracey shuddered and shuddered as her orgasm worked its way through her in waves.

As she came down from her high, Tracey slumped to the side and fell into the vacant spot on the couch between me and the armrest. Before either Kim or I could move, her mother, Kathy, raced around us, knelt between her daughter’s splayed legs, and attached her mouth to Tracey’s pussy. I could hear the noises Kathy was making as she hoovered my cum out of her daughter’s cunt.

Although she had just felt one major orgasm overwhelm her body, Tracey was soon working her way towards another. Her yips and yikes were a tell tale sign. It was obvious that Kathy was putting her all into her cunt lapping.

I was about to lean over so that I could reach down for those beautiful boobs on Kathy’s chest when I was interrupted yet again. Kim was fed up with her role of pleasuring others.

“It’s my turn now, Daddy,” said my daughter as she swung herself up onto my lap. I couldn’t help but groan my approval as my cock was sucked into another hot pussy. It really did not matter whether I had fucked anyone else, my daughter was always able to bring me to a state of hardness again. Kim’s cunt always felt like it was the tightest pussy I had ever fucked. We were made for each other, father and daughter.

“Oh, oh, Daddy,” murmured my daughter as she locked her lips on mine. Kim’s hands fell onto my shoulders as mine went to her mouth enticing C cups. I took a firm grasp on both and started squeezing them rhythmically in time with her raising herself up on my pole and falling down again burying me deep inside her clenching snatch.

Kim’s fingers tightened their hold on my shoulders. Her fingers turned into claws as her excitement grew and grew. I would like to say all my attention was focused on fucking my daughter but I can not.

Distractions arrived in the form of the mother daughter duo taking up positions on either side of me. When Kim leaned back and her back arched forcing her head away, Tracey leaned in to take my lips with hers. Moments later, I heard her mother mutter it was her turn from the opposite side.

Kim was taking turns raising her pussy up my dick and sliding back down with wriggling her ass from side to side when I was in her to the hilt. It was my turn to moan my appreciation of my daughter’s fucking abilities.

Still wanting to get my hands on Kathy’s huge tits, my mind was focussed enough to put my arms around both of the women I was not currently fucking. Unfortunately, I didn’t have gorilla length arms and couldn’t reach far enough. Tracey took the opportunity to stick her tits in my face further blocking her mother from me.

My daughter was soon approaching her first cum of the day. Her head was swinging back and forth, whipping the three of us with her hair. The volume of her passionate cries was increasing and increasing to a crescendo. Kim’s cunt was tightening and tightening her grip on my cock.

I did my best to fight it off but I could feel my own cum coming to a boil in my balls. Planting my feet even more firmly on the floor, I began to lever myself up into my daughter’s pussy. She rose up my cock and it followed her. I was oblivious to what the others in the room were doing. I just wanted to cum in my daughter’s tight cunt.

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