Penpals Become Lovers Pt. 01

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The following is the true story of how I met and established a friend with benefits relationship with a married woman. Obviously, names, places and some details have been changed to protect our identities. The events described took place approximately 10 years ago so, though I still have most of the emails from the time, I no longer have texts so these and the dialogue are reliant on my memory. I have shortened some timescales to avoid the story being too long but the events were basically as described. I apologise if some people think that the introduction is still too long.

About a year after splitting from my wife, living on my own, I was increasingly missing female company. I did meet women but rarely available ones that I was attracted to, my job had also changed so that I worked from home the vast majority of the time. Home was a small country town, my back gate opened onto the old mill pond which was quiet and pretty, and the train station was a ten-minute walk away giving easy access to London. So where I lived was pretty much ideal, the trouble was that I was lonely and had no one to enjoy it with.

I was in my mid-forties, a father of two that saw his sons every other weekend and often during the week but spent far too much time on his own. I’m about 5 feet 8 inches tall, slim build, clean shaven with short greying hair that was thinning on top.

I found myself increasingly looking at dating and contact websites, one in particular kept drawing me back with its separate categories for “dating” and “casual” adverts. Some of the casual adverts were quite brutal in their wording and I would have been surprised if any woman responded. I drafted several adverts of my own, without posting them. But, to be honest, it wasn’t so much a sex buddy I was missing as company — someone to spend time with and enjoy life.

I found myself remembering penpals that I had when I was a teenager and looking at the penpal adverts I composed and posted my own.

Single man living on his own looking for ladies to talk to

I am a man in his mid-forties whom works at home most of the week and frequently finds himself with free time. Are you like me, looking for the excitement of a new email from a friend dropping in your inbox. Wanting to discuss the world and learn new things, put the world to rights or just laugh at the absurdity of life. If so why not drop me a line and lets see if we click.

Before I could change my mind, I sent off the post and that was that. I didn’t really expect a reply but nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say.

There were a couple of replies that looked a bit odd and uninteresting, but then a simple reply piqued my interest and to be honest I’m not sure why.

“please feel free to get in touch”

The email address gave no hint as to whether the sender was male or female but I thought there was no harm in replying so I sent off an introductory email without revealing too much about myself. I received an instant reply, or as instant as email can be, the sender was a woman called Jane who was also looking for a friend to talk to.

Over the next few days we learnt more about each other via email, Jane was a few years younger than myself, brown skinned, from St Lucia originally, married nearly two years to an English guy. It turned out that he was quite cold to her, which seemed strange when they had not been married long. We discussed favourite TV shows, books, films, places we have visited — all the usual things you talk about when people are getting to know each other — without sex coming up I might add, and on my side I wasn’t thinking along those lines at all. When we exchanged photos she proved to be averagely pretty, with coffee coloured skin. The second photo that she sent showed her in a bikini, with nice large breasts and wide hips with a slim waist. When I complimented her, she responded that she had put on weight since the photograph had been taken and her husband didn’t like it.

As we chatted more by email and skype Jane opened up about their relationship, apparently her husband didn’t work and wasn’t putting much effort into trying to find work so she worked long hours at a care home to support them. She told me that he did virtually nothing around the house, when she was home he expected her to cook and clean. When at home in the evening he would be watching the TV while she was using her computer, but he frequently went out on his own and wouldn’t let her go with him. Then she let slip that they slept separately, partly because he didn’t like her putting on weight and partly because he said that she snored. I could only sympathise as it all seemed odd to me for a couple that hadn’t been married long. Quite often they would be sat in the same room, not talking, him watching the TV and her on her computer chatting to me and other friends. It seemed as though he had no interest in who she was talking to, or them sharing any activities. We exchanged mobile numbers, so we kadıköy escort could text and then spoke on the phone a few times, she had a lovely accent and sounded very nice on the phone. The conversation never went beyond friendly, there was no hint of what was to come in the first weeks of our friendship, I don’t think that it crossed either of our minds.

Then one day a late night text arrived that moved things up a notch, “Do you miss intimacy Simon? I sometimes lay alone in my single bed, wrapping my arms round myself and touching myself where I wish to be touched. I ache to be loved”.

There I was laying alone in my bed, suddenly thinking of Jane in a different way. I quickly replied, “Yes I miss snuggling and like most single people I sometimes pleasure myself,” then waited to see what would come back, had I upset her?

“Hubby punishing me because I put on weight so only when he feels like making love, whereas when I feel like it he pushes me away. Wedding vows are for better or worse, maybe this is the worse……..I even told him if you are not happy the door is open…Now I lay here, alone, needing to be held.”

I felt so sorry for her, I didn’t know what to reply, as a friend I could only sympathise but how could I help by text.

Before I could reply her next text arrived, “Where are you?”

“In bed, how about you?” I replied.

“So am I. I wish you were here to hold me,” Jane quickly text.

“So do I. I would love to wrap you in my arms and hold you tight.”

“What do you wear in bed?” Jane asked me.

“Nothing, you?” I was wondering where this was going as I replied.

“A nightie, though I can take it off,” Jane offered, “Can I call you?”

“Of course!” I quickly replied.

Shortly after that text my mobile phone rang and, both feeling horny, with no embarrassment at all we were soon discussing what we enjoyed and describing what we would like to do with each other. It wasn’t long before we both came and we carried on chatting, Jane had a couple more orgasms and I came once more before we were both satisfied. Even then we were both reluctant to hang up the phone but eventually with many a “good night, sleep well” and kisses we disconnected. I slept well that night!

The next morning, I wasn’t sure whether to text or email Jane, but in the end just sent a quick, “Good morning, I hope you have a good day x.”

It was only then that I suddenly thought, “Was her husband in the flat when I was having phone sex with his wife?”

It was a few hours before she replied to my text, it turned out that she had forgotten her phone when she went to work so couldn’t read my text and reply until she got home again. Her husband had been out the previous night and hadn’t got home until late, which was why she felt safe to phone me. I think we were both a little embarrassed about our conversation, as it was a first for both of us, but we agreed that it was lovely and quickly moved on to other subjects.

Over the next few weeks our friendship grew, chatting on the phone and by text about all sorts of subjects. One of the things we talked about a few times was favourite sexual positions and things we liked or would like to try, we experimented more with phone sex and emails.

The next obvious step was to meet, Jane had a couple of days off coming up and we agreed that she would come to my town and we would go for a coffee, maybe the cinema. In the week leading up to our “date” we agreed the film and worked out what train she would need to catch back. Time seemed to drag but eventually the day arrived, I spent the entire morning cleaning my flat (not because it needed it, just that I couldn’t sit still) and clock watching.

Jane sent me a text to confirm which train she was on, I must have been at the station at least 30 minutes early — I felt like a schoolboy on his first date. Eventually her train pulled in and there she was walking down the platform towards me, I must admit to being unsure that she would actually come. She was about 5 feet 4, quite cuddly, with long black hair tied back; wearing a long green skirt and loose light blue top.

With a big smile she offered herself for a kiss on each cheek, in the continental manner, “Hello Simon, finally we meet.”

As it was a nice sunny day I suggested that we walk past the pond near my flat to the coffee shop, which is slightly longer but a nicer walk, and Jane agreed. As we approached the pond she asked if we could feed the ducks as she had the remains of a sandwich. We stopped and fed the ducks for a few minutes, which we both enjoyed, before continuing along the path. When we reached a secluded spot under the trees, Jane stopped and turned towards me, it was so natural to step closer and lean towards her. Our arms slipped around each other and our lips met, a gentle kiss at first, then another and more, getting longer and more passionate. Our üsküdar escort mouths opened and our tongues played with each other, exploring, taking turn in her mouth and mine. My left hand naturally slipped down to stroke her bottom and as I did so Jane pressed her body firmly against me. It seemed like the kiss was going on forever and as it continued I slid my right hand up Jane’s side towards her breast; I felt her hand on mine, and thought I had gone too far, but she guided my hand up inside her top to her breast and held it there. I stroked and squeezed her firm breast, feeling it filling her bra cup, and continued to hold it as we finally broke our kiss. Jane had lowered her hand and was caressing my hard cock through my trousers, causing me to get even harder. There we were holding each other and breathing hard, when I saw through the trees someone approaching us, quickly we both moved our hands from compromising positions but stood there holding hands.

Once the person had passed we kissed again, with more restraint this time, before I suggested that perhaps we should have that drink of coffee.

With a smile Jane said, “It might be better if we go to your place rather than a shop.”

We continued around the pond, holding hands, with me pointing out my favourite spots and us stopping frequently for more kisses. Soon we were inside my flat and fell into each other’s arms again. As we kissed I moved my hands back to Jane’s breasts, as I cupped them she put her hands behind her back and undid her bra freeing them. I quickly found her nipples and her moans encouraged me as I lightly pinched them. Jane grasped the bottom of my shirt and started to pull it over my head, so I released her breasts and helped her, before pulling her top over her head and removing her bra completely. As I had my first look at her breasts I gazed with lust, firm light brown globes with darker brown nipples standing out like corks. I couldn’t resist lowering my head and kissing first one nipple then the other, then sucking one into my mouth, sucking hard and pulling back. Then lightly taking her nipple between my teeth, squeezing and pulling back, before trying to suck as much of her tit into my mouth as I could then repeating the process with her other breast.

“Oh, that feels wonderful,” Jane moaned, as I continued to suck on her nipples.

Her hands gripped the back of my head and pressed me against her breasts her breasts even more, not that I needed any encouragement as I was loving what I was doing and the effect that it was having. Finally, I stood upright and kissed my way back to Jane’s mouth and as I did so she slid her hand into the front of my trousers and boxers, to where my cock was straining to get out. Her thumb rubbed my knob, where pre-cum was leaking and spreading this over the end, before sliding down my shaft. Her other hand was quickly undoing my trousers and pulling my zip down, as I wriggled my legs, my trousers fell to my ankles. Jane lowered herself to her knees in front on me, pulling my boxers down and freeing my cock, then helped me out of trousers, boxers and socks so I stood naked in front of her.

“I’ve waited so long to do this,” she sighed as she ran her tongue up my shaft from balls to the tip and back again.

I was in ecstasy as I watched her hold my cock firmly in one hand and kiss first one ball then the other, her hot breath coming in gasps as she then sucked them into her mouth one at a time then somehow squeezed both into her mouth at once. Whilst she was doing this her hand was gripping my cock firmly and moving up and down in long slow movements. I cradled her head and stroked her hair as Jane continued to stroke my cock and suck my balls, then she released them and returned her tongue to my cock. Working up and down in long, sensuous strokes, she caressed my shaft with her tongue, working higher then back down again, then up towards my knob, taking her time and teasing. I didn’t want this to end but at the same time I wanted to fuck her mouth so badly. Eventually Jane reached my knob with her tongue, pulling my foreskin back and running her pretty pink tongue all over before opening her mouth wide and guiding my cock inside. I felt her lips grip me tightly as she slid her mouth down then pulled slowly back, sliding up and down log and slow, always her lips gripped and she sucked as she pulled back. I had never been given oral sex this wonderful, she seemed to know exactly how to please me. But eventually I knew that I had to stop her, I didn’t want to cum in her mouth yet and I would if she went on much longer, plus I needed to see the rest of her body. With a sigh I asked her to stop.

I lifted Jane to her feet and I could see from her face that she was as turned on as I was and had enjoyed sucking my cock as much as I had enjoyed her doing it. Now it was my turn so, having kissed her again for good measure, it was my turn to kneel and, as I did so, I gently pulled tuzla escort her skirt down. There she was, her white panties soaking wet, I could see her pussy clearly through the material which had become nearly transparent with her juices. I couldn’t resist kissing the wet patch and as I did so Jane moaned with pleasure, encouraged I ran my tongue up and down her lips through her knickers and she moaned louder.

As I guided her backwards towards my sofa and she sat down Jane said with a throaty voice, “I love my pussy licked, please lick me Simon, make me cum.”

What can a man do when asked so nicely? I quickly grasped her knickers and eased them down, Jane lifted her bottom to help me, and I could now see her pussy for the first time. I had never asked so I didn’t know that she shaved her pussy, so there displayed in all her glory was her plump, wet brown pussy. Her lips standing proud of her mound, slightly open so I could see her pink depths. Jane leant back and opened her legs wide to encourage me, I gently spread her lips with my fingers and again ran my tongue up her pussy lips. On spreading her lips, I could see the hard bud of her clitoris, engorged with blood, so I circled it with my tongue; as I did so Jane gave a little shudder and a deep moan. I ran my tongue back down then up again, finishing at her clit, then carried on with long slow strokes up and down her pussy. After doing this for a while I started sucking on her clit, nibbling with my teeth gently, then sucking again. The way that Jane reacted told me that she was enjoying this so, as I continued to suck on her clit, I slid a finger into her by now soaking wet hole. Continuing to suck on her clit I finger-fucked her, gently at first then harder, my finger shoving deep inside her tight, wet cunt I quickly found the rough patch of her G-spot and concentrated on rubbing that. Jane was moaning constantly with pleasure then her whole body started shaking and her pussy absolutely gushed as she came hard, seeming to go on for several minutes cumming again and again. As she came Jane bucked underneath me but I didn’t stop my actions, wanting her to get maximum pleasure. Only when I sensed her climax subsiding did I lift my face from her pussy, looking towards her face and seeing her relaxing back with a contented smile.

I kissed my way up her stomach and breasts, not sure if she would want to kiss me when my face was covered in her juices but the way she held out her arms showed that she wanted to hug and kiss me. Our lips met and our mouths opened, our tongues playing and sharing the taste of Jane’s sweet pussy. But the time was coming for me to fuck her, my hard cock was throbbing and I couldn’t wait any longer.

“Are you ready for me to fuck you?” I asked.

“Oh yes please, let me get comfortable, I so want you inside me Simon, ” she replied in a throaty voice filled with lust.

I stood back to give her space and Jane stood up to turn around and kneel on the floor with her upper body resting on the sofa. Her large round bum slightly raised in the air, she spread her legs so I could see her pussy between them.

“I love this position Simon, fuck me quick!” Jane urged.

I needed no further encouragement and knelt behind her, my cock standing proud and ready, it seemed like I had had an erection forever but I was so turned on there was no way it was going to subside. Jane spread her buttocks with her hands as, for the first time, I guided my cock towards her pussy, rubbing the knob up and down her slit I teased her, Jane tried to move backwards to get me in but couldn’t in that position. My knob pressed against her pussy, she felt so tight, resisting me. For a minute I thought she might be too tight, my knob pressing against her but unable to enter. Then I felt her open up, my knob slipped inside and I stopped to savour the moment before slowly sliding my whole cock into her until my body pressed against her arse. Her cunt gripped me tightly as I pulled back, then thrust back, long slow withdrawals with hard thrusts back, rocking her body. I took my time, building our pleasure.

“Fuck me Simon!” Jane nearly shouted.

I knew that I couldn’t tease her any more and started building my pace, fucking her harder and faster, as I thrust into her again and again I was beginning to recognise the signs as Jane built towards another orgasm. I was struggling not to cum myself but somehow I was holding it, and Jane moaned again as she came, I could feel her whole body shaking as her orgasm hit. A few minutes later I couldn’t hold on any more and felt my balls contract as my spunk shot up my shaft and deep inside her pussy, it felt like my entire being was being shot out of me and into her. I ground to a halt, my now wilting cock still inside her, as I moved it slipped out and I knelt back on my heels. Jane stayed where she was, I’m not sure she had the energy to move, and I was treated to the view of her pussy peeking through the gap between her legs, her brown lips, surrounding her pink pussy, with my white spunk leaking out.

As we recovered slightly Jane sat down on the sofa and we had a little kiss and cuddle before I made us both a drink, then it seemed like a good plan to move to bed for more cuddling.

“That was wonderful Simon,” Jane told me as we snuggled down.

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