Pepe Pt. 01: Anna’s Entanglements

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Anna was a young mexican American single mom age 25 living in Florida in a small Mexican American farm town. She was 5 ft 6 inches in height hazel eyes long brown dark hair but highlighted it with a blonde color perfectly tan skin like coffee with a good amount of cream in it. Her body was even better after pregnancy her tits grew from a size C to a DD eventually a size F cup. Even before pregnancy and child birth she had wide hips but they widened even more after. Her ass was chunky and thick she had what some would say a coke bottle shape small waist big hips big ass and big tits she was made for breeding. One day Anna woke up unhappy with her life dating a guy who wasn’t the guy she wanted to end up with she started working out and felt much better about her body at this point she was a solid 180 pound girl with great assets. So she decided to do something about what was bothering her she split up with the guy she was with and set her eyes on enjoying the rest of her youth. Anna would get hit one daily but no one interested her in her age group she wanted to spice things up but how? And who?

Anna’s dad had a “family friend” who lived with them not in the sense you would think he was basically homeless the family had an old beat down RV on the side of the property where the man stayed he was very dark skinned for a Mexican. He was Indian decent perhaps teeth yellow and stained some chipped and not straight he had black eyes and the white areas had red like he had been a heavy drinker at some point he was also short 5ft 4 inches and really rough looking but was clean. He also dressed poorly but his clothes where clean at least. His name was Pepe he hung out with Anna’s dad when they had cookouts near the family. Anna had three other sisters all of them beautiful aswell but none held a candle to Anna but it wouldn’t stop Pepe from staring during the cookouts at all the girls.

Anna one day was wearing a tank top and her cleavage looked amazing in it and some shorts every time Anna would bend over to do something or grab something Pepe would peek down her shirt her cleavage was deep and perfect her boobs looked amazing milky and full always. So as Pepe was peeking at her chest Anna caught him looking at first she was disgusted she looked at him in a mean way but didn’t say anything she didn’t want to cause drama at the cookout so she walked away and ate far from Pepe. She stared at Pepe and he would be checking out her sisters too she was disgusted at him and his perverted ways she spoke to her parents aside about it and Pepe was told by her dad that he would not be able to eat with them if he didn’t control himself Pepe was ashamed and scared he would be out of a living situation so he agreed to stop. Pepe couldn’t control it he was a man hardwired to look at a good piece of ass like Anna. He was mad inside about the situation he left later to his RV angry.

“Why did that stupid whore say anything, She was the one wearing the tank top showing off her tits.” He Muttered to himself as he sat and watched tv upset about the situation. Being upset Pepe went out on foot to drink there was a gas station a lot of the men of the town drank at and got together it was like a local bar he went and drank to forget what happened one or two will do he thought he drank about four. He stumbled back to his RV and as he did he had the urge to pee coincidently Anna had arrived from her gym work out before Pepe made his way into the property and was sitting In her car talking to a friend on the phone she hung up and was about to get out of the car when she saw Pepe come along she hesitated to come out.

“Fuck, Its that perv…” she said to herself. Her windows were tinted very dark so Pepe didn’t notice her in the car an idea to piss on the tires and wheels popped into his head as he passed by Anna’s car. He unzipped his pants and Anna watched from inside her car shocked she was about to come out screaming escort kartal when she got a glimpse of something that shocked her even more. Pepe literally whipped out his 5 inch flaccid penis and what shocked Anna was that it was a grower not a shower and it had girth it was about an inch and a half wide she had never seen one so big and wide while soft she was impressed. As she watched him pee on her rims as he did she was feeling a warm sensation in between her legs she felt moist her nipples hardened and she bit her lip.

Pepe left inside his RV she then walked inside the house didn’t speak to no one and went into her room. It was time for bed that night she fingered herself to the thought of Pepe and dreamed about him. The next day she thought maybe the thoughts would be gone but no they weren’t the urges of wanting Pepe grew especially since with her last boyfriend she hadn’t had sex. She wasn’t attracted to her ex boyfriend and it had been years since she last had sex with a man she was itching for it and desperate for the touch of a man on her body. Later that day she found out her parents where leaving to Mexico for an emergency visit she would be alone at home with her brothers. Her brothers never where home really as they worked and had their own lives her son was in the custody of his dad that week also.

She decided she would start her new exciting life today she was at work she wore a button shirt and was able to show cleavage if she wished and some jeans with her favorite pair of converse shoes but had some work out clothes in her bag she changed out of her work clothes after work put on some black leggings and a black tank top and kept on her black converse shoes she looked great. Her ass looked amazing thick and perfect in the leggings, Her cleavage was deep and chest was full she put her hair in a ponytail and headed home. She thought of a plan the way there when she arrived her brothers where gone she called them to see if either will be home soon they both where working late tonight she saw Pepe walking into the property coming from the town and she stepped out as she did she smiled at him with her cute smile and he stopped and wondered why?

“Hey I just wanted to say I’m sorry for the other day telling my dad about you looking at me I understand why you did it and I’m truly sorry.” She said in an apologetic way.

“Its ok Anna I’m sorry I was being a disrespectful pig.” He said shamefully.

“Um, My parents aren’t home and I brought home pizza and no one else is home would you like some?” She asked. Pepe wasn’t working much he had some hungry moments since he didn’t have much money so he accepted as he was starving Anna smiled and told him to follow her. As they walked to the house steps Pepe could see Anna’s underwear through her leggings covering half her ass cheeks her ass was so thick he thought and her ass moved so well In those leggings as she walked. They got to the door Pepe hesitated as he didn’t want to get in trouble again.

“Its okay hun come In no ones home and no one will be for a while you won’t get in trouble I promise.” Expresses Anna in a caring voice.

Pepe at ease goes inside the home Anna directs him to sit at the kitchen table and serves him pizza and a drink Pepe scarfs it down as Anna sits and watches him eat she can’t stop staring at his crotch. Pepe finishes eating and Anna then proceeds to pick up after him she bends over to grab his plate and glass as Pepe sees her cleavage she sees him looking and he gets scared but noticed that she smiled at him this time. As she pushes them together with her shoulders and staring at Pepe.

“Do you like what you see?” She asks softly. Pepe nervously nods yes she proceeds to sit on his lap her thick wide lower body on his. He could feel how thick and meaty her ass was his penis starting to get excited

“Do you want to see them?” Asked Anna. He nods nervously again maltepe escort not saying a word. She proceeds to take her tank top off exposing her tan bra her tits sitting in the bra looking ready to pop out she undoes her bra and the tits drop perfectly exposing her dark oval two inch areolas so beautiful Pepe thought to himself as he touched them firm soft and at the same time jiggly full of milk. Anna’s nipples hardening Pepe sucked on them as Anna gasped and closed her eyes and tilted her head up Pepe flicked his tongue on them licked sucked and played with her tits as Anna watched this 48 year old man play with her 25 year old perfect milf tits she was ready to make his dreams come true she stopped him and proceeded To get to her knees his penis was hard but not completely hard she zipped his pants off and he stood slightly to let her take down his pants and boxers his cock flinging out as she did he sat back down and watched as Anna stuck her tongue out and licked his cock from the base of the shaft to the tip she smiled and giggled Pepe was in bliss watching her do it as she stared at him with her beautiful hazel eyes he couldn’t believe what was happening.

“Fucking yum…” she said as she proceeds to deep throat it slowly up down up down her head bobbed as she worked it and stared in to pepes face with her beautiful eyes she watched as he struggled not to get to excited and squirmed with pleasure in his seat watching this beautiful woman take his cock deep in her throat she then stopped and gave the balls love licking sucking them kissing them she then went back to the shaft and working the penis head her tongue on it as she deep throated. Pepe loved it and grabbed her by her ponytail stood up and thought I’m going to teach her a lesson for what she did to me the other day Anna not knowing what will happened allowed him to. Then with some

Malice he thrusts his cock deep down Anna’s throat and he grabs her head face fucking her. Anna with a throat full of cock can’t say anything she hangs on for dear life feeling the hard now 7 inch cock deep down her throat. Gargling is all you hear from her.

“Yes Anna fucking take this cock you fucking slut your throat feels so warm and wet that tongue feels so good on my cock bitch!” Pepe exclaimed joyfully. His balls slapping her chin he stops as he noticed her fat ass and he bends over her to smack it.

“I want to spank this fat wide ass!” He says as he stands her up by her pony tail

“Oh god yes.” she struggles to say as he over powers her and bends her over the table. He pulls down her black leggings half way down her thighs exposing her tan Laced panties half covering her ass cheeks Pepe starts to spank her ass cheek one by one her meaty ass cheek rippling and jiggling with every smack as he does he keeps one of her arms pinned behind her back

“This is for getting me in trouble with your dad cunt.” He exclaimed.

“Fuck!” Anna yelped

“Your a slut right? You like being mistreated like this right? You want me to fuck you over this table bitch?” Pepe asked with a sinister look on his face.

“Yes papito! Yes I love getting spanked by you papi! Yes please fuck me please take your anger out on my pussy papi.” Anna exclaimed with excitement. Pepe smirked as he pulled her panties down to meet her leggings Anna’s feet bowed as he rubbed his cock near her pussy lips he penetrated her fat dripping wet pussy slowly.

“Dios mío Anna putaaaaa…” He exhaled as his cock entered Anna’s fat wet hot tight pussy

“Oh fuck me…” Anna sighed with pleasure as her beautiful eyes rolled to the back of her head and she bit her lip as Pepe’s mushroom cock head entered her. With her arm still pinned Pepe started to slowly thrust in and out of her inching in more and more with every thrust until he was balls deep inside Anna and the sound of his balls slapping her clit echoed in the kitchen and as pendik escort bayan his crotch met her big ass cheeks the sounds of skin smacking echoed aswell.

“Mmmm… fuck… yesss… papi… harder… mmhmmmm…” Anna moaned and squealed as Pepe pumped his cock in and out of as her soaking wet pussy sounded like Mac and cheese getting mashed and her juices dripped down pepes balls and her thick legs.

“Si Anna your a fucking slut yes you wanted me to come and fuck you while your parents aren’t home right puta?” Pepe asked with happiness.

“Yes take it take my fucking cock bitch you want it hard I’ll fuck you hard bitch your my slut now”. He exclaimed as he proceeds to grab Anna by her ponytail and pulls. As he does Anna’s head Tilts back with the force her mouth open in a shocked manner her eyes open in the distance she sees a steel pan her eyes wide open with the shock of how deep Pepe was insider her she could see the reflection of her being forced back and fourth. Her F size tits swaying fiercely and Pepe behind her with a look of ecstasy, malice, and happiness on his ugly face. It turned her on so much looking at that she came hard all over pepes cock causing Pepe to stop pulling her hair due to her pussy clenching in his cock tightly and the sensation of her pussy cumming rushed over his cock. Pepe has never felt the sensation before it was thrilling and pleasureful the warm tight feeling hugging is cock like love. Anna collapses on the table trembling it’s been years since she last came. Pepe stood behind her still inside her hard as a rock cock throbbing itching for more but Anna looked defeated.

“Hehehe your my slut now bitch I’m your papi now fuck your dad and I’ll fuck your mom and sisters if I want to too.” He said to Anna over her close to her ear.

“Yes daddy…” Anna said softly with a grin on her face Pepe was exhausted he walked to the living room and sat on the couch.

“Come suck your juices off my cock bitch!” Pepe ordered. Anna forced her self over limping as she did, got on both knees and proceeds to work on pepes cock her beautiful eyes looking at Pepe enjoy the blowjob her head bobbing up down up down as she greedily sucked on his cock savoring her own juices. Pepe sat there watched this beautiful 25 year old single Mexican American mom sucking his old dark cock as he watched the sight excited him so much he couldn’t hold it anymore Anna felt this in her mouth the cock starting to harden more and pulsing hot she knew what was going to happen next. She kept her eyes on Pepe as Pepe made a oh fuck face and looked at her in her eyes.

“Anna I’m cumming fuck ima cum in your mouth ahhhhh arggggggg ahhhh errmmmmmm arrrrrgggrrrr.” He exclaimed as he came inside deep of Anna’s mouth. Anna looked at Pepe eyes widened as soon as she felt the cock pulse with cum coming out hot gooey thick like a yogurt swallowing sensation flowed down her throat as she struggled to swallow it all Pepe grasping the couch cushions holding on for dear life as he watched the young mom swallow his seed as he came it flowed out of him like waves. One big one then again and again and again and then a small one and another then a drop and nothing after that. Anna successfully swallows it all and continued to suck Pepe dry to make sure she got it all Pepe sat in disbelief of what he was watching and what had happened.

“Fuck that was a lot daddy.” Anna said in a cheerful way.

“Yeah I haven’t came like that in years.” Pepe said exhausted. Anna stood and put on her clothes again her hair all messed up from the ordeal in a messy ponytail.

“Okay well my brothers will be home soon probably you should go back to your RV. Did you have fun?” She asked. Pepe stood up and did the same.

“Oh yeah it was great mamacita. Your so fucking sexy and beautiful Anna.” he said Pepe then let himself out and Anna walks behind him smiling at him in a thankful way “Thank you so much. Bye.” She tells Pepe in a thankful way. She closes the door when she did though that was amazing who would’ve thought a perverted old man like Pepe would fuck her so well she was satisfied beyond belief. She then went to the shower to clean up. Fin.

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