Perform For Me

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You, my love, come down the stairs in our small house and stop me in my tracks with one glance. You are wearing just a robe and have only one thing to say to me: “Please perform for me.” Clad only in a robe, I look at you uncertainly. Here? Now? You nod and I nervously glance at the glass sliding doors behind me. But the look in your eyes is so hot that I cannot resist your quiet plea and I take a breath before starting.

First, I have to get ready. I lift my tight blue sweater over my head and toss it on the ground. Keeping steady eye contact with you, I unhook my black lace bra and let my large pear-shaped breasts hang free. It must be cold in here because my nipples are already hard as rocks. Or maybe it is the way you are staring at the dusky nipples–like all you want is to cross the small distance between us and suck them until I cry out. Just thinking about you touching me is making all my nerves catch on fire. I have to be touched–I put my palms on my breast and roughly massage them in circles. Instead of making my desire decrease, touching myself is only making the rest of my body cry out in need. I quickly unfasten my jeans and kick them on top of my sweater that is in a puddle on the carpet. Normally eryaman escort I would pick them up and move them away, but I can’t take my hands off myself.

Standing in front of you in only my black lace thong makes me shy for just a minute. Should I take it off now or can I wait? One of my fingers slides along the thong, pressing my clit against my pubic bone just briefly. The contact sends shivers throughout my body and my soaking cunt is dying to be exposed to the air. So I strip off the tiny piece of lace and hold it in my hand for a moment. I was just going to toss it on top of the rest of my clothes but I want you to know how your presence is affecting me. I’m sure you can smell my sex from where you are but I toss the wet underwear to you so that you feel how much I want to please you. You catch it and look surprised–I’ve never done that before. But you bring the lace to your nose and delicately sniff it. Then it is your turn to surprise me–the tip of your sexy tongue darts between your lips and licks my wetness. You moan and your sound of pleasure makes even more wetness pour out of me. We both watch my cunt drip onto the floor.

I step back and seat myself on a high-backed chair you like. I sincan escort link my ankles behind the legs of the chair so you can see my closely-trimmed dark bush and my clit, which is already dark and engorged. I wipe one of my hands along my cunt, bringing its juices up to my face. After smelling it, I take my index finger and wet my hard nipples and then lick it off. Mmmmm… I taste so good. I rub my two hands together and cover my breasts and stomach with the wetness. Just for you, I pay special attention to my belly button. You’ve always loved to kiss my little innie and if only you could touch me, I know you would want to suck every bit of my sex from it. Then I give you a look that tells you how much I wish you could come clean me up right now and lick every bit of the cum from my cunt.

We’re both breathing harder now and my body is crying out for release. I spread the lips of my cunt with one hand while my other index finger finds my clit. When my red fingernail first touches its inflamed nerves, my whole body jerks away from the chair. But I settle my fingertip against my clit and begin drawing small circles against my pubic bone. The rhythm starts to get faster and isn’t enough batıkent escort any more. I take my other hand away and start slowly sliding two fingers into and out of my silky tight cunt.

The only noises in the room are the sounds of both of us breathing harder and harder as my fingers squish in and out of my womb and the rhythm gets faster. I can feel the blood singing through my body and I know the climax is near. I wish I could make this moment last longer but nothing can stop me now. Faster and faster…

My body arches away from the chair violently. My fingers are buried in my cunt as far as they can. I can’t see or hear– the only sense left to me tells me that your eyes are roving all over my body and absorbing every quiver of my every muscle. You love how vulnerable I am at this moment and how I abandon everything in the world around me. But slowly my senses come back and my body relaxes against the chair. When I can finally open my eyes, I see your face. You look tired but happy–glowing with the satisfaction of someone who has just shared ecstasy with someone they love.

I slowly unhook my ankles from the legs of the chair and then pause a moment before standing up. Once I know that my legs will support me, I stand up and cross three steps to pull your body against mine. The silence of the experience is broken when I say, “I want you right now.” You smile and take my wrist–pulling me into our bedroom to show me how much you love me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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