Perspectives: Newbie’s First Party

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Loud, rhythmic, intense music shook the basement of the five-story apartment building. The spacious basement held close to two hundred students as they danced, jumped, and acted completely wild to the deejay and the music blaring from six-foot tall speakers scattered all around. Dim lights and pulsating white, red, and green strobe lights cast eerie shadows and images all around. As students stomped the floor and their feet into oblivion, the small makeshift bar was packed with patrons drinking, drinking, and drinking – mostly beer, some had harder mixed drinks. By the entrance stood the Law – two of the local campus security officers (who also are auxiliary state troopers) and the deputy of Haverlton (since this party was funded by his son and his crony friends). They didn’t bother the students at the bar or on the dance floor; they just wanted this party to end and the kids to make it home safe without wrecking the town (or the campus).

A 5’8, lean build black kid with small glasses danced his way around the basement since he arrived at 11 pm. Now approaching 12:30 am, he had not danced with any females, but worked up a sweat dancing to the various songs. Looking down, he regretted wearing his good dark slacks and royal blue long sleeve shirt; both had stains on them (sweat, beer) and his new casual shoes were scuffed badly. Being a freshman, he did not know how intense parties on campus were – not many freshmen do. Straining his eyes he saw other freshmen (he remembered from his orientation classes) barely in the strobe light gloom. Inching his way toward the bar, the pace of the music changed again sending those around him into the frenzy of reggae music.

The frenzied pace of the words and beat sent the dancers into another level of passion. Males hunted like wolves for females to gyrate and grind upon; females answering the “mating” call by swiveling their hips in every direction at once. All around the freshman, people were coupling to share in a fervent display of energy (sexual mostly).

Making his way a little faster towards the bar, the freshman was stopped in his tracks. A female – about his height, lean build, skin a caramel shade in the gloom, short black hair, and surprisingly alert hazel eyes – stood in front of him blocking his way. Clad in a dark, tight tank top and low-rise jeans, the look she gave him was one of animalistic lust coupled with a heightened level of intoxication; the freshman knew what she wanted.

Before he could do move, her hands shot out and gripped his hips like a vice. Shockingly strong hands held him as her hips suddenly began assaulting his in fast, hungry grinds. Tensing up mightily, the grinds increased intensity and pace as she drew within a couple of inches of his face. Her eyes searched his looking… for approval, for fear, for something. The young man’s mind raced staring back at her nervous and tense. As the song changed and the beat somehow quickened, stirrings deep in his mind awoke – those same stirrings whenever he was got aroused. A slight jerk forward in the opposite motion as his uninvited dance partner was the result.

A devilish, predatory smile escaped the young woman’s lips as she increased her gyrations against his hips and pelvic area. Mind racing, he answered her with his own grinds wrapping his arms around her lower back. Reggae songs increased in rhythm and pace, their dancing increased in hungry sexual energy. His eyes closed, the freshman enjoyed the ride immensely, his now rock hard and bulging crotch invading the front of the female (her legs farther apart and bent allowing more of his bulging pants to rub against her). Her slight sighs and groans drowned out by the music and words, her grips tightens with every song to his back and sides. His hands began roaming and rubbing her back pushing her against him more and more… their dancing were mirrored by so many others around the basement it resembled some clothed orgy. An atmosphere of energy so thick it prickled hairs on necks, the dancing continued as the deejay spun his records frantically keeping pace with his “followers.”

For over forty minutes reggae music roared from the speakers vibrating the floor, hearts, and souls. The freshman and his dance partner continued their sexually charged dancing; they changed positions during a switch in songs so now she was bending forward a little grinding and pushing her ass back against his bulging raging crotch. His hands, now with a mind of their own, rubbed under her shirt, her small but plentiful breasts and nipples sending shivers and spiking shudders down her spine. Her moans increased in intensity, but were never heard as the music kept attacking their essence with its vivacious rhythms and pulse.

When the change in music occurred, many in the crowd did not pay attention to it. It took a moment for the freshman and his partner to understand – his hands were separated rubbing just insider her jeans and breasts as she kept grinding her ass against him hard and fast – but when the voice ankara eryaman escortlar of the popular southern rap artist blared in its staccato tempo, their rhythm slowed and became erratic. Standing straight again, she slowly pulled the man’s hands from her and away from her. A slight groan of dispute escaped his lips as he felt her ass push away from his enraged crotch.

He didn’t know he had his eyes closed the whole time until he saw the young lady’s face inches in front of his. Her smile wasn’t as yearning as earlier; she looked content (but still had that glassy drunk tint). His returning smile turned to a little anxious gasping as she leaned in and softly kissed him. Their lips embraced sending sparks through his body; 40 minutes of freak dancing and he kept himself from shooting his wad into his pants. As her lips touched his, though, he felt a few droplets of pre-cum escape sending a shiver up his spine to his brain. A soft moan came from him causing the female to pull away slowly smiling. Grabbing his crotch and giving it a strong squeeze (causing another shiver, moan and more pre-cum to leak out) she turned then made her way into the thick crowd. A few breaths to recover and he was following her….

Until he lost her in the mass of humanity that was now doing a frenetic, though less sexually charged dance. Slightly disappointed, he made his way to his original destination – the bar.

For him, the rest of the party did not seem as passionate as those forty minutes with his mystery dancer. One reason was after the reggae music, the deejay played all popular songs and styles that didn’t appeal to him. The second was that he was on his fourth glass of “punch” at the bar was feeling calm and loose. Though the cops were there and discouraged underage drinking, they were reluctant to test the punch for alcohol. The punch did have alcohol in it… a mixture of vodka, rum, schnapps, and whisky (someone’s twisted idea). The fruity twang of cranberry, raspberry, and fruit punch helped to mainly disguise the smell, yet the test was still tart. However, the young man didn’t care; he wanted his mind to relax (as well as his crotch).

3 am the cops made their way through the thinning crowd to stop the music and send everyone home. Leaving the heat and humidity of the basement to the cool night surprised him partly sober. Laughing, he saw his roommate staggering with a female in tow toward his car. He met them at the silver colored four-door car still laughing.

“What da fuck soooo funny Reedie boy?” Drawled his roommate fumbling to get his car keys.

Still laughing, Reed replied, “Nuthing Alex. Just wondering why the cool air didn’t sober your ass up. Hi there Marla,” he said waving exaggeratedly towards the tall brunette holding up Alex.

Finally getting his keys, Alex handed them to Marla who opened the driver-side door and got in. Reed joined her in the front as Alex laid out on the back seats sighing and laughing.

“Sooooo Newbie, like your first party?”

Scowling at the nickname freshmen had here at Haverlawn, Reed replied, “Pretty much. That damn ‘punch’ is just that… a fucking punch in the mouth!” Alex’s loud laughing filled the car along with Marla’s giggling laugh. “The deejay was ok-“

“Did you dance with anyone?”

Reed was about to answer when he hesitated. He was about to say no until he remembered her…

His cock stirred in his pants forcing him to adjust in his seat. Finally remembering to answer, “Yeah, I danced with one girl. She was real good.”

Turning the car on, Marla asked, “Did she break you?”

Reed’s face grew puzzled; Marla turned her head to face him smiling, her eyes sneaking a peek at his still noticeable bulge. Feeling her stare, he blushed and looked straight ahead. Nodding, Marla put the car in motion knowing her answer…

“Hey,” shouted Alex, “did you get broken by the bitch Reed or what?”

“Nah,” Marla said elbowing Reed before he could speak, “Most girls there didn’t have the skills for that.”

“A few girls did…” Alex said with some reverie in his voice eyes half closed. Marla’s smile widened as they drove out of the parking lot of the apartment and drove up towards the intersection. A column of half-drunk partiers made their wobbling way towards the campus. Among the throng was the female Reed danced with – and she was walking alone…

“Why we stop?” Alex asked still lying down.

“Cause they herding the kids back to-” Marla stopped midsentence as Reed got out of the car. “Hey, where you going?” she called out to him surprised and a little annoyed. “What now Marla? What’s going on?” Alex slurred still laying on his back unaware.

Impulses on automatic, Reed joined the herded kids as they walked (well, as best as one can do while tired with sore feet and drunk as a sailor) along the sidewalk that lead into an entrance into the school. He pushed his way past groups of kids smelling a weird mixture of aromas (alcohol, sweat, sex, vomit to name a few) searching escort etimesgut for his mysterious dance partner….

There. She was not far from him and she was still alone. Her arms folded across her chest trying to keep her warm, she looked so sexy to Reed. Still on impulse, he approached her as they crossed another intersection (a patrol car driving alongside keeping an eye on things) and ended up walking next to her. He didn’t speak for the first few yards they walked alongside – she didn’t acknowledge he was there until she turned to see where some loud yelling was coming from. Partly startled by his presence, a small smile appeared making Reed relieved he made the right impulsive move.

Again on impulse (his mind long ago shut off), Reed spoke first, “Want my shirt?”

She looked at him puzzled at first, then nodded slowly. Reed unbuttoned and took off the long sleeve shirt (now I know why I wore it, he mused) and draped it over her shoulders. Clutching it, the young female stepped toward him then surprised Reed by leaning against him. Wrapping an arm around her, they both continued the slow walk back onto campus in silence.

Before Reed knew it, he was standing in front of a girls’ dormitory – an old Victorian-style building built. From what he remembered from Orientation (and that wasn’t a damn lot), these buildings were for upperclassmen females. It was almost 4 am; it was past visitation hours so he really was not allowed to go any farther. Yet, he saw groups of guys following girls into the dorm laughing and talking pretty loudly for the early morning.

“Coming or not?” Her question started Reed. Turning to her, he stammered, “Uh…. Uh, yeah. I guess so. You have my shirt.” His attempt at humor did not register with the girl. She turned and headed for the entrance. Shrugging, Reed followed his actions still impulsive (his brain now locked out from making ANY decisions).

Three flights later (felt like ten to Reed), Reed and his companion were standing in front of her door. “Coming in?” She asked her eyes locked onto his. Again Reed was mesmerized by them; alert, circular and set her face into a wonderfully pleasing pose. He didn’t realize he was nodding until she opened the door and stepped in waiting for him. His hesitation was momentary; he charged in like a bull before she (or him) could change minds.

Turning on the lights, he took in the dorm room – two beds, two dressers splitting the room in half, two desks by the double windows, and posters. A typical college dorm room; Reed noticed that both beds were empty.

“Where’s your roommate?” he asked.

“Nope,” she replied heading to the bed on the left, “she went home for the weekend. She lives nearby…”

She sat down and began taking off her shoes. When she pulled one off, she mused, “Shut the door. I don’t want us getting in trouble. And stop being so damn tense.” Chuckling and whispering “Newbie,” she took off her other shoe and sat against the headboard cross-legged.

Reed shut the door and slowly walked over to the bed and sat a foot from her. Silence filled the room for the next few minutes – outside the shouting and laughing of partying students echoed into the early fall night. Reed finally ended the silence saying, “I’m Reed if you want to know.” He kicked himself mentally… Of all the fucking things to say, you say THIS?

“I didn’t,” she answered smirking. When Reed’s body visibly tensed, she giggled. “Come on, just kidding. Relax… my name’s Tamara.” Her reassuring smile helped Reed to relax.

The next few moments were a blur in Reed’s mind. He didn’t know how he inched over to where she sat; he didn’t know how his hands ended up on her crossed legs rubbing them; he didn’t realize he was kissing those soft sensual lips of hers until a moan escaped her. Pulling away far enough to see her eyes, Reed saw the lust and wanton desire he saw on the dance floor. Looking deeper, he noticed that he too was looking back at her with the same stare of yearning. Reed was not used to the overflow of sexual energy he felt; yet, it didn’t stop him from leaning back in to kiss Tamara passionately on the lips, his hands roaming up her legs and under her tank top. Tamara’s surprisingly strong hands reached out and pulled him onto the bed.

Hands rubbed, pinched, massaged… Reed and Tamara enjoyed the sensations that each was receiving. Moans and groans filled the room and increased in intensity, threatening their privacy. Neither cared if anyone heard them though; their world consisted of them two, the bed, and the roaming fingers and lips as they explored each other.

Soon Reed’s hands had pulled Tamara’s tank top over her head exposing her firm, petite tits. Her nipples were poking out hard as nails from his earlier attentions; now he moved from her lips and traced his tongue down towards them. Moans of excitement escaped Tamara as his tongue began licking her right tit slowly in little circular motions. Not to feel cheated, she batıkent escort grabbed for his slacks and forcefully unbuttoned and unzipped them. His cock, which had been very hard throughout much the night, knew of her movements and began twitching in anticipation of being free. Moment later Reed’s slacks were below his hips; his briefs (gray Hanes to Tamara’s giggling smirk) followed soon after.

Springing from its prison, his cock hung between his legs pulsing and waiting. Its involuntary twitching sent shivers throughout Reed’s body – which caused him to nibble on Tamara’s tits greedily. She yelped in pleasure; her breasts were on fire from his tongue and teeth. Grabbing his cock with her left hand, she began to stroke it from tip to base at a quick pace causing moans and groans to escape Reed’s mouth. His mouth being on her tits while he moaned and groaned added to Tamara’s blissful feelings – he pussy lips twitched, quivered and she began to feel her panties get wet from her juices. She had to fuck him now…

Grabbing his eight inch cock in both hands, she jacked him off frantically. Soon, Reed couldn’t concentrate on her tits as his balls churned and the sheer pleasure was driving him insane. With the pleasure came another thought… I just met this girl – don’t even know her last name – and I’m about a few breaths away from possibly FUCKING her! How the fuck I get in this situation… I’m not like this at all-

She squeezed the head of his cock sending a twinge of pain and pleasure through his body letting loose an animalistic groan.

“AAAAaaahhhhh oooohhhh shit…” Reed lost all inhibitions at that point. His hands groped for her jeans, unbuttoned them and yanked them down to her knees. Her panties (he saw the wet spot in the front) were next; lifting her legs up he pulled off both and tossed them on the floor. Removing his pants and briefs, he spread her legs wide resting them on the bed knees up. Putting her hands over her head, he leaned in close panting and hissing like some predator. Tamara’s breath also came in ragged gasps – the air smelled of her sex and his musty sweat to her nose.

Her mind swimming, she barely got out, “Pleeeease… in my ass. Fuck my ass.”

Reed hesitated. He heard what she said… but he never fucked a girl in the ass. Was it different than her pussy? Tighter? Did he need protection? Realizing he didn’t have any condoms on him (he didn’t expect to fuck anyone tonight – that’s how his roommate acted) and the creeping doubts in his mind, he hovered over Tamara his cock inches from her warm, wet slit.

“Top dresser drawer… vaseline… get it.” Tamara’s voice called to him. Looking down, he saw her head pointing to the dresser. Getting up he rummaged through the drawer, found the small jar, and returned back to the bed.

Using two fingers, he took some out and rubbed his cock until it was shiny and coated. Taking the jar, Tamara took her middle finger, scooped some Vaseline onto it, reached under her and began moaning loudly murmuring under her breath as she rubbed her finger in and around her tight anal opening.

“MMMMMM…. Fuck yeeeessss…” she purred. Her finger worked furiously at her anal ring then later plunging into her stretching her and loosening her up for its next visitor. Rolling onto her stomach then her hands and knees, she half begged, “Fuck my ass Reed!”

He didn’t wait for her to repeat it. Getting behind her and spreading her ass wide, he pushed his head into her, her moans and screams loud and filled with agony and pleasure. A few grunting thrusts and it penetrated her ass. The warm tight hole squeezed and massaged his dick sending new sensations through him. Grunting like a pig, he began a slow thrusting rhythm til all eight inches were inside Tamara.

She’s no anal virgin, he thought as he paused getting her accustomed to having her ass stretched. Reed guess he took too long in waiting cause Tamara began to thrust her ass back against him. Taking the cue, Reed pulled halfway out, then rammed back in one thrust. The feeling was nothing he ever experienced; he hissed, gasped and moaned loudly “OOOOOhhhhhhh GOD… OOOOOHHHH.” Tamara’s moans were more primal; she thrust her ass back meeting his hard, slow strokes. Grabbing her hips for leverage, Reed picked up the pace fucking her ass harder, faster, and deeper. Her thrusts matched his; her head writhed on the pillows muffling the shouts of pleasure. Tamara’s hands grabbed the headboard tightly…

As Reed fucked her tight ass vigorously, her hands tightened. Soon, it was banging against the wall loudly shaking the whole bed.

“SOOO tight…. AAAAHHH this is the SHHIIIIIIT.” Reed moaned as he kept ramming his rod in and out her ass. The night of stimulation was getting to him though; he felt the churning in his balls signaling he was close to his orgasm.

“Fuck… me… HARDER! HARDER!” Tamara yelled her head titled up and arching her back.

Reed squeezed her hips tighter and jackhammered her ass plunging deeper into her. More moans and shouts came from Tamara… then she gasped. Suddenly, her whole body tensed her ass squeezing his cock obscenely hard. Then, a long shuddering moan escaped her as her orgasm sprang forth. The clenching and jackhammer thrusts were too much for Reed as soon after her climax ebbed, his flowed.

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