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The loud ring of his desk phone startled him. As usual he was engrossed in his current project. He tended to shut out the world when he got involved in a new technical problem at work. He was annoyed at the interruption and decided to ignore whoever it was. He didn’t have time for anything else this week anyway. However, the persistent ringing caused him to glance back toward the phone. He saw the number on the caller ID and all of the annoyance went away. He grabbed the receiver hoping she had not hung up. “Hi, baby,” he said joyously into the receiver. He was rewarded with the beautiful sound of his lover’s sweet voice. She cooed, “It’s late baby, I miss you!” He glanced at the clock and saw that he had once again worked hours passed quitting time. Even though she was used to his becoming absorbed in his work and coming home late, sometimes she just couldn’t wait any longer to hear his voice.

He told her that he was sorry and he missed her too. She purred “Come home, I’m waiting for you darling.” Almost before the phone had settled in its cradle he was headed for the door. The half-hour drive home passed quickly. He was lost in thought. His imagination producing one scene after another of what he might find when he got home. Somehow he knew whatever fantasies his mind conjured up would pale in comparison to what he actually found. She was by far the hottest lover he had ever had and she was always finding exciting new ways to express her passion. When he pulled into his parking space he had already become aroused. To no avail, he tried to will his penis to become flaccid, so as to avoid the appearance that he had been masturbating on the way home. Not that she would have objected. She had in fact encouraged him to explore his own body as well as hers.

He quietly entered the apartment they had shared since shortly after that wonderful day they met. It hadn’t taken them long to discover how perfect they were for each other. The living room was dark and silent. He heard soft music coming from the bedroom and wasted no time in following its seductive call. The only light in the bedroom came from three candles that burned on the dresser. Their dancing light softly illuminated her naked body. He exhaled audibly at the site of her buttocks. She had been lying on her side, but rolled over when she heard him. Neither of them said a word. The only sounds were from his breathing and her seductive purring. She noticed the growing bulge in his pants and smiled broadly at him. As he moved toward the bed he removed his tie. She anticipated his next move and raised her arms above her head.

He kissed her gently as he began tying her hands together with the tie. She loved the feeling of the silk that now bound her wrists. He then securely tied the remaining piece of silk to the brass headboard that had often been used to spice up their lovemaking. He still remembered the day he talked the owner of the little bed and breakfast into selling it to them. He had told the innkeeper escort numaraları eryaman some story about how she had commented that it was just like one that had been in her grandmother’s house. He pleaded with the reluctant hotelier, explaining that it would be such a wonderful surprise for her birthday. The birthday surprise part was at least the truth. The actual reason he offered so much money for it was due to the wild weekend they had spent taking turns tying each other to its shinny spindles.

His mind returned to the present and he stepped back to admire his now captive beauty. He placed one finger to his lips letting her know silence was required. Then he moved away from the bed and slowly stripped for her in rhythm to the music that played softly in the background. She cooed as she watched the candle light dance over his body. He was now fully erect and enjoying displaying himself to her obvious appreciation. She bit her lip slightly because the site of his erection bobbing about always amused her. She did not want to laugh now and spoil his little show. Next he walked to his closet and took out two more ties. These he would use to tie her ankles to the footboard. Now it was his turn to stifle his amusement as he watched her pretend to struggle while she was bound spread eagle on the beautiful antique bed. “Lie still, my love, I’ll be right back,” he whispered.

He left her for a few minutes and quickly showered. It had been a long day and he wanted to be clean for her. Lying bound to the bed, she wondered what was coming next. She enjoyed being helpless and anxiously awaited her lovers return. She was certain whatever he “forced” her to do would be amazingly exciting. She was wet with the desires her passion conjured up. When he returned his wet, longish hair was brushed straight back. She could see in his haste to return to her, he had barely bothered to dry himself. She saw beads of water still clinging to the gray strands that ran though his beard. She often wondered what his face looked like under the beard. She had never seen him clean-shaven. However, the feel of his unusually soft facial hair on her skin more than made up for not being able to see the cleft in his chin she could feel when she caressed his face. She could see the shower had done nothing to quell his passion as his manhood stood at full attention. He smiled at her as he moved toward the bed. This time her struggle was real when he moved to the side of the bed and softly tickled her thighs.

She did not contain her laughter or her cries to stop. When he did stop, she smiled and said, “You give up too easily, Love.” Now he was laughing. Then he kissed her deeply. She inhaled deeply and his scent filled her with delight. He wore no artificial perfumes. This made her happy, since his smell was naturally intoxicating to her. He reached down and slid his finger into her pussy, which was glistening with the love juices that were rapidly flowing within her. He began kissing her ankara bayan escort neck. She felt his tongue flicking in her ear and he nibbled on her ear lobe. Then his tongue seemed to be everywhere at once. She felt it flick across her nipples, then on her shoulder, then around her navel, then along her thighs. He paused and lifted her leg slightly so he could get to the sensitive area behind her knee. To her delight, he was always seemed to be discovering new spots that sent electric charges of excitement to her very core. She couldn’t believe the sensation as his tongue seemly visited every spot on her body.

He returned to her tits and began sucking on them, taking as much of the delicious flesh into his mouth as possible. Then his tongue found her freshly shaven underarm. He loved the feel of the soft smooth skin of her underarms on his tongue. She was powerless to stop him as he rabidly licked under each arm. Of course she had no desire to stop him either. Her entire body tingled with erotic stimulation when at last he plunged his tongue into her quivering pleasure hole. With her tied in this position he was able to lick deep inside her. He felt insatiable as he lapped up her delicious love juice. As his tongue found her attention-starved clit, he moved so that he was now straddling her and his balls were gently touching her face. She needed no other encouragement and began to lick his ballsack.

It was now her turn to feel his skin on her tongue. She carefully took each of his balls in her mouth. She felt stirrings deep inside her as she feasted on the taste of her lover’s delicious private parts. The feel of her lips and tongue on his most sensitive areas always drove him to new heights of pleasure. Sometimes having her lick him there felt more pleasurable then cuming. In fact there had been times when she had brought him to orgasm by licking him without having touched his cock. She was beginning to explore other areas she could reach with her tongue even as his tongue’s assault on her clit was bringing her to orgasm. She gave into her body and allowed herself to cum forcefully. She thrashed against the bindings on her hands and ankles as if trying to free herself. However, he had done his work well. These ties would certainly no longer be fit to wear to work, however.

When the waves of pleasure subsided she returned to exploring him with her tongue. She managed to find his thighs and felt his soft hair on her tongue. He visibly shuddered when her tongue reached the place where his thigh met his ballsack. Her tongue continued its journey reaching that incredibly sensitive area at the base of his balls. He moaned loudly when she repeatedly ran her tongue over this small highly sensitive patch of skin. He was in a position where his balls hung loosely and this served to heighten the incredible pleasure he felt as her tongue continue to explore previously untouched places. When her tongue began stabbing at his anus, he thought he might elvankent escort soon be shooting his cum all over her tits. Even as her tongue was now penetrating slightly inside him he continued to concentrate on maintaining control. He wanted to save the load that was welling up inside him to shoot into her mouth. He knew that he could stop her by merely moving away. However, he was not ready to give up the intense pleasure she was giving him just yet.

She was concentrating so hard on him she was taken by surprise when she again experienced a powerful orgasm. The whole time her tongue had been on its fabulous journey, he had continued to lick her clit and slide his fingers in and out of her quivering pussy. While she lay back enjoying this unexpected orgasm he raised up and turned around. He was now on his knees with his throbbing manhood inches from her luscious lips. He was trying to figure out how he was going to achieve his objective, when she looked up and said, “This might work better if you untied me.”

He had to reluctantly agree with this conclusion. He stood and untied her ankles and then untied the tie from the headboard. However, he left her wrists securely bond together. He was not ready to completely release his captive. She felt relief from the stiffness in her arms when she brought her still bound hands down to her abdomen. He helped her sit up and stood between her legs craving the feel of having his cock in her mouth. She teased him by flicking her tongue across his throbbing cock head and through the sensitive slit. Although she wanted to suck him almost as badly as he wanted to be sucked, she was not going to make this easy for him. If he wanted her to be a captive he was going to have to treat her like a captive.

Finally, he put one hand behind her head and took hold of his cock with the other. He gently but firmly pushed her head forward and aimed his hard tool toward her mouth. As soon as the tip of his manhood touched her lips, she opened up and eagerly swallowed him. She offered no resistance as he slid first into her mouth and then into her throat. After only a minute or two she tasted the first drops of precum as he neared the edge of bliss. When his cock began to convulse, she stopped and closed her lips tightly around him. He watched as his cum began to flow into her mouth. Realizing she was completely helpless he somehow had the presence of mind to reach down and hold onto himself to prevent thrusting his ejaculating cock into her. When his orgasm finished he slid out of her mouth. She looked up at him and smiled broadly. He took his hand and wiped away the small amount of his cum that had escaped her mouth that was running down her chin. She gleefully licked it from his fingers.

He thought he might burst he was so incredibly happy at that moment. He untied her hands and pulled her to her feet. She put her arms around his neck and they kissed deeply again. As their tongues danced they could taste each other’s juices on their lips. They both loved that the other willing kissed after oral love making. When the kiss finished, she told him that she had saved dinner for him. He said, “Wow, a blow job and a meal too!” They laughed as they walked hand in hand to the kitchen without bothering to get dressed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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