Photos for My Husband

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Diane heard a quiet knock on her bedroom door. “Come on in!” She called from her walk-in closet. “I’m back here! Come help me decide.”

Kathy appeared at the closet door moments later, and Diane noticed the appreciative look that she gave her. Diane stood there in just a towel, having just left the shower, her short wet hair looked incredibly sexy.

“I think he’d love seeing you just like that.” Kathy commented, no longer being subtle about checking Diane out, “But let’s see what you’ve got.”

It took about ten minutes to sort through the various outfits she had hanging in the closet, and to narrow down their selection to just three. One was a red silk bra and panty set with a garter and stockings, the next was a pair of panties and his light blue button up shirt, and the final outfit was a silk robe that he had ordered for her for valentines one year.

Diane was still getting used to her daily life while her husband, Mike, worked offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. Because of the poor health of the industry, he was gone more often than he was home. They usually only had two weeks out of every six that they could spend together, and the stress was starting to show. Each time he’d come home, the sex would be amazing, but Diane found that two weeks was hardly enough to satisfy her.

They had been sending each other sexy pictures for a while now, but they were both frustrated with selfies. It was Mike’s suggestion that they ask Diane’s best friend, Kathy, to help them out. Diane and Kathy had been best friends for more than a decade, and often joked that they were practically married. Kathy had agreed to the idea, easily comfortable with taking pictures of her best friend for her husband.

While Diane got to work changing into the first outfit, Kathy set about creating a good background for the photos. When she finished, she went to the dresser and picked up the two cameras. One was a video camera which she set up on a tripod in the corner, capturing the entire room in its lens, and the other was a relatively nice point and shoot that she’d brought from home. She set the video camera to record, and came back to the bathroom just in time to see Diane finish adjusting herself in the mirror.

“How do I look?” Diane asked, turning once, “Do you think he’ll like it?” The silky red bra and panty set hugged Diane’s curves nicely, the bottoms cut high to reveal her shapely legs. Her large breasts were barely contained in the slightly undersized bra, pushed up almost to the point of spilling over. Kathy had always thought that Diane had lovely breasts. They were larger than Kathy’s own chest, and pale white from lack of sun.

“You look amazing, babe,” Kathy replied, unconsciously licking her lips, “If he doesn’t love it he’s a fool.”

Diane chuckled and came into the bedroom. With Kathy’s guidance, she soon found herself spread across the bed in various sexy poses. The camera flashed repeatedly, and Kathy kept up a constant stream of instructions and encouragement. Diane really started getting into it, and by the end of the first set her panties were a little damp.

Kathy noticed the damp spot but didn’t say anything. She could hardly blame Diane for getting turned on, she herself was struggling to maintain her composure around the beautiful woman. Diane had gone from awkward and shy to confident and sultry in the space of a few minutes, and it was difficult for Kathy to keep up!

“Ok, go get changed.” Kathy directed, and took a moment to readjust the sheets and toss a few different pillows onto the bed. “I think we need to add some props. Where do you keep your toys?”

“In the nightstand, by the bed. Second drawer.” Diane called from the closet. She tossed the panties from the first set into the hamper and quickly ran a finger across her slit. She was getting wetter by the second. Kathy had been so forceful, so in control, and Diane loved it. She didn’t want to waste too much time getting changed, so she hurried and threw on the shirt and panties. Her heart was racing and her hands shook as she buttoned the shirt up about half-way and rushed back out.

“I think you should lose the bra.” Kathy said immediately when she saw Diane, “I think it’ll look much better if those babies are free.”

Diane laughed and went back in the closet to put the bra away. She felt the color rushing to her cheeks as she thought about exposing herself more in front of her best friend. They had seen each other naked countless times, but something about this felt different, this felt like more. Kathy and Diane had flirted with each other for years, but Diane had always assumed it was just a joke. She found herself doubting that assumption as she felt the moisture between her legs increase. She hoped that Kathy wouldn’t notice how hard her nipples were, or would write it off as just her thinking about Mike.

When she came back into the room, she noticed an important change about it: Kathy had a selection of her sex toys laying out on the bed, apparently for her to choose from. Beylikdüzü escort She walked over and stood next to the taller woman, who appeared to be trying to decide something.

“What is it?”

“I’m just trying to decide which ones to use for the shoot.” Kathy responded, then glanced over at Diane, “Which one’s are your favorite?”

“The blue one,” Diane answered before she could think, “It gets me off the fastest.” She suddenly realized what she said and felt the blush starting at her face and blooming on her chest.

Kathy grabbed the others and put them back in the drawer, and then turned back to Diane. “On the bed!” She ordered. Diane felt her nervousness spike again, and took a deep breath to calm herself. She laid down on the bed, and tried to get comfortable and pose at the same time.

“Hold up.” Kathy said, and motioned for Diane to come towards her on her knees so Kathy could adjust the shirt. “I don’t think we need this buttoned.”

They both struggled to keep their breathing steady as Kathy slowly unbuttoned the shirt, her eyes alternating between Diane’s own, and the beautiful flesh that was slowly revealed to her hungry gaze. Diane barely suppressed a shudder as she felt Kathy’s hands glance across the inside edge of one of her breasts, getting the last button free. Kathy took her time with the shirt, wanting to prolong the contact as long as possible. Her hands trembled slightly and she fought to keep them under control.

Kathy took a steadying breath and told Diane to hold that pose. She stepped back and snapped a couple shots with Diane on her knees, her breasts only partially covered by the sides of the open shirt.

They moved through various positions in a daze. Kathy did her best to remain professional, but her voice grew husky and she felt her panties becoming soaked under her skirt. After several coy poses, she asked Diane to pull back the sides of the shirt, revealing her large breasts and erect nipples to Kathy and the camera.

Things heated up quickly, and Kathy soon had Diane in a series of much sexier poses. She had Diane pick up the vibrator and position it in different sexy places, between her breasts, just under her panties, and in her mouth. It became quickly obvious to Kathy that Diane was incredibly turned on as her panties began to turn transparent. She got several close up shots and then took several steps back.

Diane’s eyes were locked with Kathy’s, and neither of them were breathing easily.

“Ok.” Kathy said after a moment, her voice husky and unsteady, “Let’s get you into your last outfit.”

Diane gave Kathy a long, appraising look, and wordlessly rose from the bed. The room smelled strongly of their arousal, a sweet smell that Diane found she enjoyed, and she felt like her skin was on fire. Once she made it into the closet, she wasted no time in stripping her soaked panties off and throwing them into the hamper. She stood there for a couple of minutes, and ran her fingers in circles around her erect clit. She had never been this turned on except in Mike’s presence, and it was driving her crazy. One hand went to her breasts, pulling on a nipple as she quickly rubbed her pussy. Within seconds, a small orgasm rushed through her, causing her to stumble and grab the wall for stability.

When she had recovered, she shook herself and hurried to finish changing. She wanted desperately to get back out there, but she wasn’t sure what she wanted to happen. She had dreamed of situations like this one before, but she had written them off as nothing more than idle fantasies. She didn’t know what she wanted anymore, except to get back into the room with Kathy.

While Diane finished getting changed, Kathy had made a few changes to the room. To start, she had loosened her own clothes. Her top was open now, revealing a dark green bra beneath, and she had quietly removed her panties as well. They had been dripping wet, so there was little point in them anyway. On the bed, she had found the couple’s under-the-bed restraint system. It was a series of straps that ran under the bed, and ended in soft handcuffs with Velcro closures. She figured that this kind of image would drive Diane’s husband wild, since it was having such a powerful effect on herself.

Diane came back into the bedroom, dressed only in the loosely tied red silk robe. She didn’t hesitate when she saw the restraints on the bed, but her skin flushed and she smiled with excitement. Diane loved being tied up, and she knew that these pictures, and the video of the process, would drive Mike wild.

When she noticed how Kathy was dressed, she felt her blood pulse through her body as her breath caught in a tiny gasp. She felt the dampness between her legs increasing as she got closer to the beautiful goddess in the open top and black skirt.

“Ready?” Kathy asked, in a quiet voice full of meaning.

“Let’s do it.”

Kathy smirked and raised one eyebrow, getting a chuckle from Diane, and then began directing Diane once again. The Beylikdüzü escort camera flashed again as Diane went through many poses, her robe slowly opening more and more throughout. She needed less direction now, mostly guided by her own arousal, but she welcomed the instructions. She liked being controlled, being told what to do, and she could tell that Kathy enjoyed being in charge. She trusted her best friend, and that trust radiated out from her with the heat of her arousal.

Soon, the robe was tossed aside, and Kathy could clearly see that Diane was turned on. She felt her own breathing coming harder, and found it difficult to keep the camera steady for each shot. Finally, she set the camera down and turned back to Diane.

“Let’s get you in those straps.” Kathy said, moving to the foot of the bed and grabbing Diane’s ankles. The straps were positioned at the four corners of the bed, so while Diane worked on putting one of her hands into the top restraint, Kathy spread her legs and tightly secured them in the cuffs. She moved quickly to Diane’s other side, lest she be distracted, and secured the last arm.

Diane felt completely exposed, vulnerable, spread eagle on the bed. Kathy seemed to be focused on each strap individually, going to each and tightening them down until Diane could only barely move. When she had finally finished, Kathy stood back and took it all in. Diane could see the lust in her eyes, and it drove her crazy.

“I don’t think we’re going to need many shots of this.” Kathy said, raising the camera to her eye and snapping off a couple shots, “I think Mike will get the picture.”

“All that work for only a few shots?” Diane asked in a breathy voice, her chest heaving as she rode waves of pleasure. She was close to orgasm and hadn’t even been touched. “Seems like such a waste.”

“I have other ideas.” Kathy said, and set the camera down on the dresser. She moved to the foot of the bed again, making sure that Diane’s attention was firmly fixed on her. Slowly and deliberately, she pulled her top off, tossing it to the side.

No one said a word as the two women stared at each other, their eyes full of lust and fire. Kathy reached behind her back and quickly unclasped the green bra. It was soon tossed aside with the top, revealing her beautiful breasts to her friend’s hungry gaze. Her breasts were smaller than Diane’s, but the nipples were hard as diamonds.

Diane moaned slightly as a small orgasm rushed through her restrained body at the sight of her beautiful friend. Her eyes closed only briefly, but she snapped them back open. She didn’t want to miss a moment of this. She watched, mesmerized as Kathy reached back and slowly slid the zipper down on her skirt, until the entire thing fell from her hips. She was only a little surprised when she realized that Kathy wasn’t wearing anything under the skirt.

They stared at each other for a full minute, each of them taking in the beauty before them, before Kathy climbed slowly onto the bed. She moved until she was lying next to Diane, their skin just barely separated, and moved her lips down to Diane’s ear.

“I’m going to fuck you, Diane.” Kathy whispered, breathing softly in Diane’s ear, causing the restrained woman to shudder and moan in pleasure. “I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long.” Her lips brushed across Diane’s neck, and Kathy felt her shudder beneath her.

Diane could hardly cope with what was happening inside her mind. She realized now that she had always wanted this, she just hadn’t ever put it to words. The thought of voicing her desires sent a spike of pleasure through her straining body.

“Please.” Diane breathed. “Oh please, fuck me Kathy!”

Their lips met suddenly, in a passionate and furious kiss. Their tongues explored each other’s mouths freely, and their moans sent shivers up and down each other’s spine. Kathy’s hands were all over Diane’s chest, eventually finding her nipple and squeezing it tightly between two fingers.

Diane moaned and kissed Kathy harder, biting her lower lip. Her body was on fire wherever Kathy touched her, and she struggled against her bonds, desperate to get her hands on her lover.

Kathy shifted her position, straddling one of Diane’s legs, and brought her face down to her chest. As her tongue danced across Diane’s breasts, she started to grind on her leg at the same time. The feeling of Diane’s skin on her most sensitive of places sent Kathy over the edge of a massive orgasm. She bit down on Diane’s nipple and gyrated her hips on her lover’s leg as she rode the wave of pleasure. When she finally came down enough to think, she swirled her tongue around the nipple in her mouth and started sliding her hand down Diane’s waist.

Diane was moaning non-stop, breathing heavy and deep one second, and fast and sharp the next. When she felt Kathy’s hand start sliding down past her navel, another orgasm rushed through her in anticipation. She ached to touch her lover, but the soft straps held her firmly to the bed. When Kathy’s Escort Beylikdüzü fingers finally reached her soaked pussy, it was like the world exploded around her. Pleasure like she had never known rocketed through her body, and she came hard. Her hips started sliding back and forth on the wet sheets as she tried desperately to help Kathy at her task.

Kathy’s fingers plunged into her best friend’s pussy with no hesitation. She buried two fingers all the way inside her lover, and used her thumb to flick and spin over Diane’s sensitive clit. She knew exactly what would feel amazing, having spent years playing with herself and exploring what felt the best, and she used her skills to the best of her ability. As she fingered her best friend, Kathy leaned down and kissed Diane once again. Their tongues danced in the same pattern that her thumb did on Diane’s clit, and their cries of ecstasy resounded off the bedroom walls.

Feelings of passion and love hit the two women like wind swept waves crashing onto a break. Desires that had been repressed or unrealized were suddenly confronted and unleashed. Kathy’s heart soared as she felt her best friend shudder beneath her talented fingers. Diane’s mind was full of explosions of fireworks as she gave herself over to the raw passion of her love for Kathy.

With sudden and overpowering lust, Kathy moved on the bed and started kissing a trail down Diane’s chest, between her heaving tits. Diane looked down at her with lust filled eyes, and Kathy returned her gaze with love and passion. She paused when she was just over Diane’s soaked triangle of pubic hair, watching as Diane tried to shift her hips up enough to bring Kathy’s lips in contact with her skin.

“Tell me what you want.” Kathy ordered, eyes never leaving Diane’s.

“Kathy!” Diane cried, desperately.

“I won’t do it until you beg.”


“Please, what?” Kathy’s grin was huge and evil.

“Damn it, Kathy!” Diane practically screamed, “Lick my pussy! I want your tongue on my clit!”

“Oh, is that all?” Kathy chuckled at the look of frustration and raw sexual energy on her lover’s face. “I guess I could.”

“Eat me, you bitch!” Diane laughed.

Kathy raised one eyebrow in that sexy way she had, and then bent down to comply. She loved teasing, but she couldn’t really have resisted much longer. Diane’s dripping pussy was too inviting a sight to pass up.

Diane nearly passed out when she felt Kathy’s tongue on her clit for the first time. It was more pleasure than she had had in a very long time. Mike was an expert at bringing her off this way, and his tongue was magical, but it didn’t hold a candle to Kathy’s. She knew exactly what motions would drive Diane wild, and she used her tongue to full effect on her bound lover. Diane came violently before ten seconds had passed, and came again when she felt Kathy’s fingers join her tongue.

Kathy reveled in the taste of her best friend, lapping up her sweet juices and swirling her tongue around her hard clit. She had already cum twice, just from the taste, feel, and sound of Diane’s orgasms, and she was ready for more. When the next wave of pleasure hit Diane, Kathy sat up and reached behind her for the straps that held her lover’s legs to the bed. With a quick motion, she released both her legs, and felt Diane wrap them tightly around her back almost instantly. Diane pulled Kathy in close and their lips met once again. While they kissed, Kathy reached up and released both of Diane’s arms from the straps.

As soon as Diane was free, her hands flew down to Kathy’s pussy. She had two fingers inside her before she even stopped to think what she was doing. Kathy’s moans of pleasure brought her back to the moment, however, and she quickly rolled on top of her best friend. They continued kissing as Diane fingered her lover, and she felt Kathy’s pussy clench down tight on her fingers as she came hard from the sudden and unexpected touch.

Diane’s thoughts of Kathy had always been more emotional, and the actual mechanics of their union had rarely entered into her imaginings of this moment. She would have sworn, before, that an act like this would gross her out, but that simply wasn’t the case. This felt natural. It felt right. She didn’t have to think about what she wanted to do to Kathy, she just did it. She trusted her instinct and emotions to guide her.

Diane didn’t stop. She broke their kiss and quickly shifted position, bringing her face down to Kathy’s most intimate spot. She breathed in the sweet smell of Kathy’s arousal, and dove in with a passion. As soon as her tongue touched her best friend’s clit, she knew her life was forever changed. She had never tasted anything so sweet, so mind-blowingly sexy, as Kathy’s pussy. Her tongue lapped at it, and swirled around it as she did her best to bring Kathy to yet another delicious orgasm.

Kathy could hardly believe how much better this was than she had imagined. She was already seeing stars from the non-stop waves of orgasmic pleasure, and her breath came hard and fast. She knew she’d never be able to get enough of this woman, and that their relationship could never go back to what it was. Her heart soared, and her soul cried out to the beautiful woman whose face was buried between her legs.

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