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“So what’s this surprise?” he asks as she leads him into their bedroom, tiptoeing behind him to place both of her hands over his eyes.

“You’ll see,” she says.

He feels her petite figure pressed against his back. Through his shirt he can feel the soft material that she is wearing. Silk? Lingerie?

She finally takes her hands away, and he searches for the surprise in the warmly lit hotel room.

“What is it?” he asks. She is still standing out of view behind him.

“Look on the bedside table,” she pushes him forwards playfully.

There is a small digital camera sitting on the dresser. He takes a step towards it and picks it up.

“It’s fully charged,” she explains as he switches it on with a beep-beep, “and it has a memory card in it.”

“Is this for what I think…” he begins, and turns around to ask her. He trails off as his eyes take in her figure.

She’s leaning back against the wall, hands laced behind her back, head cocked to the side, letting her bright red hair cascade down her shoulder in waves. Dark brown eyes peek out from behind her sweeping fringe and a playful smile tugs at her bright red lips.

He was almost right about the lingerie. Almost.

She’s wearing thigh-high stockings, leaving a small window of pale thigh flesh between them and the hem of a tight black dress. It hugs her figure, leaving him desperate to lift it up around the broad curve of her feminine hips, or to pull the plunging neckline down around her cleavage and let her breasts spill out.

Under the material he can clearly make out her erect nipples and the curve of her body.

“You were saying?” she asks with a knowing grin.

“I uh…” he tries, and swallows. “This is for pictures?”

“You’ve always wanted a proper photoshoot,” she says. “So tonight, I’m yours to do what you want with… Start taking pictures, go on.”

“Uh, ok,” he says, and brings the camera up. He lets it focus,which it does remarkably quickly, and then –

Click. Flash.

He checks the photo and sees exactly what he wants to. Smiling, he takes a step towards her. “Ok then,” he says, and she smiles in anticipation, “turn around.”

She complies, turning and stretching her hands up against the wall. Her rounded ass cheeks push out from under the hem of her tight dress, teasing him with a glimpse.

Tensed, her stocking-clad legs stretch out as the camera focuses and she looks back over her shoulder with lust-filled eyes.

Click. Flash.

“Lift the dress up…” he is whispering now, caught up in the moment.

She brings her hands down and lifts the hem up, stretching it around her wide hips and the beautiful, soft curve of her ass. Between her cheeks the camera catches the glistening wetness of her pussy.

Click. Flash.

Without him giving her an order, her own tiny hands grab a handful of each ass cheek and squeeze, pulling them apart for him.

Click. Flash.

He moves closer and motions for her to turn around again. She complies, leaning back against the wall, and he tells her,

“Pull your dress down.”

Biting her lip in hot frustration, she runs her hands up over her body and grasps the edges of her neckline. She stretches it down, letting her perky breasts loose. They spill out of the dress.

Click. Flash.

She kneads her nipples between her soft fingers, her eyes closing in ecstasy. There’s no need for instructions any more.

He takes a dozen more pictures as she runs her hands all over her body, feeling herself, gripping and pinching at the delicate curves of her body. One hand slides down between her thighs, and her stocking dressed legs buckle at the knees as she runs a finger over her clit.

Rubbing her pussy, mouth open and breathing heavily, she looks up at the camera as he takes another couple of pictures of her reddening face looking out from under her hair, one hand pulling at her own red locks in pleasure.

“Come here,” he says, and the heaving in her chest calms as she slides down the wall until she is on her knees, and crawls across the floor towards him as the camera clicks and flashes again and again.

He eryaman escort keeps taking pictures as she runs her hands up his legs and finds the trembling bulge in his trousers. She squeezes it and he lets out an involuntary gasp.

More clicks and flashes fill the room as she undoes his belt, throwing it to the floor. She quickly undoes his trousers and pulls them down enough to let his erection strain in his boxers before her eyes.

Click. Flash.

She pulls his boxers down out of the way, and his cock stands tense and shaking in front of her. Taking it in her hand, she looks up at the camera with an open mouth.

Click. Flash.

Her tongue runs up the underside of his cock first, leading her parted, red lips to its tip, her eyes looking up at him.

The camera flashes repeatedly as she takes it in her mouth, leaving a red smear on his shaft as she works her lips up and down over his thick cock.

Click. Flash.

With his free hand, he grabs the back of her head and lifts her to her feet. He steps aside and guides her towards the bed, where he pushes her forward. Leaning on the bed, she looks over her shoulder as he gets behind her. Moving the camera for the best angle, he takes a few shots of her bent over for him, the dress riding up to give him the perfect view of her ass.

Click. Flash.

He takes a step forward and guides his cock to her wet pussy. Rubbing it down over her clit elicits a low moan from her, her hips bucking back against him. As the camera clicks and flashes, he groans in pleasure and pushes his cock deep inside her.

Arching her back, she looks over her shoulder and their eyes lock as his abs finally touch against her ass cheeks, burying his cock in her. She pushes her ass back against him, taking him as deep as she can, feeling him throb inside her.

He sets the camera to the video setting while he can still see straight, and hits record before placing it on the bedside dresser. With both his hands free, he grabs her ass cheeks and pulls her hips close as he fucks her, slamming his cock into her again and again. She lets out a loud moan and reaches back with one hand.

He takes her hand and reaches forward as their bodies crash together. Taking her second hand leaves her without any support, and she bends forward until her face is on the bed and he’s holding both of her hands back.

Gripping onto one another’s arms, he drives his cock into her over and over, pulling her arms back to arch her spine and drive her hips up. Gasping for air, moaning helplessly, she blurts out,

“I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna -“

She bites her lip and moans loudly as her pussy quivers and tenses around his cock.

Her body shakes with her climax, her face contorts beautifully in a mixture of aching pleasure and satisfaction, until eventually the trembling stops and she flops forward on the bed, breathing heavily, red in the face.

He lets her go and pulls his cock out of her. Without a word, she rolls over onto her back and her legs wrap around him, pulling him close. Her hands grip her tits and her hungry eyes say everything he needs to hear.

Pushing her up further onto the bed, he climbs on top of her and she guides his cock into her still trembling pussy. Within seconds he’s deep inside her again, and she’s gripping onto his back and pulling him in with her legs.

Tangled, their bodies buck and shake against each other, both of them silently coming to climax again. He feels his balls tighten and his gut clenches as his own orgasm rushes through his head. Her tiny hands scrabble at his back, and she bites into his shoulder and groans as he pounds her harder.

Losing themselves, their love becomes a rapid, helpless flurry of pleasure and passion. They slam their hips together over and over again until he grunts against her neck and explodes inside her, filling her with more cum than he knew he had.

She lets out a long, contented sigh.

Where once there was raw lust, there is now tired, satisfied comfort. They roll over as his cock slides out of her body, wrapped in each other’s bodies.

Too quiet to hear, she says something. sincan escort He lifts his head.


“I said: that thing’s still recording.” She gives him her cute, wide eyed smile and kisses him softly on the mouth.

Without breaking the kiss, she reaches over and turns the camera off. Shuffling in closer against him as he wraps his arms around her, she nuzzles her head in against his shoulder.

Lying in the afterglow of their photo-shoot, the scene looks somewhat different. She has a rosy blush in her cheeks, her fox-coat hair is dishevelled and the stockings and tight black dress have been replaced with her lover’s white shirt.

He sits against a wall of pillows, one arm like a safety harness around her. Despite her hands being lost in his oversized sleeves, she runs the flats of her palms up and down over the cool skin of his forearm.

“That was… something,” he squeezes her in his arm and she rustles closer into him as though he were her very own mattress.

“Mhm,” she rolls her head on his chest muscle and plants the slightest breeze of a kiss on his skin.

“We should probably get dressed for dinner soon.”

It’s not often that talk of dinner goes with the tone of regret evident in his voice. As if in protest, she wraps his arm further around herself and relaxes her eyelids.

“Hmm… later.”

“Well in that case,” he reaches over with his free hand and lifts the camera from the bedside table.

“What?” She stirs.

“I’m looking at these pictures.” The camera switches itself on with two beeps.

“I don’t want to see them,” she laughs. “They’re for you.”

“What? Why don’t you want to…” her gaze silences him, and she stretches and snatches an amused kiss from him.

“It’s embarrassing – like hearing your own voice being recorded. Keep them to yourself. For… private moments,” she says, quickly adding, “when I’m not there.”

“I see.” He plants a kiss on her head as she relaxes into his side once more.

As her eyes droop shut again, he opens the camera’s memory and begins to flick through the pictures.

First, the exquisite shots of her in those stockings and that figure-hugging dress. Then her turned, the arch of her back leading to the curl of her soft, pale ass cheeks, just peeking out from under the material.

He feels something stir in his groin and shifts himself. Her breath is a shallow whisper compared to his aroused sighs. He flicks through the next couple of pictures, and what he sees heats his face and tightens something in his stomach.

Pictures of her sliding down the wall, her dainty breasts being squeezed out of her tight dress, her fingers massaging her erect nipples. Others of her crawling along the floor towards him, giving him a beautiful profile of the sweeping curve of her hips, those curves that he loves to hold as he fucks her…

The pictures are in high definition, so real that he can almost smell her perfume in them. Under the covers the heat makes him sweat, and the skin of his legs sticks to her smooth, porcelain flesh.

He feels that familiar longing in the pit of his stomach, and the blood pounding in his head gives him an aching throb in his cock as it hardens by the second.

He flicks through the pictures: his cock in her mouth, her lips working over every sensitive inch of his body like only she knows how. Her bent over the bed, hands pinned at the small of her back, those stockings underlining his favourite part of her body. Then the video…

Almost forgetting to turn the sound down, the video blares a couple of seconds of her blissful moaning echoing against the slap of flesh on flesh. He jumps in fright and scrambles with the camera before he finds the ‘mute’ button.

Tense, he looks at her sleeping form and smiles. Groaning, she shuffles at the edge of wakefulness, before cuddling into his arm like a pillow and returning to sleep.

With the video still playing silently, he leans his head back and tries to focus his mind. She’s asleep; although that’s never stopped either of them before. Even after all the years together, he still steals a batıkent escort peak down the shirt he gave her.

Her petite breasts, perfectly shaped, are clearly visible through the fabric and by looking between the loosened buttons. Under the shirt she’s completely naked: no underwear, no panties, nothing.

The hand resting around her body moves almost of its own accord and before he can rationalise it, one of his hands has plunged beneath her shirt and is fondling her nipples.

Arching her back, she unconsciously responds, rolling over so that the soft, round cheeks of her ass grind against his rock hard erection. He groans, whether she means it or not.

Unable to stop himself, he feels himself pushing his cock between the cheeks of her ass, biting his lip to stop himself making a sound. As though she were completely aware of what he were doing, she clenches her cheeks around his erection, massaging it with her own body. Trying to stay calm and avoid waking her, he has to fight the urge to wrap his arms around her.

Then he feels her own hands snaking down under the covers, and he freezes. Her hands finds their way over her own ass cheeks and he feels her small, cool fingers wrap around the shaft of his cock. Letting out a low breath of pleasure, he nuzzles against her neck, kissing and nibbling at her ear.

“Hello, handsome,” she whispers as she cranes her neck to kiss him.

Their tongues find each other, flicking and dancing in each others’ mouths. While he wraps his arms around her, her small hands pump the shaft of his erection. He bucks his hips without meaning to, and her fingers guide him down between her thighs.

His hands, free to wander now, pop the shirt open and he grasps her breasts in each of his hands, causing her to let out a long, relaxed sigh.

The covers are kicked off as it gets hotter and hotter under the covers, giving him a perfect view of her beautifully curved lower body as she guides his cock into her from behind. Tucking one leg under hers, he lifts her thigh to make space for his hand and runs his fingers down into the moistness.

His cock stretches her from the inside as she writhes and gasps in his grip, his arms and legs wrapped around her in a passionate restraint.

With his manhood buried deep inside her, his fingers play over her swollen clit and she gasps and moans. Panting, she grinds her ass cheeks back against him while he works his fingers over her clit, faster and faster.

“Oh fuck,” she bites her lip, swallowing hard. She lets herself go in the throes of intercourse, feeling him penetrate her.

She loves it like this, wrapped in him, both trapped and secure at once, an object of his desire. As he fucks her faster and harder at her whispered, breathless requests, she begins to feel the burning tingle of orgasm building in her groin.

He pushes her onto her stomach without removing himself from her, his right hand trapped under her pussy as he rubs his fingers around her clit. She feels herself shaking, the weight of his body pinning her down, and she grasps at the quilts and pillows as his teeth finds her neck and the small of her shoulder.

She hadn’t realised until now that she’s been screaming his name every time he pulls his cock out, until she can feel the bulge of his helmet about to leave her, before slamming it all the way back in.

When she climaxes, it’s with a long, aching moan of complete satisfaction, accompanied by the warming, full feeling of his cum filling her up from the inside. He goes tense on top of her, and then their rhythm slows and he collapses on top of her.

She works her pelvic muscles, milking the last fluids out of him; she enjoys feeling him shiver and tremble with sensitivity immediately afterwards. With a contented smile on her face, she relaxes and tilts her head up to kiss him. Their mouths find each other and they share a long, passionate kiss between heavy breaths.

“Well now I definitely need a nap,” she says, “come here.”

Rolling over, wincing as his cock slides out of her tender pussy, she wraps her shirt-clad arms around him and he wraps her up in his body, her head cradled in the crook of his arm, and kisses her on the forehead.

Whispering their affections, they both find their eyelids growing heavy, until the warm glow of their love carries them off from one dream into another.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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