Piglet Ch. 01

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Kimberly was done with high school and had no plans for the summer. Her mom was at work most of the time during the week. She was never one to sit still for very long and could be a smart ass at times. During one summer day, Kimberly was bored and looking for something new and different. Up in her room, sitting on her bed, she booted up her laptop and logged into a chat client. She browsed the different chat rooms seeing what the topics of the room. After looking through about twenty or so rooms, she came across one called Florida Mature BBW Lesbians. Being an 18 year old BBW and curious of sorts to what it would be like to have a lesbian experience, she clicked on the room title. A few moments later she was in the main chat room. She sat on her bed looking at the chat screen and just watched the exchange between other women in the room. After about five minutes, she received an instant message from a lady. The IM said “Hello”

Kimberly stared at the PM box for a moment and replied back with a hello. The lady asked her how she was and Kimberly replied fine.

“Are you bi or les?” asked the lady.

“Neither, just curious is all.” Kimberly replied.

“How old are your and are you’re a BBW?” was the next question

“I’m 18 and yes.” Kimberly responded.

“That’s lovely. My name is Mary and I’m a 48 year old BBW lesbian and I live Ocala.”

“My name is Kimberly and I live close to Ocala.” Kimberly replied and started to get into the conversation.”

“Perfect. If your not busy today, why don’t you come over and me and my lady partner will show you how wonderful it is being with another BBW?” Mary said.

Kimberly paused for a moment and felt her panties dampen a bit. She’s not had much experience in the sex department and her hand could only do so much to get her off. She then replied back to Mary and told her yes. Mary sent her the address of her house and her cell number. Kimberly put the address and number on her iPhone and told Mary she would be there in 20 minutes. Kimberly said goodbye and shut down the computer. After closing the laptop closed she could not believe what she just did, but it was nine in the morning and her mom would not be home till six in the evening and she was bored and looking for something new to do.

Kimberly freshened up a bit in the bathroom and then grabbed her purse and car keys. Kimberly mapped the route to Mary’s house on her phone and then headed in that direction. During the drive Kimberly thought about what Mary would look like since they did not trade pictures. In a way, the fact this was a completely blind meet made it more exciting to her. After about twenty minutes of driving, Kimberly found the house and pulled into the driveway. She got out of the car and felt excited and nervous as she walked up to the front door. She paused for a moment before ringing the doorbell. About one minute later, the door opened up and there stood Mary. She saw Kimberly and gave her a smile and invited her in. Once inside, Mary took Kimberly back to the family room where Debbie, Mary’s partner was. As the entered the room, Mary introduced the two and told Kimberly to have a seat on the love seat and then offered her a glass of iced tea to which Kimberly accepted. Mary went into the kitchen and returned with drink. She handed it to Kimberly and then sat down on the couch next to Debbie.

Kimberly took a sip then set the glass down.

“You are a very pretty girl.” Beylikdüzü escort Mary told her.

“Why thank you.” She replied with a blush.

Mary looked at Kimberly’s light brown hair and brown eyes. She also stole a glance at her chest which she figured was a 42DD.

“So Kimberly, have you ever been with a girl or woman before? Asked Mary.

“Um, not really. I mean when I was on sleepovers, a few of us girls would touch each others boobs and sometime on the outside of the girl’s panties.” Kimberly replied without any hesitation.

“I think most girls have done that but most would never admit to it.” Mary replied with a smile.

“Do you smoke weed?” Asked Debbie.

“Yeah, when I can.” Kimberly replied between sips of the iced tea.

Debbie, fixed up a bowl, lit it took a hit then passed it to Mary. Mary took a few hits then walked over to Kimberly and handed her the pipe. Mary leaned over enough to give Kimberly a nice few of her big fat tits. She stayed in that position until Kimberly took a few hits then handed the pipe back to Mary. During the next ten minutes, the three passed the pipe around until it was spent.

Mary looked at Kimberly smiling and told her to take her shoes and socks off and stand up. Kimberly smiled back, leaned over and removed her shoes and socks.

“Remove your shirt for us.” Mary asked.

Kimberly removed her shirt revealing her white bra and her tummy hanging over a bit on the front of her jeans.

“Those are nice looking tits.” Debbie told her.

Kimberly could only blush after hearing that.

“Loose the jeans.” Mary told her.

Kimberly unfastened the buttons on the top front and pull the zipper down, then slid her fingers on the insides and then pulled them down and then stepped out of them.

Debbie looked at Mary and said. “Don’t your just love a teen fatty wearing white cotton panties?”

“Yes I do, I can even see the bush on her pussy through the material.” Mary replied.

“Just look how her fat tummy sags over the top of the panties. I’m getting wet at looking at her.” Debbie crooned back.

“Now loose the bra and show Debbie and I your big teen titties.” Mary said.

The weed made Kimberly so relaxed she wasn’t even embarrassed about striping down in front of two complete strangers. She reached behind her and undid the clasp then removed the bra. Her fat teen tits, still firm and slight saggy were now in plain view. Her fat nipples started to stiffen a bit.

“Very nice titties you have there. I bet all those horny little bastard boys just wanted to cop of feel of those lovely big titties. I bet most of them sprayed their nasty boy cum in their undies when you let them.” Mary asked.

“Yeah they did.” Kimberly replied with a laugh.

“Now pull those cute panties down and show Debbie and I that young pussy.” Mary asked.

Kimberly smiled and pulled down her white cotton panties then stepped out of them. She stood there legs apart and arms at her sides.

“Damn, look at the bush on her. I bet she has a nice pair of fat lips under that bush.” Debbie exclaimed.

Mary told her to stand in front of her and Debbie. Kimberly complied and Debbie and Mary started to run their hands over Kimberly’s young soft flesh. Kimberly closed her eyes and felt the hands of the two ladies molest her young body. Kimberly felt someone’s fingers rubbing her pussy then sliding inside. She let out Beylikdüzü escort a soft moan of pleasure as the two fingers slid up her tight wet hole. Mary removed the fingers and put them in Debbie’s mouth for a taste and then fingered Kimberly again, only this time, she sucked the pussy juices off her fingers.

“Kimberly?” asked Mary.

“Yes.” She replied.

“Would you like to be a little piglet for Debbie and I. We would love to have you over and use your young fat body and make you a piggy slut for the two of us. If you agree to this, your body and mind will belong to us. We will use every hole and at times, will have other ladies over to use you as well. You will learn to eat pussy and ass, take a big strap-on up your fuck hole and piggy hole. You will also be punished when you disappoint us.” Mary asked of while she was fingering Kimberly’s wet fuck hole, rubbing her clit as Debbie pinched Kimberly’s fat nipples.

With her eyes still closed, Kimberly uttered out a yes.

“That is wonderful” Mary replied.

Mary looked at Debbie and told her to take Piglet to the spare bedroom and to her ready. Debbie got off the couch and took the new Piglet back to the bedroom. Mary got up and went into the bathroom to fetch a bowl of warm water, scissors, cream and a few razors. When she arrived in the bedroom, Kimberly was on her back with two big pillows under her ass, her legs spread and her fat hairy fuck hole inn plain view. Mary set the items down and told Kimberly she was going to shave her fuck hole. She looked at Debbie and told her to get naked and to feed piglet a nice big tit. Debbie removed the house dress she was wearing which revealed her big saggy tits and shaved pussy below her belly. Debbie sat on the edge of the bed and grabbed her right tit.

“Time to suck tit, Piglet. Suck my fat nipple hard and bite on it. Jane is going to shave that fuck hole of yours and you will keep it shaved at all times. We just love bald fat pussy.” Debbie told her.

Kimberly opened her mouth and took in as much of her tit as possible. As Kimberly sucked on the tit, Mary proceeded to first trim then shave Piglet’s fuck hole. After about ten minutes, Piglet was sporting a bald fuck hole. Mary could now the meat curtains protruding out. She told Debbie to come over and take a look.

Debbie got off the bed and moved around to the foot of the bed. She told Piglet to pull her belly up and spread her legs more. Debbie licked her lips seeing the meat curtains and then proceeded to get on the bed. She took her fingers and spread her fuck hole open and then exposed her clit.

“Damn, look at that big fat clit on this piggy.” Debbie shrieked.

“My god, that is the biggest clit, I’ve ever seen. I’m going to have fun with that for sure. I’m sure we can get Karen to pierce it for us along with her nipples.” Mary replied.

Mary got up from the bed then removed her clothes. Kimberly watched her and looked at another pair of big saggy tits like Debbie’s. Mary’s belly was big and hung down halfway to her pussy.

Debbie and Mary got on the bed and were kneeling. Mary removed the two pillows from under Piglet’s ass.

“So, does our Piglet like looking at big girl pussy and tits?” Mary asked.

All Kimberly could do was to nod her head as a response.

“We are both big squirt a lot when we come and I’m sure you will love having a mouthful of big girl pussy cum in that piggy mouth Escort Beylikdüzü of yours. Now, when was the last time you took a shit?”

Kimberly’s face got red by the question and thought for a moment, before telling Mary it was yesterday morning.

“Well, we can’t have a piglet with a dirty pig hole, now can we? Asked Mary.

“No Ma’am” Kimberly replied.

“That’s a good little Piglet. Now get your ass into the bathroom. I want your piggy ass in the shower, head down, that piggy hole up high, so Debbie and I can clean it out before we use it.” Mary instructed her.

Kimberly got off the bed and headed towards the bathroom.

Debbie leaned over and slid her tongue inside Mary’s mouth and kissed her deeply and then told her how she had found the cuties piglet ever.

“I’m willing to bet her fuck and pig hole are virgin.” Debbie cooed.

“Oh. I’m sure that are. She’s got the tightest fuck hole I ever fingered, and I love her meat curtains and big clit.” Mary replied.

“Let’s go our piglet nice and clean so we can take her holes today. My pussy is soaked just thinking about using Piglet. I know the ladies will enjoy riding her face, slapping her tits hard and using big girl cock on her holes.” Mary exclaimed.

Debbie and Mary arrived in the bathroom and noticed Piglet was in the position she was told. Mary prepared a two quart special enema and Debbie lubed up the fat nozzle and then spread some lube over Kimberly’s pig hole before sliding her finger in.

“That is one tight pig hole you have Piglet. Did you know, niggers just love putting their big black cocks in piggy holes? I’m sure you’ve seen enough porn on your computer and watched piglets like you being used by big black cock. I came home last summer and caught my daughter in her room with a nigger cock up her ass and another in her mouth. I kicked the slut whore out of the house right then. Last I heard, she’s a fuck bag for a gang on nigger’s north of here. She’s already gave birth to one nigger baby. I’m guessing they got her hooked on drugs or something. About of month after I kicked her out, I received a bunch of pictures showing her taking on about twelve niggers. They had put a tattoo above her pussy that said “Nigger Cock Only”. Mary and I will keep you safe from nigger cock and pussy. We are both very pleased you want to be our piglet.” Debbie explained as she shoved the fat nozzle inside her tight hole.

Kimberly let out a gasp as her virgin hole was opened. Mary hung the bag from the shower head and then released clamp of the enema tube,

Kimberly could feel the warm liquids invading her bowels. She grunted a moaned a bit as the bag emptied its contents. When the enema was done, Mary removed the nozzle and replaced it with a butt plug. She then put her hand between Piglet’s legs and started to finger her pussy. Her finger found her pee hole and started to rub it. She looked up at Debbie and smile. Debbie knew was she was doing and before long, Kimberly began to piss all over Mary’s fingers and hand.

“Did Piglet just urinate without permission?” Mary asked her.

“I’m sorry, I could not help it.” She replied.

“That’s not good. Debbie is now going to give you a punishment for that.” Said Mary.

Debbie told Piglet to her on her knees and Debbie stood in front of Piglet. Debbie’s pussy was inches from Piglet’s face. She reached down, spread her lips wide and then let out a stream of piss. Mary held Piglet’s head as Debbie urinated all over Piglet’s face and tits.

When it was over, Debbie got out of the tub. Mary told Piglet they were going to the Master bedroom and she was allotted fifteen minutes to empty the enema and take a shower.

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