Pizza Delivery Guy

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“Like to thank the Moderators in pointing me in the right direction with the tools and techniques in the Writers Resource Section. Also like to acknowledge “smoothed” for the assistance in editing and writing suggestions. As a new writer to fiction, all were extremely helpful. I welcome feedback from readers”


It was Thursday, pizza day. Each and every Thursday night after work, shortly after I get home, I order a large three-meat pizza from the local pizza shop. I’ve been doing this for about 2 months now. Not that I really crave that particular pizza that much, but it is more about the great looking pizza delivery guy and I know he works in my area on Thursdays.

His name is Richard, aka Dick. To me, he is very handsome. I think he is a few years older than me, probably 35. He has a nice tan, great muscle tone, a beautiful smile, and is polite and always on time. Twenty to twenty-five minutes every time. I could set my watch to it.

So, I ordered my normal pizza and waited. I like to give him a little show each time by making sure I am wearing a low-cut blouse with my good pushup bra that shows just the right about of cleavage to tease him a little. I like the way he tries to be discrete, but I have caught him looking on several occasions.

I know I am not the cutest girl in town, but for just turning 30, I think I am pretty good looking. Especially since my small frame and 36-Cs seem to still draw the attention of most guys.

Twenty-five minutes have passed, no pizza. Then thirty without any sign of the pizza guy. This was not right. Something was different. Finally, after about 40 minutes, there came a knock on my door. I opened it, but to my surprise, it was not him. It was a younger guy, about 25. He stood there on my door step with my pizza in hand. He shoved it toward me.

“That will be $10.50 please,” he spouted.

I was a little perturbed, but still reached for my wallet in my purse, located on a small table next to the door. I handed him a ten and a five and told him to keep the change. I guess I felt obligated to tip the guy, even though the pizza was late and probably cold. He was not rude, just business-like and in a hurry.

I quickly closed the door, then returned to the kitchen area where I sat the pizza box on the table and opened it up. The pizza was the right order, but as I suspected, it looked over-cooked and cold. I took one slice out, took a couple of bites, and confirmed my thoughts. It was not that fresh.

I finished the slice but no longer wanted the pizza. Again, I really didn’t crave the pizza, being more interested in seeing my pizza guy. I sat down at my table and just stared at the box. Several minutes passed as I looked at the box, feeling disappointed. I decided to take a shower and get ready for bed.

I went to the bathroom, started the shower water, and removed my top and bra. Just as the bra hit the floor, I heard a knock at my door again.

‘Who could this be?’ I wondered. ‘I was not expecting any guests this evening.’

I grabbed my top, quickly threw it on, and proceeded back to the living room to the front door. When I opened the door, to my shock, there stood my normal pizza guy, Dick. He was holding a pizza box.

I muttered, “Yes, what’s going on?”

He could detect my confusion and politely responded, “Sorry about the mix-up earlier. We got slammed at the shop tonight and görükle escort a lot of orders got mixed-up or delayed.” Then he offered me the box, explaining, “I know your order was way too late and probably not right, so I brought a fresh pizza, no charge. Also, here are some coupons for two free ones in the future. You are one of our best customers and I don’t want to lose your business.”

I was so caught up in his sincere apology and kindness that I just opened the door and invited him in. He smiled and came right in. He placed the pizza on the table and opened the box. He pulled out a slice and offered it to me. I took a bite. It was warm and tasty! I stood there for a moment and realized that I couldn’t eat the entire pizza by myself. I never could. I always have leftovers.

Not sure what came over me, but I just blurted out, “Care to stay and join me?” I further explained, “I really can’t eat the whole thing and usually it goes to waste or leftovers anyways.”

“Yes, I would like that.” He grinned and nodded his head.

We both grabbed a slice and were enjoying the moment when I noticed him glancing at my chest. I suddenly realized that I was only wearing my blouse without a bra! My nipples were standing erect and could easily be seen through my thin blouse. He had a smile on his face. It wasn’t obvious that I caught him staring, so I looked over him as well. His arms were so toned and muscular. I could make out the shape of his chest through his tight shirt. He was a handsome man.

For several short moments, we sort of checked each other out, ostensibly enjoying our slices of pizza. I noticed his tan slacks, how they fit his body. The material stretched smoothly on his legs. I scanned back upward slowly, noticing a slight bulge in his crotch.

He was getting turned on from me.

I must have blushed a little, because when I made eye contact, he smirked a little. I turned and dipped my head slightly as I reached my arm out towards his body.

He leaned into me and softly whispered, “Are we alone?”

I must have looked confused, because he explained, “I hear water running. Is someone taking a shower?”

My mind scrambled for a second before it hit me. ‘I never turned off the water in the shower!’ I managed to blurt out, “OMG, I left the water going!” and rushed to the bathroom to turn it off.

When I reached in to turn off the faucet, I felt a hand on my shoulder and a breath on my neck. Dick was standing right behind me.

“No sense in letting a good shower go to waste,” he whispered into my ear.

As I turned back towards him, he grabbed the bottom of my blouse and raised it up over my head. Just as my head popped out, his lips met mine. They were soft and wet. He started kissing me. At first, on my lips, then his tongue darted in and out of my mouth. He tasted so good!

He moved quickly to my neck and shoulders, still kissing ever so lightly. His lips were tender and smooth as he glided down toward my boobs. I leaned my head back, pushing my chest forward, giving him full access to my breasts. He was more than obliged to accommodate them.

His hands caressed my tits as his lips moved to my nipples. He began to suckle them. Electric shocks of pleasure raced through my body. I reached for his shirt and used both hands to remove it in one quick motion. His chest was solid. The hair on his chest was thick, bursa görükle escort like a fur.

I ran my fingers through his fur as he continued to work his magic on my nipples. I couldn’t stand it much longer. The feelings in my body overruled my brain! No sense of logic existed, only the need to get this man naked in my shower.

I unlatched his belt while trying to stay focused. I managed to unbutton the catch and slid his zipper down with ease. He did not hesitate in assisting from there. The pants and shorts dropped to his ankles and he stepped out of them, kicking them both to the side. He returned the favor as my slacks were quickly removed from my body. My panties didn’t stay on long. He stripped them from my waist and they fell to my feet.

As I stepped out of them and into the shower, our bodies were as one. Pressed firmly against each other, we continued our kissing and caressing. My body was on fire! I wanted to know his entire body.

I broke from our kiss and started down his body. My lips moving over his nipples, kissing them briefly, then continuing down to his stomach. It was tan, flat, and ripped! I reached around his back to grab his ass, finding his cheeks firm and solid.

Tingling feelings rushed through my body as the shower water flowed downward from head to toe. It felt like tiny fingers massaging my body. I decided to move a little more south, so I pulled away just enough to see his manhood.

His cock was right in front of me, standing erect at full mast! It looked like a toy soldier standing at attention with a tiny helmet strapped onto his head.

I slid my hand right up his inner thigh, cupping his balls. They were round and firm, hanging like grapes from a vine. I slid my other hand up his shaft, tracing the route with my finger nail until I reached the chin strap of his helmet. His cock twitched as I teased his rod.

Wrapping my fingers around the shaft, I began to stroke him. He was thick and my fingers were barely long enough to wrap around the shaft. I continued to stroke him, all the way down and back up again ever so slow. After a few smooth strokes, the tip began to glisten as pre-cum oozed out. I leaned in to get a taste. My tongue quivered as his flavor spread into my mouth.

All I could think was, ‘Wow! How good this feels and tastes.’

The feeling of his cock in my mouth was exhilarating. He must have been really enjoying it too because I could hear his breathing deepen. His hands rested on the back of my head as he guided me to the right rhythm and pace.

For a few minutes, things continued, then I felt his hands gripping tighter on my head. His leg muscles flexed and tightened with each stroke. I could feel his cock growing in my mouth. I knew he was getting close.

I continued to massage his balls with my hand as I sucked his cock. The sounds from him changed from a heavy sighing to a faster, deep moaning sound. His balls were firm now, sucked up next to his groin. The head of his cock readily flowed pre-cum on every stroke. Three more plunges of my mouth on his cock and I heard him gasp.

“I’m coming! Don’t stop!”

By the time my brain had processed those words, the flow of cum hit the back of my throat. The shock of that startled me, causing me to pull off his cock just as the second shot splashed onto my chest, right above my boobs. I swallowed the load in my bursa eskort mouth and stroked his cock a few more times with my hand. Two more small shots emerged and landed on my boobs.

‘Looks like he’s spent,’ I thought.

His legs grew weak and shaky. I leaned down to lick the cum remnants trickling down from the head of his cock. He tasted so good! As I looked back up into his eyes, he smiled with that smile I love so much. It gave me great joy knowing I was the reason behind that smile this time.

He reached down, grabbed my shoulders, and pulled me up to stand. I could tell he was very happy. He gently kissed me. His touch was overriding the feelings of the water flowing over my body. I had a strange and wonderful feeling he was just getting started.

His hands were all over me as his lips moved from my mouth to other parts of my body, gliding smoothly like waves on the ocean. I found myself unable to focus, wondering and waiting to find out what he was doing next. I couldn’t even form a cohesive thought. My brain was in-tune with his movements. I felt my legs grow weak as he gently lowered me into the shower seat. I watched him kneel as I closed my eyes, leaning back to allow him to take control.

He knew how to use his hands in sync with his lips and tongue. His techniques were mesmerizing and flawless. I felt his hands sliding up my inner thigh. My body slightly tensed as he moved closer to my pussy. I spread my legs to give him full unrestricted access to my love tunnel. I knew I was wet, and it was not from the shower. This was from within me, deep inside of my vagina walls. My pussy lips were swollen. Just the slightest touch sent waves of pleasure throughout my body.

He teased my clitoris with his tongue, flicking it every so often, then returning as my body would flinch and relax. Up and down I felt his warm tongue venture along my slit. In and out as he explored my inner cavities. Waves of sensations flooded my body. He constantly tripped my nerves as he lapped at my little rose bud that was so neatly tucked away in my clit.

I felt my body convulse several times as I tried to disguise the pleasure I was feeling. I did not want him to know the amount of control he had over me, but I knew I couldn’t stop him, even if I tried!

The feelings continued. I hadn’t felt that way in a long time. It was pure ecstasy! I knew I wouldn’t last much longer as the sensations began to intensify. The dam was going to break. It was too much to hold back. My body shuddered and shook. Electric shocks pulsed through my body. I felt my entire being convulse and tighten up. Every muscle tensed and every nerve fired at the same time.

I managed to murmur, “PLEASE, DON’T STOP! I’M COMING!”

A rush of warmth exploded over my body. The flood gates opened as waves of pleasure overtook me. Aftershocks continued for several minutes as he continued to lick my pussy and lap up my joy. Several minutes passed, but it felt like an eternity. My heart rate finally subsided and my breathing returned to normal.

As my thoughts returned, I finally opened my eyes. First thing I recognized was the shower water still splashing over my body. I scanned down to see him still kneeling in front of me, smiling again. He knew what he had done and was proud of it. I leaned towards him. He met me halfway as our lips touched once again.

We finished up the shower, returned to the kitchen, and heated up the pizza. We both enjoyed a late-night dinner. Best pizza ever!

For the next few weeks, I didn’t even have to place my order. My pizza guy knew what I craved. I wanted it hot, tasty, delivered by the right pizza guy, and always on time!

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