Playa Playa: Pat

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This story is a work of fiction. All characters and events portrayed in it are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely coincidental. The author and/or editor do not necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities described.

Playa Playa:Pat
Written by: BlackSnake
Edited by: lohengren99


I left the club early around twelve-thirty. I’d a few good drinks. I was with this chick until she tried to play me in front of her friends. I think the bitch must have fell and bumped her head. She had the nerve to order me to fetch her a drink. She must not have known. I left her ass right there. I was going to make that stupid bitch my ace.

I had ads made with her picture to go in the two main magazines for adult entertainment. I even named her Starr, with two R’s. Fuck that bitch, I said many times on my way home.

It had been hard to find a chick that was reliable. All of the women I ran into had some kind of issues. I wasn’t about to deal with any crackheads. I met Starr at a broke down strip club. She wasn’t making jack. Their VIP was only thirty-bucks and a hundred for the girls. The girls in that place both sucked and fucked, otherwise they’d get no repeat customers. The girls in the more sophisticated clubs didn’t fuck or suck, but the girls were a lot better looking. The only thing that was holding Starr back was her attitude. She forester this bad-ass mentality that turned people with good sense off, that and the big stupid looking car logo tattooed on the small of her back. She did have an awesome body, but she turned people with more than two coins to rub together off.

Pat was walking around in one of the lingerie sets I had bought for Starr. I could really count on Pat to do some stupid shit at the wrong time.

“Starr said I could try it on,” Pat said drinking wine from one of the expensive bottles.

The one thing I could say about Pat was that she was a nice looking black woman. Dumber than a bag of rocks, and very loyal, but would get lost in a grocery store. I tried to take care of her, but mainly I made her stay inside my apartment. I caught young dudes trying to get in her panties.

My dick was hard and I was weighted down with bullshit, so I brushed it all off and went to my bedroom. I pushed all her shit off onto the floor and pulled back the covers. She was right in there behind me picking up her crap as I undressed. I just reached out and pulled her on the bed with me.

She started rubbing her hand over my short cropped hair and telling me how she thought I should handle my business.

“Shut up,” I said and pulled the cover over us.

She didn’t make another sound until I started massaging her butt-cheeks.

“Baby? Baby?” she whispered.

I didn’t want to hear shit, so I ignored her. She caught my wrist when I slid my hand inside of her panties. I pulled that arm behind her back and held it with my other hand and ordered her to keep still.

I found that she had her pussy completely shaved except for a small patch of curls above her clit. She started to whimper as I rubbed her clit and began fingering her cunt. I was surprised that her pussy actually felt hot on the inside. I pumped three of my fingers in and out of her wet pussy.

I could tell that she was sobbing, but I had all I could take of trying to understand the drama. I pushed her top up over her tits and tried to swallow one of her nipples. I was much more interested in her hot pussy. I slid down under the covers and covered her entire cunt with my mouth. I usually only went down on white girls, but I was liking her pussy a lot. I sucked and pulled on her clit and pussy lips. It felt like I was drinking her down.

I tried to show the women I ran that I couldn’t be pussy whipped, so I usually only allowed them to suck my dick, besides I didn’t want to get any one of those gold diggers pregnant.

Pat’s pussy was just begging me to fuck it. She was saying some stupid shit about we shouldn’t do it. Baring a natural disaster, I was going to fuck her. I did too. I sunk my dick inside of her and felt like I melted. My dick felt like it was numb inside of her. I tried to pound the living shit out of her.

“Oh god,” she cried out.

“He can’t help you now,” I chuckled pulling her legs up over my shoulders.

My balls slapped against her ass every time I hit bottom. She kept saying that I was not supposed to have sex with my mother. If she had ever acted like a mother, I would have treated her like one. She was a great piece of ass and that was all that mattered to me. I didn’t want to hear any of that other bullshit. Her protest only made me fuck her harder. It was only then that she began responding back to me.

The next morning I felt like shit. Pat woke me up with a cheerful smile and a hot cup of coffee as usual. “Sorry about last night,” I said sitting up in bed.

“I understand,” she replied.

I almost felt bad about fucking her, but my dick was still throbbing with the feel of her ataşehir escort pussy, and I liked it. It had been a project of mine to take care of her and to keep her off the streets, but it felt good being inside of her.

“You got some good pussy,” I said.

She didn’t respond picking up my clothes from the floor.

“Hey!” I demanded her attention. Nobody ignores me.

“Please don’t make me talk about it,” she said meekly.

It struck me that she might have the slightest bit of motherly instincts. It would be a first. She moved around the room taking care of my clothes, which I was paying her for. I really didn’t care what she wanted. That pussy was good.

“Come here,” I said.

She came over to me holding clothes in front of here and looking down at the floor. I took the clothes from her hands and dropped them on the floor. She picked them right back up. I looked at her wondering why bitches insist on trying to piss me off. She dropped the clothes back on the floor before I said anything.

She had on a pair of red knit booty shorts. I put my fingers on her crotch rubbing the outline of her cunt.

“Chris, why you want to do me like this?” she asked.

“Do you really want to go there with me?” I said showing her that she was pissing me off early in the morning. “Shut the fuck up and turn around.”

She started crying, but she turned around like I said. She had a really nice ass. I rubbed my hands over her chocolate buns and squeezed them. I rubbed my fingers up between her legs. I could feel the heat from her pussy. She was really fine. Her small tits were full, not flat like a lot of women. I told her to turn around.

“Stop that fuckin’ crying…damn!” I said. That shit really got on my nerves.

I moved her hand away from her crotch. I started to think why in the hell that I was dealing with those sorry ass ho’s when I had Pat right there.

“I dropped Starr last night,” I told her.

She stopped crying. “Oh,” she replied.

I think she was happy about that. Bitches are mean as hell.

“Pat,” I said. “I’m going to put you to work for me.”

Her eyes lit up and broke a smile with her thin lips. When I looked at her sometimes, I thought that there must be some Chinese in the gene pool. She had good oral hygiene habits, other than sucking dick that is.

“Go put on the white shorts outfit I hooked up Starr with,” I told her as I got out the bed.

I usually walked around nude when I wanted a girl to keep looking at my dick. Pat had seen me naked, so I didn’t have to show out in front of her. I put on some sweat pants and slippers. I hate my feet getting cold.

I made up my mind to use Pat for the advertising. She was really the only person I could count on, no matter what, and I trusted her, even with my money. I hadn’t even given any thought to have her working in my business, mainly because she acted so stupid sometimes.

Pat came back in my bedroom in the white cropped mid-riff top and matching booty shorts. She also had on the five inch slides with the white toe strap.

“You like it?” she asked clearly liking it herself.

“Yeah, you look really nice,” I said. “I’m going to take some pictures of you like I did with Starr.”

I thought she was going to start jumping up and down. She went and started doing her hair and make-up. I warned her not to put on too much make-up, because I didn’t like that color and glitter shit on women’s faces. It made them look like clowns to me.

Pat looked pretty in the face, but the outfit made her look like a street whore. Her small tits were pushed up and poked out in the front, and her crotch looked like a camel’s toe. I took a couple of pictures and then put down the camera.

“Put your jeans on, we’re going shopping,” I said.

She moved quickly, because I was known for changing my mind if someone tried to make me wait. She changed and offered me a choice between a suit and one of my Phat outfits. I went with the suit.

My people only went uptown on the weekend trying to look like they belonged there. I was tired of working the Southside. The only reason young thugs don’t mess with me or my interest is because I popped Jo-Jo Miller last summer in the head with my nine. I shot a few other dudes for disrespect, but they only remember the last.

Pat looked good enough to compete uptown, without having to try and act like she’s white. She couldn’t pull that one off anyways. Her smooth skin was medium brown, and some how she managed to avoid getting all tattooed up and scars. She even had pretty feet. She be one bad ass bitch, if she didn’t come off so stupid sometimes. If she had more gray matter, I’d probably be a different person.

I took her to a local designer of women’s clothes. I knew these small shops were expensive just by the cars in the parking lot. I needed to make some new hard and fast rules for Pat and I.

“Shit’s gonna be different,” I told her. “I’m putting you up front, so I’m gonna need kadıköy escort bayan you to hold it together. Do you think you can do what I tell you to do without trying to think?”

She nodded her head, but I knew I had to show her what I meant. I pulled out my dick which was hard due to my excitement over starting something new.

“Suck my dick,” I told her and gave her a look to show her that I meant it.

She held her hair out her face and took nearly half my length in her mouth. She pulled on my rod with her lips and moved her tongue around the head. If I knew she could suck dick this good I’d had her to show a few other girls how to do it.

“That’s enough,” I said pulling her up. A little more and I would have came in her mouth. That wasn’t what I wanted. “Stay close to me and listen. You need something decent to wear,” I told her as we got out the car.

I stopped Pat and gave her a hug. She usually calmed down when I did that. She was like a big baby at times and needed to be held. She hung onto my arm as we went in the shop.

We got immediate attention. A stuck-up looking blonde chick met us at the door, but I ignored her and went to a brunette. I didn’t want to talk to anyone without at least half a brain. I could hear attitude in the blonde’s voice as soon as she opened her mouth.

I told the brunette, named Janet, who I found out was the owner’s daughter, what I was looking to do with Pat. Janet didn’t make any stupid remarks like pointing out the expense of items that I liked. I knew the shit was going to cost before we went in.

Janet hooked us up with some pants suits that had skirts we could get to match. A few kick ass dresses that moved well with the way Pat walked. She showed us a few tops that Pat could wear without a bra and not look like a slut. We also got some cool ass shoes. Mostly opened toes, because I wanted people to see how pretty Pat’s feet were.

Janet put together one outfit for Pat and whispered in my ear that Pat looked good enough for her to fuck. Right then I knew that Janet and I would be doing a lot of business together.

I dropped about three and a-half grand in the dress shop. The blonde completely changed her attitude when my Chase card went through without a flicker. I didn’t have time for people who needed to be proven shit. I saw people the way that they were. She came off like a dizzy bitch, and nothing changed about that. She was given the task of taking the wardrobe out to my car. I had to stop Pat from helping her. Janet asked if she could call, so gave her the business number.

I could always tell when Pat wanted to say something to me. She starts to get nervous.

“What’s up?” I asked her putting my hand on hers.

“Why did you spend so much money on me?” she asked.

“I didn’t,” I replied. “That’s my investment in your ass. You fuck up and you’ll be naked and homeless.”

She was quiet. Didn’t like always being so hard on her, but I had to keep her on track. Most of the things she ask me for I let her have it, unless it’s some useless crap that just wastes money.

I pulled into Breezy King, an ice cream place where the rich people got their frosties. I spotted a few plain clothes cops across the street and in the parking lots on both sides of the ice cream place. Pat saw them too and held on to my arm tighter. I saw what was up as soon as we got inside.

The last thing I needed was some drama around me. Two white boys were inside wearing long coats. I was strapped myself, and they were about to piss me off. After shit like that goes down, the cops question everyone.

I walked Pat up to the oldest looking guy. “I think this might end up being a very bad day,” I said to the guy. He looked nervous and that worried me. Nervous people do stupid shit.

“What?” he asked.

The other guy came over to see why he was talking to me. I figured that the two dumb asses wouldn’t be able to take a hint.

“The cops are surrounding this place just waiting on y’all to do something stupid,” I said. “Look around you. Y’all are sticking out like sore thumbs. You see anyone else in here with long coats on in the middle of summer in an ice cream place?”

They looked at each other.

“What y’all should do is dump your shit in the John and walk the fuck on up out of here,” I said. “If you don’t they’re going to pump your ass full of lead when you try to escape.”

The younger guy eased his coat off and dumped it in the trash and ran out the side door. The cops caught him with little trouble and slammed him on the ground.

“That was smart,” I said.

The other guy slipped into the rest room and came back out to the counter. The plain clothes cops came in like customers, looked around, and left with one coat and a shotgun hiding it from the customers who didn’t seem to notice that anything was going on.

“Thanks man,” the guy said.

“Yeah, I would have hated to have to have killed your ass up in here,” I said giving him a glimpse escort maltepe of my piece under my suit coat.

Pat was cool the entire time. She got her favorite kind of ice cream. She use to buy it for me when I was a kid. I kind of liked seeing how happy she looked eating the ice cream. Just like a little kid.

I couldn’t help thinking that what I’d been looking for was right up under my roof the entire time. Pat looked better than even the white women in the place. White men and women were checking her out.

“Excuse me,” one white woman who looked like she was in her mid thirties came over to our table. “I couldn’t help but notice those fabulous shoes.”

I kid you not; three other white women came over to look at Pat’s feet. The cool thing was that Pat could talk easily with women. She lived in her own little world and other women didn’t bother her.

The next thing that I knew, Pat had made some new friends. I was really proud of her, but she wasn’t excited about the attention she was getting or that the strangers were inviting her to their homes.

A couple followed us out to the car.

“What do you do?” the lady asked Pat.

“I’m an escort,” Pat said so smooth and proudly it shocked the shit out of me.

“You’re so funny,” the lady laughed.

The lady’s husband literally licked his lips.

“You and your husband can call me for an appointment if you like,” Pat said. She gave the lady one of the cards I had made up with just a phone number on it.

“You are so hilarious,” the lady laughed louder. “Okay, we’ll make an appointment then.”

Pat gave the lady a hug and then popped the woman’s flat ass. It was all I could do to keep from laughing. I just smiled and shook the guy’s hand. He chuckled and gave Pat a little swat on her bottom.

I was so amazed by Pat that I didn’t say anything when we left. I was beginning to think that there was someone else in my mother’s body.

“Did I do okay?” she asked after about ten minutes of silence.

I burst out laughing. “You were cool as shit,” I told her.

I took her to the movies and let her choose something for us to watch. I didn’t ever remember enjoying being with her so much. We saw a comedy and laughed during the entire thing.

I took her to an Italian restaurant for diner. I felt she was getting a very good response. For one, she didn’t look like a fake as hood rat, and second, she wasn’t dressed like a street whore. Both young and old men were checking her out. She carried herself well. I even heard beautiful black women, in the crowded restaurant.

Pat had a style that I never knew about. All I knew about her was that my father beat her down and left us both homeless. She was a basket case, so I had to take charge. I couldn’t leave her alone for a minute to hustle without her selling her ass for something stupid like getting me a birthday card. We had much bigger problems than that. No one really wanted to help us, they just wanted to get to her. I had to steal a piece to keep them niggas off her. Where she learned her manners, I had no idea.

I took pictures of her in her new outfits and as she stripped down to nothing. She had helped my pose other girls, so I let her pose herself and I just took the pictures. She looked good in stockings and garter belts.

We drank wine while I remade the advertisement for the magazine and put her pictures up on my website instead of that other bitch. I thought about having Pat to use the name Starr, but I thought Patricia was much better.

I was getting hard as I flipped back and forth through the pictures of Pat. She slipped away to get ready for bed. I emailed that ad out and picked up my cellular phone. That bitch, Starr had filled up my message box. I turned it off and when and got in the bed.

Like clock work, Pat went around making sure that the doors were locked and all the lights were out. She even looked in on me, even if I was fucking someone.

“Come here,” I told here when she appeared at my bedroom door.

“Aren’t you tired?” she asked as she came closer.

“I want you to sleep in the bed with me,” I said.

I could feel her become rigid as she got under the covers in bed with me. I had to move her limbs myself to get her naked. Once I got inside that steaming out pussy, she started fucking me as hard as I fucked her. We had my bed rocking. Her pussy warmed my entire body. I never had pussy that was literally hot.

I flipped her over and began hitting it from the back. She was thrusting her ass back so hard that I had to adjust my grip to keep from being knocked off. She looked back over her shoulder biting her lips as if she was begging me to fuck her harder. I was popping sweat and grunting as I drilled that ass. She shook and cried out, and I just knew that she had an orgasm.

I held her tight. I wanted to spill my guts to her, but I couldn’t. I had to keep my head. It felt so good to have my hard dick deep inside of her with her arms around me. I actually felt safe, which was strange because I was the one that protected her. I knew what it all meant. I couldn’t be the son that she had.

“This is how it has to be,” I whispered in her hear.

“I understand, but you’re still my little boy,” she replied brushing the back of my head.

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