Playing Games

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Scarlett sat herself back down at her desk and slyly shifted her skirt back into position. Casually checking her makeup a mirror, she wiped some of the lipstick smudge from around her mouth. She had fallen into the oldest cliché in the book and was fucking her boss in the toilets, his car, the stationary cupboard and at one point, in the canteen. She still hadn’t gotten that ketchup stain out of her skirt.

Michael was pacing around in his room, legs burning from holding up Scarlett against the door. He’d cum twice, once in her mouth and once deep in her pussy. His resolve to keep it out of the office, dissolved almost first thing on Monday morning. Scarlett had come in with slightly curled, damp hair, walked straight past him to her desk and carried on like nothing had happened. It had continued all week, she ignored him all day, every day. In the end, he had called her into his office on the lunch break, when there was barely anyone in the office, bent her over his desk and fucked her. When they both had cum, she had stood up and said ‘What took you so long?’ before walking out.

She had changed since their first encounter, almost six months ago. Scarlett had become more confident, sexier, brighter, socialising more with colleagues and friends. And her work was improving too. Michael saw all of it and dismissed it. All he wanted to do was bite her neck until she moaned, suck her clit until she writhed and fuck her until she screamed out in pleasure. He had never been like this with women. They had thrown themselves at him, either fucked him or sucked him and he discarded them like the daily newspaper. But all he wanted to do with Scarlett was make her cum, see her pleasure.


Scarlett swept everything into her bag and glanced over at Michael’s office. She was one of the last ones there, waiting for the others to leave, so she could have some time with him. He was still on the phone, so she dug her phone out of her handbag and sent a quick text.

‘Mine or yours?’

She grimaced at the cheesiness of the line and put the phone on her desk. She turned off her computer and stood up, just as her phone beeped.

‘Not tonight, too busy. Have a good weekend.’

She looked up at his office and saw him frowning at his computer, refusing to look at her. Scarlett turned slowly and began to walk out of the office. A feeling of pure dread was rising in her stomach. Is he losing interest in me? Is he done with me now? Did I make it too easy for him? Hundreds of questions went swirling round in her mind as she walked to her car. By the time she had slid behind the wheel, self-doubt had turned to anger. Screw him if he didn’t want to see her. She still had a life, somewhere and she was determined to use it this weekend. Scarlett unlocked her phone and quickly text three of her friends and started the car.


He watched her drive away, not really sure why he’d told her he wasn’t going to see her all weekend. Obviously, his determination at that point had held fast and he was going to stick to it. He wanted to prove to himself that Scarlett didn’t have a hold over him, that she didn’t occupy his every waking thought, that he couldn’t do anything else but think of ways to have sex with her. He slammed his office door shut and slumped down at his desk. Another half an hour and he’d text her to apologise. Maybe invite her over…


‘Where on earth have you been hiding?’ Laura, Scarlett’s old university friend hugged her hello and passed her a beer.

‘Trust me, you don’t want to know.’ Scarlett scanned the bar. It was still early and it was half empty but already she spotted three people she knew, and one guy she used to date.

‘Sounds like it’s got a name.’ Laura poked her in the ribs. ‘You never did tell me when you were up to something.’

‘It’s not that, I didn’t want to jinx anything, but I think this one might be over before it’s even begun.’ Scarlett sighed and almost felt herself well up eryaman escort with tears.

‘Hey, whoever he is, he’s not worth it. Come on, Charlie and Chris are at the back. Let’s go sit with them.’ Laura smiled at her, knowing the only way to distract her was with drink and men. She quickly flipped on her phone and saw no contact. A strike of mischief went through her and she quickly uploaded her social networking site and put as her heading ‘Out with Laura at Chickery’s, bring on the beer!’ Shutting down her phone, Scarlett allowed herself to be led to the two guys, who she knew of through Laura’s old boyfriend. She sat down and started chatting about times at uni, about who knew who in their friendships circles, what they did and what they did now. Scarlett found that Chris’s attention kept coming back to her, inching himself closer to her until it was just the two of them having a conversation. She didn’t think he was ugly, but not overly attractive. Normal, with a bit of height, unlike Michael’s tall frame, his defined arms that could wrap around her body, lifting her off the ground.

‘Hey, do you want a shot?’ Chris was about two inches from her face and Scarlett shot back, almost falling off her chair. ‘Careful!’ Chris stretched over to catch her and put her back on her feet. She could feel his hands on her bare arms and looked up at him.

‘I’m ok.’ She tried to step backwards, but his hands stayed firmly in place. ‘I said, I’m fine.’ She pushed her arms out to get him to let go.

‘Chill out, Laura I think your friend’s had a bit much to drink.’ Chris joked when turning round.

‘Scarlett, are you ok?’ Laura stood up, now concerned for her friend. One look at Scarlett’s face told her, no, everything was not ok.

‘I’m just gonna go home, instead of being manhandled by drunken twats’, Scarlett spat at Chris, Charlie now looking suitably embarrassed.

‘Why don’t you let me take you home?’

Scarlett froze. She recognised that deep timbre of his voice and turned slowly to face him.


He looked past her to were Chris was now sat, mocking Scarlett. Michael didn’t even look at her as he past her and walked straight up to Chris, towering over him.

‘You should learn some manners.’ Michael quietly spoke to Chris, so not even Scarlett could hear him. ‘You touch her like that again, you will regret it.’ And with that, he turned walked past Scarlett and out of the bar. Laura gawked at her as she watched him leave.

‘Scar, who on earth was that? Was that they guy you’ve been seeing?’ She questioned her as Scarlett continued to watch him.

‘Huh? … No, I… Sorry, Laura, I’ve got to go, is that ok?’ She turned back to her friend.

‘Yeah, no problem. Ring me tomorrow, let me know you’re ok.’ Laura smiled at Scarlett and went to sit with some other friends who had just arrived.

Scarlett placed her beer on the bar and quickly walked outside. She saw Michael leaning up against his car, eyes trained on the door, waiting for her to appear. He watched her as she walked across the car park to stand in front of him. All the anger that had been in her before at being brushed off as quickly resurfacing.

‘What on earth make you think that you have the right to follow me to a bar and defend me? I was doing it before you showed up, I can look after myself.’ She glowered at him as he stood there motionless. ‘Why are you here? Thought you were too busy to see me.’ She crossed her arms and leant backwards.

‘I did want to see you, but I was scared of what I might do to you.’ The hungry look in his eyes was back.

‘No, you don’t win me over that easily.’ Scarlett maintained her stance, seeing his eyes flick back to where Chris had come out of the bar for a cigarette. Something twigged in her mind.

‘Are you kidding me? You’re jealous?!?’ She breathed.

‘I didn’t want you going out a sleeping with some random stranger.’ He half growled at her. Scarlett hated herself for it but sincan escort she could feel her pussy warming up. Strange how erotic being wanted actually was.

‘Well, for one, he’s not a stranger and what makes you think I wanted to sleep with him? Not that it’s any of your business. Not like were anything more than sex,’ she spat at him. She saw the flash of hurt in his eyes.

He looked her dead in the eyes. ‘Is that what you really think?’

Scarlett faltered. ‘Tell me were not then. That I’m not the latest dumb office bint to fall for your charms.’

Michael quickly moved himself in front of her, still looking her in the eyes. ‘You are not any kind of dumb office bint. You are passionate, clever, sexy as fuck, and more.’ She looked at him, trying to figure out whether he was lying or not. As she did, his lips slammed into hers, his hands moving through her hair. ‘You are so fucking sexy and you think I feel nothing for you.’ She felt him press his hard cock into her. ‘Feel that then.’ He spun her round to pin her against the car. Her hands moved up to run them across his back and down to his ass. She cupped both of his cheeks and pulled him to her, feeling his cock rubbed against her pussy through her dress.

‘Christ, I want to fuck you now, get in.’ Michael pulled back from her and opened the back door of his car. She paused, realising that if she did get in, the power would be his completely. But feeling the wetness between her legs made the animal, primal instinct within her take over. She slipped into the front seat and watched as Michael shut her door and then walked round to the other side. HE slammed the door shut and pulled out of the car park.


‘So, are we going to yours or mine?’ Michael grinned at her from behind the steering wheel. Scarlett looked at him, not amused at parroting her text from earlier in the day. She had a thought and immediately reached over to his cock.

‘What are you doing?’ Michael raised his eyebrow at her as she continued to fondle him through the fabric of his trousers.

Without a word, she pushed her hand past the waistband of his trousers. Michael groaned softly. ‘I’m not sure if you should be doing this or….’ He trailed off as she slowly stroked his shaft, grazing his balls with every stroke. He gripped the steering wheel and focused straight out of the wind. ‘Christ that feels good.’ He couldn’t look at her, without losing concentration so Scarlett stepped it up a bit.

She withdrew her hand and twisted in her seat. Reaching over, past his arms, she undid his flies to let his cock free. He moved one arm to the side to allow her easy access. She moved her head over and wrapped her mouth around his cock. Michael couldn’t help but grunt, still fixed on driving the car safely. Scarlett could hear the traffic around them, turning her on even more. She heard a car beep, sending a pulse through her pussy. She lifted her head long enough to say, ‘Use your fingers.’ Then went back to sliding her mouth up and down his shaft, strumming him with her tongue. Michael moaned, taking one had off the steering wheel and reaching across for her pussy. She spread her legs as he slid his hand up her leg. He touched her outer lips, making her jerk, which made Michael twitch, throwing the car off path.

‘Damn it Scarlett! You’re gonna get us killed.’ She lifted her head up, without a hint of humour, ‘I don’t hear you telling me to stop.’ Michael looked back at the road as she sat up and threw his hand back at him. ‘Mine, I’m going home.’ She stared out of the window, wondering when he was going to stop playing with her emotions.


‘What the hell have I done now?’ Michael followed her into her apartment that she now really wished she’d had a chance to clean a bit.

‘I wish you wouldn’t mess around with my emotions. Tell me, we’re either just about sex or you want something else, but don’t act like you’ve done nothing wrong.’ In two strides he was batıkent escort pinning her against the wall, lifting her up.

‘This is more than sex, but not right now. Right now, I need to hear you moan uncontrollably.’ He slammed her against the wall, lips finding her neck and biting down, fingers clawing at her back, as he held her in place with his hips. Scarlett, moaned.

‘No, need to hear it louder than that.’ He carried her from the hallway through to the kitchen. He placed her on the table and pushed up her dress.

‘No pants? You’ve been wearing no pants, all evening and you didn’t tell me?’ He looked up at her in surprise. ‘You continue to amaze me.’ And he drove into her pussy, using his face, his tongue flicking round her clit, his fingers pulsing in and out of her hole, using her like the slut that she was. ‘You’ve wanted me to do this all night, haven’t you? You’ve been soaking wet, whilst driving me mad with jealously. Making me think that you were going to let some other guy fucks you.’ Scarlett opened her eyes in confusion. He’d never spoken to her like this, in six months he’d been nothing but kind and caring with his words but this, this was darker and it scared her how much it turned her on. She could feel her juice on his face and the tops of her thighs.

‘You’re my whore, I’m the only who licks this pussy, fucks your mouth and makes you scream.’ And he clamped down, swirling his tongue around her clit, pumping his fingers until Scarlett screamed and felt wave after wave of heat flood through her. She prised her eyes open, slowly blinking back into focus and saw Michael stand up in front of her. He looked sheepishly at her.

‘Sorry, I’ve wanted to try dirty talk for a while but didn’t know where to start.’ He smiled apologetically at her. Scarlett jumped down from the table and sunk to her knees.

‘Nothing to apologise for. I liked it.’ Michael gasped and looked down in shock at her.


‘Really. Something sexy about being treated like your whore and only your whore.’ She smirked at him as she undid the top of his trousers.

‘Would you want to carry it on?’ The mischievous glint in his eye was back and even though she was still sensitive, she felt a pulse in her cunt. In answer, she wrapped her lips around his cock and pushed him all the way to the back of her throat.

‘Fuck!’ Michael grabbed on to the table to stop himself from falling on top of her as his knees buckled. ‘Scarlett, you’ve got to slow down. That feels too good.’ Instantly, she slowed, gently moving her mouth from the base to the tip, licking the veins and the head.

Michael placed his hands on either side of her head and slowly pulled her head down his dick. He did this slowly, then picking up speed until Scarlett stopped using her hands and let him fuck her mouth.

‘Dirty slut, you love it when I shove my dick in your mouth.’ His hips started to buck in time with pulling her head down on to his cock. Slight tears started to well in Scarlett’s eyes, but she loved it too much to make him stop.

‘Fucking whore, you’re so wet, just the thought of me fucking you, makes you want to cum, doesn’t it?’ She nodded her head and murmured yes. Michael groaned, feeling the vibrations from her murmuring running through his dick. Scarlett noticed and murmured again.

‘Holy fuck!!’ He held her head in place and pushed his dick to the back of her throat. She felt him cum, salty and stringent and swallowed it down, her swallows making him twitch.

He pulled out, spit hanging from his cock and her mouth and leant against the table.

‘I didn’t hurt you, did I?’ Michael sunk to the floor to join her. Scarlett’s her was complete just been fucked look, tears streaming down her face and skirt around her waist. But she couldn’t have looked happier. A giant smile was plastered across her face.

‘WE are more than just sex, Scarlett. I think I might have fallen for you.’ He looked at her, smack bang right in the eyes, so she couldn’t get away from him.

‘But there are a couple of things from home I still need to sort out.’ He leant forward and kissed her on the cheek. As he stood to gather his things, he turned to her.

‘I’m getting a divorce.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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