Playing Strangers Pt. 01

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Getting the perfect angle of a cumshot when you don’t know it’s (pardon the pun) coming, is a tricky business. It’s not a skill I thought I would ever have to develop, but here I am. I’m Paul, and this is the story of how I came to be the person all my friends call upon to film them fucking.

Being a perv is certainly a good starting point. I am a perv. That is to say, I have a strong sex drive, I find beauty in every woman I have ever met, and unless they are elderly or related to me I envision what it would be like to fuck them. Ok, so I may have also fantasized about one of my cousins, but she is SMOKIN hot. Don’t judge me. Neither am I shy about letting people know when I find them attractive. Some may disagree, but I am of the opinion that simply telling someone they look stunning, or complimenting a specific outfit, haircut, or new accessory is not flirting. Flirting implies the active practice of trying to lure someone to your bed and while I may privately imagine what that may be like, if a woman is in a relationship I honor that relationship and, having made mistakes in my youth, I have vowed never again to attempt to get a woman to stray from her significant other.

There are plenty of single women out there for me to bring to my bedroom. Or visit her bedroom. Or the backseat of my car. Or a handy bathroom. I’m not picky, I’ll fuck you just about anywhere. Just not if you are in a committed relationship. Now, I don’t say all that to get your sympathy, or get a pat on the head and an ‘atta boy’. I am by no means a perfect person and the way I have gotten to this place in my life is by making mistakes and learning from them. I suggest you all give it a try. The reason I bring it up, is because when I learned that one of my friends was contemplating leaving her husband and came to me seeking advice and perhaps even comfort, you should know where I am coming from.

Reginald and Corinne are friends of mine. We knew each other in college, though not well. It was after we had graduated and most of the rest of our friends moved away that we rediscovered each other and truly became close. We like many of the same games and movies, we like dressing up and going to Renaissance festivals together, and because they occasionally engage in swinging, there have been a scant few times over the years that we have all shared a bed. That was a while back though, and while we still do many of those same things together, they now have two kids under the age of five, which has meant that many of the more lascivious things we once found ourselves getting up to have gone by the wayside.

No more stripping as a regular part of the card games we play, fewer trips to the ‘clothing optional’ hot tub, and it has been years since we all gathered in their large custom-built shower to soap each other up. We see each other every few weeks to play Dungeons and Dragons or meet up at the local nerd store for Friday Night Magic, but that was it since the kids came around. Hey, I get it. Kids add a whole new element to any relationship, so I was not surprised when it altered the dynamic we had. And honestly, I didn’t mind it. I have a big heart, and I truly love both these people, and not because Reginald and I sometimes have teamed up to make Corinne climax in fun and interesting ways, but because they are good people, and they are my friends.

The first time we had some naughty fun together was just after Nintendo released the Wii system. I was one of the first ones to get it, and I invited Reginald and Corinne over to spend the evening breaking in the new system and having a few drinks. We took turns challenging each other to the one game we had, the sports game that came with the system. We played tennis, boxed each other, played some baseball, some golf, but really got competitive when it came to bowling. Corinne had made two strikes in a row, and Reginald told her that if she pulled off the ‘turkey’ of three consecutive strikes, he would take off his shirt. She turned her head to him, winked, reached back, whipped her arm around, and her digital character rolled the ball and knocked over every single pin. Reginald stood up, applauded his wife, and took off his green golf shirt. Reginald stands about five foot eight with close-cropped sandy brown hair and brown eyes, a goatee that is two shades darker than the hair on his head, and a slight but wiry frame. The man is basically nothing but muscle, and he’s attractive if I do say so myself. I was up next and like Corinne, in my previous two frames I had hit strikes. Being a perv, naturally as I stood to try to hit my own turkey, I looked back at the couch at Reginald and joked, “You gonna take your pants off if I hit MY turkey?”

“Sure I will.” He quickly replied.

I reached back and threw my ball down the lane and sure enough, I had found my stroke and knocked down every pin. Reginald stood up, downed the rest of his drink and then whipped off his khaki cargo pants. Corinne was giggling tipsily bursa escort as Reginald pointed fingers at each of us.

“I better not be the only one stripping though! Y’all better join me here!”

Needing no further encouragement, nor any reason to take off clothes, I pulled my vintage Pearl Jam concert t-shirt off as well. I stand just over six-foot-tall, dark brown hair I wear long because I never got past the fashion of 90’s grunge, and I have a large and muscular frame with keen hazel eyes that have served me well as a perv of the highest order. I vary between having a beard or going clean shaven, and none of us can actually remember what I had going on with my face the day this took place. Corinne stood up and not to be left out, she unbuttoned her pale blue short-sleeved top slowly, giving us a show as she revealed her large full breasts clad in a royal blue lace-trimmed bra. She is the tallest of the three of us, standing about six foot six with long straight blonde hair and blue eyes, a gracefully curvy body of Scandinavian heritage. Reginald called her his ‘Nordic Snowbunny.’ When she and Reginald slow dance, he has pretty much no choice but to nestle his face directly into her cleavage. Not that either of them mind.

The precedent having been set, for the rest of the night, any time one of us hit three strikes in a row, someone would be challenged to take off clothes. Reginald, now clad only in green plaid boxers, was the next to accomplish the feat, and Corinne slipped out of her jean shorts, revealing that her hip-hugger panties were part of a matching set, Royal blue and trimmed in delicate lace just like her bra. Her cheeks peeked out from the edges of the fabric as she turned around and slowly pulled the shorts down and she gave us both a nice little booty shake as she stepped out of them, using her toe to fling her shorts to a steadily growing pile of clothes just to the right of my sofa. Corinne hit two in a row, then missed her third, causing her to swear heartily. Reginald was actually the next one to manage to hit three in a row, but instead of making his wife go topless, he turned to me.

“Since you made me take off MY pants, now it’s my turn to return the favor. Take em off bro!”

Hey, turnabout is fair play after all. Corinne clapped her hands together and scooted closer to Reginald on the sofa as I stood up and took center stage. I undid my belt, pulled it through the loops and whirled it above my head. Not having too much in the way of an ass, the undulation of my hips as I went ‘lasso’ with my belt was enough wiggling to shake my jeans off and I stepped out of them, now just wearing black boxerbriefs. It was my turn up, and I had two strikes in a row. As I stepped up take my turn I looked back at the pair of them on the sofa, sitting close together.

“I wouldn’t get too comfortable in that bra Corinne.”

I swung my arm and my cockiness paid off as I hit my turkey. Corinne whispered something into Reginald’s ear. He smiled, nodded, and she stood up and walked over to me.

“My arm is so sore from all the gaming…I just can’t reach back to unhook it…would you do it for me?”

I too looked over at Reginald, and he gave me the same smile, the same nod, and as Corinne lifted her long blonde hair up and over her shoulder I reached up and single-handed, unclasped her bra. It’s a trick any perv worth their salt has gained some proficiency in, but it did not fail to impress. Corinne turned to face me, a wicked gleam in her eye that told me I was also responsible for the rest of taking off her garment as she whipped her hair back around and pushed her chest out at me. I reached up and slid one blue shoulder strap down, then the other, and just as gravity was about to finish the job for me, I reached up and gently cupped her breasts in my hands, slowly taking her bra off and getting another good look at her breasts. It’s not like I hadn’t seen them before at this point. It was a common enough practice that when Corinne was losing at a game, she would flash us so we wouldn’t attack her or would give in to her request for an extra turn, or any number of cheats she wanted to get away with. Reginald always encouraged her mischievous spirit, and what kind of perv would I be if I was more concerned with winning a game than in getting to see boobs? But I had not ever gotten this close to actually touching them, so I made sure that I lowered her bra off of her chest nice and slowly, letting the tips of my fingers gently brush her soft flesh as I unclothed her. Her breasts were large and firm, about the size of grapefruits to give you a general idea of the size, with areolas larger than any coins to reference, about two and a half inches across, nipples that were succulent and perky, and they were at full attention.

“Thanks Paul.”

She turned back and walked over to the sofa. Reginald stood up and took his next turn, then Corinne, and it was my turn again. I took the controller, escort bursa lined up my shot, and only hit nine. I blame my boner for throwing off my balance. When I had finished my shot and turned back to the couple, their faces were locked together and they were making out hard. The kind of making out that only leads to one thing, and I was kind of at a loss as to what to do from there. It was evident to me that they were about to start fucking on my couch. Reginald had a firm handful of Corinne’s breast, and she had her hand in his boxers, jerking him off with the same arm that mere minutes ago was too sore to even reach behind her to unclasp her bra.

Without breaking the liplock, Corinne used her free hand to crook a finger my way, then patted the couch next to her. I set down my remote and joined them on the couch, Corinne between Reginald and I. She took ahold of my hand and placed it on her thigh, then slid her own long slender fingers along my leg and then started to gently tease the increasingly large bulge in my underwear, before deftly finagling my cock through the front opening of my underwear and jerking me off just like she was Reginald. The game was quickly forgotten as Corienne was done with having any sort of fabric interfering with her manipulation of our cocks, broke off her makeout session with Reginald to announce that we needed to be naked, stood up, turned around, and slowly shifted her hips from side to side and slid her own panties down over her ass, bent over and eased them down to the floor. Reginald and I whipped off our own underwear and Corinne sat back down between us, her large breasts bouncing playfully as she plopped down.

“Reginald dear, can I make out with Paul for a bit while you suck on my titties? Please?”

Reginald put a finger to his lips to consider this request, and Corinne licked her lips and pushed her breasts together invitingly. He looked over at me.

“Seems like you need to make sure that’s ok with Paul. He may not want to make out with you. He may want to go back to the game.”

She turned to me and put on the most adorable fake pouty face and gave a little bounce, making her breasts jiggle invitingly.

“Do you want to make out with me while Reginald sucks my titties Paul? Or do you want to pretend to bowl some more?”

“Does that mean I don’t get a chance to suck on those beautiful breasts?”

“If you do a good job of kissing, I could see letting you suck on my nipple too. I have one for each of you after all.”

“Well in that case, I would be delighted.”

Corinne repositioned herself with her back against the couch and turned her head to me, while still giving Reginald access to her bosom. Her hands shot back to both of our, now unhindered, cocks and as she started to stroke them up and down she smiled at me. Reginald started to tease the nipple closest to him, then made a proclamation.

“I just want to say for the record that I am drunk. But I am also 100 percent cool with everything going down right now, and what I expect will soon be going down, so long as we got some protection. Paul, you got a stash of condoms anywhere?”

Corinne was nibbling my ear at this point which was rather distracting, but I managed to answer.”

“Sure do. Bedroom. Various shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors.”

Corinne released my cock for the merest of instants so she could pull my chin to her and our lips could make contact. I could taste the whisky in her mouth as her tongue snaked around mine. She occasionally moaned into our kiss whenever Reginald performed a particularly proficient maneuver working on her breast. Over the course of the next half hour we did all sorts of things there on the couch. I kissed a trail down Corinne’s neck and while she continued slowly jerking us off she lay her head back and closed her eyes while both the men pleasured her breasts. She spread her legs and draped one over each of us. Without missing a beat Reginald and I both slid our hands up her strong thighs and started playing with her pussy. Reginald worked her clit around in small, delicate circles, while I gently slid the tip of my finger between her pussy lips and teased her by running it up and down the length of her slit.

Then we switched spots and it was my turn to flutter my fingers over her little love button while Reginald finger fucked her. Corinne was getting all the attention and loving every second of it. She stopped stroking us, but kept her hands on our cocks, her attention now fully on the sensations we were eliciting through all her most sensitive spots. Her breathing grew shallow and rapid. Her thighs tensed, she started to pant, and Reginald and I went into full speed. I rubbed her clit hard and fast, he found her g-spot deep inside her and massaged it intensely. I put her nipple between my teeth and bit down, not gently, but not TOO hard, and that is what sent her over the edge. As soon as I started to nibble her nipple she squeezed escort bursa our cocks hard and her body went stiff, she took in several short gasps of air and then arched her back, flinging her head back as far as it would go as her towering Amazonian body erupted in climax. She gave a trilling giggle as wave after wave of ecstasy coursed through her, and when she finally relaxed, she gave both our cocks another little squeeze.

“Bedroom? Please?”

Seemed like a good idea to all involved so we got up and the two of them went on ahead, I took a moment to turn off the TV and looked back at the sofa where a rather large damp spot sat where Corinne had just been. I mentally shrugged. It’s not like that couch hasn’t gotten some love juice on it before now. I cleaned up enough so that the fucking cat wouldn’t knock over and break any of my nice glasses we had been using to drink our drinks and headed back to my bedroom. Even though I am a single man I had bought a king size bed, and as entered to room to see Corinne on her hands and knees, her ass facing me, her head slowly bobbing up and down on Reginald’s cock, I realized that I had gotten such a big bed for just such an occasion.

A wry smile crossed my lip as I went over to the bedside table and took the lid off what had started its life as an R2-D2 cookie jar, but now was used as my condom storage vessel. I grabbed a handful and playfully tossed them at Reginald who had his eyes closed. He laughed as he got smacked with a fistful of condoms and started looking through them to figure out which one he wanted to use. I got up on the bed and lay on my back, positioning my head so that Corinne could sit on my face. She was rather engrossed in what she was doing, and I turned my head so I could watch her give Reginald head. Turns out Reginald is one of those skinny fuckers with a huge dong. I’m secure enough in my own manhood to admit his was bigger than mine, but I am pretty sure mine is a bit wider. He was close to eight inches long and Corinne was doing her best to get every inch between her lips. The parts she just couldn’t get, she made sure to lick. Eventually she realized why my head was positioned the way it was, so she lowered her rear down onto my face, and I introduced her to my specialization…eating pussy.

I mean, I don’t like to brag about much, but I’m GOOD at eating some pussy.

Corinne quickly started moaning around Reginald’s cock as her pussy juice started running down the side of my face. She started grinding her hips against my head, and when I had licked, sucked, and nibbled my way to her second climax she squeezed my crainum with her powerful thighs so tightly I nearly blacked out. When I finally was able to come up for air Reginald was fitting a condom onto his dick and Corinne was turning around to face me. She took my face in her hands and pulled me in to her, licking her own juices off the side of my face before our lips connected and she kissed me deeply.

“Now you two are gonna turn me into some fingercuffs.”

She got down on all fours and Reginald positioned himself behind his wife, and as she took my cock in her mouth, he pushed his cock inside her. I got to feel firsthand what it was like to have Corinne moan onto my cock as Reginald pushed every inch of his into her slick love tunnel. Reginald started slowly fucking Corinne with long slow strokes, trying to last as long as he could after the intense and prolonged foreplay we had both received. Corinne was no slouch in the head department herself, and as she lashed my cock with her tongue, then sucked me down greedily, I felt my balls tighten and I knew my own climax was not far away. I looked across Corinne’s back and saw Reginald had his eyes closed, in a total zen mode trying as hard as he could to think of baseball or grandma, or any other thing but spewing his spunk before he wanted to. With a small ‘pop’ my cock fell from Corinne’s lips and she started encouraging Reginald to cum by talking dirty.

“Oh fuck me baby! Smack my ass and ride me till you cum! I want to feel that hot cum on my ass baby!”

Reginald started fucking her faster, and Corinne started moaning loudly. A few hard, fast strokes later Reginald pulled out of Corinne and whipped off his condom just in time to shoot an arcing stream of jizz halfway up her back. Reginald let out a low, guttural moan of pleasure as he came, and when he was done he took a deep breath and let it out.

“Whew! That was intense! Paul…if I were a towel, where would I be?”

“The drawer above the toilet in the bathroom. Just through there. Ohhh yes.”

That last bit was because Corinne had slipped my cock back into her mouth and while Reginald went and cleaned himself up Corinne went to down on me. She slurped and swabbed every inch of my cock, and soon Reginald came back into the room and cleaned his spunk off of her back.

“Baby, I want to ride Paul till I cum. Can I ride Paul till I cum?”

“Now, now sweetie, it’s fine with me but you should ask Paul.”

Instead of asking she just took my cock back into her mouth and looked up at me with puppy dog eyes and slowly licked me.

“Well it would be rude to deny such an eloquently spoken request.”

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