Playing With My Sister Ch. 01

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Bernie, my sister’s boyfriend, had an immense cock, 8″ long and 2 1/2″ thick, surmounted by a wide flaring head. The first time I saw it . . . well, I’m kind of getting ahead of myself.

My name is Paul Menghini. When I was 18, our family moved from a small midwestern town to Brooklyn. Dad and Mom bought her parents’ hardware store when they decided to retire and move to Florida.

The store was on the ground floor of a three-story brick building. The second floor was family quarters: a living room, kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms. There were three one-bedroom apartments on the top floor. Dad used one for an office and my 20-year-old sister Angela slept in the bedroom.

Angela was our family jock and baseball was her great love. She’d been on the high school team back in Sidney, Nebraska and had managed to get a second string position on her new school’s team. She adored the Brooklyn Cyclones and went to every home game, usually taking me with her. That annoyed Bernie the first time, but Angela just laughed and said, “I’ll make it up to you.” I liked being with her. We didn’t have much of the common brother-sister tension.

One day, I went upstairs to the office-apartment. The bathroom door was open and Angela was standing in the shower, drying her thick black hair. My cock stiffened as I stared at her big athletic body. She was as tall and solidly built as a boy, but with wide hips, a muscular butt and lush breasts. Long thick pink nipples rose from her broad brown areolas. A dense tangle of dark hair concealed the mysterious territory between her legs.

“Paul!” she gasped when she lifted the towel from her face. Aside from her initial surprise, Angela didn’t seem disturbed. She continued drying her hair, making no attempt to conceal herself. I knew she could see the bulge in my crotch. “I guess I should have closed the door, but it gets so steamy in here . . .” Angela held the towel behind her back and rubbed sensuously against it. She knew what the sight of her undulating breasts was doing to me.

“I’m sorry,” I said, aware I was blushing furiously but unable to take my eyes off my big sister’s body. “I’ll just . . .”

“It’s all right.” Angela interrupted as she rubbed the towel over her arms and chest, keeping her nipples exposed while she dried her breasts. “Do you need to use the bathroom?” Jesus! The towel was between her legs, pushing the luxuriant hair aside to reveal her the cleft in her puffy mound. “Go ahead. I’ve seen you pee before.”

Did she want me to take my boner out of my pants? “Uh . . . No thanks. I just came to get a book I left on the desk.”

Angela put a foot on the edge of the tub and began drying her leg. I tried not to stare at her partially-opened beaver. “Don’t worry,” she said. “We’ve taken baths together before.” Not since she reached puberty. She shifted legs, giving me a good view of the protruding lips peeking through her thick pubic hair.

“Dry my back,” she commanded, suddenly turning around. She was already dry. My hands trembled as I ran the towel over her back and down to her big round buttocks. “The crack, too,” she added. My cock throbbed as I obeyed.

“And between my legs.” She bent over to give me easier access. “Dry me good,” she whispered huskily. I could feel her slit through the towel. “Yeah! That’s good! Real good!” she moaned, pressing her crotch against my hand. Angela pulled her butt cheeks open, giving me a sudden view of her little puckered hole. I filled my shorts with hot cum.

“Thanks,” she purred a minute later, straightening up as if nothing unusual had occurred, turning around and giving me a quick sisterly peck on the lips. Her areolas were puffy and her nipples were swollen. I wanted to touch them, but didn’t have the nerve.

“Sure. See you.” It was hard to act casual and walk away.

“See you later, Little Brother.” Angela was grinning. She knew what had happened in my pants.

I locked myself in the downstairs bathroom and jacked off three times.

In the following days, I couldn’t stop thinking about Angela, how she looked naked and the way her body had felt through the towel. She was watching me, too. Watching and waiting . . . for what?

One night a week later, it was too hot to sleep. I removed the screen and stepped naked out onto the fire escape. The air was humid and still in the darkness at the back of the building. I climbed the stairs. There was a little deck with a few pieces of patio furniture on the roof and I was hoping to catch a breeze up there.

“Yeah, Baby! Play with my cock and balls.” I froze at the sound of the voice. It had come from Angela’s open bedroom window.

In the glow of the nightstand light, I saw Angela sitting on the edge of her double bed. Bernie, her boyfriend of two months, was standing in front of her. They were both naked.

“Yeah!” Angela whispered huskily as Bernie pinched the thick elongated nipples protruding from her puffy areolas.

It was hard to believe gaziantep suriyeli escort the cock jutting from Bernie’s groin was real. When Angela wrapped both hands around his shaft, gripping it like a baseball bat, his flaring cock-head protruded from her encircling fingers. Angela’s hands were big, but she couldn’t quite close her thumbs and index fingers around his girth.

“You’re so wild!” he gasped as she ran nimble fingers over his head, tickling his tip and flicking the little vee on the underside. “I didn’t realize Catholic girls were so sexual.”

“This Catholic girl is,” Angela purred. “When she’s got a guy as sexy as you. I didn’t know Jewish boys were so well hung.”

Angela’s breasts swayed as she leaned forward, extending her tongue toward Bernie’s cock head. I was kneeling in the darkness outside her window. He was only 3 feet away and I could see the shiny fluid leaking from his tip.

“Yeah Baby!” he gasped. “Lick my knob! Stick your tongue in my piss slit.” Angela stretched her lips over Bernie’s broad mushroom head. “Oh shit!” he exclaimed. “Suck my cock, Baby!” Her head jerked back as he slammed into her mouth.

Bernie gripped the back of Angela’s head, holding her in place while he thrust into her mouth. She squeezed his balls tightly while gripping his shaft to control the violence of his thrusts. “Fuck Baby!” he gasped. “I’m fucking your face! . . . Fucking your hot mouth with my big fat cock!”

Angela’s eyes were wild as she tried to breathe around the cock plunging into her throat. I stood up to get a better view. She was making harsh noises as he slammed into her mouth. I couldn’t tell if they were sounds of pain or pleasure.

I hadn’t touched my cock, but it was throbbing as I watched Angela suck Bernie’s gigantic tool. If I hadn’t masturbated earlier that night, I’d have shot cum right through the open window.

Angela suddenly gripped Bernie’s waist and pushed him away. “Fuck me, Baby” she whispered, lying back on the bed and opening her legs. Her eyes widened when she saw me standing in the window. “Oh Brother! This is going to be good!” she said, putting fingers on either side of her hairy mound and pulling herself open. I stared at the hot little pink hole, gleaming with her juices.

Looking me straight in the eye, Angela said “Bernie’s going to put his giant Jew cock up my tight little Italian cunt and fuck me all the way to Jesus and back!” She grabbed pillows and put them under her shoulders and back, propping herself up so she could keep watching me as Bernie moved into position, kneeling between her legs.

As I watched, Bernie pressed his thick mushroom head between Angela’s bright pink pussy lips and pushed forward. “Oh Fuck!” she moaned. Her mouth continued moving, saying silent Hail Marys, as he slowly stretched her open. She was turned so I had a perfect view of his cock entering her snatch.

Bernie moved slowly in and out, pushing his massive member a little further into my sister’s pussy with each thrust. She was writhing on the bed, gleaming with sweat and moaning continuously. “. . . Mary full of grace! . . . Oh Fuck, Bernie! . . . Oh Jesus! . . .”

She slammed her pelvis against his crotch, screaming as she took his last three inches in one violent motion. “God Yeah Bernie!” I could see his thick shaft sliding in and out of her clinging lips as Angela worked her hips. “Fuck me hard Bernie!” She grabbed his hands and guided them to her breasts. “Squeeze my tits! Fuck me rough! You know I can take it!”

Angela screamed continuously as Bernie mauled her breasts and rammed her pussy. She stared into my eyes the whole time. I wondered if Mom and Dad could hear her downstairs. He suddenly stopped thrusting and pulled out until his head was barely kissing her lips. Bellowing like a bull moose, he drove his full length up her cunt, slamming his balls against her pussy lips. He rammed her over and over. I knew he was shooting hot sperm up her snatch with each violent thrust.

She continued cumming even after Bernie had finally spent himself, holding him between her legs and working her snatch around his cock, until he finally grabbed her hips and forced her to be still. “Sorry Baby,” he said. “I’m a little sensitive right now.”

He kissed Angela quickly, then pulled away. “That was great, Baby,” Bernie said as he stood up. “I want to stay all night, but I’ve got to catch a bus. I’m working the midnight shift at the gas station again.”

I’d ducked out of sight, but I could visualize the dreamy expression on Angela’s face. “That’s all right, Baby. A guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do. Maybe next time.”

Bernie went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. As soon as the water started running, Angela jumped up and ran to the window. “Paul!” she whispered urgently.

“Hi sis.”

“You little perv Brother!” Her window didn’t have a screen. She grabbed my head and pulled my face to hers, gaziantep türbanlı escort kissing me open-mouthed. “Bernie will be out of the shower in a minute. Wait here until he takes off.”

I stood on the fire escape with my back to the brick wall and my stiff pole pointing out into the night, listening to Bernie getting dressed and leaving. Angela was back as soon as the door closed. “Come in here,” she said.

She kissed my lips as soon as I’d climbed in the window, then stepped back to look me over. “Little Brother sure has a big gun,” she commented, grinning at my stiff pole. I’d noticed I was one of the bigger boys in the school locker room. Angela’s admiration made me feel like Superman.

I was staring at her, too. Her big dark areolas were swollen into domes and her broad nipples were a half-inch long and bright pink. The air was heavy with the smell of sweat and something else – a rich erotic musk. Angela’s thick black thatch was gleaming with sweat and juices.

“Don’t just stand there,” she said, moving into my arms. “Kiss me.” Her erect nipples and firm breasts flattened against my chest and my cock pressed into her belly. I slid my hands down her back to grip her ass, pulling us together even more tightly.

We kissed for a long time, open-mouthed with lots of tongue. I was dating a girl my age. Suzie and I were French kissing and she’d started letting me feel her up through her clothes. I couldn’t believe I was doing this with my super-sexy big sister.

“I’m a bigger pervert than you are,” Angela finally said. “It really made me hot seeing you watch Bernie drive that monster cock up my tight little snatch. You want to fuck me, don’t you? It’s safe. I’ve been on birth control for two years.”

I answered by slipping my cock between her legs. “I’m really going to do it . . . Fuck a girl!” I marveled silently, as my head parted Angela’s pubic mound. She worked her hips, positioning her pussy mouth. I was fumbling, seeking her entrance. She reached down to guide me. “Jesus Fuck!” I gasped as the resistance abruptly ceased and I plunged into her hot wet snatch.

“Fuck yeah, Little Brother!” Angela whispered fiercely. “Your big gun is all the way up my cunt! We’re standing here fucking!”

“I’m going to shoot my gun in my Big Sister’s pussy!” I replied as I started moving. She was so hot and tight I was amazed that I hadn’t cum as I entered her.

“I’m sorry my pussy’s so loose,” Angela whispered as she synchronized her pelvic motions with my thrusts. “Bernie really stretched me.” She laughed at my expression of disbelief. “Little Brother doesn’t buy it! But I can tighten more.” Her cunt clamped my head and gripped my shaft.

“God!” I gasped. “That’s almost too tight!” I was driving into her quickly, unable to hold back.

“Shoot it, Brother!” Angela cried. “Shoot it up my snatch!”

“Fuck!” I moaned, ramming through the resistance of her muscles and releasing my first hot burst of cum deep inside her cunt. I slammed her again and again, spraying more semen into her pussy with each thrust.

We finally stood motionless, hanging on to each other for support. My cock was still inside her as we kissed passionately. She hadn’t cum this time, but I was sure that would change.

“You fucked me really good,” Angela said. We were lying side by side on the bed, holding hands and gazing into each other’s eyes. “Was that your first time?” A slight breeze had come up, cooling our bodies.

“Uh . . . Yeah,” I confessed. “I’ve hardly gotten to second base with Suzie.”

“You hit a home run tonight, Little Brother,” she answered. “And that was just the third inning.”

Angela giggled and reached between my legs. “You’re ready to go to bat again.”

“You want to?” My cock had softened, but it instantly grew rigid at her touch.

“Yeah, but not yet,” Angela said, rolling onto her back. “Come kiss me.”

I straddled her hips. My stiff prick rubbed her silky-skinned belly as I bent forward to press my lips against hers. My hands stroked her breasts as our tongues slow-danced.

“That’s good! So good!” Angela gasped. I’d moved away from her mouth and planted tender kisses on her nose, cheeks, forehead, ears . . . “Put your tongue in my ear! . . . Yeah! . . . You learned a lot while getting to second base with Suzie.”

She guided my hands to her nipples and I pinched them gently. “Harder!” she growled, moaning with pleasure as I played with her roughly.

I kissed down Angela’s neck to her breasts. She grabbed my hips and dragged me forward. “Fuck my tits!” she demanded, pushing her breasts together to trap my rock-hard cock.

A steady stream of pre-cum lubricated my gliding tool. Angela’s enclosing flesh rolled with my motions. She kissed my tip at the top of each arc. “Fuck, this is good!” I gasped. “Feeling . . . watching . . . my cock fucking your tits . . .” I increased my pace, pushing gaziantep ücreti elden alan escort toward . . .

“Stop!” Angela commanded. “I don’t want you cumming on my tits. That’s just second base. It’ll be fun sometime, but right now I want you to shoot another load in my pussy.” She opened her legs and I moved between them, positioning my penis, confident I could find the hole myself this time . . .

“No, Little Brother,” Angela said, gripping my hips to hold my body away from hers. “You’re stopping on Third this time, not stealing Home.”

“Put your face between my legs,” she commanded. “I’m going to teach you how to give head.” Angela put her feet flat on the bed, raising her knees and elevating her pelvis. I stared at the complicated folds of flesh, partially obscured by her black pelt.

The erotic smell permeating the room was stronger than ever. I realized it was coming from Angela’s crotch. Her pubic hair was sticky with Bernie’s and my cum, but it was also freshly wet with her juices.

I trapped a mouthful of fur between my lips and gently tugged. Her taste was wonderfully tart. Angela giggled at the sensation. She let me play with her thatch for a minute, then said “Put your hand on my mound. Push through the hair to my skin. It’s really wet, isn’t it? Now, pet my kitty. Pull the hair away from my slit so you can lick it.”

Her moans told me how much she liked my tongue running up and down her closed slit. Ragged folds of flesh protruded from her mound. “Fuck Yeah!!” Angela whispered when I nibbled them with my lips.

When I finally lifted my head, I saw Angela was rubbing her breasts and pinching and twisting her nipples roughly. They’d grown even longer and thicker than before. “Eat me, Little Brother!” she gasped. “Pull my snatch open and eat me out!”

Putting my fingers on either slide of her slit, I applied gentle pressure, marveling at the way her mysterious folds parted to reveal her steaming female center. She was hot pink, almost red, and completely covered with shining, slightly milky, fluid. Her sex smell hit me, a hundred times stronger than before.

I dipped into her stream. It was the most wonderful taste I’d ever experienced. “Yeah Paul!” she moaned as I lapped her juices. Angela squirmed with excitement as I stroked her with my flat tongue.

“That’s good, Little Brother,” she whispered. “Now go down to the bottom, where my lips come together . . . That’s right, that’s my snatch . . . push your tongue in.”

Angela screamed softly as my tongue slithered into her pussy. Even with her muscles relaxed to let me in, she was deliciously tight. My tongue was almost as hard as my cock as I dived into her hot wet hole. Her smell and taste were overwhelming.

“Oh God! . . . Oh Mary! . . . Oh Jesus!” she moaned over and over, working her hips as I drove my tongue into her steaming cunt. The juice was oozing from her slick walls. Occasionally, I’d pause to suck the delicious fluid.

Angela’s thighs suddenly closed, trapping my head. I continued tongue-fucking her pussy as she screamed and thrashed.

“Did you cum?” I asked when she finally lay still.

“Oh yeah, Brother!” she answered. “That’s the first time you’ve made me cum, but you’re going to do it a lot more. See where my folds come together at the top? Pull that up.”

I obeyed, staring in wonder at the tiny little bud that was revealed. Angela didn’t have to tell me to kiss her swollen clit. She writhed and moaned as I licked and sucked her. “Oh God, Paul!” she gasped. “I’m so close . . .”

“Fuck!” she cried as I thrust a finger into her wet snatch and clamped her clitoris with my lips. “Baby Brother, I’m cumming . . .!” she screamed as I finger-fucked her and sucked her clit.

I kept going while Angela came, driving her to an even stronger orgasm . . . then another. She finally pushed me away and collapsed on the bed, exhausted. I lay beside her, stroking her hair and planting soft kisses on her cheeks and forehead.

Angela suddenly grabbed me, pulling my body onto hers and kissing me with almost frightening intensity. “That was wonderful!” she growled. “Now finish me off! I need your big hard cock up my snatch!”

“Yeah, Big Sister, I’m going to fuck you good!” I answered, kneeling between her spread thighs. Gripping my shaft, I rubbed my cock-head against her swollen clit.

“Oh Jesus!” Angela moaned, reaching for my dick. “Put it in now! Please!!”

I caught her hand and held it as I rubbed my penis up and down her slick hot pink vulva. “Are you ready to get fucked, Baby? Ready to have my hot cock up your cunt?” I asked, positioning my stiff prick at her partially-open pussy mouth.

“Oh yeah, Baby!” Angela begged. “Please! . . . Now!” She screamed softly as I slid into her, all the way up to my balls.

“God!” I whispered as her hot slippery walls gripped me. For the second time in my life, my cock was inside a woman.

Angela pulled me down onto her chest and kissed me with desperate intensity. She worked her hips and I matched her tempo. “Fuck me hard, Baby!” she gasped. “Pound me!”

I drove into her hard and fast. My chest rubbed her hard nipples and flattened her big breasts as I rammed her hot snatch. Angela was making a harsh cawing noise and raking my back with her fingers. If her nails had been longer, she would have left bloody scratches.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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