Plowing and Pounding

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Kyle was out by the pool, plowing Selena in missionary while Marie watched, fingering herself rapidly to the pace of her son’s mega cock slamming into the screaming slut. She watched as his dick pulsed and burst deep inside her pussy. He groaned as he pulled out, his cock soaked in pussy juice.

They kissed tenderly as he continued to paw her tits. As he stood, he winked at Marie before heading into the house, seeing Melanie fucking a young guy’s cock with her tits while Victoria and Emily had another man, Emily sucking his cock while he feasted on Victoria’s nipples.

He stopped in the kitchen to get a beer and ran into Thomas coming from the pantry, having just railed Stephanie’s huge ass. He took in his father’s huge dick and took hold of it, hearing Kyle moan as it grew bigger. They soon kissed and Thomas kissed down to his father’s nipples, by now both of them jacking one another off.

Before long they were standing in Thomas’ bedroom, both passionately making out. They groped one another’s asses as Thomas sank down to be face-to-face with his father’s massive dick and gave it a long lick, slurping wildly on his cock.

Soon, Thomas on his hands and knees, Kyle pounding his ass as their swollen nuts slapped together.

“FUCK!!!!!!” Thomas cried out as he felt his dick swell and burst a thick wad of cum all over the bedsheets. Kyle kept fucking, moaning as he stuffed his son’s ass full of his cum. He then fell back onto the bed, Thomas straining to crawl over and lay on his chest as they fell asleep, Thomas’ ass raw and stuffed with his father’s hot cum.


In the kitchen, Aaron was pressed against the counter, Victoria gagging on his fat cock and she fingered herself, pulling back and sucking his nuts. Aaron moaned softly as she swiftly inserted him back into her mouth and swallowed his full thick load.

As they exited and rushed to get in a good fuck in Victoria’s bed, Emily entered, having been fucked hard during the orgy the previous night. She had been pounded by everyone there, man, woman and child. As she raided the fridge to get some cold pizza, she turned to see one of Kyle’s assistants, Kevin standing there, his cock standing at attention as well.

“Mmm…” Emily said as she bit into the slice, “Good morning to you too Kevin.”

Kevin ataşehir escort bayan smiled nervously. Emily finished eating and approached him, his eager green eyes following every gentle sway of her tits. Before he realized it, she pulled his hands to grope them roughly as he panted as his hands sank into the heavenly softness.

They soon began to kiss, Kevin still squeezing her tits while she jacked off his beefy hunk of dick. He then began to suck them, Emily moaning as his talented tongue danced across her nipples. Swallowing her rich milk, Kevin was in ecstasy, her hand pumping his swollen dick even faster now.

“Ooooh fuck…” Emily moaned, “YES!!!”

As he continued, Kevin felt his cock suddenly slip from her hands and slide down her smooth stomach before coming to rest near her belly button. When he pulled back, Emily kissed him again, stronger this time before kissing down his chest as he moaned softly, watching as she dropped to her knees and was face to face with his cock.

Her tongue suddenly flicked over his head and Kevin felt a strong jolt through his entire body. In seconds, Emily was rapidly sucking him off, her hands squeezing his ass cheeks as he held her head, his ears filled with the sounds of her wet, mature mouth slurping on his dick. She then pulled off and serviced his nuts, jacking him off simultaneously.

“OH FUUUUUUCK!!!!!!” Kevin cried, shaking in pleasure.

Emily returned to sucking him off again, spitting down his shaft and plunging his meat down her throat. He looked into her eyes as she pleasured him, every nerve in his body attuned solely to what his cock was experiencing.

Emily pulled back, panting as she continued to stroke his saliva soaked shaft. Kevin was transfixed, leaning back on the counter as the MILF took his dick between her tits and began to fuck him with them.

“Mmm…” Emily moaned, “You like the way your dick just disappears between my tits.”

Kevin nodded, afraid if he dared to speak he might erupt too early. Emily smiled and returned to sucking him off, getting his dick nice and hard. She then stood and grabbed his cock, leading him into the living room and pushed him onto the couch. She held her pussy to his face and watched his dick twitch as he began to eat escort kadıköy her out.

Emily screamed with pleasure, the boy licking deep within her. He picked up on every cue, showing he’d been paying attention when observing the various porn shoots around the mansion. He finally reached her clit and she exploded! Her pussy gushed forth, filling his eager mouth with her sweet pussy cream.

They kissed again in a horny fury, Emily straddling his lap as his erect cock throbbed against her ass. Kevin squeezed her boobs as his tongue danced with her’s, sharing her pussy juice. Finally, Emily rose ever so slightly to allow his cock entrance.

Kevin held his dick up for her to slide down, Emily moaning in pleasure.

“Oh fuck… your dick is so big!” she moaned, “you like that tight, little pussy squeezing your fat dick?”

Kevin nodded. “Holy shit, it’s incredible!”

Emily began grinding up and down, Kevin sucking her tits with raw hunger. Emily cried out, clawing his chest as he slapped her ass.

“OH YEAH!!!” Emily screamed, “GET IN THERE YOU BASTARD!”

Kevin picked up speed, thrusting upward as they kissed. They fucked brutally, the specially reinforced couch managing to barely hold the aggressive fucking. Emily came violently, squirting on Kevin’s dick and thighs. He was close too, about to unleash his cum inside her.

“Look at me, baby…” Emily panted, “look at me while you cum!”

As soon as he made eye contact, Kevin could hold no longer, stuffing his hot seed into her pussy. Emily cried out again, kissing him furiously as she bounced even faster on his cock.


Kevin was losing it, squeezing her ass tightly as he kept cumming, his dick burning as he just kept blasting, crying into her tits as he kept sucking, Emily gasping for air above him as she felt his seed overflowing her womb.

“Ohhh god,” she then panted, “I can feel it. I feel your cum inside me…”

Kevin’s arms went weak and fell from her ass, Emily kissing him passionately. He had never felt anything like it, his cock limp and wet.

“Oh, beautiful boy… so talented.” She whispered in his ear, raising her tits to his mouth.

Upon drinking, he felt energy restored maltepe escort to him as his cock swelled back to life. Emily smiled. “Round 2?”

“HELL YEAH!!” Kevin responded.


Just as Kevin was railing Emily, Kyle was doing the same to Marie. His cock slammed furiously into her ass as she held out tightly to the headboard, which was slamming hard against the wall.

“Oh god, Mom!” Kyle grunted, bringing his hand to a stinging slap on her ass cheek, “Fuck, this ass is incredible!”

“So is your cock baby,” Marie moaned, “FUCK, IT FEELS SO GOOD!!!”

She screamed out and came hard, squirting all over her embroidered bedsheets. After Kyle slipped his dick out, she turned and sucked him off, Kyle moaning as she slurped hungrily on his rock hard cock. Upon pulling off, she licked her glossy lips and lay back, spreading her legs.

“My pussy feels so hungry, honey.” Marie said sensually, rubbing her wet folds.

Kyle grinned and kissed her powerfully, Marie kissing him back and gripping the back of his head as his cock slid into her pussy. He began ramming her like a machine, Marie screaming as he held her legs wide, his thick hunk of dick pounding her sweet, tight pussy into mush.

“YES BABY!!!” Marie screamed, “HARDER!!!”

“Oh fuck…” Kyle moaned, Marie scratching up his chest. Her back arched as she entered her 8th orgasm, wrapping her legs around Kyle’s hips as his nuts slammed against her ass.

Kyle pressed on, sucking and biting her hard nipples as he kept plowing her, Marie rubbing her clit and screaming out. Her pussy clenched his dick, squeezing his hard pole tightly. He yelled out and picked up speed, his thick ocean of cum boiling up his shaft.

“Oh fuck…” he panted.

Marie gasped for air. “Cum for me, baby. Stuff me with your fucking huge load!!”

Kyle did just so, his cock erupted deep within her pussy, washing through her womb. Once he ran dry, he pulled his semi-deflated cock out and Marie rubbed her sore, overflowing pussy.

“God, I love it…” Marie panted, struggling to sit up.

Kyle stood and stretched, feeling exhausted. Marie however, leaned forward and kissed his tip, his cock giving a instinctive twitch. At that moment, Rosa entered and announced dinner was ready.

“Shall we?” Kyle asked his mother once Rosa left.

“Mmm…” Marie groaned, raising her arms, “carry me…”

Kyle laughed and lifted her, carrying her to the dining where all the sexual deviants feasted, replenishing themselves for even more fucking once they were done.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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