Plumber’s Toy: The Quickie

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This is the first story I’ve completed for Literotica. I have a couple more in process that are prequels to this, however I finished editing this one and thought I’d go ahead and give it a whirl and step in the water. Plus, I can’t wait for my plumber to see this, as this is another way I can show what a good slut I’m becoming.

I knew he was on his way over. We’d been texting for a few hours so we’re both hot and horny. The morning started off with the innocent text, “Hey”. It spiraled quickly to pictures. I finally found a way to do pictures online so that you could see them. I put on an outfit that was tight fitting and see through, especially in the right light. I took pictures starting with the dress. I then showed my thigh highs (your favorite). I then graduated up to moving my panties so you can see my pussy. My pussy is soaking wet and the pictures show it. I then take off my bra so you can see my tits through the dress. And then, I show them to you. You like the pictures and ask to see some of my ass. Though it took me a bit to figure out how to get a good picture of escort numaraları eryaman my ass, I finally did. It was exhilarating to put pictures up on the web. Even though I took many precautions to make sure the site was for our eyes only, there was still the possibility someone could get onto the site and see these pictures. I’m finding it’s fun to do things I’ve never done and to take “chances” on getting caught (while keeping the secret safe at the same time).

It wasn’t long after you saw the pictures you told me you had to run to the plumbing store to pick up some parts and you were close by and could stop by for a quickie. Since you are still on the clock and I have to pick up the kids from school, time is short. You call to tell me to get naked to save those precious seconds. I grab a robe since I do still have to open the door.

I hear you drive up and I get the door unlocked. As soon as you get inside, I shut the door and our lips lock. I’d been waiting for this kiss. Hell, I’d been waiting to be touched, to be fucked. Your tongue starts feeling around my mouth ankara bayan escort and your hands start wandering. We’ve been talking about fantasies and anal had come up again today. We’d tried it last time but you didn’t want to force it so we moved on. In our texting we talked anal and now with you here, I ask you to fuck me in the ass. I really wanted this to work. I wanted to feel your dick inside my ass. I wanted to show you I will do anything you ask. I want to know I can do whatever you ask.

I get down onto the floor on all fours and you get behind me. You put your dick into my pussy. As you slide in and out while holding onto my hips I just close my eyes and enjoy the back and forth, in and out. Your dick goes deep inside. I love how deep your dick goes, so much deeper than my husband’s dick.

Then you pull out and put the head of your dick at the entrance of my anus. You hold my hips tight. Your dick is hard yet patient while my ass slowly opens up to you. It burns at first, but you go slow. You are so gentle, yet solid. You take the time needed elvankent escort so that I’ll enjoy it too. It’s been years since I’ve been taken anally. Your patience pays off because then my ass opens up and takes your dick past the entrance and the burning is gone. You must sense you are deeper inside because you start a slow movement. I tell you I want you to fuck me in the ass. Your movement picks up. The motion is so smooth. Your dick goes a bit deeper with each thrust. I feel myself opening up and enjoying it. My pussy is so wet thinking about you in my ass. I start feeling my ass meeting your dick’s movements.

You tell me you want to see my face when you cum and since you are getting close, you pull out of my ass and help me sit up on the couch. You pull my pussy towards the edge of the couch and you stick your dick inside. Another new position for me. You hold onto my legs while your dick slides into my pussy. I’m soaking wet. It feels so good to have your dick pounding my pussy. It doesn’t take long before your cum fills my pussy and begins leaking all down the couch.

Since our 10 minutes has gone to 15, we don’t have time to catch our breath. We both jump up and wipe up the mess. I steal a quick kiss before we dart. We get dressed and you race back to your job and I race to pick up the kids. My pussy is already looking forward to next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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