Pool Fun Ch. 1

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I’ll never forget that day. She was so beautiful. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and huge tits. Any man’s idea of perfection. She had on a one piece bathing suit. It came down to a V in the front. Making her tits seem up for grabs and did I ever.

It was a hot July afternoon and a friend of my mothers invited us over to swim. I went after complaining a lot. If only I’d known. Walking into the backyard I got my first glimpse of my mothers friends sister. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Her body called to me. My body responded real quick. I needed a dip in the pool more then anyone. Just to get my body under control.

My little brother and sister ran past me and jumped into the pool. I quickly followed even though it was a very difficult thing to do with such a hard thing between my legs. I prayed that no one had noticed. “Hi I’m Amber, Liz’s sister.”

I was at a loss as to what to say. Finally I was able to stammer a reply. “I’m John.”

“Is the water to cold John?”

She was giving me such a look. I was really feeling stupid at that point. What was I going to tell her that I was harder then a rock and would really like to share it with her. I just stood there without saying anything. Luckily at this point my little brother got the idea in his head to splash her. She swam away after him leaving me alone to compose myself. Some times I was happy to have siblings.

“JOHN HELP ME!!!” I looked up to see Amber holding my little brother up over the water. I laughed at him and told him to quit being a baby.

Amber smiled at me and made all other thoughts leave my head. Any rearranging of myself I’d done was done for naught at that point. My erection was straining against my swim trunks yet again. I was still a virgin at this point. Having only been able to get to feel a girls breast. I’d only done that once. I felt so stupid. Here she was smiling at me and all I could do was blush and get hard. No wonder I was still a virgin. I decided then and there that I was going to lose eryaman escort it soon, to her. By force if I had to.

I jumped into the water and swam over to them. I began to tickle my brother as she held him above the water. My brother began to thrash and she could no longer hold him. As he fell into the water I took the opportunity to feel what was making me so hard. I pretended to grab for my brother and instead grabbed one of her fabulous tits.

I stood there with my hand on that firm globe of flesh for as long as I could possibly get away with. My brother splashing in the water below me didn’t even bother me. I was so aroused and I looked up into her eyes and I swear I saw the same feelings. Dropping my hand I stammered an apology. My eyes left hers. I could still feel her eyes burning into me.

I heard her giggle and swim away after my slowly escaping brother. Thankfully my mother and her friend were getting dinner ready so they weren’t paying attention to what was going on inside the pool. I watched as she grabbed my brother and hugged him tight.

“I’ll teach you. You little troll. I’ll just hug you until you promise to stop.” My brother refused to quit. He continued to fight her and she continued to hug him.


I decide I could help him with his situation and help myself in the process. I swam over and wrapped my arms around her. Rubbing my very stiff cock against her ass.

“Anything you do to him you have to do to me.” I said hoping she wouldn’t get mad and say anything about my stiff cock poking into her.

That’s when I felt her rubbing her butt into me. Teasing my already over excited cock. She was pushing me over the edge. I knew if she didn’t stop I was sure to cum in my shorts. Thank goodness at this point Liz called us out of the pool to eat. Everyone left the pool leaving me alone and able to rearrange my excitement. After a little while I was able to leave the pool and join everyone for lunch.

Over lunch Liz talked my mother sincan escort into going shopping. My brother and sister begged to go. I just sat there wishing she wouldn’t make me. As I wished this I noticed that Amber was watching me very closely. She sat transfixed eating a hotdog. Oh how I wished I was that hotdog. Going into her sexy mouth. She seemed to be thinking of something as she ate. The hotdog went in so far and she’d pull it out a little. Running her tongue over it finding just the right spot to bite. If she didn’t quit I was sure to cum in my shorts.

“John, JOHN are you paying attention?”

My thoughts were brought back to what was going on around me at the sound of my mothers voice.

“I’m sorry mother I was just thinking. What did you say?”

“I said would you like to go shopping or would you like to stay here with Amber and swim?”

I couldn’t believe my luck. It took a minute for me to answer I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming or not. “I think I’ll stay. It’s to hot to shop.”

“Well maybe your right, We should all stay and swim.”

I could have kicked myself at that point. Luckily Amber saved my day. “The mall is very cool in the summer. I don’t think you’ll get to hot.”

“That’s true. Are you sure you want to stay John?”

“I really don’t feel up to it today. I’d rather swim.”

My mother left it at that. After lunch she left with the kids and Liz. Amber and I were all alone. I was very nervous. Having never been with a girl let alone a woman. (I’d found out during lunch that she was twenty two.) I sat there watching her. Trying to figure out what to do next.

“How about going for another swim?” she suggested.

I was unable to speak, so I just nodded my head yes. In the pool I had a real hard time swimming. She was teasing me every time I came near her. I was in need of some room in my shorts so I suggested that we skinny dip.

“Skinny dip? Well I’ve never done anything like that.” Amber said this with such batıkent escort a look. I knew she’d be naked in a matter of minutes.

“I’ve never done it either, but I’ve heard that it’s very freeing. How about if I take my trunks off first?”

Amber didn’t even answer. She just looked in my eyes and waited, smiling. So I reached down and removed my shorts and tossed them from the pool.

The smile on her face said it all. She wanted me and she wanted me bad. Even though I had no experience with women I knew she wanted me. She just stood there transfixed on my body. So I took the opportunity to move towards her. When I reached where she was in the pool. I reached around her and began to pull down her suit. She didn’t resist so I leaned in and kissed her neck.

Her moaning startled me at first. Then it made me more passionate in my kissing. I moved my lips down her body as I pulled the suit down. Kissing and licking her flesh as I revealed it to my hungry mouth. Her breasts were so firm and her nipples were so hard waiting for me to suckle them. I worked her nipples for a long time and her moaning continued to get louder.

As I sucked her nipples I felt her hands go to the back of my head. I looked up to see her with her eyes closed and her head tilted back. Her moaning was coming in gasps. I stopped nursing her breasts only to have her scream “DON’T STOP!!” I quickly went back to my work on her breasts knowing I didn’t have long before I was going to lose it.

I pulled her suit down her belly and off of her body as I continued to lick and suck her nipples. I ran my fingers between her legs and felt her quiver. She leaned into me almost knocking me down. I stopped what I had been doing on her breasts and watched her face as I fingered her hungry pussy. Her hands moved from my head down to my shoulders.

I watched as her eyes opened. “FUCK ME JOHN” I wasn’t surprised at her outburst. I only hoped I could hold out to do it good. I pulled her with me over to the side of the pool. She quickly enclosed me with her legs. I was only seconds a way from entering her waiting pussy when it happened. I came in the pool. I was so upset with myself. I just froze and looked into here knowing eyes.

To Be Continued…

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