Possessed by a Witch

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“I sure hope that poor black cat over on the fence doesn’t get tortured tonight.”

“Why tonight?” I replied. Never having really liked trick or treating or dressing up, I liked to ignore the occasion. This was made possible by our rural location – no kids around for miles to come knocking begging for candy. Of course, not even I could miss the mass media blitz, or the frosty pumpkin patch outside my door.

“Because it’s Halloween, sweetie, and some sickos celebrate by torturing cats. It goes back to medieval days, when the superstitious illiterates thought witches travelled inside black cats. By killing them, they prevented the witches emerging on All Saints Eve.”

“Well, no witches in these parts,” I said, before I turned to look at my guest. What I saw sent a shiver through my body. Cassandra was dressed from head to toe in black, even her lips were painted black. Her normally mousy brown hair had been dyed jet black. She had glued on five inch long black fingernails, which we wrapped around a the end of the broom.

“What the f….” I gasped. I did not know Cassie well. She had been my late wife’s college room mate. Though they had kept in contact, Cassie had moved around the globe, seeking adventure, great jobs, and as my wife, Amanda put it, “enduring three marriages long after she discovered that great sex alone wasn’t enough.”

Mandy always made a point of mentioning the great sex. Apparently she and Cassandra had not been shy about sharing their room even during sex, and Mandy figured that Cassie was an all-star.

While Cassie trotted the globe, Mandy had met me at a fertilizer convention, married me a week later and settled on the family farm. What seemed like a recipe for unhappiness turned out just the opposite. Though we never had kids, Mandy had sung in the church choir, and won more than her share of bake-offs. Also, if Cassie was better than Mandy in the sex department, all of Cassie’s men were very lucky, because my Many had curled my toes, and bounced her clit on the tip of my nose, almost every night we were together.

Cassie however had no interest in spending any time in ‘Hicksville, U.S.A.’ as she called our home. So Mandy made regular pilgrimages to foreign destinations or convenient meeting spots to frolic with her pal. Knowing I would just be a fifth wheel, I always invented farm reasons to stay home, though I was always invited. After a while, I wondered whether Amanda did that to reassure me that she was faithful on her trips, but I never had worried about that. After all, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, I thought, and she always came home excited to see me again.

It had been a year ago tomorrow that a drunken driver – still dressed as a ‘scary monster’ according to the police report- had smashed my baby against a tree. The funeral had been Cassandra’s first visit to my hometown, and I had assumed it would be the last.

I could never look at Cassandra without recalling a story which Amanda had told me, on our first Halloween night as husband and wife as it happened. With no trick or treaters in farm country, I was resting in my armchair, Fleetwood Mac playing “Rhiannon” in the background, when Mandy had come out of the kitchen dressed uncharacteristically like a Catholic Schoolgirl, and had sat on my lap as she started her story.

They had both been at a wedding, senior year of college, in a strange city.

“Being at a party with no date, and no one who you were likely to see again, other than each other, for Cassie and me, was a very liberating experience,” Amanda had explained. “We already had done the college room mate sex with our boyfriends in adjacent beds routine – and even swapped partners a few times, so neither of us was afraid the other might judge. I was waiting for grad school to start, and Cassandra was headed off to Brussels to work for the UN. It was a real ‘girls just wanna have fun’ moment. Since it was a Halloween wedding, the couple had decided that guests should come in costume. That just added to the whole sense of not being in the real world. I went as a catholic schoolgirl and Cassandra went as a witch.”

Amanda had giggled as she said that, adding, “I expected you to say that Cassie as a witch was typecasting.”

She had playfully poked my stomach at that point. I recall that the reaction fluttered through my abdomen until my cock twitched. I had blushed, wondering whether it was my bride’s playfulness or images of Cassie as a sex crazed witch which my groin was enjoying. Luckily, Amanda kept talking without noticing.

I still recall how her cheeks glowed as she told the story, her grin beaming from ear to ear as she recalled the excitement.

“It was the most fun I had until I met you.” She had continued.

“Good dancing?” I had asked, in mock innocence. I knew I had not married a blushing virgin.

“There was the usher dressed as a Gorilla whose wife had passed out at their table right after dinner. He danced with Cassie and me all night. With each waltz, we erotik film izle could feel his tumescence pressing harder against us. The contrast of the hairy suit with the meat in motion was weird. It was all we could do not to stop dancing and giggle out loud every time we made eye contact.”

“Which of you did he end up with?” I had asked. Amanda seldom spoke about past lovers, and I recall not being sure about this story. My cock was very interested though, and she extracted it out of my pants before she replied.

“Why just one of us?” she had giggled.

She had then given my shaft a single pump as she said each word, and then pausing. She looked me deeply in the eyes, and then, silently, lowered her mouth to my semi hardness, puffing her cheeks wide and swallowing al of me in a single gulp. She locked her lush lips tight at the root, and slowly drew her head upwards, her tongue flat along the underside of my shaft. When just the helmet remained in her mouth, she wrapped her delicate fingers around the shaft again, twisting the slick outer layer of skin as her tongue bathed my head. Amanda loved oral sex, but this was a move she had saved for the wedding night.

“So it was a threesome?” I had managed to croak, my body stiff with the sexual excitement.

Amanda had let my cock pop out of her lips but had kept her head in my lap, her left hand holding my meat, a trace of saliva linking us. Her fist had slowly pumped me as she spoke again.

“Did I say that?” she had giggled.

I still remember the warmth of her moist breath filling my slit. The spit string had fallen to my thigh and she licked it up before speaking further.

“The Gorilla had a friend,” she had added. “I don’t know how he fit with the wedding party – he could have been a caterer, the groom’s cousin, or the DJ, it didn’t matter at that point. He was dressed as a clown. Cassie was ready to fuck right there on the dance floor.”

“So, why didn’t she just grab the Gorilla and go?” I had been still learning about my bride back then.

Before she had continued, Amanda had cleaned precum of my cock, and teased me with a quick corkscrew lick once around the shaft from top to bottom. Her lips had glistened with my fluid.

“She tried to, but it was me that the Gorilla really wanted. He refused to leave without me, so we each took one hand and we skipped out as if we were going for a smoke. Though of course, I didn’t smoke, but in costume no one would know who I was.”

“What was the clown doing?” I had asked, “Pouting in the corner? His rubber flower wilting, no one to spray? “

“Well, the Gorilla had whispered to him on the way out, so he used a side door and circled around to meet us by the ladies room. Now, this was back in the coke snorting decade, so Cassie had to duck in first to see how many gals were busy blowing rails, before we could blow the guys.”

“So this was just oral sex then?”

Amanda had giggled, running her tongue all around my fat knob. “Let me tell the story,” she had said, pumping my shaft.

“There’s really never anything which is just oral sex, I don’t think. I mean, it took a lot of hand action to get Mr. Gorilla’s banana out from the fake fur, so you could say it was part hand job, especially with all four of us crammed into one stall in case anyone came in”

“Who did that part?” I was trying to visualize the scene.

“The Gorilla had his face buried in Cassie’s tits, so when she started trying to fish for his cock, she fumbled. I wriggled out from where the clown had pressed me up against the partition and helped her. It felt odd, my fingers sliding together with hers, interlocking around this half hard meat.”

“Then what happened?” I still remember how my voice cracked at that point, as I had pictured this cramped, musty sex.

“I ….” Amanda had blushed, and bought time by licking my cock, “I had to guide his tip into Cassie’s cunt, and then my hand got trapped between there bodies when he slid it deep into her wetness, because she was wide open and ready on the first stroke. Before I even thought about it, I realized that my thumb was brushing against her clit and my fingertips were caressing his balls.”

At that point, Amanda had started her hips swaying as she circled her thumb and forefinger around the root of my cock, teasing both shaft and balls with a corkscrew motion.

“Sort of like this, but with two extra bodies pressing the whole mess together into a meaty sandwich.”

I had known her long enough to recognize the squirming as a sign she was wet and ready to fuck. She was small enough that I could bend down, hook my palms under her thighs and lift her onto my lap. In the process, my face ended up buried in her cleavage, but she hadn’t seemed to have minded. Her jeans however were rough against my cock, so we had to pause for a moment while she bounced back off my lap and disrobed completely.

This hardly interrupted the flow of her story. “I don’t think you told me exactly what you were film izle wearing,” I prompted as I pulled her close and licked her ear.

“Like I said, I was the naughty catholic schoolgirl,” my bride confessed. “Complete with sensible shoes, knee socks, white shirt, and short pleated tartan skirt.” The same look as she had on as she told the story. “It was very easy for the clown to flip up my skirt and push aside my panties, Daddy.”

Amanda had never before chosen to pretend I was her parent. If I had been asked, I would have said it would be too creepy, but when it happened unexpectedly, this made my rod even stiffer. She sighed as it throbbed before her. I read her grin and the twinkle in her eye as the result of her thinking about whether she preferred returning immediately to my lap, or playing with her meaty toy first. While she debated this silently, her fingers caressed her already erect nipples, and her hips undulated like a harem dancer entertaining her sultan. She closed the gap.

Amanda’s tongue teased my peehole, flicking my precum into her mouth. Although the warmth of her breath bathing my shaft was delicious, I decided I wanted to hear more, rather than allowing her a mouthful just then. I went along with her game.

“Bad little girls shouldn’t talk with their mouths full.”

“If I’m really bad, will you spank me?”

“Maybe later, if your story is naughty enough.”

She rolled her tongue around the rim under my cockhead, but then had pulled back and continued, my shaft still in her hand.

“I had not seen the clown’s cock before he entered me. His baggy costume pants had left me totally unprepared for the thickness of my gift. He didn’t sink it in all that deep, but he stretched me wider than anybody that I ever had before, or than anybody but you Daddy. He shoved the whole thing deep into my wetness…”

“Into your what?”

“My pussy, Daddy.”


“My, my, my…c…cu…cunt Daddy.”

I had then caressed her chin line, and playfully slapped her cheek, giving her a taste of the flat hand she would enjoy on her asscheeks in good time. “Were you a well enough trained naughty schoolgirl to continue pleasing the others?”

She had resumed, after giving my rod a good pump to make sure I was well primed. “The clown pushed my tits right into the Gorilla’s furry back. The fabric on my white shirt was pretty thin, and the fur felt great against my nipples, but I wanted more, so I arched my back, and asked the clown to rip my buttons open, since my hand was still trapped between Cassie and the Gorilla.”

“Trapped where?”

“The thrust from the clown had driven a couple of my fingers right into Cassie’s pu…cunt, Daddy, but I still had the base of the Gorilla’s cock in my palm. I pushed hard against the Gorilla from behind so that each thrust back as he pulled in and out of Cassie shoved me back against the clown. If anyone else came into that ladies room, they must have had quite a treat, because the entire cubicle was rocking as the clown bounced back against the partition.”

“Who came first?”

“Cassie. Her juices flowed out all over my hand and coated the Gorilla’s fat cock. Then she slumped down, crashing with a bang onto the toilet, totally spent. The Gorilla’s cock was still in my hand, and without even thinking I just kept right on pumping it, until a few great gobs of goo spurted out all over Cassie, mostly into her hair and on her face. I was shocked when one hit her in the eye, and I stopped then, even though his shaft was still throbbing, and I knew he had more to shoot.”

“What did you do about it, naughty girl?”

“Well, Daddy, I dropped to my knees on that piss stained and vomit laden ladies room floor – most ladies rooms are nice, but this party had gotten out of hand- and sucked his fat dick deep into my throat, swallowing the whole thing in a single gulp.”

“Was that the first time you had ever tasted Cassie’s cunt juices?” I had asked. Amanda had then started bobbing up and down on my cock, recreated her scene, so it was a moment before she responded.

When she looked up, her cheeks were as red as apples. “Not exactly,” she whispered, not meeting my eyes.

I reached a finger under her chin and raised it deliberately, until my glare locked onto her face. “What does that mean?”

“I had sucked it off other men’s cocks, Daddy. I know I’m a nasty little bitch, and deserve to be punished, but you know how I like to suck cocks. When Cassie was my room mate, I used to wait until she fell asleep after sex, and then sneak over to her bed to lick her boyfriends’ meat. Sometimes, they would still be awake, other times, I am sure that they woke up thinking it had all been a dream. Is that too naughty Daddy?”

I can still remember Amanda’s girlish giggle then, especially because a trace of saliva ran from her puffy lower lip to the very tip of my cock. As she laughed, the string dropped, but she was deft enough to dip her head and catch the gob on her tongue and follow seks filmi izle it back to my mushroom. She ran my length deep into her mouth in a single motion, her tongue flat, caressing the underside of first the swollen head and then the rod.

Almost as if in a dream, she had then swiftly allowed me to pop out her cheek. Before the cool fall air in the draughty old house shocked me, I was distracted by the tip of her tongue teasing my balls. As my scrotum convulsed, she laughed harder.

“What was the clown doing all this time?” I gasped out, trying to keep from focusing on the oral activity. If Amanda was talking, she would have to slow down, and I wanted the moment to last.

At that point, she had blushed redder than ever. “Well…..,” she dragged out the word, “my butt was sticking up in the air just like it is now, and it was waggling and bouncing around just like now.”

“It is a very pretty sight, but I’d rather have it nearer, so I could spank it. Is that what the clown did?”

Amanda’s crimson cheeks could have lit up the sky. “Oh, Daddy, it was even nastier. That bad old clown was hard again already, and he used his fingers to scoop the mixture of his cream and my moisture off my thighs to lube up my virgin asshole and then he stuck his fat cock right up inside my bowels in one stroke. I was too busy licking the Gorilla cock clean to protest.”

She had stopped worshipping my cock and was spilling out words as fast as she could recall the prior events.

“The clown kept thrusting his whole length deep into my bowels until I thought I would explode, except he exploded first. He pumped another load of cum into me until it was running down my thighs again. Meanwhile, the gorilla got so turned on, because I was deep throating him in tempo with the assfucking that he filled my mouth with his seed. “

Again she giggled. “Then it was Cassie’s turn to do the cleanup. She started by slurping the excess of off my chin, and then gave the Gorilla and the clown each a quick tongue bathing, and helped them tuck their depleted weapons back into their costumes.”

Another deep blush, as Amanda looked off into the past, silently stroking my cock as if not even aware she still held it. Then she decided to continue.

“Cassie waited until after they left though for the long slow treat of licking the drying goo off of my thighs. Then, for the first time ever, but far from the last, she ran her tongue up my slit until she swallowed my clit. She attacked it just like sucking a cock. Even lying back on that gross damp dirty bathroom floor, the sight of her head, with the witch wig askew, bobbing between my hips was a huge turn on. I had never even thought of having sex with any girl, but I realized at that moment that Cassie and I were so close that sex with her was just like sex with myself, except better, because she could get her head down low where mine couldn’t go. There was nothing gentle or romantic about it. No soft flicking of her tongue around my navel, no butterfly kisses on my inner thighs. She just attacked my clit and sucked it deep into her mouth like it was a baby cock, then clamped her teeth around the base while she rolled it around her cheeks. Then she spit it out, so that she could lap at my whole cunt…is it okay if I say that, Daddy?”

“You already did.”

“Okay, then, I guess you can punish me later, after I finish.”

Before continuing, Amanda had again licked the precum off of my cock, clamping her fist tightly at the base to restrain the urgent load waiting to burst upwards.

“She started with one long stroke up my cunt with her tongue dangling fully out of her mouth, pressing it flat against my flesh. When she reached the top, she took her time, but kept urgently drawing my button into her lips as my hips just started rising up off of that bathroom floor. I no longer cared whether anyone walked in on us. I had never come so fast or so hard. Afterwards, we straightened up and rejoined the party. I didn’t return the favour of licking her until a few days later.”

I was still focussed on the clown’s activity. “But you never even let me fuck your ass.”

“That’s because the clown’s cock up it hurt so much Daddy. But I guess I’m doubly bad for not telling you about it, and not trying your cock to see how it feels up there.”

“Nasty and naughty, though if it hurt, I can understand why you didn’t try again.”

“Wellllll….,” she drew out the word even longer. “I did try again. I figured that losing my ass virginity might be like the vaginal sort – both hurt a lot the first time. So I got Cassie to help me practice shoving things past the sphincter until it relaxed more easily. Eventually I could take a cucumber. Then I knew I was ready to try man meat again, so the next Halloween, I seduced a guy dressed as a robot, who turned out to be my History prof.”

She had giggled some more. “I figure the “A” I got in his course was for ‘Anal’. Was that bad enough to get spanked now Daddy?”

“Not until I fill your mouth first.”

“What about my pussy?”

“Your what?”

“Ohh…my cunt, Daddy.”

“If you are nasty enough to deserve a cream filled cunt, the spanking will be long enough for me to revive enough.”

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