Prelude To An Evening Ch. 2

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The party was what it was, an office party. Despite this auspicious moniker, it was still quite something.

Kara worked for a small but prestigious consulting firm, and tonight was sort of a congratulatory party. The firm, and in particular the division Kara headed up, had posted record profits and industry-leading numbers across the board. The higher-ups had decided, accordingly, that the staff should be rewarded with a night of food, drink, music, and dancing. Foods of every kind imaginable were paraded around the room on silver trays by very trim and proper young people wearing impossibly white wait staff uniforms. Well-looking men in sharp-looking tuxes and beautiful women in gorgeous dresses sipped scotch and champagne and chatted amiably amongst themselves.

In the middle of the reception hall was a medium sized dance floor. Kara had dragged Thomas out to it a couple of times before finally giving in to his lame excuses and allowing him to sit out the dances. The two were inseparable, however, throughout the entire evening. Kara hung on Thomas’s arm as he talked politics with anyone who’d listen; and Thomas hung on Kara’s arm as she talked business with coworkers. They talked, and ate, and drank, and laughed, and had a marvelous time. Thomas was quite surprised with exactly how good a time he was having. But no matter how much fun he was having, the memory of the ride over would not leave his mind. A couple of times he had to sit down at one of the tables and wait for his hardon to subside.

And Kara certainly wasn’t helping as far as that was concerned. Whenever she thought she could get away with it, she’d lean into his ear and whisper things like,

“I can’t wait to fuck your brains out tonight,” or,

“Your cum tasted so good in the car,” or,

“I keep imagining your cock inside me.”

Thomas knew how Kara could get when she was in these moods. For the most part, she was a very normal, even slightly reserved, young woman. But when she got horny she became a wanton sex fiend. Dirty, vulgar, aggressive. It was really quite something, Thomas thought, to watch her personality change so drastically. Not that he was complaining, of course.

The evening reached a climax when the firm Chairman cut into the middle of one song. He thanked and congratulated the entire staff for a fantastic fiscal quarter. Applause. He then singled out Kara and her division for their contribution to the firm. More applause. The chairman paused before continuing. When he did, he electrified the room by announcing that Kara was being promoted to Junior Vice President of West Coast Operations, making her, at 29, the youngest VP in firm history. There was a stunned silence followed by an enormous round of applause. Everyone knew she deserved it, and everyone was happy for her.

Especially Thomas.

He knew better than anyone how hard she had worked for that firm. Thomas had spent many a late night sleeping alone in bed while Kara poured over reports and account data. She worked to the bone for this job since day one, and now it was finally hers. Thomas stared adoringly at her as she tried to process everything. Better than anyone in that room, Thomas could read the happiness in her expression.

Later, once everyone had offered their personal congratulations to Kara; once the party had winded down and everyone had left; once Thomas and Kara were back on the highway; Kara rested her head on Thomas’s shoulder as he drove through the near-absolute darkness of the 1 AM night.

“You know what this promotion means, right?” she asked him.

“Long hours, more responsibility, a LOT more money,” he jokingly replied.

“Besides that,” she said smiling.


“It means I’ve done it. Here I am, just twenty-nine years old, barely even an adult, and I’ve done it.”

“Done what?” Thomas had no idea what she was talking about.

“Gotten it all. The job I’ve dreamed about since junior year of college, the house I’ve dreamed about since high school, and the man I’ve dreamed about since I was a little girl. Everything I’ve ever wanted, I have. All my dreams have come true.”

“That makes two of us.”

She sat up and looked him square in the eyes, smiled, and put her head back on his shoulder. The made the rest of the trip back in peaceful, meaningful silence.

When they reached Kara’s house, Thomas walked her to her door.

“I’ll call you tomorrow,” she said.

“What? Aren’t I coming in?”

“Well, it’s kinda late and I just thought you might want to sleep in your own bed tonight.”

“Are you kidding? Unless you’re kicking me out, there’s no way you’re going to spend tonight, your big night, alone.” Kara eryaman escort smiled. Just then the clouds that had been gathering parted enough to allow a shaft of moonlight to light the whole coast. Thomas marveled again at how beautiful she was, even in the pale light of the moon.

They entered the house without further words, and walked up the stairs. Still in silence, they entered Kara’s bedroom.

Thomas turned her around so she was facing him and kissed her long and soft, his lips massaging hers. Eventually her tongue began to search for his and when they found each other, they entwined in a warm, wet embrace. As they kissed, Thomas moved his hand to Kara’s hips and began rubbing her waist, massaging her body through her dress. His lips left hers and began to make their way to her neck, lightly sucking there. Then he moved to her shoulders, kissing and sucking there, too. His kisses traced from her neck to her arms, sliding the strap of her dress off her shoulder, leaving it bare and victim to his attentions.

Kara moaned slightly.

Thomas traced his kisses from the top of her arm across the top of her chest to her other shoulder and gave it the same treatment he’d given the previous one. Kara’s dress was now held on only by its form-fitting cling to the wonderful curves of her body. Thomas again kissed the top of her chest, slowly moving his kisses down, and taking the top of the dress with him as he went. As his kissed moved down, he peeled away her dress.

Kara could feel not only Thomas’s attentions, but also the motivating force behind them. Far different from the hasty blowjob in the car earlier that night, this new activity was slow and gentle. The former had been driven by blind lust; Thomas’s need for Kara, and her need for him. Now, though, was more than just the sating of animal urges. This was driven by pure love; Kara’s love for Thomas, and his love for her. This was the sating not of animal urges, but of human urges, human love. With each kiss Thomas placed on her body, Kara felt the love and emotion behind it; with each caress of her hips, Kara felt the caring and feeling Thomas had for her. And she felt all that, and more than that. She felt it all, the love and emotion and caring and feeling, reflected in herself. She loved Thomas as deeply as he loved her and with each kiss, each caress, each tender attention Kara felt that love grow stronger and stronger.

When Thomas got to the tops of Kara’s breasts, he stopped and began to softly lick at them. Kara moaned again. Thomas peeled the dress away again, this time revealing her amazing breasts fully. Wonderful breasts, neither too large nor too small, upon which sat impossibly hard nipples, jutting out at Thomas, begging to be attended. He was more than happy to oblige.

Thomas licked lightly at her left nipple. Kara sighed. He licked again. And again. And again, until his tongue was giving her nipple constant attention. Kara was sighing heavily now, her nipples being very sensitive.

After a couple of final licks and lightly biting her left nipple, Thomas began moving to the right one. He started tracing circles around the whole of her breast with his tongue, gradually shrinking in size until his tongue just circled around and around the areola. He could tell from the sounds escaping her lips that he was driving Kara crazy.

Then, suddenly, Thomas clamped down on her nipple with his lips and sucked hard. Kara gasped in surprise and pleasure as Thomas applied gentle but firm suction to her nipple. When he removed his mouth, he slid the rest of Kara’s dress off until it collected around her ankles. Thomas guided her to the bed and laid her down on it, his strong and gentle hands sure of their movement. He resumed his loving attentions to her breasts, alternately licking and kissing one while massaging and rubbing the other. Kara was beginning to move slightly, eyes closed and back arching in pleasure whenever Thomas flicked her nipples with his tongue or finger.

Still keeping his lips and tongue glue to one nipple, Thomas moved his free hand down her body, rubbing at her stomach, her waist, her hips and her thighs. With little hesitation, he slipped his hand between Kara’s legs and began to rub the inside of her thighs. He moved his hand all over her legs, slowly and firmly, coming close to, but carefully avoiding, Kara’s thong-covered snatch.

Then, through her underwear, Thomas began to rub Kara’s pussy with the flat of his hand. She moaned deeply. Thomas continued rubbing as his mouth left her nipples and began traveling down her body, planting kisses on every square inch of her tanned skin. He kissed underneath her breasts, then lower to her stomach, sincan escort then around her waist. He tickled her belly button with his tongue briefly before continuing his path downward. As he kissed the area between her navel and the top of her underwear, his hands left her pussy and her breasts, which he’d been continuously massaging. Looking into her eyes, now open, Thomas began to remove her thong.

Slowly, gently, lovingly, he slid it down her legs, rubbing them all the way. He dropped the thong on the floor by the bed and began kissing his way back up her legs, from her ankles to her shins, to her knees and thighs, coming at last, again, to her pussy. Thomas spread her legs and began to rub her now bare pussy. Her outer lips were spread and wet, her juices beginning to flow. Thomas rubbed up and down, and the inserted a finger, only a little bit, into her hole. Kara gasped, eyes closed again and head thrown back. Thomas repeated this delightful torture before returning to rubbing her cunt; softly and slowly, then firmly, massaging it.

He leaned his head close to her pussy and breathed in deeply, delighting in her scent. He began to kiss her pussy lips, sucking them gently into his mouth. His tongue snaked out and began to rub up and down her pussy, flat and wide, covering as much of her in each pass as he could. He savored her taste, loving it as he did everything about her. He continued licking up and down her snatch until her moans and sighs were coming continuously. Her hand found his head and began running through his hair as he licked her over and over, enjoying it almost, but not quite, as much as she. Thomas loved, more than anything, to make Kara happy. And the happier he made her, the happier he made himself.

His tongue broke from its long, broad strokes to part her pussy lips and taste the inside of her glorious cunt. His tongue snaked in, studying every inch of her insides, despite that fact that he knew her better than he knew himself. As his tongue traveled and searched, licking and rubbed, Kara’s moans began coming in punctuated gasps. Thomas’s loving attentions were driving her to the brink. Thomas’s probing tongue soon discovered her clit. That was very nearly it for Kara.

She screamed in pleasure. Loudly. Very loudly.

Thomas flicked her engorged clit with only the tip of his tongue, teasing it. Then he began giving it serious attention, driving Kara’s moans up even a few more decibels in volume. As his tongue continued to flick, lick, rub, and tease her clit, Thomas brought his hand up and began to rub her pussy yet again, inserting his finger back into the hole it had left only minutes before. But instead of the short, brief strokes he had teased her with before, these were long, deep, intense strokes. When he had thought her moans couldn’t grow any louder, Kara proved Thomas wrong. Despite the house’s relatively remote location, Thomas thought someone, perhaps taking a moonlit stroll on the beach, would overhear. He decided that Kara had enjoyed enough teasing and delaying of that final moment of ultimate pleasure.

Thomas knew her body, knew her sounds and movements. He had known for sometime that she was ready for release, but he had intentionally prolonged it, trying to bring her to a supreme height. Now, he thought, she was ready. Thomas headed into the home stretch.

With his finger still taking deep strokes and his tongue still playing with Kara’s clit, Thomas began the attentions he knew would bring her over the edge. His lips clamped down on her clit and sucked hard while his tongue continued to tease the tip. His finger plunged deep into her womanhood and stayed there as he began to wiggle it around, feeling every intimate detail and texture of her insides. He found her G-spot easily enough, and applied pressure at the same time as his teeth nibbled lightly on her clit.

He was oblivious to her moans and screams, her cries of his name and the lord’s. All that concerned him, all that filled his world and awareness, was her pleasure.

His finger pulled out, only to be joined by a second and plunged in again. He worked his fingers around the inside of her lovebox, moving them together and separately, trying to pleasure every square centimeter of her. His tongue continued its work on her clit, in combination with teeth and lips. His free hand, which had until now caressed her thigh, reach up to touch her stomach, breasts, nipples. He rubbed her stomach, stroked her breasts, and pinched her nipples.

Kara’s voice had lost all coherency now. There were no starts and no stops to her moans and cries; they all combined into one seemingly continuous, guttural, sound. Thomas took batıkent escort no notice as he drove her onward and onward to that final pleasure.

Thomas took no notice of how long this continued—one hand on her breasts, one hand in her pussy, and his mouth on her clit—lost as he was in that timeless world where all that existed was his love for Kara and the pleasure he could bring her. But knowing Kara’s body as he did, Thomas knew exactly when she was about to break. As hard as he had been going, when he felt her reach that point, he put even more into it, pouring all his love out in a physical manifestation which urged, drove, herded, propelled Kara toward a mind-shattering orgasm.

That was it.

Kara’s moans shot up suddenly, in both volume and pitch. Her voice went so high and so loud so suddenly that it soon ceased to register. Whether it had simply exceeded human auditory range or sound had stopped coming from her throat was not clear. Either way, there was silence in the room and house for the first time in a while. Kara’s back arched in utter pleasure, her beautiful body poised in perhaps the sexiest pose any female body can make. Her pussy clenched around Thomas’s hand, which had three fingers now inside her. Her juices began flowing, coating Thomas’s open mouth, even as his tongue still licked her clit.

He continued pleasuring Kara through her mind-shattering orgasm, prolonging it as much as possible. His tongue left her clit and began licking at random; trying to lap up as much as possible of what was to Thomas the nectar of the gods. Even this simple lapping did much to stretch out Kara’s pleasure. She was silent for long minutes as her orgasm passed over her, as pleasure indescribable went through her entire body like a wave. Her toes went numb, her knees shook, her pussy pulsed, her breath came in uncontrolled spurts, her breasts heaved, her mouth opened, her eyes closed, and her nostrils flared.

At that final, glorious, magnificent, splendid moment of pure, unadulterated pleasure, Kara ceased to be aware of anything. Nothing reached her five senses. She saw nothing, heard nothing, tasted nothing, smelt nothing, and felt nothing. Well, felt nothing in the traditional sense. In that moment her body and her awareness had surpassed touch. What she felt then, the pleasure, was driven by something not possible through tactile sensation. What she “felt” was pleasure beyond words, beyond understanding.

And as this pleasure passed over and through her, she felt something greater and far more profound. She felt Thomas’s love behind it, pushing it, moving it through her. And when the pleasure passed, as all pleasure does, and became memory, her body was left filled with love. Thomas’s love and her love. Simple, unique, perfect. At that moment, at that exact moment, she felt happiness beyond explanation and beyond knowing. It was a happiness that could not be explained, or described. It was a happiness that must only be felt and accepted.

When she opened her eyes who-knows-how-many moments later, she found Thomas staring at her, into her, his eyes penetrating everything.

I love you, his eyes said.

I love you too, her eyes said.

No words, just feeling, just acceptance that love was there.

Kara noticed then for the first time that Thomas was still fully clothed, save the jacket which had found a home on the floor by the bed. She laughed. When Thomas gave her a bemused look she gestured to his covered body, and then to her naked form. He got the idea.

“I guess I got carried away,” he said sheepishly. They laughed together. Thomas stood from the bed and began to remove his clothes. Bow tie, shirt, pants. As he stood there dressed only in a white undershirt and boxers, Kara, sitting on the edge of the bed, reached for he cock which had stayed erect but ignored the entire time. She began stroking it and moved to remove it from Thomas’s boxers before he stopped her. Confused, she looked up at him questioningly.

“No. Tonight was your night.”

“But I want to pleasure you,” she said imploringly. She really did too. It wasn’t just some feeling of obligation for the pleasure he had brought her. Kara wanted to bring him some measure of the pleasure, joy, and love that he had brought her.

“Pleasuring you is pleasure enough for me. Besides, there will be plenty of time for that tomorrow. For now, just let me hold you and sleep beside you.”

How could she turn down an offer like that?

Kara nodded, and stood to grab a nightgown from her dresser as Thomas climbed into bed. She lay down beside him, her head on his shoulder, her arm draped across his chest. His arms wrapped around her and she felt, as she always did in his arms, utterly safe and happy.

Their eyes closed and they drifted off to sleep, the last things in their awareness a simple and powerful sentence and its identical reply.

“I love you.”

“I love you.”

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