Premonitions: Senior Year Ch. 12

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Disclaimer: All characters mentioned are at least 18 years of age despite the story taking place in high school.

Author’s Note: This is an ongoing anthology. I highly recommend that you read the previous chapters to fully enjoy this one. It will help establish context, but if you insist on starting with this chapter, here are some key points:

Early in his senior year, Scott discovered that he can foresee sexual encounters through premonitions that come with close proximity to his potential partners. He has found others with the same ability and learned to extend his powers to influence others and sense their emotional/sexual states.


Chapter 12: Prom

Prom was two weeks away, and I was getting pressure to guarantee that Devin hosted an afterparty. It was my responsibility to fix the rift, even if no one blamed me for its creation. Devin knew that he held all the power, and he was wielding it with malice. None of our other friends could host, and no one wanted to go to another group’s party.

When approached, Devin had rebuffed Malory, Alevia, and Marissa before they even got through the door. He voiced that he was not interested in a party, but the insinuation was the asshole was punishing everyone for the grudge that he held against me. If I were to bend the knee, he would host.

I told my friends that I wouldn’t cave to the selfish twat. They retorted by pointing out that I had slept with his ex only hours after they broke up. While not a fair judgment, I agreed to swallow my pride and face Devin. I accepted the responsibility for ensuring the afterparty occurred. I reached out to Devin.

I arrived at his house unannounced on Saturday morning, one week before prom, supposing it would be best to conduct this parle face to face. I knew I was cutting it close, but this was an all-or-nothing venture.

His mom Conny answered the door, adorned in a charming yellow sundress. Her breasts unobstructedly undulated under the thin fabric. Her nipples were on conspicuous display. It took me a second to pry my eyes away and greet her.

“Hey Conny, is Devin here? I’ve finally worked up the courage to talk to him.”

“You mean, everyone blames you, and you have no other choice?” Conny was not one to pull punches. “You just missed him. He went to an early showing with Virginia. He should be home in a couple of hours. You can come in and wait if you want.”

She did not have to ask twice. I knew what the invitation involved. I could read the lust in her mind. She was horny when she opened the door and grew more aroused when she saw it was me. I took a minute to scan her senses, and for the first time, I was able to feel that her pussy was wet. Almost as if I was stretching out and touching it.

My powers kept growing more robust, but I still did not know what lay beyond their surface practices. Their shallow administrations were quite handy. Knowing when a woman was into me had proven remarkably useful, as was having insight into the sexual proclivities of my partners.

Influencing others was my most powerful skill, but I had held back on that recently. I still used it to nudge people in the direction they were hesitant to take. They would have gone down that route in time. I just made it less unpleasant. I resisted using it for anything more sinister.

Conny shared in these endowments. She had taught me much of what I know but had left me to figure out the rest myself. It had been gradual, but I was confident that I would be in control by the first day of college. Or so I wished. For now, there was no hiding anything from Conny. Nor did she try and conceal anything from me.

I had been looking forward to an encore ever since I hooked up with Conny the first time. I contemplated calling Jackie and seeing if she could join, but I figured I would be stingy and keep this encounter for myself.

As I follow Conny into her entryway, I reached my hand down and slipped it beneath the hem of her sundress. My fingers tenderly ran up the back of her leg until I grasped her solid cheek. It was the choicest ass of any mom in town, better even than those that did not have a graduating senior as a son.

As I cupped her butt, I confirmed that she was without panties. My fingers slid betwixt her cheeks as I squeezed. She felt hairless and soft. Presumably freshly waxed. I knew that her cunt would match. My cock grew at the thought. Not just of her uncovered pussy, but of it sliding across my corpulent lance.

I did not have to wait long as Conny led me to the dining room and sat me in a chair. Six months prior, I had received a lap dance from my former babysitter in this exact location. Today it was just Conny and me, but I predicted it would be just as agreeable.

I yanked my shirt over my head as Conny stooped in front of me, unfastening my pants and drawing them to the ground. My briefs promptly followed. I sat there unconcealed as I watched Conny rise escort to sway her hips.

Her sundress rippled with her movements. Spinning and snapping as she swirled and contorted her body. She raised her arms over her head. The hem came desperately close to revealing her ass to me. I resisted reaching out and sliding my hand beneath it. Patience would get me what I coveted.

Twisting to face me, Conny dropped her arms to her side before deliberately sliding them up the outside of her legs. She reached the fringe of the dress, seizing it and moving it with her. Her slit, hairless indeed, was swiftly displayed.

To my surprise, Conny did not remove the dress. Preferably, she stepped forward and settled upon my lap. Her supple lips saw their way to my pole. Dropping the dress, she slowly ground along my trunk, her freely flowing fluids glazing my member.

Tantalizingly, she laid her arms on either side of my face, supporting herself on the back of the chair. Pitching forward, her braless breasts pressed against my chin as she shimmied, her firm mammaries battering my jaw. I leaned in to absorb the full brunt of her attack.

Circling her hips, Conny lowered her mouth and smoothly kissed me. Surprised by the tenderness and caring behind it, I was slow to react. I had grown too used to nothing but passion and determination during my kisses. The slow pace was a welcome interlude.

Discovering my composure, I let my hands skate up Conny’s back, pulling her tightly against me. Her muscular back felt reassuring and calming in my grip. She was simultaneously sexy and motherly.

I had spent almost as much time at her home as I had at my own. She had tended to my cuts and bruises, even comforted me when I was sick. She had been a second mother to me until she had slid me inside her six months ago.

A pseudo-incestual union had developed between us. I could tell her my predicaments and let her hold me in support, or I could let her fuck me like a wild beast. She was an unbridled mixture of both. Safe and secure. Horny and tempestuous.

Conny was rubbing her clit against the head of my cock. All I had to do was reach down and slide myself inside her. I wanted to do just that. I also wanted her to absorb my worries, to fix my problems with her son.

Her proud breasts compressed against my chest, the thin fabric doing little to separate us. I rolled my hips, trying to keep cadence with hers. My cock hunted for the pleasure and satisfaction that her pussy pledged. Warmth and shelter against the cold air of her dining room.

Conny was not willing to give it to me, not yet anyway. Her portal evaded the penetrative aspirations of my penis. The tease continued as my balls swelled, my cock pleaded for discharge, and precum merged with her lubricants.

My fingers skimmed from her powerful back to her uncovered shoulders. I massaged her traps, pulling her down, urging her groin upon mine. It did little to slow her circling, her slit continuing to evade my approaches.

I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, breaking our kiss. My lips settled on her neck, kissing their way from her jawline down to the strap of her dress. The pair of fragile strands kept the dress up, facilitating the sheer fabric to separate my naked chest from her prominent nipples.

Our naked loins rubbed against each other, but I wanted to feel all of her. I wanted skin-to-skin contact from head to toe, our unconcealed physiques interlocking as one. Principally, I ached to take her teat into my mouth.

I pulled a band out and over her shoulder, first the right, then the left. Her dress continued to be held high by the pressure of our bodies. I kissed my way down her chest. Conny leaned away from me, the dress dropping to her waist.

The cold air-conditioned environment caused her gorgeous motherly mammaries to contract. Goosebumps formed, and previously unnoticed hairs stood out from her skin. Her areolas and nipples were more salient than ever. My lips instantly found them.

I devoured Conny’s pacifiers. They worked their magic on me. I forgot my effort to gain entrance to her most private space, alternately focusing on each of her mesmerizing knockers.

I planted my face into Conny as I yearned to stay there eternally. My fingers scratched down her back, pressing her against me. My ivories tantalized her, nibbling as I searched for something I was uncertain existed.

I wanted a font for my yearnings and insecurities. Something schoolgirls could not provide. No more sleeping around. I required someone like Conny or Mrs. Franklin. Then I would not need to uncork every ass and pussy I came across in search of contentment.

Right now, it was in front of me, yet still utterly unattainable. Older married women gave me what I needed, but I could only hold it in minuscule doses. I needed to find a more accessible source. Until I did, my dick would continue to lead the way, into and out of every willing vagina, commencing with Conny Costa’s.

I stood. My paws eskort grasped Conny beneath the armpits, hoisting her with me. Her dress fell to the floor. Both of us, now unconcealed. I shifted her and set her facing the table. It was solid hardwood, mahogany, and could seat up to 12. Grand enough that I was not going to move.

I was in charge. Conny had worked me into a lather with her teasing, but it was time to leave the gates. I placed one hand on her upper back and escorted her down to the surface of the table. I stood where her husband sat for dinner. Her breasts pressed where his plate would rest.

Her body was suitable for a centerpiece, but the time for appreciation was over. I demanded to let my hog feast on her supple flesh. I pushed her against the table. My unoccupied hand slid between her legs, running towards the source of her radiating heat. Her thighs parted to allow my progression.

I reached my destination, my middle and ring fingers sinking within. My thumb slid into Conny’s cleft, resting on her deliciously clean anus. My thumb stretched towards the two fingers inside her, sinking into her from behind. My thumb and fingers met, pressing against each other through her septum.

Conny gulped.

She enjoyed anal, but she was ill-prepared for the intrusion of my thumb. My aggressive maneuvering had caught her off guard. Gradually she relaxed as I slowly massaged my appendages inside her two holes. She began rolling her haunches in time with my maneuvers.

Her pussy unlocked for me, flooding my digits in the process. My fingers were free to manipulate her insides as I saw fit. The conquering of her ass was more onerous. It stayed tight, protesting against the encroachment of my thumb, even as her body slackened from the pleasure.

I applied more pressure to my thumb and plunged forward, my face reaching just behind Conny’s neck. I whisked her hair aside and kissed my way from shoulder to nape. I was compassionate and considerate with my kisses in contrast to my escalated effort on her posterior.

Conny moaned as her sphincter tardily eased, allowing my thumb full access. I moved my digits in a circular pattern, my fingers and thumb repeatedly approaching each other before drifting apart. I leaned into her further, whispering.

“That’s it. Relax for me. Let me feel you from the inside. Let me guide you to all the places that you covet. Soon this thumb will be replaced by my rockhard cock. It is massive by comparison. You will have no choice but to beg me for release. Assure me that you will not cum until I grant you leave. You may be like a mother to me, but today I am in command.”

“Yes, sir. Captain me to the depths I crave. Steer me as you wish. I only ask that you allow me to cum all over that stunning cock of yours.”

I never spoke in such stilted sentences, but it seemed appropriate for the instance. Our communication was part of the game, a game with the only objective being a pleasure.

She was wet. I was hard. My cock was aching to be set free to pursue its intended purpose. I straightened, my hand continuing to grasp Conny by the taint. I slid my fingers from her pussy, but left my thumb inside her. My hand rested on her upper cheek, forcing her forward to give me sufficient access.

Her hips dug into the side of the table as my cock rose to full attention, inches from its warm wet welcoming friend. I held the tip of my cock, trickling precum, upon her slightly open gateway. The view was perfect.

I wished that I had my camera. Conny’s pink lips clung to my even pinker tip, both moist from our excitement. Not a hair visible. A perfect wax job. Innocent but oh so provocative at the same time. I should tip her esthetician.

I shifted forward. Conny’s lips parted, and a simultaneous moan breathlessly leaked from both our lips. I watched my cock resolutely glide into her. Her vagina clasped fast, her muscles well trained, as I parted her walls. She did not feel like a mother.

I swiveled my hips with each advance, my thumb conducting her movements from within. Our haunches flowed as one. I increased the speed and forced my penetrations deeper. Conny’s bare bust smashed against the dining room table. Her nipples stayed in place as the flesh surrounding them circled. Her face, tilted to one side, skidded across the glossy timber.

I toyed with her in silence, lingering in the sensual sensations, no haste to push on. Time lost its meaning, even as the hands continued to count down to Devin’s return. There was no urgency, no fear of discovery. The desire to be one with each other superseded the need to orgasm.

Eventually, Conny reached down and began playing with her clit. She was quickly nearing orgasm, but the only suggestion was her heightened breathing and the tightening of her cunt.

Six months ago, I would have been right behind her. The elevated pressure on my cock propelling me over the threshold to my climax. I had learned a lot since that initial encounter. Most importantly, the talent eskort bayan to hold off when I aspired to do so.

As much as I wanted Conny to cum. To feel her cunt clamp down on my engorged cock. I aspired to be in control. She had ensured me that she would not finish until I approved. I was not about to let her renege on her promise.

I reached forward and seized a handful of Conny’s hair, forcefully yanking her backward, my cock still embedded inside. I plucked my thumb from her ass, using that hand to free her clit from her self-flagellation. Interrupting her short of climax.

“Not yet, Conny. Remember what you promised me,” I spoke into her ear.

Slow and forceful, I fucked her once again. Her hair coiled around my fist, her head strained uncomfortably towards me. My free hand slithered up her belly in search of her proud mounds. I took her nipple between my fingers, pinching first one, then the other. I raised the pressure until a pained gasp fled her lips.

Each onslaught drove her hips into the table. Inch by inch, it worked its way across the oak floor. I had not imagined I could move it, but my appetite and passion drove me into her with such violence that the massive table was no match. Bruises would appear in the morning.

I resisted my inclination to push her back onto the table and nut deep inside her. Holding her there as my cum dripped onto her husband’s chair.

Alternately, after the powerful assault of thrusts, I pulled my slick dick from her. I turned her, laying my hands on her shoulders, and purposefully escorted her to the floor. On her knees, her face was immediately in front of my cock, glistening from her vaginal secretions.

Still holding her hair, I guided her mouth to my waiting cock. She needed to raise slightly to reach my head. The wood dug into her knees. She parted her lips as I deliberately pushed her head down over my dick.

My swollen head slid over her tongue and into the back of her mouth. It ran along her soft pallet, coming to rest past her tonsils, well within her throat. Conny swallowed as it went in. Still, she coughed, her throat tightening on my shaft, fighting the gagging sensation as I held myself in place.

While experienced at deep throating, the added pressure of my insistent hand had caught her ill-prepared. My cock coming to rest deeper than she would have preferred. All of my actions had taken on a commanding edge as I leaned into my dominating nature. Something that I had only brushed against before.

“That’s it, Conny. Swallow. Breath. Open your throat to me.”

I started to guide her mouth back and forth along my rod. She applied perfect pressure with her teeth as they slid along the shaft. Her tongue danced on the underside of my head as I held it just inside her lips.

Driving her back down on my dick, I replicated the cycle over and over. Her ministrations of my cock tugging me closer and closer to orgasm. I had promised her that I would cum within her pussy, but her muzzle felt too good. I felt obliged to cum inside her throat, and I was in charge.

I raised to tempo, pressing her further down on my cock. Her nose smashed against my pelvic bone. She choked slightly with each impalement. Through it all, she continued to tease my head when I pulled out. Professional to the core.

My orgasm erupted out of me. I buried my cock as far as I could. Spurt after spurt forcing its way into her waiting gullet. Soon she was pushing me away, the semen too much for her to take. Unable to keep up with the swallowing. She coughed and gagged, cum dripping from her lips. The final spurts of ejaculate landed on her face, mixing with the tears that came from choking.

I bled my shaft, a few dabs of cum dangled from my urethra. I wiped them on Conny’s lips. Still recouping and catching her breath, she did not bother to lick them clean. She sat back on her knees and gazed up at me. A weak smile arose from beneath the carnage.

Not saying a word, I reached down a lifted her by her armpits. Once she was standing, I slid my hands down to under her breasts and lifted her on the table. Her ass rested where her husband’s dinner plate would be later in the day.

I sat in his chair and pushed her legs up. Her heels were on the edge of the table. Her puffy vulva stared me down, begging for me to eat it like Sunday brunch. All I needed was utensils and a bib. The air was thick with sex and irony.

I pushed her legs back. Her lower back arched, and her pussy rotated into position for me to effortlessly bend forward and lick from taint to clit. My tongue slipped just inside her folds. She tasted mildly of salt with a slight tang. She was not as sweet as I have had, but I never cared much about flavor anyway. I delved deeper with my next pass.

Conny lay back. Her head swished from side to side as she kneaded her breasts. I sucked her clit into my mouth as I pressed two fingers inside her. A pleasurable gasp cut through the silence.

I lapped at her like a kid eating his first ice cream cone. My enthusiasm was unrelenting as I brought her towards orgasm. Her body tensed up. I knew that her climax was imminent. I kept going, just a bit more, closer still, until —

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