Primera / First Class

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Dingo recognized the slightly disheveled man who worked for the British computer company in his lightweight beige linen suit. He had flown up to pueblo Lago only yesterday. They had a short conversation before leaving Casa, she had helpfully informed the man – his name was Isaac – that there were no public utilities, no cell phone service, and therefore no internet service in Lago. The man appeared bemused as if he was the butt of a joke, and in his adorable English accent had thanked Dingo with a smile that wasn’t present on his face today.

“It’s nice to see you again. Did you enjoy your stay in the jungle?” asked Dingo.

“The village was nice, but not what I expected,” said Isaac, “I thought you were kidding me when you said ‘primitive.'”

“Oh no,” said Dingo, “that’s the way most of the places up in the jungle are. You get used to it after a while.”

“If you say so,” said Isaac politely, “ciudad Casa is tiny compared to London.”

“How would you like a complimentary upgrade to our First Class section?”

Isaac looked around the airplane, while it appeared cared for, it had to be seventy-five years old. There was a large black nylon cargo net down running the center of the cabin, forming an inverted “V”. Fourteen folding seats were on the right side of the cabin and another eight were on the left. Had it not been for his experience yesterday, Isaac would have been certain that the airplane’s Captain was pulling his leg again.

“That would be nice, thank you very much,” Isaac said.

“No problem, we even have a complimentary beverage service.”

“Really?” Isaac said, surprised.

“Of course aerolínea de SM is a first-class operation,” Captain Dingo said.

The first-class section turned out to be located in the front of the aircraft, just behind the cockpit. It consisted of two fold-down, blue, padded nylon benches, one on each side of the cabin facing the other. Isaac sat down, and a moment later Dingo – or it looked like Dingo, if she had changed from her flight uniform into a very lightweight summer dress – appeared with a second older, but equally attractive woman and sat down opposite him.

“Dingo? asked Isaac, as the first engine started signaling the beginning of their journey.

“Oh no, but I get that a lot. I’m Dingo’s identical twin sister Zoot. And this is my aunt Trembler.”

“Oh, I see. Other than the clothes I couldn’t tell you apart,” Isaac said, as the second engine started.

“Yes, sometimes we fly together, and then we really mess people up,” ankara eryaman escortlar Zoot said with a giggle.

“Wow, you guys work together,” said Isaac, as the airplane began to roll. “I can see how confusing that could be to others.”

“It can be a lot of fun,” she said. “You know, Issac, there’s another game that we play that’s a lot of fun too.”

“Oh really, what’s that? Isaac asked. But he didn’t hear the answer clearly over the noise of the two ‘Shvetsov Cyclone 9’ radial engines as they were run up at the end of the runway.

Zoot smiled at him.

Not knowing what to do, Isaac smiled back. He took a couple of minutes as the airplane climbed to consider what he thought he had heard. On the one hand, it would be incredibly embarrassing to ask Zoot to repeat herself. But on the other, to not ask would be something he might kick himself for later. More than once if he hadn’t been daydreaming.

He was about to ask her when another very attractive young woman in a white uniform shirt with co-pilot’s epaulets, a young woman who looked incredibly similar to Zoot, but not quite as similar as Dingo stuck her head into the first-class section from the cockpit.

“Isaac this is your co-pilot, our cousin, Piglet,” Zook said.

“Hi … uh, Piglet …” Isaac said.

“Her mom didn’t name her Piglet,” Zoot said helpfully and with a huge smile. “It’s a nickname, but only her closest friends know the ‘real’ story as to how she got it. Her sister’s name is Winston.”

Piglet stuck her tongue out at Zoot and blew her a raspberry.

Zoot produced a small stainless steel flask from her purse. and held it up teasingly.

“I guess this is just for Trembler, Isaac, and me. I mean I’m sorry, Piglet. But you guys can’t have any, since you’re on the job,” she said with a smile.

Isaac just smiled not really knowing what else to do.

Zoot passed the flask to him, “this is really good,” she said. “It’s Orange Walk Rum made next door in Belize.”

“Thank you,” Isaac said, taking a sip of the sweet, dark, liquor.

“So, would you be interested?” Zoot asked.

“Sure, I guess so,” said Isaac, not knowing exactly what the question was.

“You ‘guess so,’ well, that’s not very enthusiastic,” Zoot said with a pout, “maybe I don’t want to now.”

“Oh, no, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to…” Isaac started to say. But then the most amazing thing happened. Zoot stood up and slowly lifted her lightweight dress over her head. A beautiful woman was standing in front of Issac. escort etimesgut She was completely naked other than a pair of strappy sandals. Then she carefully folded her dress several times and placed it on the texturized aluminum floor.

“These non-slip surfaces are absolute hell on your knees,” she said, as she knelt on the dress directly in front of Isaac and began to unbuckle his belt.

Isaac had thought he heard the word ‘blowjob’ when the engines were making so much noise earlier. Then he had almost convinced himself that he hadn’t heard it. He certainly wasn’t going to ask the question. But he must have heard it because right now this beautiful young woman was naked in front of him and slipping his lightweight linen trousers to his knees.

Isaac was already mostly-erect when Zoot took his shorts down to his ankles before she kissed his rapidly expanding appendage. Her mouth was wet and warm on his penis as she kissed it all over. She put her lips around it and pushed down his shaft until her mouth was full and the covered tip was at the entrance to her throat. Zoot went all the way back up and off of his shaft, kissing the opening at the tip of his foreskin.

She opened her mouth and ran her tongue all over the end of his penis before going all the way back down his shaft. Going back up and then down up his erection, up and down his shaft, she took her right hand and carefully ‘weighed’ his balls. His hands traced a line from the top of her bare shoulders to the hair behind her ears and he held her on both sides of her head. Holding her on his shaft he helped her move up and down his penis.

Then Zoot backed off and took her right hand and wrapped it around his throbbing, pulsating shaft. She was using both hands and her lips and tongue to play with the tip of his penis. The head was still covered by his foreskin and she took her lips and kissed and her teeth and gently nibbled on his wrinkly skin. Zoot took her tongue and pushed her saliva into the opening at the ‘end’ of the foreskin. Carefully, she pushed more and more moisture into the ‘hole’ and between the inner foreskin and Isaac’s penile head.

She took her fingers and rubbed them along the shaft, kind of tickling that shaft and playing with it. Back and forth, back and forth, she rubbed, gently rubbed her teeth across the top of the ‘opening’ of the foreskin before resuming her nibbling. Zoot took her hand and moved it from Isaac’s balls to her mouth stroking the entire length of his shaft batıkent escort while taking her tongue and shoving more saliva underneath between the inner foreskin the end and the head, running her thumbs along the bottom of his penis while running her other four fingers along the top.

Zoot gently slid her fingers back along Isaac’s shaft moving the foreskin back with her fingers’ sensual movement. Finally uncovering his ultra-sensitive head, she licked around the whole circumference of his throbbing head. She took her hand and wrapped it around the base of his shaft, pursing her lips and pushing her mouth and her lips down to the point where his head was at the back of her mouth, at her throat. She went all the way down to his balls, pushing the tip of his penis into the tight confines of her throat.

Making a vibration, a hum in her throat that is pleasantly stimulating the sensitive nerve endings of this inner foreskin and his penile head she strokes his shaft until she needs a breath and then pulls off taking Isaac’s penis and slapping herself three times on each of her two cheeks before pursing her lips and running her tongue all along the circumference of his head. Pushing it and his shaft mouth who mouth her lips and her down until his head was in her throat and blocking her airway again.

After moving his skin up and down the shaft with her hand, humming and playing with his frenulum with her tongue Zoot took another breath, licked the circumference of his head, and returned his penis to her throat. As Isaac’s breaths get shorter she took her mouth and lips and just a tiny bit of teeth and started moving up and down, up and down the shaft up until it happened.

With his shaft about halfway in her mouth, Issac grabbed her head again with both hands and pushed, shoved his penile head down into her throat. Zoot was making a little humming sound as he took both his hands and he flexed his hips grinding his pelvis into her face. He relaxed a little, she moved her head up and down a bit before shoving her head a little bit roughly down onto the shaft and as she pushed back he held on tight and ejaculated into her throat.

Isaac released her head and Zoot moved her lips off of his penis and licked the remnants of his orgasm from his shaft and head.

“¿Puedo tener algo? (May I have some?)” Trembler asked.

Zoot responded by first showing Zoot Isaac’s semen on her tongue and then by sharing it in a very erotic French-kiss where Trembler ran her hands all over the naked woman’s back and shoulders.

“So Issac,” said Trembler, “here are the rules of Aerolínea de San Marcos’ frequent flyer “game.” First, you get one blowjob from each of us. You have to remember what it’s like. Then we blindfold you the next time and after we’re done you have to tell us which one of us it was.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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