Procured Ch. 02

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Katia had added a new dimension to our lives. That much was clear. Since the Romanian girl had come into our lives, we had adopted her as our ‘sex-slave’ and had found new ways to enjoy each other as well.

Jimmy and Lucy had become frequent visitors to our house as well, since we had discovered our common bond – in short, our lives had become much fuller, in every sense.

The week after my birthday, when Sandra had ‘presented’ me with Katia, gift-wrapped, Jimmy and Lucy came around for dinner one night. Although I had been given free rein with Lucy, and Jimmy had certainly made love to my wife, on more than one occasion, I knew he had the hots for Katia. Looking at her as we waited for them that evening, I couldn’t blame him. She had, on Sandra’s advice, bleached her hair, so that she was now a platinum blonde, which suited her sultry looks. She wore a transparent blouse, at which her rouged nipples strained, perched on pert, firm breasts. Below that she wore a tiny pleated miniskirt, which scarcely covered the tops of her black stockings. Her feet were in black patent sandals with five inch needle heels. Loose gold chains adorned her waist, an ankle and a wrist, and from her ear-lobes hung long chain pendants. When she sat down, she lifted her skirt, as she had been told to do, so that her pantiless arse was in direct contact with the surface.

Our conversation around the table was light and entertaining, as usual, but there was, again as usual, an undercurrent of sexual tension, and I soon felt Lucy’s hand creep along my thigh, taking up position on my growing erection. I sensed that Sandra was doing much the same thing to Jimmy. Katia sat demurely watching, not missing much. She knew her turn would come.

Lucy, her fingers busy under the table, said quietly to me, while Jimmy and Sandra were engaged in a conversation of their own, ‘Mark, when you whipped me last week, I came so tremendously I thought I would die. I don’t want to think it was the last time. And I want you to hurt me more. Please!’

The thought of her naked body writhing under the riding crop was turning me on so that I now had an enormous hard-on, and Lucy’s tongue-stud darted out in the way it always seemed to when she was excited. I remembered the other piercings she had, now hidden under an exotic red silk kimono, the heavy rings hanging from her nipples and the matching ones which depended from her hard little nub of a clitoris and her cunt-lip. It was all I could do to stop myself coming there and then, as she gently stroked my cock through my trousers.

But Jimmy was speaking, as if he wanted everyone’s attention. He coughed a little, ‘Er…..Sandra has agreed to loan me Katia for a day. She says Mark won’t mind.’ He looked at me enquiringly, and I nodded in agreement. ‘Mark can have Lucy tomorrow, but that doesn’t seem fair on Sandra. I think Lucy has a suggestion.’ He looked at his pretty Asian wife, and she rummaged in her bag, and came up with a photo, passing it over to Sandra.

‘He must be gay, married, or something,’ said Sandra, and passed the photo back. I glanced at it – it was of a blond guy in his late twenties, I thought, dressed in leather trousers and a muscle-vest, very good-looking, stood by a horse.

‘No,’ said Lucy, ‘he’s newly-arrived immigrant, from the same place as Katia. His name’s Nick – it’s not actually, but that’s what we have to call him, because his real name’s unpronounceable. He hardly speaks English, and doesn’t know anybody, but I met him at the gym. And he’s seen your photo, and wants to meet you, Sandra.’

‘How do you know, if he doesn’t speak English?’

‘Trust me, dear,’ she said, ‘tomorrow OK?’

We all agreed to meet for lunch in a restaurant the next day, Saturday, and that Lucy would bring Nick along.

When we arrived, the others were already there. Lucy was wearing a species of trouser-suit. There was no easy way to describe it. It consisted of loose-fitting harem trousers and a backless halter top, all in a filmy, translucent, organdie material, cream-coloured, patterned with autumn leaves. She wore, as she always did, very high stiletto heels. Jimmy and the newcomer, Nick, who looked relaxed, were casually dressed in chinos and linen shirts.

Katia wore a flared maroon silk skirt and white silk blouse. I knew she wore a white satin corset underneath, which supported her white stockings. Sandra had opted for a short blue dress with a plunging neckline, showing off her generous cleavage, which Nick eyed openly.

Jimmy took his wife by the hand, and, touching Nick on the shoulder with the other hand, he spun Lucy around and traced the lines of her recent whipping for him to look at. Then he pointed at me, and Nick whistled softly through his teeth.

‘You?’ he asked, pointing.

‘Yes,’ I said.

He görükle escort turned to Sandra, ‘You like?’

‘Yes,’ she affirmed.

He shook his head, laughing quietly to himself.

We sat down to lunch, and the conversation ranged over many topics. But all of us were eager to adjourn, and it had been agreed that Lucy and I should go to her home, whilst the others would go to my house, which was larger.

We had scarcely arrived in Lucy’s hallway, before she turned and held out her arms to me. I took her into mine, and kissed her hungrily, feeling the little tongue-stud scraping around the roof of my mouth and clicking against the backs of my teeth. My fingers sought her erotically adorned nipples through the whisper-thin cloth of her top, and she gasped as I tugged on the big hanging rings which I found there. Her tiny breasts were like those of a teenager, in contrast to the exotic piercing.

‘Come,’ I said, and lead her along the passage to the bedroom of their bungalow. She was anxious to show me their ‘new installation’ as she called it, and, when we got to the bedroom, I saw what she had been talking about. Jimmy had set into one wall a St Andrew’s Cross, with snap-links hanging from the extremities. I was impressed, and said so.

‘Now you can tie me up and whip me properly,’ she said, ‘I want you to really hurt me, Mark.’

She undressed, then fetched ankle- and wrist-restraints from a drawer and let me put them on her, then I clipped her up to the cross, face to the wall, and was about to take my belt off.

‘No,’ she said, ‘look in the top drawer.’

I went to the top drawer, and found an assortment of instruments of torture.

‘What?’ I asked.

‘The switch, ‘ she said.

I picked up a thin cane with a grip like that of a golf club, and tested it through the air. It made a satisfying swoosh.

Next I felt between Lucy’s legs, and her cunt was dripping wet with anticipation.

‘You want this, don’t you?’ I said.

‘Oh yes, Mark, hurt me,’ she pleaded.

I stepped back and lashed her across the buttocks with the thin cane. She gasped, but didn’t cry out, so I took aim and struck, higher this time – ‘swish’ and the stinging kiss fell across her lower back. She let out a short moan, a mixture of pain and pleasure. I redoubled my efforts, and whipped her harder, raising an angry red welt across the middle of her back. This time she cried out sharply, and I was afraid I had hurt her too much.

I asked her if she could stand it and she was almost scornful, and her breathless reply sounded as if she was on the brink of an orgasm. I unclipped her and spun her around, then refastened her, back to the wall. I looked at her there, suspended, her pierced nipples, labia and clitoris prominent, then set about continuing the punishment. I caned her twice across her flat stomach, across the front of her thighs, and then as accurately as I could right over her naked mound. Now each stinging blow wrung a cry from her, but her cries had the ring of ecstasy about them, and when I took her down, fearful of marking her lithe and beautiful body permanently, she said, ‘Is that all?’

I held her in my arms, and then laid her down on the bed. She pulled me down with her, and fought with my trousers, to free my cock from its prison. In truth I could hardly wait to have my length inside her, but first, I found her gaping slit with my mouth, and licked her furiously, then took the stud on her clitoris between my teeth, and felt the hardness of her nub beneath. My tongue went deep within her luscious cunt, whilst my fingers found her arsehole, and she cried out for my cock.

Denying her no longer, I came up for air, and rammed my shaft straight into her, until my balls slapped against her arse. I couldn’t keep this up for long – after what I had done to her, it would have been humanly impossible, and I shot my load of hot spunk after a few short strokes.

After we had cleaned up, and I had rubbed cream into her worst welts, she told me she had come at least five times, three while she was being whipped, and once before!


Jimmy, Nick, Katia, and I drove back to our house, and we chatted happily enough. To be truthful, Katia had become more than just a slave – she had become a friend to go shopping with, and share the housework, and I always felt comfortable with Jimmy – after all, we had fucked a few times, so why not?

But when we got home, Jimmy was eager to disappear to the guest bedroom with Katia, and I was left alone with Nick. I felt awkward, to say the least.

To break the ice, I got a drink, and poured him a whisky, a Martini for myself, and then we sat down on the settee. I felt like a teenager with her new boyfriend.

Nick showed no sign, however, of being nervous, and sat bursa escort bayan back on the settee with his whisky in one hand, toying with my hair with the other, a slight smile on his handsome face.

He looked around, and, spotting the music centre, got up to inspect our CD collection. He picked out an Isabel Boulay selection, to my surprise, and put it on the turntable as if he had been operating our machine all his life.

‘Dance?’ he asked.

I nodded, and got up to be enfolded in his strong arms, his hands, instantly fondling my arse through the thin cotton of my dress. I was acutely aware of my lack of panties, and so, I was sure, was Nick. His body moulded to mine as we smooched around the room to the romantic strains of the French ballad, and I could feel that he was already sporting a sizeable erection before Isabel got to the second number. I wondered what I was doing, a 38-year-old housewife, dirty-dancing in her own house, with a young Romanian stud she didn’t even know – ah well.

Then he suddenly stopped. His attention was taken by a stack of S&M magazines Mark had left on the sideboard. The top one had as its cover a picture of a naked, bound and gagged woman, being whipped with what I now knew to be an impractically large whip, by a black-hooded but otherwise naked man, with an improbably large, erect penis.

‘You like?’ he asked.

I smiled and said, ‘well, yes, I suppose so.’ I didn’t want him to think I was into too heavy punishment. For just a moment I was glad that Jimmy was upstairs, however occupied he may be.

Nick seemed satisfied with my reply, and spun me around. He buried his face in my hair and cupped my tits in his hands, through the material of my dress. I ground my arse into his groin in time to the music, and he groaned almost inaudibly.

I had always thought my breasts my best feature – still fairly firm for my thirty-eight years, and well-shaped, but mobile enough to jiggle around nicely when I went without a bra, which was, at least nowadays, very often. And I had protuberant auroela, with long nipples, which hardened readily when I was excited. Like now. Nick’s hands had slid under my dress, and were kneading my tits, making me weak at the knees. His fingers tweaked my nipples, turning them into bullets, and I moaned out loud. I could actually feel cunt-juice running down the inside of my leg – something I didn’t remember ever feeling before.

He pushed me towards the heavy oak dining table and gently doubled me over it, at the same time forcing my legs to part slightly by inserting one of his knees between them. He stood back and lifted my skirt unceremoniously up to my waist, exposing my bare arse, which he took his time looking at, and stroking quite tenderly.

‘Beautiful,’ he said, then, without warning, fetched me a tremendous slap, with the flat of his hand, on my right buttock, instantly reddening it. Before I had time to protest, he had repeated the treatment, this time to my left buttock.

‘Ooooh,’ I cried, ‘that hurt.’ But the warmth had spread with the stinging pain, and a new pleasure was starting to flood my very centre. And then I wondered what he was doing, as he was fiddling about with something. I realised he was taking off his narrow leather belt, and doubling it! Without a word, there was a whistling sound, a great crack and pain exploded as the leather thong struck my sensitive flesh. I was sure it had left a terrible mark, and put my hand back to feel, but he moved it away, and struck me agai, with searing force.

‘Stop,’ I shouted, then, ‘no, don’t stop, I want more – I-I don’t know.’

He hesitated, lost for any words that might help, and said, ‘You like?’

‘Oh yes, Nick,’ I heard myself saying, ‘I can take more.’

He lashed me four more times, on my upper thighs and lower back – twice each – and then threw down his belt. His breathing was rapid, and he was obviously as aroused as I was, but I was still thrilled by the feel of his hardness when he had pulled out his cock and was stroking it up and down my waiting, soaking slit. I reached back with both hands to spread my swollen cunt-lips wide, and imagined my vagina as a dark, gaping, beckoning tunnel.

Nick’s young and eager rod knew no language barrier, and slid into my innermost depths without resistance. I gripped and released alternately with my cunt-muscles, which Mark has always complimented me on, heightening his pleasure, as he rode me, the pain of my lashing still mingling with the sheer ecstasy of the fucking. He massaged my tits as he pumped me, and I came, oh, I came, and again…………I thought, hoped, he would never finish, couldn’t go on so long – it was like a porno movie!

But then he was coming to his climax, I sensed it, and, with a great shout, he tensed, hard and long, and bursa escort I felt the red-hot gush of his sperm flooding my depths.


Married to Lucy, I could hardly claim to be going short of sexual excitement, and my friendship with Mark and Sandra had provided me with plenty of variety in recent weeks. Sandra had hungrily accepted my advances, and fucked with an enthusiasm it was hard to beat. But the mere sight of Katia drove me wild, and Mark had so far kept her all to himself. When I chided him about it, he said it wasn’t true – that he shared her with Sandra – and the thought of that was enough to get me going all over again.

So now, as at last I walked up the stairs behind the tall Romanian beauty, I could hardly wait to get my hands on her.

When we got to the bedroom, she turned to face me, shaking her blonde hair out from the ribbon that had held it in a pony-tail, so that it framed her lovely face, and fell down below her shoulders. Slowly she unbuttoned her silk blouse, then shrugged it off, covering her breasts with her hands, teasing me. She began softly kneading her flesh and tugging at her nipples between thumb and forefinger, watching me as she did so. Her tongue came out from between slightly parted lips, and ran along the tips of her teeth.

Her attention switched to her skirt, and she smoothed up the soft silk across the naked, shaven, expanse of her mound, exposing the front extremity of her pink slit to my hungry view. Then, in one swift movement, she tore off the skirt, and spun around, so that my view was of her gorgeous rounded buttocks, bare from the frilled bottom of her white satin corset to the high lace tops of her stockings.

Deliberately, she parted her arse-cheeks with both hands, pulling open her puckered anus, in as lewd a gesture as could be.

She looked at me over her shoulder, under a fringe of platinum hair.

‘You can fuck me there, if you like,’ she said,’ but I want you to do something first.’

‘Anything,’ I said, and meant it.

‘Hurt me,’ she said, ‘I want you to hurt me.’

She walked, graceful on her teetering heels, to a cupboard, and came back with a tray, which she presented to me.

‘Choose,’ she said, and I was shown a variety of whips and other instruments of torture. I picked a small dog-whip, consisting of a leather thong on a wooden handle.

‘Take your corset off,’ I told her. I wanted to have access to all of her body.

‘You’ll have to help me,’ she said, and I unlaced it for her, noting the marks it left on her body where her waist had been cruelly constricted by its tightness.

‘Leave your stockings on,’ I said, ‘ and kneel on the floor.’

She did as she was told, and I made her hold her hands up behind her head. Next I made her part her legs a little, so that I could see how aroused she was. Shwas already damp in anticipation.

‘This is going to hurt,’ I told her.

‘I know,’ she said, ‘hurt me, Jimmy.’

The whip whistled through the air as I wielded it, at first inexpertly, and struck her the first stinging crack just below the shoulder-blades. She writhed but just moaned a little at the blow, but I got more efficient as I worked my way down her lovely body, and red wheals started to show where I had meted out punishment.

After six strokes, she was sobbing, and I stopped, but when I knelt down and felt her cunt she was wet through, her juices running as liberally as her tears.

‘I’d better stop now,’ I said

‘Please give me just a few more, Jimmy,’ she pleaded, ‘I want you to.’

I lashed her three more times, across her buttocks, raising beautiful red stripes, then picked her up in my arms. She weighed nothing at all.

I put her down on the bed, face down, and she needed no cushion to raise her arse – she lifted it to present it to me, her own muscles doing the job effectively. I was absolutely rampant, and as stiff as I’ve ever been in my life. Although her anus had only been penetrated a very few times, and was still very tight, my hardness would overcome any obstruction, and I pushed my way in, in, in, past her restricting sphincter, until with a final great gasp, I was deep within her very depths. After the thrill of her whipping, we could neither of us hold off for long and a few desperate strokes were all it took before I spurted, hot and hard, as she came with a great sigh. When she felt me beginning to soften, she very deliberately reached behind me and stuck a long, delicate forefinger straight up my rectum, which had the effect of bringing me to a new, instant hardness. Pulling out of her tight arsehole, I located her eager, warm and wet cunt-hole, and penetrated her as slowly as I was able, savouring the moment, kneading her tits as I did so. Then, when I started to fuck her, gently at first, I moved a hand down to massage her clit, flicking and pulling at it as I shafted her. I pounded her for as long as I could keep from climaxing again, and she had at least two more orgasms before I finally had to let myself go and shoot my load once again.

Katia had come up to expectations.

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